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 Happy Long Weekend!

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Posted on 05-26-06 3:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-26-06 5:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where is indisguise from? Nice to know you are somewhere near criminal. tara criminal najikai bhako le ali dar pani lagchaa.
Posted on 05-26-06 6:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy long weekend to you too IndisGuise!! :) PS: bidhan408 if you knew where he was from then he wouldn't be in disguise ni! :P :P
Posted on 05-26-06 6:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nails, there are some messages for you in Chautari, have a look.
Posted on 05-26-06 7:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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world_map - thanks:P some meaning two cause all the rest were in nepali ni! :S even you typed in nepali ke : ahem ahem! :p you have a nice long weekend too! :) :)
Posted on 05-26-06 7:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This long weekend is going to be too long to me. Going to be a rainy weekend. Can not post more than 20. It will really suck!! Can't wait tuesday. So that I can go to my office again. Happy long weekend to you all. :P Is this our first long weekend of the year??
Posted on 05-26-06 9:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh my days!!!! how can long weekend ever suck! bidhan, stop interfering jackasss
Posted on 05-26-06 9:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yeah long weekends.................number of assignments to do/quizes and test thereafter.
Posted on 05-27-06 3:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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indi bro...u were wishn for happy long weekends to us(me too?:oS)...good intentions? well a fren just was telln me..'the road to hell is paved with good itentions'!:o| hehe...so yeah!see u in hell ;o)...yeah havin good intentions here too ;o)..since u had one(or more?:oS hehe) for us(me!):@ ;oP hehe.. and oh..its a long weeknd(sat now)thats for sure :oD..can feel sunday is gonna be longer..but that we will find out tomorrow ;o) hehe)..cant wait for sat to finish..but well..since am here..and had to check on that quote..found this quite amusing.. and hope ppl who really have a thing for u know muslims?alik wont blast it?..u know another person will say it was copied etc ke tha?:oS..(oho this reminds me..better listen to one song now!hehe..*gets up and goes to find the cd* hehe ..oho wat luck!the 1st cd i took out..was the one i was lookn for ;o)..got many personalized burned cds with no titles :oS..too lazy to write?hah!the price to pay for sin of sloth :oS hehe) oops *paste* In the Islamic tradition there is a story about the holy fool, Mulla Nasrudin: When Nasrudin was an old man he looked back on his life, and told his friends, “When I was young I was fiery - I wanted to awaken everyone. I prayed to Allah to give me the strength to change the world... In mid-life I awoke one day and realized my life was half over and I had changed no one. So I prayed to Allah to give me strength to change those close around me who so much needed it... Alas, now I am old and my prayer is simpler. “Allah,” I ask, “please give me the strength to at least change myself.”” most prob u read it..but u know..good intentions ni ;o)..see u in hell one day ;o)..we are in hell?ok will see u one day hopefully!;oP hehe good day!every day!weeknds or not?yeah yeah!hell here we are!;oP hehe
Posted on 05-28-06 6:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lemu :( ---- I heard you're from Mobile.....Is it true?? I'm from Birmingham Man....masti garnu parne keta...lala...ek na ek din ta kasso nabhetiyela... Yes I am from Mobile. How did you know? :O Birmingham? Man we need to get it on. He he ! Bhetnu parcha keta. Ek na ek din kina? Why not soon? ;) ------- Bidhan, it’s the other way round. Let the subject be careful. Re kya. ---- Nails. Aaach. Janne k. :p Ma kina IndisGuise bhanera sabai tha cha “about to turn 18" lai. LOL (Wink wink ;)) ---- Danny bro, always good intentions. Unlike other people who are indirect my wishes are direct and honest ;). I am destined to go to heaven coz the person(s) I’m with, the senoritas, promises she deserves heaven. I agree with her. She is a saint and I am her bhakta. (It could be other way round too Hahahhaha) Hope ya all are having a blast. Ma chai "Jhaaakassssssssssssssss" O0o0o0o la la ;) IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-28-06 7:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indi Bro, Ke ho Sunday ek bihan nai post gardai hunu huncha ni..... guess you were hanging out all nite with Criminal in Mobile, AL or with some other person of unsavory character about 850 miles away!:)..joking Indi ko kura garda Indy 500 to yaad aayo....gonna be watching the race today...TV ma bhaya pani:( Anyway, enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend... Cheers, mate!
