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 nepali keti ra musalte ketaaharu

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Posted on 10-08-08 8:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is funny but I always find it disgusting when I see this curious pairing! Often, the musalte is from Pakistan, or some native one. I can't take a jimma of all nepali keti, of course, but I used to have pake musalte friends who used to brag that they scored a Hindu girl or that Nepali girls are cheap . I used to feel quite humiliated when I heard that, and started developing bias against Nepali keti who hang out with them. I guess it is not right, but I am sure a lot of you too feel that way. At least, goraa haru brag around gardai hiddaina, tara musalte haru....(in one case, while the Paki was saying hindu girls are easy, I knew the girl(Nepali). And she told me that she was deeply in love with the paki boy. I didn't say anything to her, but I felt for her after a few months when their relationship was nowhere. The Pakistani, who was from an ordinary family, had given big talk about how big his father back home is, and I suspect that worked in his favor.)

I guess I am too young, and so I feel this. Perhaps after a few years, I will feel everything is normal. Or do you guys too feel this?

The postings in this thread span 9 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-13-08 12:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jet bro.. you're aggrivating people by attacking on their sentiments and not happy cuz they're using profanity. of course, they will use profanity if you piss them off. and yes, what makes you think you're such smart by going to grad school. haven't you looked over the school of engeneering or computer science in your university with tons of indians and chinese who're pursuing their masters or phd?

You claim to be arguing with logic and in educated level yet you show the lowest level of humbleness. i doubt if you were properly educated otherwise you would not be coming to sajha and making fun of other people's english when you are yourself a freaking foreigner in this country. After coming to sajha for years i have noticed there are two ways to attack someone if they can't win with valid arguments. you either stick to profanity or worse you bit.ch about their english.bitch.ing about english is the worse one when bitc.her himself/herself is a foreigner and he gets taunted at least 10 times a day for his accent. it just show their insecurity and cowardness.

mind na garnu hola...


Posted on 10-13-08 12:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I appreciate your concern, but I am not attacking their sentiments, believe me, I find islamic fanaticism equally loathsome as you do. But my point is, not all muslims are evil. I was replying to the originator of this post who made a generic statement about all Pakistanis. That is not true. It triggered issues about religion, if you scroll up the thread or visit previous pages of this thread, the hatred of Islamic religion were spewed by others. And I was simply replying to them in their language. If it displays my lowest degree of humbleness, I sincerely apologize. Just re-read the post of chor, I do not know if it was targeted to me, but it was surely for people who believe like me. If he had shown a little maturity in weaving his words, I could have been more humble than needed. I retaliate in my own fashion, I do not give up against people who do not want to rationalize.

I have said time and again that I despise Islamic extremists. What more do I have to do ensure others about my hatred. I replied Rewire earlier on that I condemn radicals, he made a mockery out of it and accused me of supporting extremists. Things like such do not tick me off, I am very equipoise, but I wanted people to have a taste of their own medicine and used their poor writing skills against them.

I thank you for replying back. Wish all were like you.


Posted on 10-13-08 1:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jet BRO you have come down to the level where you said you hated to be. Like you said this is sajha where people come to express their views and thoughts, and I agreed with you and after you posted where you stood on the issues of Muslims and the difference between extreme Vs regular. I know where you stand and what you meant and I TOTALLY agree with your points  Bro you totally make sense in your way BUT I also agree On the points where you dissagree. So far Muslims do have the most violence driven religion and  Most of them are HARDLINER Followers who arent extremists but still live by the quran and will instantly snap to violence or support it if Islam is challenged. Not everyone is perfect and have different views. To ridicule and correct others thoughts for you might not be offensive but just a point of arguement, but for others it might be as equal to using profanity. You and your friends laughed?? You seem to be challenging people to come visit you so you will kill them????? Are you that mad for the sake of winning an arguement that you are ready for a violent confrontation when YOU mentioned me that this is sajha where people can freely express them selves when I wrote " why do you think that others should think like YOU.......?????"  I guess sajha was a bit too low of a standard that you super intellectual Nepali to venture. well you play with dirt you get dirty.......and for the challenge, be-carefull.............One can easily accept your challenge and easily set you up with  "intent to murder"  this thread can be the proof. Ever watch Dateline???????? dont say or write things you dont mean or it will haunt you......If you are still serious of killing the person you meet..........?????? or you just another internet behind the keyboard DADA????
Posted on 10-13-08 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was merely replying to them 'in their own language'. If I replied to you in similar fashion like I did earlier, you have all the rights in the world to accuse me. The argument evolved out of an issue where the originiator of this thread claimed all Pakistanis made derogatory statements about Nepalese women. While I resent such statment made by any individual to a woman and not just Pakistanis, I also believe that not all Pakistanis think alike.

