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Posted on 03-26-12 10:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-27-12 10:48 PM     [Snapshot: 891]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If I were one of those "Prajas", I would also chant any name, God or not  - Jesus, Shiva or Spaghetti Monster - atleast it would ease me get a square meals a day. A religious dogma of any kind didn't do any good to them. It just kept on perpetuating the discrimination. Their destitution and wretched poverty, and needless to say, their freedom to choose anything as long as it is harmless, is a justifiable reason to 'embrace' Jesus.

But If I were that guy, I wouldn't go on proselyting poor people. I would rather help in the name of humanity than in the name of  a religion. As Gandhi bro said, '“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

To me, all religion are equal and so are myths. Hallelujah !
Posted on 03-28-12 10:58 AM     [Snapshot: 1003]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The fundamental idea of who you really are is the core thing to follow after.
Running after so called man-made mirage is such a waste of time.

"Religion separates, Spirituality Unites"

but I'm not against helping hand, I'm not seeing their religion but just helping hands.

Posted on 04-08-12 1:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1163]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this is a good example of NRN. they will bring their adopted culture, religion in nepal along with other vices.
Posted on 04-08-12 3:15 PM     [Snapshot: 1214]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I will also say that what these folks are doing is morally/ethically incorrect. But we also need to see things from the other side. Many of these people have limited or no choice at all. If following other than a conventional religion brings them some hope in life,why not?  I remember back in the days when i was still in Kathmand(Jorpati,yes they exist in Kathmandu too), a guy from Kansas used to talk to me about  Jesus all the time and how he came to his dream and guided him to the right path and the same could happen to me, if I gave a chance. He even gifted me a pocket bible. I later learned that he was head of some Christian Missionary in Nepal. He was a plesant  and friendly dude  but I never talked to him again. My point is- I was in a position where I could make a choice. When watching this video, I see kids being educated (some spoke gooEd nglish) which will eventually come to the rescue of  cycle of poverty, hopeless women with a smile of hope, which is impossible otherwise. We should just let them live or be able to provide them with an alternative.

Posted on 04-09-12 10:23 AM     [Snapshot: 1408]     Reply [Subscribe]
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look at these people who have been brainwashed by missionaries giving trouble in my country. nepal is already in deep turmoil.
the last need we need is missionaries coming nto nepal and proclaming we are the sons and daughters of jesus. that jesus is the true God. And all other religion are evil , satanic, pagan, savages and against Jesus. Common on people we knew we evolved from monkey hundred thousands years before jesus the magician was born.  i need views and input from nepalese. 
NO NRN please as they tend to side with the missionaries.


Posted on 04-09-12 11:18 AM     [Snapshot: 1430]     Reply [Subscribe]
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discrimination against caste only exist in hinduism.
Posted on 04-09-12 11:57 AM     [Snapshot: 1445]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's where you are wrong. Hinduism do not made this discriminatory law. It was the work of a Priest call Manu.
Priest Manu wrote the discriminatory law that led to the fall of of Hinduism.
Another thing. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and his teachings was about compassion, torelance and equality.
That's the reason on why Hinduism survived in Nepal even with the discrimnatory custom, practices and rules that have embedded in nepali society for 1000+ years because people learn to be torelant and compassion.
And so in the 21st century, christian missionaries are taking advantages of Buddha's virtue of torelance and compassion which nepalese are acustomed to.
To safeguard nepali culture, religion against christian crusaders, nepalese need to soften their attitude of torelance and compassion and become harder on missionaries.
Again 3 situation favors Christian missionaries work in nepal.
1. Hindu's discriminatory rule (caste system)
2. Buddha's virtue (compassion, torelance)
3. poverty and illerate nepalese

Posted on 04-09-12 12:53 PM     [Snapshot: 1479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this better be the official nepalese christian pose:

Posted on 04-09-12 7:15 PM     [Snapshot: 1545]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"look at these people who have been brainwashed by missionaries giving trouble in my country" -really??  my country?? Prove it.

i woudn't mind if it was a Hindu Missionary or any other missionary for that matter  given that these people receive the help that they need.