Posted on 05-28-06 8:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ChipOTOB birader, Damn that was an early morning drunken bout. I have been trying to outdo Devdas in "Who wants to be a King of Drunkard?" since Friday. He he! Hanging with criminals? Well you got that right birader, after all whoever coined “birds of (same) feathers” has to have some reasons to coin the phrase. Some visits to my versions of apteral and "sise se sisa takraye, chahe job hi ho anjaaamm" episodes, a long slumber, shower and hearty dinner I am ready to take a walk outside. Lot has been cooking in my head. And expect the dish shall be delicious once I come back for my rare evening walks. Indy race was awesome eh'? What a finish! That kid almost stole the show huh? Reminded me of my version of Indy 500 (Atari video game) :p. I frequently did better than that kid. Don’t tell me it does not count now ;) LOL. Memorial day weekend eh'! Somehow it reminded me of this song - "I'm thinking about my baby right now when I am feeling sentimetal... She's all I got in my memories - memories keeps haunting me. . ." So much for memorial day :( Uff yeh dillagi. Re kya. Hahaha Aaach ;) Ahile lai... IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-28-06 8:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indi timi le malai kina maya mareko? mai wo nahi hu jo tum samaj te ho, lekin mai inkar bhi nahi karti/ karta ki mai wo nahi hu mai wo bala hu jo sise bhi phahechan ne se inkar kar raha hai! adab FANAA cinema ko dui ta gana atyanta ramro cha - 1) chand shifarish and 2) Dekho na. make sure u listen to them. tell RUINA also
Posted on 05-29-06 8:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indi Birader, That was a hell of a finish.....I was rooting for the young Marco. I guess he still has a promising future. Som, atti senti bhako.......reminiscing about all the babes from the days of yore , ho ki kya ho? Capital Cinema Hall ma 22-scope hereko yaad aayo ki kya ho ,ki Tiger Hill ma sunrise and majestic Kanchanjunga herna gako yaad aayo? Atari days....I used to love Space Invaders! Cheerio!
Posted on 05-30-06 11:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pade maiya, Kaha maya marnu maile? Baru maya le malai maryo ni. ;) Ke ko mukhada ho tyo? You penned em'? I would listen to those although I am eternally stuck with gazals in hindi/urdu "gaana haru ma." That too, only when I am normal, He he! Regarding telling Ruina, oh well. Mero gaame jindagi ko ke kahani bhannu ra timilai. If I would ask her to listen to these quixotic melodies, I know what she's going to say. She will probably sing a song she recently wrote. Here is a line or two from that: “I'll rip you to pieces. I am a licensed killer...." Rest censored that. But you get the gist? :( LOL Do you know she dumped me for 21st or 24th (birse kati ho, dui tin hapta ma bhairahancha, I even lost the count LOL) time just recently? Consider this, when she dumped me for about 15th time, after 4-5 days, we had a minor disagreement and you know what she said? Riss nauthau malai, I'll dump you re. I was like did you not dump me about 4 days ago? :O I mean what was that? He he! Height of cruelty, I tell ya!:P Boli ra mukh matra ramro ho. Maan ta naramro cha. Ma bhayera ho ki tya? Re kya ;) She is ruthless. He he! Yeuta kura ni... ;) ------------------------------------------- ChipOTOB, Nah, not senti. Memorial Day and memories - just clicked. Aba yaadai ko kura ke garai bho ra. Yaha afulai birsinda bhannu parne bela bhai sakyo.;) Space Invaders? Was that the one with pink air ways, and we could blast over the helicopters and ships along the narrow passages? It was many many years ago. I kind of lost hang of those stuffs very early. I preferred gucha, football, seven stones, base ball and such to those virtual stuffs. And that neighboring chic who used to call me to play "ghwai." I was like WTF, when she used to ask me in front of my pals. I mean, common. I hated her when she did that :O. But when alone, I was all fine.:) She was a looker even back then. He he! Heard she is in US and looking fine. Ahem ahem! Have a good one birader! Hope ya all had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for another one. Jati chot dinchau deu mayalu... CTRL+ALT+DEL And Save ;) IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-30-06 11:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol INDI v... You really funny. mero sis ka gayo ajkal miss her....