My challenge evolved out of the fact when it was suggested that they wanted to hurt me physically. My reply was plain and simple - '"bring it on", and if you cannot, I will help you meet me'.

I am well aware about dateline and its repurcussions, I was simply inviting them to meet me in person if they want to abuse me physically. If they really intend to do that, god help them.

Thank you for replying back, after all this altercation and ill-will, I really had pleasure in writing you back.


Last edited: 13-Oct-08 01:24 PM

Posted on 10-13-08 2:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jet bro I really appreciate the tone of language you have used on me and I am absoloutely sure that you are a very wise, friendly and a very talented person.  I do understand that some people here in sajha will resource to foul language when they cant win. Bro I suggest you ignore them, I have gotton into similar situations where I was tempted to meet and fight LOL. but I have stuck with the very principles YOU preached on me before  when I was losing track and taking thinks personally. YOU reminded me that....This is just a talk forum where people say things regardless. You know cyber junky DADA who writes their real or messed up feelings just for a cheap laugh or to bust someone with real brains or JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT..... AND Jet bro YOU brought me down to reality to realise that this is sajha and everyone is entitled to their thoughts whether I LIKED IT OR NOT.....you taught me that. Now am I seeing that you do not practise what you preach????? Dont fall down to their level..............You cannot win ......you just get dirty and filthy. Thanks for the response and goodluck Bro.
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Posted on 10-13-08 3:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you again for getting back to me. I was an active user of sajha approximately 6/7 years ago. In those days sajha's reputation was not marred as it is now. There were selected people who primarily explored issues related to politics, literature, arts, movies, sports, hobbies and humors. Agreed, there were arguments then too, but were done within the perimeter of kinship and mutual respect.The threads that comprise bigotry, misogyny, chauvinism, porn were almost non-existent. Sajha was an institute within itself and I personally have acquired a lot of knowledge.

There were highly talented individuals like czar, arniko, paschim, nazar, sitara, sajha gazer, galt, poonte, ashu, sum off, amber, netazneta, nepe, sirish, haddock, zalim etc. who visisted sajha often. They created a brother(sister)hood here in such a fashion, everything they did, ranging from exchanging pleasantries to bickering aloud was worth lauding. It was done in style which was much more classier than how sajhaites do now. I wish I could bring back those days. I was one of the users who admired sajha immensely, until when Nas arrived.

I left sajha when Nas proclaimed himself as one of the most controversial user and started posting lewd pictures and dissolute music. I regard him as an extremely creative individual, but I do not understand his desire of collecting infamy. Maybe he is a masochist, I do not know. Arrival of Nas was revolutionary, soon many youngsters followed his footsteps and created such a vast majority of mayhem-creating users, even San Pradhan, the admin of sajha was unable to stop them. While sajha thrived with a throng of more-than-ever users, old and helpless users like me cried.

All those names I mentioned above dissappeared in thin air, their skills were tarnished amidst controversies and caophonies. I agree a common portal like sajha gives everyone their rights to voice their opinions, and I have nothing against it. But if you put sajha under a scope, we all look like parasites, eating sajha away and eating one anothers too.

I am not a savior of sajha. I am puny, feeble, yesteryear's user who now endeavors to bring sajha back into its original shape. The big picture that is see is worth derision, I know people will laugh, perhaps I can never even get close to change sajha, perhaps I will fail, perhaps I'd be plundered, I already feel weak now. But I would salvage the lost pride of yesterday's sajha in every possible way I can. I therefore reply with notoriety to everyone who comes here for immoral, racial and licentious reason.