Posted on 04-09-12 7:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1547]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nothing is free. the christian missionaries are not doing it for free. don't you get it. they are doing  the good work in the process to convert many nepalese into christianity. the missionaries are doing these kind of work helping poor, illerate people(not only in nepal but in africa, south america) to convert them into christian. i don't have any problem if the missonaries geniunely help them, give them food and education to the poor. but why must the missionaries bring up religion? why must the missonaries persuade, coerced these poor people into accepting jesus? this is not sincere help but  the motive and intent to convert people into christianity.
again nothing is free. the missionaries are doing in return the poor will conver into christianity. 50/50.

look at south korea. 10 years ago Zen Buddhism was the native religion of the korean people. today christian missonaries has destroyed korean religion and gave them false releigion of jesus. look at north east of india namely states like nagaland. before the advent of christian missonaries, nagas were worshippers of nature, land. today nagas are predominately christian.
so far missionaries have found their jobs of converting people espcially in the himalayas region like nepal, sikkim, nagaland easy because people are  torelance. this is a boon for the missonaries but bad for the people. i'm afraid at the rate of conversion and missionaries work in nepal, by next 10 years nepal will become next south korea or nagaland where people forget about their original religion for the foreign white religion.

wake up people.
Last edited: 09-Apr-12 07:45 PM

Posted on 04-09-12 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 1566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i also want to add that people like  Mr.Khadka(probably NRN, christian convert) featured in the video doing his missionary work in Nepal is DANGEROUS. this kind of people shouldn't have been given VISA to entere nepal in the first place. he should be arrested by nepali official for defaming nepali religion with the intent to convert poor, illerate nepalese into christianity.
i do not know what is nepali government doing as this kind of people are walking around the land brainwashing nepalese into christianity. they are degrading nepali culture and religion in their process of converting people into their religion. they are saying nasty things about hinduism, buddhism and other native religion of nepal.

Mr.Khadka should be arrested and put in bar,  he shoudl be banned from entering nepal unless he has good reason to do so.
Last edited: 09-Apr-12 07:55 PM

Posted on 04-09-12 10:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1617]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 nepalbitich, i don't know what your name means but you are talking all BS. and this thread is nth but a bunch of crap. there is nothing we can do anything to stop him and nor any rights. he is just practicing his religion. and BTW what has hinduism done so far. 

you talking about S korea turned into christian. look at difference. N Korea still is where they are..everybody hates them. S Korea now imports labor from our country. I am not taking sides or anything, but you should have the right to practice your religion. Doesn't matter how it is done. Atleast they are giving hopes to this children. they are educating them, or watever. 

And whats with so much hatred for NRN's. They are nepali after all. 

Mr.Khadka should be arrested and put in bar,  he shoudl be banned from entering nepal unless he has good reason to do so: seriously?? and on what basis?? lets hear plot:

plaintiff(nepalbitich): your honor, i am initiating this case against Mr. Khadka and want him behind bar or banned from re-entering the country. 
judge(looking all confused): go on
plaintiff: your honor this guy committed a serious crime to preach or practice his religion in our country..

morale: nepalbitich is stupid and ignorant moron. dumbass, come out the box and think out of your thinking capability. this world is too beautiful to hate and doesn't want haters like you.

Posted on 04-09-12 11:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1634]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Say No to trolls. I believe no need a clue whom I m talking about. Just ignore the flaming troll.
Posted on 04-09-12 11:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1640]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol you make my day. you are saying that s.korea became develope country because they embraced christianity while n.korea became what it is now because they did not embrace christianity.
are you implying that if nepal embrace christianity that nepal will become next USA.....ahahahaha!
my friend it's not religion that bring development to a nation. it's leaders.
if you imply that religion is the answer to nepal's development then i say that hinduism was the root cause of misery and downfall of nepal. do you agree with this statement?
if you watch the first video, Mr Khadka said "poverty is so bad here". so that Mr Khadka, NRN, self-convert christian is saying that poverty in nepal will be gone if nepalese embrace jesus.
i think nayapidi and Mr. Khadka has the same view of the world.

do you know or have any knowledge of religious christian doctrine known as the "Doctrine of Discovery"?
well if you do not i do. little knowledge is dangerous my friend.
Last edited: 09-Apr-12 11:21 PM

Posted on 04-10-12 10:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1714]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i never said that adopting christianity will lead to development, nor have i suggested that S Korean developed becoz of Xtrianity. 

look at south korea. 10 years ago Zen Buddhism was the native religion of the korean people. today christian missonaries has destroyed korean religion and gave them false releigion of jesus: this was your statement. 

but anyway talking about lil knowledge, where did you learn that a person should be sent to prison or should be banned from entering country just on the basis that he is practicing on what he believes. if you have guts why don't you go preach for whatever you believe in.

