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 timimg belt on a car
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Posted on 12-17-15 10:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I got a Suzuki forenza 2006 two years ago at $3200. It has not given any trouble except for changing the battery sometime ago. Now during oil change, the mechanic says that timing belt needs to be changed and it costs around $700. The KBB value for the car now is $1900. I need suggestion whether spending $700 for a car of value $1900 is worth it. I needed to move so I wanted to take the car with me because I needed it for settlement. Some of your expertise would be much helpful. Thanks
Posted on 12-17-15 11:15 AM     [Snapshot: 27]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How far are you travelling? If you are sure your car can go such a distance and make it then fix it. If not..still fix it and sell or sell without fixing it..see if you get better value after fixing timing belt or break even..if you dont make enough sell it as it is..
Posted on 12-17-15 11:15 AM     [Snapshot: 26]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Usually, Timing belt should be changed around 100k. You might have to change some other parts as well. So, check with some honest mechanic (not easy to find).
Good Luck with your settlement.
Posted on 12-17-15 11:59 AM     [Snapshot: 77]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Depending where you live, it should not cost that much. $700 is still too much. My best advice is to find the local mobile auto repair will do it way cheaper price than local shops. I have Honda Pilot had to change the timing belt. I bought it new at local Advanced Auto shop for $35, and have local mobile auto guy changed for $100. Its about 2 hours job.
Posted on 12-17-15 1:37 PM     [Snapshot: 147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if you are going to keep this car for long term, change it. if not, dont change it and sell it. i dont think just the timing belt would cost 700.

it is wise to do multiple work in your car at the same time to save on labor. usually, timing belt, another belt, water pump are changed at the same time to avoid paying for multiple hours of labor. again, it also depends on the model of the car and where exactly those different parts are located. anyway, 700 is too much just for timing belt, seek second opinion.

maybe post your location and see if any sajhabasi knows good mechanic in your area.
Posted on 12-17-15 1:47 PM     [Snapshot: 153]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am from Canyon Tx and this $700 is for timing belt, water pump and tensioner. I am reluctant to go to unauthorized mechanics because this is an engine issue and we cannot trust less qualified with the engine. Thank you all and I am searching for a cheaper deal.
Posted on 12-17-15 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 163]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The timing belt parts itself doesn't cost more, maybe around 60 to 80 bucks you can get a decent brand parts. It's the labor works that takes lot of time; usually manufacture and mechanic suggest you to change your vehicle timing belt for every certain miles but you can always do a quick inspection by looking at it.

My suggestion is: if you plan to sell it, do not fix anything. you would be better off finding a local mechanic to do it for you for couple of hundred bucks; the high end guys are rip off.
Posted on 12-17-15 1:58 PM     [Snapshot: 165]     Reply [Subscribe]
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from my past experience, 700 sound about right for all of that work. in your original post you had said "timing belt" so we thought you were getting ripped off.

Unless the timing belt is making noise, you can go on without changing for some time but after 100k on the car, you just dont know when it might give up and leave you stranded on the road. then, you would have to pay for tow truck and deal with hassle.

the timing belt is not an engine issue my friend. just because it is located close to the engine does not mean it is an engine issue. this has nothing to do with the engine. they wont even touch your engine.
Posted on 12-17-15 3:42 PM     [Snapshot: 256]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I suggest you not to travel if its due for change. I know its easier said than done but find a smaller shop and buy your own part.
Posted on 12-17-15 4:30 PM     [Snapshot: 271]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Unlike chains timing belts do not rattle when they are worn out. They just break when its time. And it's anybody's good guess as far as when a rubber (timing belts are reinforced rubber belts) is going to snap. Good rule of thumb is to replace it at about 80000 miles. If you look at the mechanism idlers/tensioners and often water pump is a part of it. It's like you have to take off your shoes before you can get into socks. So if someone tells you that all that extra charge is for everything else and not just timing belt then may be it's time to call it bs and use this latest technology called "INTERNET /GOOGLE".

Mind it that timing belt synchronizes the valves with piston and when it breaks it causes the piston to hit the valves and thus you can take your engine to funeral after that, unless it's a clearance type..mostly in Toyotas.

And like a few people indicated timing belts are cheap..could be as low as 25$ in AutoZone with 2 years warranty. Coolant pumps often come with lifetime replacement warranty and will probably cost 50 to 100$.. Tensioners/idlers may be 20$.. And btw it's a good idea to replace other serpentine belts at the same time because they have to be removed before you can reach timing belt( cant take off socks with shoes on).

Hope that helps and good luck. And btw changing a timing belt isnt all that difficult if you are patient though it looks intimidating at first glance.
Posted on 12-18-15 1:58 AM     [Snapshot: 411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't think it's worth it you should just sell it and get a new used one
Posted on 12-18-15 7:03 AM     [Snapshot: 447]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Make sure it has timing chain or belt! If it has chain most likely mechanic will change water pump only.
That price is dealer price and regular mechanic will be charging about 300-350.  

You are not driving BMW or Mercedes , shop Latino garage , parts may cost you 60-70 at Amazon, couple years ago I paid labor 250 for 2 cars. He may do it for 150-250  for labor. 

Fact is the timing belt may be good , but the water pump starts getting water residue and it clogs and will snap the timing belt. I follow this advise, every 2-3 years flush radiator fluid. In summer I run car on distilled water , add small amount of radiator flushing additives.  And bring it to mechanic to add new fluid.
Last edited: 18-Dec-15 11:44 AM


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