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Posted on 10-13-08 9:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I feel sorry for these Nepali girls dating any musalte; guess its their choice.
I used to have a Paku friend who dated a Nepali girl from my school; and he'd always call her behind her back Kutia - (slut - dog). She thought they were in true love even to extend that she was sort of willing to convert - what a surprise. Just curious about the current status of this girl; I know he's married (with another Paku chicks) and has kid too and doing well. She I know alienated lots of people around including her only brother. I guess she got lucky not needing to wear this "Black-Bora" on her head.

I really don't give a shit to chicks dating Musalte; just that I truly and honestly feel sorry for these stupid girls.

Posted on 10-13-08 10:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well well well. what we have here. A english professor trying to teach us english in sajha. Mr favre i am pretty sure you got my point in my earlier posting, even though there were problems with my english. we are here in the chat room not in any engish class. Maybe you have phd, but i wonder if that makes you a better person than anybody here. I wonder if you can even protect your own ass that  you came to a nepali site to advocate about muslim people, who has killed your own brothers and siters. I wonder if you are even a real nepali or somebody behind a curtain pretainding to be from nepal.
Posted on 10-14-08 12:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The reason why anyone who reads your posting gets pissed off is simple: you start out with the assumption that you are oh-so-smart. (For example: for you and your cohorts, these posters are laughingstocks!) I definitely got pissed off, because rather than focusing on what I wrote, you went on to behave like a detective in some Hindi novel, trying to figure out commonalities between two names of anonymous posters. And then you went on to write that Pire is some language somewhere in some country, which had nothing to do with the discussion at hand. And to top your stupidity, you claimed that I would probably not know about the language. Hell, yes, I didn't know that language, but what's that got to do with the postings here. That was such a waste of time, and such a balooney posting that anyone engaged in that kind of conversation should be banned rightaway from any serious discussion forum. Thankfully, sajha is not one of those serious discussion forums.

But I am sure anyone who reads your reply can see that you have a big ego, a I-know-the-history-of-sajha-and-I-will-bring-it-back-its-glory megalomania, and you see almost all posters as some kind of criminals who chased away the good old posters. Noone chased anyone away from here, and if those old guys left, then perhaps they were some pussy bunches who couldn't sustain their effect here. In any case, good for them that they got real job, and are not hanging around!

Going back, I think a lot of Nepali girls don't know how dangerous Pakistan is, or can be for them. If they know all, and are making best judgement for them, good for them. But, frankly, I think most of the Moslems men have some serious problem in the way they view women. If Nepali women think Nepali men have ego problem, and then choose the embrace of Pakistani men, then they are not treating the problem in the right way because hell awaits them in most of the cases. But if those girls were absolutely, madly , crazily in love with the Pakistanis and are willing, if necessary, to share the status of wife with three other women or wear burqa all their life, then goodluck to those girls.

Finally, the two girls I ever knew who dated musalman boys had different reasons. One was old and had hard time finding any husband eventhough she definitely preferred Nepali boys. To top the problem, her Nepali boyfriend left her under unfortunate circumstances. She was inconsolable for a few days, and guess would have gone with anyone. I never blamed her for going to pakistani boy and I always wished she would find someone after the breakup( but because of my own conservative values, I wasn't ready to be that one:)). The other woman was a married Nepali woman. She was here, her husband was back home. She chose perversion over fidelity with her husband. I guess it was natural because of biological needs. The last time I heard from her about the Pakistani, she was saying that  the Paki was claiming that he had a nice house in Pakistan and didn't really need to work in the USA, but he came here for fun. He was working in a motel as a clerk. I found it hard to believe his bragging, but I ddn't say anything. It seems like similar story is being told everywhere by Pakistani boys about their financial status back home.

Posted on 10-14-08 5:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know how nepalese gals forget their culture and society where they belong as soon as they stepped in abroad.. they start backbiting about our Nepalese society saying our society is conversative and uncivilized and finally they become over-civilized .. and the result... just as mentioned in this topic  (nepali keti ra musalte ketaaharu )

God Help Them ......

