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 TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?

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Posted on 02-05-16 8:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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US Election 2016 and my TWO cents!!!


Obamacare is costing more money to me after they launch it I think it is the same way to everyone except to the Food stamps Guys. Even for those guys they think they have insurance when they go to hospitals they will find out how much they will be paying from their pockets. so Obamacare is total bullshit. Trust me I am telling the truth.


Collage cannot be free. How they will be run. It’s just a hoax to win the election trust me. Even if he did it free the money to run will come out from your taxes. You will pay collage fee for 4 years but you going to pay taxes for your whole life so this bothers me. Think about it.


They are so right about securing boarders. we need them to be fix. No more illegals. no more food stamps. this is all coming from our hard earned tax dollars. You guys might think democrats are good for immigrants that is absolutely false. When Obama was in office @ 2009 he was in majority both on house as well as on senate he could have pass the immigration bill. But he never did it. But on 2014 he put an executive order do you know why he wants to make people feel he did something but he knows that when republican will win they will repeal his executive order. so in fact he doesn't want to solve the problem.

That is my two cents. Creative criticism and appreciation are welcome!!! Trump 2016!!!

Thank you
Last edited: 05-Feb-16 12:42 PM

Posted on 05-03-16 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 21181]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"I have to pay 140$ per month in stead of 45$ per month..."

वेलकम टु "कमीउनिस्ट ओबामा नेशन" ब्रो ! यो त् केहि होइन ! अब यो रन्डीको छोरो अफिस छाडेर जाने बेला फेरी नराम्रोसंग प्राइस इनक्रिज हुने वाला छ !

ब्रो, येस्पाली तपाईले जसरि भए नि ट्रंपलाइ नै भोट हाल्न पर्छ ! मेरो हार्दिक बिन्ति छ तपाईलाइ ! अनि तपाईको सब साथी भाइलाइ नि ट्रंपलाइ भोट गर्नु लगौनुस है ! साला रांडी हिलरी आयो भने त् ओबामा भन्दा झन् खत्तम हुनेछ हाम्रो प्यारो अमेरिका !

Obamacare's November surprise

Many consumers will see large rate increases for the first time Nov. 1 — a week before they go to the polls.


Posted on 05-03-16 2:15 PM     [Snapshot: 21228]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That is what I feel too so I started this thread!!!!
Posted on 05-03-16 8:56 PM     [Snapshot: 21287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Donald Trump's path to nomination was on that easy but he made it officially today!!!

Long way to go we know that path to white house is not that easy!!!

Fight with hillary is not that easy but we know Trump will crush her!!!

We domt need family politician,,,,

Hillary for 2016 and chelse for 2024!!!!

That sucks!!!

This is time for Republican and outsider!!!!

Posted on 05-03-16 11:36 PM     [Snapshot: 21321]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@manmeronepali do you really thinks your so called tax money is going for food stamps?
Watch this video and learn yourself

What a joke , you should say some thing more than Trump is great , he will build wall, he will make America Great again , all who oppose him are illegals. Make some valid points like Nas , San , Bittu did. Otherwise stop saying same old trump song.
Posted on 05-04-16 6:53 AM     [Snapshot: 21375]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We don't say things!!!
we do things!!!

Posted on 05-04-16 10:45 AM     [Snapshot: 21409]     Reply [Subscribe]
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साले खाते लिबरल भुसिया कुत्ताहरु, मिडियाको लै लै मा लागेर, ट्रंपलाइ रेसिस्ट भन्छन ! हेर लिबरल कुक्कुरहरु ट्रंपको वास्तविक अनुहार !

Lynne Patton "The Trump Family That I Know" - A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks


ट्रंप एक साँचो राष्ट्रबादी देशभक्त हो जसलाई वालस्ट्रिटका दलालहरुले खरिद न सक्दैन अन्लाइक हिलरी ! हामी सबैले ट्रंपलाइ सपोर्ट गर्न पर्छ !

लेट अस अल मार्च टू भिक्ट्री विथ ट्रंप एस द नेक्स्ट प्रेसिडेन्ट अफ द इउ.एस.ए !

