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 Worked off campus
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Posted on 06-01-09 2:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am applying for F-1 reinstatement and Iam having hard time to make decision. I hope to get help from you.

I worked off campus withought authorization and on the reinstatement form it is required to disclose if I worked w/o auth or not. Will uscis find if I say I did not work w/o auth. I was told that USCIS and IRS had seperate database and they won't be able to find easily. I don't know how much this is true. Appreciate for any help.

Thank u a lot


Posted on 06-01-09 3:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Timro question ko answer nai chaina kohi sanga! NO risk No gain!!! decision is all urs.

Only option-- form ma nalekhne, yedi process garne ho vane.
If not, dont risk.  database kata k link huncha vannu rumor bahek kehi pani hudaina.

malai 3-4 jana ko thaha vaye samma ... thaha paune and napaune chances r 50-50%.

if u r unlucky, then, saBAI damadol.... so.. its all ur decision.

best of luck. N keep informed wht u decided.

Posted on 06-01-09 5:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just want to say if you got paid under the table and didn't actually get a pay check then you can say that you didn't work (without authorization) at all. But if you did get a pay check then you might want to talk with your student advisor. Try to convince him that you had a problem back home and had to get the money for your tuition thus you didn't have any other options. If possible try to get him to apply for economic hardship which is a temporary work permit you can apply from your college, so you can work legally.


Good luck with your reinstatement buddy. It shouldn't be that bad buddy. Good luck again.



Posted on 06-01-09 6:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks all for honest openion. As most of us (students) it is hard to finance from back home so I had to work w/o auth to support tution and also I had a medical bill that I needed to take care. The situation is that if I tell them I worked w/o auth then my application will get denied and if I don't then there is 50-50 chance. I was wondering if someone faced the same issues and how do they resolved it. I will really appreciate your kind information.


Posted on 06-01-09 11:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rocky2rock, Jst a curiosity, U said student advisor lai gayera maile kaam gare vanne...... Has anyone done that till now that u personally know??? Economic hardship apply garnu pahile nai maile kaam gare vanda kehi effect gardaina?

Mero bichar ma, may b i m wrong, tara form ma sabai lekhera or advisor lai maile kaam gare vanera.... tiniharule daya garera' ye yesle sacho bolecha.. lau esko kaam success garnuparcha' vanlaaan vannu foolishness ho. They have rules on which they run. And BY d way, whoevr will b on our other side, uniharu hamro bau patti ko na aama pattiko!!!

Hami dherai jana bahira kaam garchau, cash ma bahek aaru ma kaam garepani khasai problem hudaina vanne hamro concept cha. The only concern we take is, Nepal bata farkada k huncha vanne matra sabaiko question cha.... But mero saathi harule experience gare anusar, Real consequence nepal bata farkada hoina, estai official kaam haru garnu parda dekhincha...

Deep123!!! Maile personally chineko chu 2 jana lai .. uniharule form(not for reinstate though) ma dhateko thiyo.. tara thaha payena. Dhatera thaha payeko vanne case maile personally chineko manche ko vayeko chaina. Suneko chu third person bata, 2-3 jana ko thaha payera problem vayo re... not sure kattiko true ho. thaha payo vane..... timlai fraud case lagcha+ aafno kaam gareko headache ta chadai cha.

So decide gara... My fren consulted wit many lawyers before doing anthing... sabaiko answer thiyo, Dont walk on the fire.

So... maile esko positive.. negative sabai vane timilai... Once again, decision is all urs.

Posted on 06-01-09 11:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yesto prashna pani angreji ma lekne, sanodai?
kyaa, tyo yimmigration ka karmacharee huru sabbai jana le google soogle ma padhera nepali fatahaa rahechaan vanera thaha paunchaan. bastabma tyo ke re saranarthi case haru maa ta beijjati nai bhaisakyo.
kyaa manche!

Posted on 06-02-09 12:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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do NOT mention that in your re-instatement form. If you do that, then there is a 0% chance for getting reinstated. Yeta, honesty ko kunai value chaaina....problem comes, since they know it, they have to take action...if not they risk their job. I mean, come on, in one hand they might appreciate your honesty, but be realistic, why would they care about you to the extreme to risk their own jobs. It's america, my friend.

There was bill that was supposed to make sharing of information between USCIS and IRS possible. Thankfully, the bill never got passed. So don't worry about it, they don't share info. so you are good.

I had issues with re-instatment, myself. Problem was with my work, I had worked more than specified hours in the college, and somehow they made a big deal out of it. To the point, that they didn;t even let my apply for reinstatment and asked me to leave the country. Cause if you have unauthorized work, you are not eligible for reinstatement, they won't even go through rest of your application.

You know, I threw the tantrum of being honest and not working outside illegally, but working in the college, so they are aware of my hours. But this is what my advisor had to say, " You would have been better off, if you had worked off-campus, cause I would not have your information about your work. But since you worked in the college, more than specified hours, I have to take action, the info. is right there with HR".  So don't even mention it to your advisor, you would only be inviting more problem to yourself.

So moral of the story is stay quiet and you are the good one, blow the trumpet of honesty, and then you are the bad one.

Hope this helps, deep.

from deep :D

Posted on 06-02-09 9:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you all for your kind information. I see everyone 100% correct. They are very helpful answers.

KnockKnock ji, I think you are right. How long ago did you file for F1 reinstatement (I-539). How long does it take to get result back. I may need more help. I would appreciate if you could email me your phone # at house.sing1@gmail.com

Thanks a lot everyone


Posted on 06-02-09 10:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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as knock-knock said, since you are not enrolled in a payroll, there is no record of you working outside and unless n until your employer calls the DHS and tells them, no one's gonna find out. So dude, say you havent worked off campus, work the system. if you mention you have worked outside, your chances decrease from 50/50 to 0. So think about it. Good luck

Posted on 06-02-09 12:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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           I am really curious about ur case.... U said.. The advisor denied to process ur application and said to leave the country.  " Off campus kaam gareko vaye baru uslai thai hudaina thiyo... sth sth.... " Vaneko... bahira kaam gareko kasailai thaha hudaina hamile or aru kasaile  navanesamma??? Tespachi K vayo???? Wht did u do???????

       Plz... Would b great and helpful If u share ur experience in detail....

Posted on 06-02-09 1:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mrhunter ji, when I worked outside for a company, my info will be recorded under their payroll. How that will affect my case. Do you know someone did this. Appreciate your clarificaiton.



Posted on 06-02-09 2:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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tini haru le thaha paudanan unless you disclose it yourself. so my 50 paisa ko advice timilai: jhoot bolera matra yass desh ma kehi huncha natra timro reinstatement cancel.

Posted on 06-02-09 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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once again, tyaslai edit garera nepali maa lekha . nepali ko beijatt huncha. ra pachi pachi aaune bhaiharu lai bato afthyaro banaucha. they know how to google it. ajha sake samman nepali font ma lekhnu, kinabhane dheraii laii ta nepali pani auucha.

Posted on 06-02-09 6:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यस्तो कुरोहरु नेपालीमा लेख्दा कस्तो होला ?

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