Posted on 10-14-08 9:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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आदरणीय रस्टिमूड ज्यू,
पाउलागी ख्वामित्, हजुरको हृदयबाट म नेपाली हो अथवा होइन भन्ने शन्का मेटाउन देवानागिरी लिपी मा लेखिएको विशुद्द नेपाली जवाफ टक्र्याउँदै छु। आशा छ, कृपाद्रिस्टी पाइ मलाई गोर्खालीको शँज्ञा बक्सिएला। सेवक अङ्रेजी मा मात्रा होइन, नेपाली म पडाउन पनि उत्तिकै दक्ष छ।
आफु गोर्खाली हुँ भन्ने कुरा सावित गर्न खुकुरी प्रयोग गर्न पनि योग्य छु। समय मिलाई दर्शन दिन यो गरीब को झुप्रो मा सवारी होइबक्स्यो भने आफ्नो खुकुरी कला देखाउने अवसर पाइएला। तर हथियार चलाऊँदा कसै गरी ख्वमित् को गाथमा लाग्न पुग्यो भने क्ष्यमा बक्सिएला।


I agree that those quality sajha users were not chased away. But sometimes it is difficult to survive among users who have constantly lowered their class by creating threads of hatred and bigotry. Ask yourself, would you choose to live in a room where there are very few humans and plenty of donkeys? I read your pseudonym as 'pire' not 'pirey' and was forced to comment, which I regret now.

I am not a megalomaniac, trying to bring back quality posters is a selfless act and not despotism. I am not obsessed with superiority. At least I was hoping you would understand that.

You have two stories to tell me about Pakistanis, I have three.

I recall the incident regarding a gullible Nepalese undergraduate student who fell into a trap of a fellow Nepalese who used her every way he could (sex with her was his only motif, I know that guy personally) only to abandon her later. He called her BHALU ( I bet you are proficient in Nepalese slang).  She went back to Nepal when was considered a pariah in her own friends' circle.

The other incident I want to bring forth is a Pakistani named N. Ahmed, a convenience store owner in LA area. I laud his generosity when helped a Nepalese girl go home to her father's cremation in the middle of her semester. She worked for him. Not only he helped her financially, but retained her job when she came back. She considers him as an older brother. And this must not be misunderstood by evil perverts lurking here in sajha, he actually considers her as close as his sister.

I once attended an international student party where Nepalese students were in abundance. Almost all of them made lewd comments about a young Pakistani student named S. Zamaan. The comments were so blatant, she was forced to keep an arm's distance of all Nepalese and took refuge in the crowd of International student advisors and other professors.

There are good and evil people in every ethnicity, be it Pakistani or Nepalese.The originiator of this post persumably has not met liberal and well bred Pakistanis and was forced to make a generic statement as such. My point was to reply him back, educate him to get his fact straight, nothing else.


Last edited: 14-Oct-08 09:03 AM

Posted on 10-14-08 9:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jet, since you say you are from nepal then which one is true:

1.  You are a nepali musalte

2.   You are a Dhoti  musalte living in nepal for a long time

3.   Your sister is married to a musalte

4.  You are a gay whose patner is a musalte


Posted on 10-14-08 9:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I also had seen this - paki guys with nepali keti, and it is so humiliating. I am saying this cuz I know how is pakistani culture, how is the mentality of paki guys and what they are after .. I know it cuz I have stayed in pakistan for few years..

My suggestion to any Nepali girls who are with paki guys (or who want paki guys) : If it is just for 'fun' it is fine - enjoy it is your life - do whatever you want. BUT if you think he is in serious relationship with you, then stop thinking this bullshit...

Posted on 10-14-08 9:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for the compliments rustymood, I really enjoyed your outburst. Need to tell you such deranged replies come from a person who is born by incest.

Posted on 10-14-08 9:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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refer to the previous post, guess who is the musalte now rusty. However, I challenged you to come meet me and resolve the argument in person, whatever happened to that? If you claim yourself gorkhali enough, I hereby request you to come meet me. Anonymity is powerful and impostors like you make use of it. Be a man and accept my challenge, I can fly you here.
Posted on 10-14-08 10:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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athroom, it shows your age. Man, stop annoying people.
Here's my answer:
Not everybody is lucky like you to land in America, East Cost in your case maybe. With the influx of people leaving the hopeless land, Nepali are in every part of this planet now from Africa to Iceland. Should they have been smarter to know the danger, your 100% right. Since you're not from Nepal (it appears), you have to realize that many Nepali still do not have access to TV and internet like you. Most of the people leaving for Arabic countries are villagers who sell their land for bigger dreams. Chances of them not knowing the exact situation of the country they are visiting are very high. And here's the biggest bombshell, they were tricked. They were supposed to be in Jordan, not Iraq. The manpower agency from Nepal and the middle east tricked them,and that is how they end up in Iraq. The families of those deceased have already won a case:

So please shut your pie hole and if you have nothing good to say from those god damn shit stinking mouth, take a rope and hang yourself.

ha ha ha Shows my age stop annoying people ? AND YOU ARE NOT MR ANALIRRITANT ?