Posted on 05-30-06 11:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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He he Badarni, am glad that you understood the jest. Anyways, how hard is it to create a fiction eh? Timro pani koi sanga banai dim ki? :p "Halwa" banau gako hola. Malai bhanya bhaye mari jam la. Enjoy your summers in zoo madam'! IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-31-06 7:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Halwa? kasto khale? hahahaha
Posted on 05-31-06 10:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kasto khale? Yesto ------------------------------>"Pretty Halwa" ni aba kasto! LMAO he he he he! Kasto ankha tareko Pretty?;) Want to try? :p Hey by the way, ya know those Punte and lure, aka, MaHa is coming to U.S. Are you still performing? :) ( Ajkal ta Pretty dekhe ki tyai "character" yaad aucha. Dharo dharma la. Tyo .." talai budaaa marna nasakeko buda..." bhanne k. ) I know, you know who I'm talking about eh! Halwa sabai ekai tari ka ko huncha. Gajar khayera gajar ko halwa niskani bhayedya bhaye ta bhai halthyo ni. :p IndisGuise:)
Posted on 05-31-06 10:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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indi bro..u ta sacchai lookn at it..weeknd not over for u yet ..is it?;oP hehe hope so re kya ;o)..its all good ;o) hehe.. btw..sacchai where is ruina?^o)..someone 'jailed' her up?and went out?wahahahaha ;oP... and oh this reminds me..i think some brunette person might be hopin for some human contact?wahahahaa...never seen anyone 'care' for a while ;o) hehe..i mean look at it this way..someone actually came back to check on our indi bro..to see if he took it wrongly and if he is alright ;o)...so duh!doesnt that show care and concern?;o) hehe la la enuf here..there were somethings i wanted to share..and did..but later deleted wahahahaa..duh!length scares me :o|...hehe..anyways there will be next time hoina?so bach ke raina re baba..bach ke raina re ;oP hehe..u dunno wat i found today!when i was checkn me old hard drive...it belongs to me cousin actually..but i had leeched from him..and well its 5 yrs old..and some jamana ko hindi videos wahahahaa...plus some nice nepali songs ;o)..well felt nice wit the mood i had today ;o) hehe...cant believe i had some of those songs in me harddrive for 5 yrs..and i had been desperately searchn for some of them the past few yrs..time to time hehe... btw 9 more days ;o)...9 more ;o)..and hah!need a new tv at home!!!old one is gone!!kya tension!!but i guess tomorrow will bring some answers ;o) hehe.. just wanted to say..hope the weeknds not over for u yet ;o)..have a real long one hai ;o) hehe.. *gone*
Posted on 05-31-06 11:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's coming Danny bro. 2 more days and there it is. :) Bhane ta uu "Pretty Halwa" banau na gako hola. He he! Jail mai basera halwa banaudai care hola. ;) Brunette? I absolutely adore brunettes. That's for keeps. Aaach! But one lingering fantasy remains. BLOND! LOL J/k. Enjoy your old treasures! And oh yeah, it's coming eh'? The biggest spectacle on the face of the planet, hands down. But I'd have to watch recorded version of many games. That sucks though! Can't wait for Samba magic to mesmerize the world. Oleeeeeee ole ole ole Oleeeeeeeee!!! IndisGuise:)

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