Posted on 05-04-16 11:36 AM     [Snapshot: 21438]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@NAs daii


Posted on 05-04-16 11:57 AM     [Snapshot: 21445]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हुन त मलाई पनि ट्रंप नै मन पर्छ . नेता भएपछि आफ्नो देश र जनताको हित नै सबैभन्दा ठुलो हो . बिदेशीहरुको बालाई भो . एसले चै केहि गर्ला जस्तो छ .
Posted on 05-04-16 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 21489]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump 2016
Voted for Trump yesterday
Posted on 05-04-16 2:43 PM     [Snapshot: 21499]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kasich le pani chhodyo...aba Trump nai Trump!!!!
Posted on 05-04-16 2:51 PM     [Snapshot: 21508]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ट्रंपले अमेरिकालाई फेरी बिशाल बनाउने छ
Posted on 05-04-16 5:47 PM     [Snapshot: 21571]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कलेजफुटबलरक ब्रो ! थ्याँकिउ फर ब्रेअकिङ्ग द निउज ! म अघि अफिसमा थिए ! ब्रोको कमेन्ट पढ्ने बित्तिकै हेरेको सी.येन.येनले निउज ब्रेक गरेको रहेछ, ब्रोले कमेन्ट पोस्ट गरेको, ठ्याक्कै ३ मिनेट अगाडी ! सार्है खुसि लाग्यो !

माइकल स्यभेजको यो भविस्यबाणी भर्खर पढेको ! के एस्तो हुने सम्भावना छ, केटाहरु हौ ?

“If Trump wins – and I think he will – there will be an economic crash,” Savage told listeners of his nationally syndicated show, “The Savage Nation,” Monday.

“The reason I say that is not because of his policies, but because of what Obama will do on the way out the door.”

Savage said that if anyone thinks that a President Trump will be able to easily “turn this huge ship around, you don’t know much about navigation in turbulent waters.”

“Wait until you see what happens in the last few months if Trump wins,” Savage said.

“Wait until you see what that nice guy in the White House does.”

“(Federal Reserve Chairman Janet) Yellen ups interest rates, Obama and his band of unmerry pranksters – Sharpton and company –unleash the mobs,” Savage said. “(George) Soros makes a last-ditch effort to distract Trump and the new Justice Department from currency manipulation and other financial games he may have been playing. Spends tens of millions on social agitation.

“Obama floods the U.S. with Central Americans, Syrians and Africans, mainly Muslim, mainly young males, and grants pardons to 10,000 more Central American drug dealers,” Savage continued.

“Let’s see what else might these decent Americans do? Release a few more billion pork barrel ‘green’ projects? You can guess!”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/michael-savage-obama-will-sabotage-economy-on-way-out/#iZvwAOBstvECMqcW.99
Last edited: 04-May-16 05:49 PM

Posted on 05-04-16 7:47 PM     [Snapshot: 21609]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Nas bro

I am very happy today. When I started this thread back in Feb i was only one fighting with all anti trump guys in sajha!!!

Today we have so many frens supporting Trump and his policies on sajha !!!

This is the great example to prove that trump's popularity is growing and he will make a great us president!!!!
Posted on 05-04-16 7:51 PM     [Snapshot: 21610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What's the big deal? I already knew him, he's gonna be the nominee from GOP. Check my other thread, several months ago, I created Trump Vs Hillary.
It's sad that this bernie rascal is not giving up yet.
After all, it's Trump Vs Hillary.

Guess what? Sorry, but Hillary is the next president.
Trump is destined to lose.
All you losers can celebrate his defeat in advance with us.

Good luck.

Posted on 05-04-16 7:58 PM     [Snapshot: 21616]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We know the map and we know the battel ground!!! PA and MI will make histroy on nov 2016 by electing Trump!!!!

Primary voting turn out on those two states will support my statement!!!

You better go and find the way to win those two states!!!!

Trump will make it happen!!!

Hillary you are fired!!!!
Posted on 05-05-16 7:01 AM     [Snapshot: 21732]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-05-16 9:52 AM     [Snapshot: 21787]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ ho vanya bro!!!
Posted on 05-05-16 11:04 AM     [Snapshot: 21815]     Reply [Subscribe]
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वि मस्ट विल्ड द वाल येन ह्याब मेक्सिको पे फर इट !

Illegal immigrant numbers skyrocket at Mexican border

Child migration is surging again.

The number of families and unaccompanied children apprehended on the southern border has skyrocketed this year


Posted on 05-05-16 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 21839]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas , I don't object on idea of securing the southern border by Mr Trump. I have seen myself how these illegal Mexicans bread their child to take US money. they must secure the border .

