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 Nas: An Open Letter to Priyanka Karki

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Posted on 06-23-08 11:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Dear Priyanka,

Today, my heart is broken (sort of)  after learning that you, my favorite model, got married with an "Indian national, studying in the same university" (source: cybersansar). I am ,without a shadow of doubt, one of your biggest fans. I was actually planning to take a trip down south to your university to pay you a visit this summer just to let you know how much of a diehard fan I am. Anyways, I could only wish you for the best and a very happy wedded life.

Your Biggest Fan ever,

PS: To all other fans,please drop your messages for Priyanka here.

Posted on 06-23-08 4:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas i dont understand why u  are so friendly with samsara... this same clown was talking shit about u few weeks back...
he was saying  " i will beat u up like i beat Nas and also how i beat those dallas guys"

if u want i can provide the exact screen shots of what he was saying about u.

Posted on 06-23-08 4:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hmmmm they all r getting married young sarah gurung got married really young too. but congratulations!!!!


Posted on 06-23-08 4:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OMG ,,i have to die then .....Priyaankaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..i wanna die

Good Bye Priyaka...Hope to meet you next janmaa...

Posted on 06-23-08 5:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Guys!!
May be she became pregnant and had to get married in a hurry

Posted on 06-23-08 5:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont know how many of you have seen her face to face, but I did. She was shouting "Image Image" infront of the visa consular in ktm (I guess she was working for Image then). I had a feel that she is beautiful, but not any longer after that day. She is tall, abt 5'8" and very photogenic, meaning she appears faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr better on screen, may be due to make-up.

I  know beauty lies in the eyes of be(beer)holder, but I would not tag her 'a beautiful girl' based on her facial beauty for reasons I cannot reveal in Sajha and I dont know about her intellectual capability. For all those who are crest-fallen, please control yourself, you will find faaaarrrrrr better girl than her. (Its 'not'  like the 'grapes are sour' ).

Anyways, wishing her a happy married  life if its true. 
Posted on 06-23-08 5:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I googled and found this about Priyanka like to share this part of an interview with her with you guys.

What’s that secrets behind your Beauty?
(Laughs loud) Whenever I hear this question I never have a perfect answer to give. (Smiles) Well, the secret behind my beauty. (Thinks…) I don't know... but it may be the fact that I’m a cross of a Nepali and Punjabi. Like people always say that if you are a cross, there are more chances of you being good looking and beautiful. So if people find me beautiful and attractive- firstly I love you all and it might be because I am a cross. (keeps on laughing)

for full version go to : http://www.thehiponline.com/interview.php

Posted on 06-23-08 5:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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( * )( * ) bro, you are such a rascal :p. I mean to say that since she married an "Indian", I presumed that her husband owns and runs a gas station so I was just hoping to work in that gas station not in HER "gas station".

Elusivecat bro, thanks for the link :)

rockend bro / gorDa bro, your comment was such a relief. I thought I was the only one who had issues with Nepalese girls getting married with "Dhotis". 

latoboy bro, I and Samsara bro had an online scuffle sometime back. Samsara and I were all set to beat eachother. He was hunting for me and I was looking around for him in New York City.  We were both prepared for an all out assault. One of my artist friends had his sophomore album release party in NYC and I was invited there. Samsara bro was also a guest. Samsara bro through his connection found out my identity and approached me. To my surprise, he came out to be none other than my own very old friend. All went well thereafter without any beatings so did that Nepalese party (probably the one in that month to have gone well without any fighting incidents.)


Posted on 06-23-08 5:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Too much Bollywood I guess rockend....LOL....I know a lot of Nepali guys who have Indian girls too. And Indian guys hate that...lol.....      But I also  know many Nepali Girls who hate dhotis or dont want  anything with them at all........There are exceptions my friend.I guess  Looks dont matter much to a girl who is thinking to settledown and start a family.....the pocket and a stable future is more important. and staticticaly some of these Indian guys are way too well of than the Nepali competition. And everyone is entitled to choose their own destiny. WE guys dont like the fact that pretty Nepali girls are swept by some indian guys But I think the numbers are very few.............NEPALI GIRLS AND GUYS PREFER EACH OTHER.....IN MAJORITY.

