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 What are the chances of catching AID's when condom breaks

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Posted on 11-17-13 12:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey frens, I am in dilemma right now as I had a sex with random girl that I met in the club. When I was done, I found out that the condom was bursted. She told me she is clean but still I am scared as hell and can't sleep, can't focus at work, just thinking to cimmit suicide if I  catch that disease since I can't return Nepal with such a shame and embarassment. Anybody gone through similiar situation? Your expetiences might ease my depression, thanks. Googling tell me that risk is low but I can't wait 3 more nonths to do a blood test.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-19-13 9:17 AM     [Snapshot: 1376]     Reply [Subscribe]
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HiV is really difficult virus to transmit , esp from female to male. LIke stripperkopoi said, there is very low chance that you will get infected from one time exposure with infected person but it doesn't mean that there is zero chance so there is still a chance. You are very likely to come out safe from this but you should take this  incidence as a lesson and be very wise on selecting your partners in the future. Its not worth it to ruin your life for 20 mins pleasure.

Please do some research but don't go for symptoms since it will just make you anxious. Wait for 6 weeks and go for blood test and again at 3 months for conclusive results.

There is a prevention medications called PEP which will prevent the infection if taken within 72 hours after exposure. But in your case it might be little too late.

Focus on other important things in your life since this is not really high risk exposure.

Hope this helps.


Posted on 11-19-13 6:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1539]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Should have gone forPEP, I thought PEP won't assure 100% cure. My muscle aches, abdomen is bloating and pain in lower abdomen aches, feeling very cold all the time. I don't know if I am thinking too much or it's really happening.
Posted on 11-20-13 2:28 PM     [Snapshot: 1816]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its really bad idea to look for the symptoms. YOu might feel that you have symptoms due to your anxiety. YOu have really low changes of getting infected so just chill out . Wait for 6 weeks and get tested and negative result at that point is really encouraging.

PEP is 80% effective so there is hight chance that it will work if taken in time. But for your case you don't even need it since you don't know the status of the person. Best thing to do is have that lady to get tested . If she is not infected you have nothing to worry about.

Posted on 11-20-13 2:44 PM     [Snapshot: 1820]     Reply [Subscribe]
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pornstar, seems like you contracted some sort of UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) , STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases)...
but if you are not feeling well overall and your doctor couldn't figure out what's wrong..don't worry, in community/world of spiritual folks , we're going through some level of upheavel right now. Perfectly normal people are not feeling well as well. Many are not aware , but some are getting symptoms.

Oftentimes, sex with stranger is disastrous to your spiritual self than your physical self. Having sex with people, if they happen to have auras with negativity and dark, you embrace it through the unseen vortex you create during sex, and it manifest into weird physical discomfort and unease. It's the same vortex, few partners who managed to keep their relation for years, share their spiritual energies through, rendering them to look/behave alike. You have to have feelings and compatible energy to experience these life's greatest moments. You just can't go and have sex with anyone, just coz you can but if you do, well, unconsciously, your spiritual self gets shocks and symptoms appear through your physical self.

In your case, I'm sure it's some sort of STDs, UTIs. but if not, the words are not far being told to you 'it's in your head'. You need to relax.

Posted on 11-20-13 5:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1912]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pornstar HIV is transmitted through bodily fluid like blood ,sperm,pre-cum ,cum ,high amount of spit(thuk) if u gotin contact in one of these then get tested in 3 months and 6 month .don't worry even if u get HIV there is treatment for that you will be surprisedmany people are living normal happy life even if they hahave HIV positive with modern medicine and normal life too. I'm quiet sure scientist will find cure in few years
Posted on 11-20-13 7:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1996]     Reply [Subscribe]
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From today i have headaches, itchy eyes, my neck muscle hurts, yesterday i went to emergency but they said they don't do PEP. I was a depression patient since 11 yrs so I would not regret dying as I am a mess, depressed and committed many sins.The irony is i have GC interview in 3 weeks and I am not ready. Bad things going on, fresh bread I just bought turning into molds, white and black cat crossed my path before that sex.
Last edited: 20-Nov-13 08:23 PM

Posted on 11-21-13 9:42 AM     [Snapshot: 2176]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its too early for the symptoms. Its better if you do baseline Hiv testing so that you can confirm you don't have it now from the past. 
Regarding the exposure you had, its has very low risk and you don't have to worry about it. Everything will be fine. Just confirm with the testing.
Don't think too much. WOrrying will not do any good.
Posted on 11-21-13 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 2196]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear pornstar, 
stay away from those yuck bitches. Find alternative WAYS if you  really cannot controlYOUR EMOTION.
checkout the website
Last edited: 21-Nov-13 10:13 AM

Posted on 11-21-13 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 2228]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys, it looks like pornstar is just trolling.. none of those symptoms occur so fast even if you caught HIV...
Posted on 11-21-13 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 2253]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I feel sad that you'd actually pull off something as low as this in an attempt to troll. 
Posted on 11-21-13 4:52 PM     [Snapshot: 2348]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Guys I am not trolling, it happened for real. May be I am weak and never should have come here and asked sympathy. I think toi much and not in the right state of mind. Hit the parking pole last night while parking.  
Posted on 11-22-13 4:10 PM     [Snapshot: 2709]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pornstar, don't worry too much you are more likely to get depression by worrying then getting HIV . I am not a doctor or something but I do know with modern medicine people are living happy normal life and many are even having HIV negative kids and living happily . in few years scientist may even find cure. Next time be careful and don't repeat the same mistake.
Posted on 11-22-13 4:16 PM     [Snapshot: 2711]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 you are funny. keep it coming. and pls do take advice from wise ones that been posted here.

Posted on 11-22-13 4:17 PM     [Snapshot: 2711]     Reply [Subscribe]
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pornstar, I think you are hypochondriac. 
Remember, most of the time, your mind creates diseases. 
Unnecessary worrying suppresses your immune making you prone to diseases. 
Hypochondriacs don't get diagnosed in labs yet they have all symptoms like pain and unease. 
Time for you to not panic or start taking some stress relieving pills if you can't tame your own mind,
let pills do the job. 

Posted on 11-22-13 7:03 PM     [Snapshot: 2764]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 May be I am thinking too much too, all I ask is forgiveness from omnipresent lord. Give me a last chance and I will quit. I will get married and will never cheat on her. Somebody was talking about fake vagina dolls. I bought it a long time ago and it was useless, no feelings whatsoever. 
Posted on 11-22-13 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2791]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How old are you? 

Posted on 11-22-13 8:07 PM     [Snapshot: 2811]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 31 and single but many girls had a crush on me during college but I was into fun, just fun
Posted on 11-23-13 12:03 AM     [Snapshot: 2879]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you must be 31, but you act like 17.
Chillax,.. you'll be a'right..

Posted on 11-23-13 9:57 AM     [Snapshot: 3009]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You will be alright. Just move on with ur life. Depression causes alot of harms than u think.
Posted on 11-23-13 12:31 PM     [Snapshot: 3056]     Reply [Subscribe]
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