But the problem of Mr Trump idea is he will go after all immigrants if he get success at Mexicans. which will directly effect us. I read somewhere he will go after h1 too which means whatajoke will get his ass kicked. and lets not forget his anchor baby. What a joke himself agree he has wife and daughter dependent on him (daughter was born in US ) which makes her anchor baby (DEAR WHATAFJOKE YOUR BABY IS ANCHOR BABY , THERE IS NO OTHER DEFINITION OF THIS WORD IN AMERICA AS YOU SAID BEFORE "THERE IS DIFFERENT MEANING OF IT" )
He will go against Muslims and blacks too. this will create war zone in US itself.

Whatajoke , what u said , we don't say things we do re. MoFo. we all know you don't have right to vote so what you did ? came here and Bark !!

Simple idea of here is fire that burn down village (which you cheer for now ), will burn your house too !!!

Its same like Hitler did on Germany in 1930's , her went after Jews and later that fire destroyed whole Germany !!

Good luck for you guys !!
Posted on 05-05-16 5:45 PM     [Snapshot: 21964]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"देस दिन दिनै गति छाडा हुदै छ , न्याए पालिका देखि कर्मचारी तन्त्र सम्म सन् भ्रस्त्र छ ! पानि बुजुली दुरसंचार केइ को ठेगान छैन अनि मुजी चोर हरु लाइ पलाई पालो देस लाइ बलात्कार गर्दै ठिक छ !! देस को युवा सब खाडी मा गएर मार्दै छन् , हुने खाने पैसा को भर मा सोर्स को भर मा मोज गर्दै छन् ! खै केके देस को हालत देख्यो कवा कवा रुन मन लाग्छ ! " - इन्स्त्यग्राम

इन्स्त्यग्राम ब्रो, यो माथिको अभिलेखमा कुनै देश प्रेमले ओत प्रोत भाको एउटा साँचो राष्ट्रबादीको चित्कार मैले पाएको छु ! हो तेसैगरी.. के डोनाल्ड ट्रंपले आफ्नो देशको दशा देख्दा उनि क्वा क्वा रुन नपाउने ? के आफ्नो देश र जनताको हितको लागि आफ्नो देश र जनताको स्वार्थ अगाडी राख्न नपाउने ? डोनाल्ड ट्रंपका जति पनि पलिसी छन्, ति यो देश र जनताको हितको लागि नै छन् !

" he will go after all immigrants "

यो सरासर गलत हो ब्रो ! ट्रंपले खालि बोर्डर क्रस गरेर बिना भिजा आउने इलिगल इमिग्रेंट्सहरुको बिरुद्ध मात्र हुन् ! जो इमिग्रेंट्सहरु लिगल्ली अमेरिका पसेका छन्, उनीहरुले केहि सुर्ताउनु पर्दैन ब्रो !

"he will go after h1 too"

अहिले उहाले आफ्नो पोजिसन चेन्ज गर्न भाको छ र सक्षम व्यक्तिले यो देशमा जहिले पनि मौका पाउने छ ब्रो !

"lets not forget his anchor baby "

मैले आफ्नै आँखा बाट देखेको छु ! स्पेसिअल्लि इन्दियेंनहरु, भिसिटर भिजामा खाली बच्चा जन्माउन आकाहरु ! मेरो बिचारमा एस्तो एंकर बेबीहरुलाइ सिटिजनशिप दिन हुन्न !

He will go against Muslims and blacks too.

जहासम्म मुस्लिमको कुरो छ, बिदेशी मुस्लिम जो अमेरिकाआएर आर्को "सान बर्नादिर्नो" रचाउने सपना देख्नेहरु मात्र ट्रंपसंग डराए हुन्छ ब्रो !

अनि कुरो आयो "ब्ल्याक्स"को ... तेस्को लागि यो भिडियो आफै बोल्छ ... जस जसलाई इन्दिपेंदेंत हुन् मन छ, जो आफ्नो खुट्टामा बाँच्ने सामर्थ राक्छन, जसलाई देमोक्र्यट्सको वेलफेर चाहेको छैन, जो स्वाभिमानी छन्.. उनि सबले डोनाल्डलाइ नै सपोर्ट गरेका छन् !

जय ट्रंप ! जय अमेरिका !


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