But good luck to the married couple.

Posted on 06-23-08 6:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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damn one more girl out in my list.

but guys, there are many more hidden beauties in US and at least in Nepal evenif beautiful nepali gals here are already engaged. doesn't matter whether married or not.

And dont worry. She shall be reading this thread. You have the best chance to persuade her.

Good luck to you Nas. She doesn't have any odometer and think that it's always 'zero mile' vehicle.

Posted on 06-23-08 6:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Priyanka Ji ko saundarya lai maile pani najik bata nihalna chaheko thiye tara uwa ko bihe bhayecha....thikai cha aabha kunai dhoti bajiya ley nihalne mauka paula...yesma aabha sokh prakat garera pani ke faida chaina...
Posted on 06-23-08 8:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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look at her without her makeup..shes one ugly bitc*

Posted on 06-23-08 10:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know What happened.

This DHOTI must have told her that he is a descendant of former Royal and live in a Palace in India so priyanka must have fallen for him.I still wonder why on earth Nepali girls fall for Indian DHOTIS.But hey, who am I to tell them what to do.

One of my friends wife fall for dhoti , left my friend and went to India to get married. He told her that he was from royal family and live in palace in Rajisthan ,

she went to India with him to get married and came back after few days. May be she found out the truth behind him,this DHOTI never got his PERMANENT RESIDENT, (that may have  been the whole reason he lied).Even if she married him he wouldn't have get it, why because she  was sponsored by my friends and was still in waiting period.
4 lives Destroyed

1.DHOTI couldn't come back, 2. That BITCH she doesnot have friends ( including her friends), 3.My friend and 4. his new wife( she cant got o Australia because My sponsored the bitch and now has to finish the waiting period for the second one.

Posted on 06-25-08 7:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Priyanka Karki, one time Miss Teen a small scale celebrity on her own rights, made it big in the media as a KTV VJ. And you sure remember how she hosted fashion programs while not failing to create her own fashion bloopers all the time. Like wearing a poncho paired up with bell-bottom pants...and the list goes on. Any huuuuuu..........guess what?! This self proclaimed fashionista, famous for getting herself into tacky situations (read embarrassing situations) has yet again got herself into another such tight spot.

Reports has it that the former Nepali Teen Queen participated in her college level pageant back at her University of North Alabama and failed to clinch any title despite of a minimum of 5 participants competing against her. The pageant dubbed UNA (University of North Alabama) leadership/scholarship pageant had participants from Nigeria (1), China(1), India (1) and Japan (2) and Nepal (1) that's Priyanka. The contest had no question answer rounds. Winners were adjudged on the basis of the participant's leadership qualities, involvement in college clubs and social organizations and the participants' grades were also considered. And according to a very reliable source, our dear miss teen's grades were low....very very low....which totally was detrimental for her kick-out from the top three. The winner was a student from Japan, first runner-up a Japanese student again and the Nigerian rounded off at the 2nd runner-up position.     

The contest however had a traditional dress round wherein Priyanka sported a pink and blue sari which reportedly looked gorgeous on her. Only we are guessing, if her choice for wearing a Sari had her fellow contestant from India questioning if Nepal really belonged to India after all. Talking about India and Indians, we hear, the college where students from Nepal are studying in a large number, were highly disappointed with the Nepali beauty queen's choice of music which always is ....yeah you guessed that right....HINDI. To the extent, in the university's yearly program namely "Global cultural night", where student from nations across the world have to prepare a ten minute program to represent their country and their cultures/traditions, our home beauty sucked up 3 whole minutes to dance in the Hindi number "Aja Nachle".

"Miss teen Nepal represents India. No, really. It’s disappointing", said Bhawana Adhikari also a student of the same university. "Give her a stage and dance to Hindi tunes is what she'll do. And her reason for not performing in Nepali song...she doesn't manage to get the traditional outfits...while all the other Nepali students manage and even pull off performances in typical songs like maitighar and darpan chhaya" she added.    