Believe me when it comes to preaching, I am the one who hates the most, but i don't go public and B**** about it like you are doing. Like i said earlier, think out of your box, this world is too beautiful. Also whats all these hatred about NRN's, what do you have against them? (do you even have valid reason, or is it complete ignorance?)

Posted on 04-10-12 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1727]     Reply [Subscribe]
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that's just my suggestion that people like Mr Khadka and other missonaries whose intend is to convert nepalese into christinaity 
should be bar from entering nepal. that's just one of my method. of course i could list several ways we could combat these
conversion. if you have any idea, ways to do it you are free to jot it down.
Now Mr Khadka thinks his adopted religion is superior and goes onto attack other's faith. do you know that bible states that beside jesus, other gods should not be worshipped.
"Christianity regards other religions and temples evil." -Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D

now tell me which religion teaches us such moral concept to condemn other's faith. isn't this pure racism by white supremecist
that by embracing jesus is the only way. Mr Khadka has been brainwashed and if i can meet him oneday i hope to change his mentality.
Mr Khadka is a opportunistic person...........he may have forget his root, forget his culture, forget his motherland but he shouldn't be doing this kind of unethical works. if he wants to help poor nepalese i have no objections. but he should keep away his religion.

Posted on 04-10-12 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1737]     Reply [Subscribe]
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here's another scenario at the courthouse:

plaintiff(nepalbitich): your honor, i am innoncent.
judge(looking all confused): go on
plaintiff: your honor this guy(Mr.Khadka) entered my country and knocked at my door telling me about how great his religion is
so i loaded ten .22 cartridges righ in his ass to protect my religion and for disturbing my peace.
judge: i find you not guilty. Every individual has the right to save his religion.

Posted on 04-10-12 4:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1780]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@00:21 of the first video this jackass khadka stands outside Buddhist Shambhunath temple and dares to speak agianst my religion.
can anyone tell me what position is khadka in hindu stratified system? is khadka a low position simliar with kami, damai?
that must be the reason for his conversion because he was humilated  when he was a Hindu.

Last edited: 10-Apr-12 04:59 PM

Posted on 04-10-12 5:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1790]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The darkest day in the history of our nation was when Girija Prasad Koirala declared our country secular. He took around 2 arba nepali rupees from the Europeans and the missionary people to do that. 

For christian its a one time investment, once a guy is converted to christianity his son and grandson are automatically christian. I have heard but not sure about it, a converted peoples son and grandson has to give about 10% of his/her income to their church. 

Our nation is gone there is no way out, in about 20 years or so the christians population will be around 20%. You can imagine what will happen then. Now they are about less than 5% and has already started making their voice heard. They have already started claiming land around Pashupatinath temple, just an example. 

Hinduism and Budhism is the passive religion so christians are taking advantage of this. If you go to mountains you will find so many churches these days so many padari's. 

Prithvi narayan shah did not allowed these people to come to Nepal, i think his vision was great, if he had allowed these people to come to Nepal during that time, our country would have already been converted. Visionary Prithvi Narayan Shah. 

Now i think Hindu people should start to contribute , build a school and other development thing in the name of Religion. People from hindu community also contribute but they will not tell people to accept hinduism, this is the difference between Christians and Hindus. 

Posted on 04-10-12 6:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1829]     Reply [Subscribe]
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darn it. i hate that name girija prasad koirala. he is the one that have fail the nation upteen times.

Finally there is someone who speaks up against Christianity. one of the reasons why Chriitianity is striving so well in Nepal is because so far nobody has voice it out against the missonaries. i think this is the start. that nepelase need to realize the great danger against the hordes of christian missonaries coming into nepal with the intend to brainwash nepalese into embracing jesus.

The English came to Nepal to conquer us. They were Christians. The same English which put Indians as second class citizens in India. Christianity came to South America and it destroyed whole families, cultures and forever destroyed whole peoples. yes how could we forget about the native americans. they too were killed by christian missonaries and many were rounded up like sheeps for conversions. there's no denying that white people are playing supremecy over other races, other's religion and culture. Christians have never been tolerant of other faiths and their kind will always be the enemy of Hindus and Buddhist and also to local indigenious Kirat religion.  When a Hindu or Buddhist goes to a foreign land, he can expect to be discriminated. In Nepal, Nepalese have the power to contain, prevent, and control this conversion. wake up people.


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