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Posted on 07-06-09 6:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anyone have sports stats for ANA?  bball and soccer.

Where are the pics?  please add your experience.

Posted on 07-06-09 6:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No clue about Bballl . ...

Regarding soccer, the following are the stats :

Semifinal 1;     Los Angeles (LA 11)  1 -  1  Baltimore;  Baltimore won on tiebreaker

Semfinal 2;    Dallas Jawan    1- 2 Hamro Fc Sanfrancisco

Final ;     Hamro Fc Sanfrancisco  2  -  1  Baltimore

Big names like DC not even made the quarterfinal.  . ... last in group and knocked out from the league. .



Posted on 07-07-09 9:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanks...it seems strange that there are no feedbacks conversations about 2009 ana, i guess it wasnt worth it...
Posted on 07-07-09 9:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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DC had a super game. But a bad decision from a referee cost them out of the group phase. First match was a tie with the winner, San Francisco.

Posted on 07-07-09 9:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A few things about the ANA Convention:
  • Playing of the American National Anthem before Nepalese National Anthem
    • Out
      of respect of the host country, which, in this case, is the United
      States, the Star Spangled Banner must be played. This was a very good
      decision by the organizers and it follows international protocols
  • Forums
    • As expected, forums started later than usual.
    • The
      quality of the forums was a lot better this year, because of the solid
      contents. The intelligent community in California did a very good job
      bringing different perspectives and initiating a knowledge base for the
      Nepalese community.
    • Overall: B
  • Cultural Program
    • Very well organized compared to other years
    • धेरै लामो भयो।  Enough said.
    • Overall: C+ (Better than last year)
  • DJ Nights
    • Music
      was fine. A regular DJ night, as expected. There needs to be a better
      protocol in terms of ending the DJ night, because there seems to always be dissatisfaction
    • What's up with the fights? We Nepali people love our दगां फसाद , but this is ridiculous.
    • Overall: C+
  • Fashion Show
    • Best organized program of the convention, two years in a row.
    • I
      was thoroughly disappointed this year, however, with the awkward
      moments during the show itself. The folks did an excellent job, but
      there seemed to be a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the contestants,
      which could have been avoided if there were more rehearsals.
    • Overall: B+
  • Concert
    • Did not attend because of the crowd
  • Sports
    • Communications about sports results could have been done better
    • Overall: C
  • Venue
    • EXCELLENT! It was very convenient to get to
    • It
      would have been even more excellent if they could have gotten soccer
      and basketball venues that were close to the BART, but one can't get
    • Overall: A
  • Security
    • It was good that the security personnel didn't seem unwelcoming
    • Overall: B+

Overall, I give this convention a B

Best of luck next year, Boston!


Posted on 07-07-09 9:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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so any words on the bball?

Last edited: 07-Jul-09 09:45 AM

Posted on 07-07-09 10:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok!! Here it is. However, i don't have point scored by each team. Overall, all 11 team played pretty good. The most surprised comeback team was LA Blizz (they had a close game with DH and MMC).

1st     Quarter final game:  Boston vs  Dallas                             Winner: Boston
2nd    Quarter final game:  DC      vs  Mongol United                Winner: DC
3rd    Quarter final game:  DH      vs  NANC(San Francisco)    Winner: DH
4th    Quarter final game:  MMC   vs  LA Blizz                          Winner: MMC

1st    Semi Final game:    Boston   vs   DC                      Winner: Boston
2nd   Semi Final game:    MMC    vs  DH                       Winner: MMC

Final game:             Boston   vs   MMC                       Winner:  Boston

Posted on 07-07-09 11:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't forget, DC won the sportsmanship award... they honored the award by using it to publicly masturbate.. how ironic!!!

Posted on 07-07-09 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Did DH come with their regular lineup i.e. with their main players?

NYNYC didn’t participate this year. Hope there will be more and the good old teams next year.

