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 Questions to Nepricans!
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Posted on 04-13-06 6:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Someone started a thread as "I Hate Dekchi Driver", abashing the DV winners . Whether you go USA or to the moonland, the jealousy always travels with you people! You claim that you are degree holder and qualified but your perspectives match nowhere with your degrees! Questions to the proud Nepricans who have US degrees ( Questions for only those who frown upon gas station workers) 1. What was the source of your tution fee and other expenses in USA? Did your parents pay your tution fee and your accommmodation and meals expenses in USA? If then, you are the kids of top army officers, ministers or bureaucrats. You are not common Nepali. 2. Didn't you work in your college cafteria ? You are allowed to work 20 hours, as I heard but does this earn enough to cover your fees and expenses? 3. In summer vaccations, didn't you work in the gas stations or Indian restaurants to earn extra perk? 4. Why did you take 7-8 years to complete your graduation while its the course of 4 years or less for regular students? 5. Secondly, DV is not meant only for unskilled labor. Any professionals or academicians can apply for DV. You should have a MINIMUM high school education to be qualified. They haven't said HIGHER EDUCATION is a disadvantage. I am a DV winner. I used to run travel agency in Nepal and I do the same here. May be I don't earn as much as US degree holders but I am satisfied. I never look down the people who work in gas stations or restaurants. This is America and I guess you know this better than me. I have a number of friends who work in gas stations or restaurants and I never look them down. I cherish the friendship with everybody. Someone commented that DV winners have bad English! Compare your English with Americans, not with DV winners, would you ? Its been not long I have been to USA but my hate towards Nepricans like Presidents of NepalNepal and his type are already at the height.
Posted on 04-13-06 7:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once in a while, I do not think that it is bad to work the works you mentioned and sustain study. Even in Nepal, people who come to KTM from outside works during study. But yes, if anone has mentality to work in Gas Station and restuarant even after achieving Degree, just trying to stick in USA anyhow then that is different matter. Regarding DV, I too have some Engineer friends who had DV lotter, came here worked at Subways till got settled or got better engineering job. Its matter of luck for now. Thats all.
Posted on 04-13-06 7:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said Buddy!
Posted on 04-13-06 7:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's what I am trying to say but some people think that these are not decent jobs! They think only desk jobs are decent jobs. Here you have a opnion form PresidentofNepal who titles the thread as "I hate dekchi Drivers" -------- Have any DV winners got decent job in USA? I see most of DV winners landing in Gas station or restaurant jobs. This makes me feel jealous because they have no degree , no good experience and they are permanent resident of USA!!!!! But some of our friends have good education, decent job, and ample of experience and they still have to worry about their status. Why doesn't US Government pass a bill that allows only masters or PHD eligible for DV? I know it is a possible brain drain for a country like Nepal, but at least this helps possible डेक्‍ची driver to flock to USA. just my opinion.... i welcome your logical anger
Posted on 04-13-06 7:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This president of Nepal may be a useless jerk. Academic qualification may be something but it is not everything. People with lower academic qualifications can be a very good professionals with self study, hard work and some of thier their abilitiies which they are born with. I agree wholly with your logic once in a while. This is the main problem with so called educated Nepalese. They don't want to work hard but want a good position, not only in Nepal but whereever they are. They disgust other Nepali who may have reached good position. Many of my doctor and engineer friends have gone to USA on DV or have emigrated to Canada or Australia. They worked part time before getting jobs of their profession. Working, whatever work that is, is not a sin.
Posted on 04-13-06 8:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Only in America people say "Sir" to server in Resturant or give respect to blue collar work. This is the heart of American society. If you do not respect work you haven't learn from america or its culture. I don't see anything wrong working in Gas station or resturant its just a work. As a matter of the fact, they are highly profitable business with as much as 40%-80% profit margin. Without working and learning the business how would you own them? Mr. pres. of Nepal ->wake up. If you do not like these people who work in gas station or resturant then do not use their service. Period
Posted on 04-13-06 8:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Every work deserves the same respect.....Well said GreenMapleTree.... If you don't respect other's profession, be ready to disrespected in urs as well ! Enough Said !
Posted on 04-13-06 10:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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very good questions once in a while. these hypocrats losers act like their parents fond america and try and act like they are really above everybody else.
Posted on 04-13-06 10:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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gautam b and knightcrawler , how are you> happy ne w year to you. best wish for your kind health in new Year please check http://sajha.com/sajha/html/openThread.cfm?forum=2&ThreadID=30033 thank you
Posted on 04-14-06 6:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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everyone does whatever they need to do whenever they need to do. If you have to work at the gas station, stores, restaurants..etc then why not. It's not like people from nepal who come here are the only one who do that.... every students who has to pay for school has done that. Even professors and what nots.... If people complain about that so be it..why do you care. Do what you have to do and continue on with your goal ni kya... Just don't forget that u are trying to reach your goal at the end. Just coz some ppl say crap about it does'nt mean that u wouldn't amount to nothing ni .. haina ra? Only people who has nothing better to and has time on their hands want to complain about others...pay no attention to that kinda crap. don't be sensitive :-S
Posted on 04-14-06 7:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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हामी जता गए पनि कुसन्स्कार हरु मात्र लिएर आउछौ । राम्रो पद अनि आम्दानी हुनेसँग के नै मागेका छन ग्यस् स्तेशन्द्फ काम गर्ने हरुले । आआफ्नो काम गरेर खाऔ भैगो नि । यो कम ठुलो यो सानो भनेर नै देश को हालत त्यस्तो भैसक्यो Is there anything wrong with the way we are taught to think or just these guys'... Once in a while.. u r right dont look down at anything and at the same time don't get intimidated by such remarks from so called big guys...
Posted on 04-14-06 7:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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के गर्नु जति पढे पनि यिनि हरु को दिमाग् चै खालि नै छ् अरु ले गरेको देख्न्न् नसक्ने नेपालि मेन्टालिटि

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