The contest that which took place in April 17th is held every year. By the way, a close friend of Priyanka, also revealed how Priyanka had always been a self-confessed Aishwarya Rai look-alike. Another source informed how she now strangely talks in a British accent. Finally, we know, why she has such low IQ, GK skills resulting her poor grades...the poor girl doesn't have the slightest idea that Alabama falls no where near to Britain. Darling, United States of America is the country where you're currently stationed at. Just thought, you'd like to know!
  Source: Cybersansar

Posted on 06-25-08 7:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Worst part of being in media is you will be watched every second.
Posted on 06-25-08 9:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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" our dear miss teen's grades were low....very very low...." - Oh myaaan ! Please don't torture me with this news.

"Miss teen Nepal represents India".-  This almost broke my already broken heart. I am really disappointed now Priyanka. Do you know what "dhotis" call you ? They call you "Kancci" ? I hope you are not proud of being called "Kancci" and still represent India. I feel like crying now.

"self-confessed Aishwarya Rai look-alike.... strangely talks in a British accent". - Ok, I do give a lot of credits for your looks. You are super gorgeous... matter of fact you dont look like Aishwarya Rai, she looks like you :) but hey what's up with the British accent ! Well ok..it won't bother me. I also use a ghetto accent. We both shall converse sometimes, u know in our fake accent ;)

"..she has such low IQ, GK skills resulting her poor grades". - Is she really "dumb" ? I can't take this news myaaaan ! Please say it's not true. Enough for me.

Reading this article has been the most torturous moment in my life. Please post some good news on Priyanka. I would appreciate it.

Posted on 06-25-08 9:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about let it go.Don't you got some work to do?

Posted on 06-25-08 10:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WOW now I kinda HAte this Prianka Girl......???...........Just for the mere fact that she represented Nepal. BUT danced to a DHoti tune??..........LOL if I think hard and deep LOL........Thats the current political state of our leaders in Nepal. THEY Represent Nepal but dance to the Dhoti beat. MAY BE SHE IS SHOWING THE REAL STATE OF NEPAL.....................LOL man she might be smarter than we think...........BUT her accent??? British??? LOL.............I myself speak good American english and fluently..minimum asian accent.........and I have tried to talk British accent for fun ......THATS DAMN HARD................LOL so she speaks that accent so she must be talented......or just playing a HIGH CLASS BITC*H. like Im better than the rest Neplali students........LOL.....but who am I to judge??.........BUT WHY DHOTI MUSIC?? WHY?????
Posted on 06-25-08 10:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Homeboi bro, that's why I am her #1 diehard fan. I got tons of work to do. Actually I am in my office right now snooping online. if my boss finds that out,my ass is fired. I am taking all this risk just for Priyanka, myaan.

Same question to Priyanka, why "dhoti" songs ...why dear..why? On top of that, its your University's "Global Cultural Night" event. I am sure all the "dhotis" must have drooled seeing you dance on "Aja Nachale". If I were there, I would have poked their eyes for their "Giddhey Najar" on you.

"I think hard and deep LOL........Thats the current political state of our leaders in Nepal. THEY Represent Nepal but dance to the Dhoti beat."

What a bitter truth MadDog bro !

Posted on 06-25-08 11:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wow that article is so stupid and mean!!! there was no need for such harshness. seems like whoever wrote that article is jealous of her. and i dont believe the part she is speaking in British accent this person who wrote the article must be following britney spears's moves.

why r ppl saying dhoti bla bla bla she is half punjabi so she is indian herself. racists ppl afu haru le koi khoj na sakenan nai arka le koi payo bhanera je pai thehi. even though i agree(if wht that person wrote is correct) she should have danced in nepali song cuz she was representing nepal so that was dumb of her.

i dont like this article seems like someone just wrote it cuz they were pissed at her for something and then they were like oh i m gonna write crap abt her.

 i dont know this chick but i am just saying this article is stupid and ppl r commenting on it saying they hate her without hearing her side of the story.


Posted on 06-25-08 1:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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priyanka if u are reading this thread...u made the biggest mistake by marrying in this early age...if u wanted to marry, why go to US? you go to US to have fun girl...settling right away is the biggest mistakke...cud u tell me the real reason behind marrying indian guy....i'm 100% sure it's not love...

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