Posted on 07-07-09 2:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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DH had their regular line up, but they came up short against MMC. After an improbable comeback, they were leading by one point with 30 seconds to go, but MMC made an amazing shot to go up by 1 with 1 second left... It was a hell of a game..

Posted on 07-07-09 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you all....
Posted on 07-08-09 1:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sleepy, the MMC game against DH will prolly go down as one of the best matches ever in ANA history...DH did make a phenomenal comeback but the dagger-in-the-heart-shot by our 24 just killed that dream.  And finally, what was up with ALL those travelling violations??  That's all the refs ever called.  BTW, if MMC had lost that game, the refs would've been knocked the fugck up for sure (for the OT they gave DH when there was none left...I had one of my teammates keep track of it for me).  We were ready to tear shiz up then   All in all, beating DH was in itself a feat comparable to winning the ANA...Damn, these cats lost for the first time in 25 games, which in itself just proves their caliber.  Am proud of my guys fo' sho'.  BTW, Look up the MMC team being called on stage in the model video on the sajha homepage (at 19min and 11sec).

Finally, the MVP was surely undeserved (however, I still congratulate Boston for their win against all odds...They beat us last year too so the feud has surely started to heat up now).  But the Defensive Player Award was given to the right dude...That dude from DH was doing all the necessary dirty work: boards, hustles, making plays, etc.

And as for soccer, my prediction from a month ago did come true...Hamro FC did win the title in the end.  Now for my next prediction: MMC will win the ANMA Basket-Ball tourney this year!!!

Last edited: 08-Jul-09 02:13 AM

Posted on 07-08-09 9:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Samsara...Hope your prediction come true. For those of you who don't know what samsara is talking about . Nepalese community in North Carolina (Raleigh, NC) is hosting a NASeA and ANMA convention on Labourday weekends. Our sports folks are in touch with MMC, Boston, Dunking Hanuman, teams from Florida, KY, DC and Omaha NE. For those who lost the ANA trophy, Lets make it a re-match. But for Boston, please prove Samsara that you guys are # 1 this year.

Please visit us at www.jointconvention.org (Hope to see you all down south)

Posted on 07-08-09 11:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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That shot by 24 was a heck of a shot... like true champs, dh did not give up and fought all the way back... i dont know which big guy u are talking about in the mmc team, but let me tell you, #15 from mmc was a killa... highly overlooked due to the excellent guards mmc has, but he has to be given credit for being an enforcer down low...

Posted on 07-08-09 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I heard, Boston recruited some players from MN :) and their main point guard didn't come this year. Anyways, congrats!! to Boston for winning and finally, we got new champs!!.
Btw, i agree that ref sucked big time. They were calling 'travelling violation' on every play. They didn't let the players play their game. MMC vs DH was a good game. I was suprise when they blew their 15 point leads and almost lost the game :), but they did managed to win. It was a  good come back from DH though.!!

Also, Boston vs MMC was a good game too and MMC could have pull the win if they had played better defense and  had not relied on too much on outside jumpers. I guess, Boston played better defense by not allowing their guard to attacked the rim and they had better 3 point shooters. Both the team deserved to be on the final. Good luck to all the team for next year ANA.!!! however,  Boston has an edge to defend their title next year since it's going to be in Boston. Hopefully, somebody can stop them(maybe MMC, DC or DH :) ). 


Posted on 07-08-09 12:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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peace1, yeah Boston received much needed size in the 2 dudes from MN they recruited.  Surely, that's what helped them with their defense otherwise even DC might've eliminated these guys.  And for their PG from last year (Bipin), well, he went for the Tibetan tourney as that is his REAL team...The Boston ANA team paid him $50 a game last year to play for them.  Not to take it all away, but Boston did have a great 3 pt shooter, a balding vet who kept pulling his team up and they executed their 3-2 defense spectacularly.  In retrospect, MMC should've played Man to Man defense and we would've been set...But like always, hindsight is 20-20.

Congratulations to the BeanTown Ballers...MMC will be back to reclaim the title next year.


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