Not everyone is lucky like me ? Really ? How do you know I am lucky(Ummm he thinks he knows me, he he ) ? You must be god to have answers to everything then huh ? ha ha ha

So Nepali people were hoodwinked by these contracters, that they were not aware of the situation IRAQ. So Mr Smarty Pants here wants to Blame all Muslims because Neapli people going there were not well informed about what was goin on there. Ahem. Ok O'SMAAT ONE.

Yeah I am going to shut my piegole cause I have nothing good to say. Yep ...Ha ha ha ha ha Hasaucha yo gadha ley! ha ha ha

Rewire,"Should they have been smarter to know the danger, your 100% right." I rest my case.

Posted on 10-14-08 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think out of three examples that you gave "about Pakistanis", only two concerned Pakistanis. Not one concerned a Pakistani boy dating a Nepali girl, so I don't think are much relevant here. The first example is only about Nepalis. Now, Nepal is big, with millions Nepali men and millions Nepali women, and I am sure we can find some outlier example where a Nepali sleeps with another Nepali girl, and even kills her. But it is far fetching for me to believe that Nepali will treat a girl abandoned by another Nepali boy as a pariah, at least just because of that reason. Quite frankly, If a girl is not beautiful, doesn't have good education and is not from a rich family, then if she has a publicly wellknown relationship with a Nepali boy, who dumps her, she will have a hard time finding another boy. But I had a few minor discreetly held affairs, and all girls ended up with good looking, wealthy boys, and I am particularly happy for them. In one particular case, I was surprised to know that my highschool classmate was the person who married her.

But what worries me is how come majority of all Nepali have the same story to tell. A smooth talking pakistani, a gullible Nepali girl who thinks the pakistani is rich and is different from other fanatic, the pakistani telling his friends how he was scoring a Hindu girl, and an eventual breakup or a conversion. Tell me if there is a single Nepali girl whose child is named Nepali after her marriage with the Pakistani. I haven't seen one. But it is easy to find American husband celebrating Dashai or giving the child a Nepali name.

But these are just statistical properties. Perhaps someone is truly different. But girls need to know all these things. And also, Nepali girls are going to benefit from discussions like this.Because they know that most of the Nepali boy do have reservations about girls dating Pakistanis. Lots of them think that Pakistanis actually treat their Hindu girlfriends as trophy, and show that to us.

Posted on 10-14-08 12:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are correct, none of my stories concerned a muslim person dating a Nepali female. And I marvel your analysis pertaining to the girl being abandoned. I had a similar question in mind, perhaps the girl had many other issues, prehaps the guy was a moron, perhaps there were some other reason behind it that I am unaware of. But we are talking about two different sexes here, not two different religions. Men think with the testosterones, while women think through their tears, occasionally it happens in reverse. Men are men, we are ego sodden bastards, who despite being educated, and spiritually purged, remain chauvinists nonetheless.

While I believe the incidents you have encountered are true, I am not sure I believe the same when it comes to the originator of this post. I can see he is more jealous than a person who is in a rescue mission. But then, I might be wrong as to speculate what made him start this thread.

Again, what I find extremely contradictory is, I do not find any female in this thread supporting his concern. Instead I remember rhythm lashing at him. If the girls find Pakistani guys better than their fellow countrymen, it is their concern, not ours. I do not think every woman who dates a Pakistani is gullible. I agree if there is an incident where a nepali woman is sexually abused by a Pakistani, we need to go for her rescue. But things like such hasn't happned yet. If Pakistanis show hindu girls as their trophies, I am pretty sure those females are well aware of it, if they still choose to be with them further, they probably have seen something in that person which we did not.

