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 Who designed Nepalese Flag?

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Posted on 05-06-08 1:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is what i heard about the origin of Nepalese Flag:
King Prithvi Narayan Shah was away from Gorkha on a Major Mission to conquer one of the Baise-Chaubise Rajya. It was a big and a Bloody war. Prithvi Narayan Shah and his army slaughtered lots of opponent's army and people. It was a proud victory for Gorkhali Army. All his army was celebrating the victory on the way back to Gorkha.
Its obvious that after such a bloody war, Prithvi Narayan Shah was all covered with blood. Even his Daura-Surwal insde his armour had stains of blood. Before he entered the terrotory of Gorkha, he changed his Surwal which was totally soaked in blood. We all know the shape of nepalese Surwal. if you don't, its very loose and baggy in the upper( hip) part and tighter as you go down towards your foot. One of his boy in his army stucked Prithvi Narayan's Surwal on his sword and start swing in the air. His country man, who saw the victory march from a distance, thought that it was a new flag Prithvi Narayan Shah created. From the next day every house in the kingdom of Gorkha copied the army boy and stuck red two-trangled flag as a celebration of their King's Victory in war.
Some other king, later on, put a white sun and a moon on the flag....and another big headed person explained what they meant..
Nepalses Flag was actually orginated from a pair of Bloody Trousers of Prithvi Narayan Shah!!!!!

Posted on 03-17-17 7:27 PM     [Snapshot: 10369]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Prithivi Narayan Shah was all bloody after the war. He went home and as he was very hungry and food was not readily available, he started snacking on Doritos. Since his hands were bloody all the blood got on the dorito. When cleaning crewing came for cleaning they saw two piece of Doritos lying side by side covered with blood. Hence the flag of Nepal was discovered.
Posted on 03-18-17 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 10595]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is a quick brief History on the development of Current Nepal Flag,

If you need to know how Nepal flag has been developed, you need to go back to 5000 years ago, during the time of Mahabharat and kirat king Yalember,

Also This flag is based on Hindusim, In Hindusim, most of the symbol are encoded/ painted in traingle. IF you see "OM" sign, Hindusim used to consider "OM" sign in traingle base as holy.

Now lets go back to Mahabharat and king Yalember period. You can easily see Kirati flag in two traingle with bow and arrow. Also in Hindusim, political power were divided into two group which is "Surya bansi" and "Chandra bansi".

Pandavas were Surya bansi, and For your information. Ram was Chandra bansi, that is why Ram was called as ramchandra. They believe Surya and Chandra as a power.

If you see the flag of Arjun , just refer to GITA, you easily see the flag of Arjun, Its two traingle with "OM" sign.
And See the flag of Kirati period, its a two traingle with bow and arrow.

see link for GITA and Arjun with Flag.

See link for Kirati Flag:

History tells that King Yalember and Mahabharat was in same time frame,

Kirati rules over 2100 years, after that area was ruled by licchavi , thakuris, mallas then Shah dynasty,

There is no exact evidence i found what was the flag during Licchavi, thakuris but in mallas period, you see two traingle flag with surya on the top and chandra on the lower traingle in all 3 malla durbar of kathmandu, lalitpur and bhaktapur.
see the link below for the image of main gate at bhaktapur durbar square.

The reason behind Surya on the upper triangle and chandra at the lower triangle during mallas period is, Malla rules were Surya bansi.

Now you can imagine why current flag has chandra on the upper triangle and surya at the lower triangle.

Yes, King Prithivi Narayan Shah belogs to Chandra bansi. So after he unified the 22 and 24 rajya along with the kathmandu valley, he was the one who modified the Current flag of Nepal with blue broader, red background with chandra on the upper triangle and surya in lower triangle, That represent, Chandra bansi claimed victory over Surya bansi, as shah dynasty own over malla dynasty,

If you are Nepali do not just bull shit. The flag represent the history for over 1000 years ago.

Jay Nepal.

Posted on 03-20-17 2:45 AM     [Snapshot: 10736]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ yekku, are you the notorious youtube troll who posts on eac and every video related to nepal with your fake names like buddhamahadev and limbudilip? the kirat flag was made by some jatibadi political activist 40 yrs or so back. there is no historical evidence whatsoever of a kirat flag with 2 pennants .
now, regarding the present nepal flag, the 2 pennants style was used widely in soouth asia with the hindu ruling dynasties and even the mallas used it. but it was added with sun and moon faces denoting the fake lineages of the shah(suryabansi) and rana(chandrabansi) families. YES THE THAKURI FAMILY OF GORKHA AND KHAS KUNWAR FAMILY MADE FAKE BANSAWALIS AFTER THE CONQUERING OF KATHMANDU (AFTER JUNGE'S RISE INTO PREMIERSHIP FOR RANAS).
Posted on 03-20-17 9:29 AM     [Snapshot: 10806]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How do people dig up threads from 9 years ago....

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