We all are human beings, we must respect all religions and ethnicity. Being a racist is more blasphemous than being a muslim, if being a muslim is a sin that is. Once again, I condemn muslim extremists, I agree they are uneducated, ignorant barbarians but who, could do better if given a different life. Making a generic statement like chitwanethito is nothing but immaturity and jealousy.

Posted on 10-14-08 8:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am surprised that you think no girl supported this position or that position in this thread. It really amazes me how you figure out which poster is girl and which is boy! My experience is that girls are even more critical of foreigner-dating-girls and they are the one who actually spread the rumor around! In any case, I admire your ability to look at posters' name and make inference based on them. I always thought these names were perfectly random. Well, perhaps not. My name is actually how my childhood friends address me in my village.

I still think that you are probably like chitwanethito--in that you too have said somewhere that given a choice Islam is the last religion you select. I actually thought it was a very strong statement. May be there is an obscure religion somewhere in some barren land where canibalism is allowed or something like that, and therefore I won't go as far as in saying that Islam is the last religion I will select. And then in your last thread, you come and say all religions have to be respected. If you have such a vision of equality among religion, then how come you originally write that Islam is the last religion you might choose. My feeling is that you just love to debate and be contrary. Perhaps you were a topper in your class in your highschool, and everyone used to listen to you. And It probably gave you the feeling that you can manipulate any discussion in any way you want.

I just re-read the original posting, and my view is that the original poster got pissed off at the girl more than the boy because she asked him to console her, take her to shopping, and so on; eventhough he probably had seen the telltale sign of a nasty ending of a relationship, and had tried to intimate about it. The original poster seems to be alot younger than the girl, and so may be there is no jealousy involved. Or may be there is jealousy involved, I don't know.

I am not liberal or anything. I think Islam in its current form, or under its current leadership, is an extremely dangerous religion, and a Nepali girl should think twice before dating a musalman boy, at least if he is not from Nepal. I have no complaint against Musalmans in Nepal. They seemed to be peace loving kinda people. But I have read the plights of Hindus in Pakistan , and it sounds like the country is not a good country for our girls. Her parents in Nepal are also likely to worry about her welfare all the time, if she marries a Pakistani boy. Of course, if the girl doesn't have much choice in Nepal, and if a pakistani is her only hope for a good conjugal life, then we should be respectful of her choice. And also girls need to know that if they date a Pakistani boy, other Nepali boys are likely to look down on them. It is just a fact, and girls should know it. Of course, A girl can ignore others and enjoy her life,but it helps to know the facts also, doesn't it?

Also, one more thing, we shouldn't assume that those who are making these decisions know everything. One of my relatives went to Iraq, and later, came back. I asked him how could he go there, despite the news. He told me that he had never seen the war before to make a correct judgement about its effect, and he didn't know that people would kill him since he thought he wouldn't be harming anyone. His statement was such a naive statement that I didn't know whether to laugh at him , or to pity at him. Perhaps it is similar with a lot of Nepali girls. Nepali back home have an impression that any country outside Nepal must be richer, and better, and in such a scenario, Nepali girls may not be acting out of perfect information. It is good to expose them to these examples, if they exist. I remember Japanese girls used to marry anyone, and somewhere, I think in Albanai or some country, one of the girls run into a dire problem a decade ago, and there was a big issue about it in Japanese newspapers. Most of those newspapers seemed to rue the fact that girls prefer foreigners int he vain hope that they are definitely better than Japanese, and land themselves, Japanese govt and public in a difficult situation.

Hope I can retire from this thread now.
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arghh.. its so funny to see only guys keep repeating words and words and pouring the anger or via jelous.

Wheres the gurlz in this thread, i hardly see any gurlz replying to this thread.

i encourage all sajha users(gurlz) come and pour some words in this fishiness thread.

Mostly to those gurlz of NewYork whose dating Paki Guys

come on lemme hear ya gurlz side of story as i am tired of looking@ guys comments only.

One thing i want to pour some words here too:)

i too get jealous when i see nepali gurlz with paki guys( as i am NewYorker, its common in NY nepali gurlz dating indian or paki guyz) and keep thinking negative things about the nepali gurlz

but the truth is who are we to judge what those gurlz should do or not?

we can only give advice.period.



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