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 emails of thousands of ANA members available on line.

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Posted on 08-01-11 6:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 How ethical of ANA officials to make its members emails public ? Check the site and you can copy the emails. Selling, public display of emails, I take as a breach of trust. I urge them to take this down immediately.                                                             

on lighter note: I have downloaded and saved the whole list so if you want to buy the emails even if they take it down, let me know. (Just wanted to give an example of how they may be abused). 
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 08-02-11 10:37 AM     [Snapshot: 785]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is a youth moement going on in Facebook for ANA smartup or Boycott. Kun duniya ma chau ho timilaru. young generation are registering for ANA election to make young generation win and lead ANA. Timiharu chai afno name ayo bhanera yetro hangama. ahile samma timiharulai millions spam ayeko chaina? sabai lai sue gare bhai halyo ni kina ANA lai hahaha... at least ANA le ta Nepal ko related news haru pathaula timihariu ko email ma not those porn sites links hahaha.
at i
go to FB and see the group.Lots of talented young generation signing up for ANA. Wh at is there in your name? are you ashamed that you attended ANA? go to google and if you type your name. you can see there too. so what. who knows you besides few of your friends.

Posted on 08-02-11 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 839]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the hell in that email? are you that VIP that noone can access your email? even your school directory has your email online. spammers can get your emails from anywhere. not only from ANA sites. murka manusya haru. If you want please don't lose your right to vote for ANA if your name and email is there. Young generations are becoming active in nepalese community to do better. Encourage them. khali khutta tanne kam nagara.

Posted on 08-02-11 11:21 AM     [Snapshot: 891]     Reply [Subscribe]
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FK ANA....if that youth movement is being run and supported by someone who thinks that it's okay for an organization to display email of its members publicly without their consent ... then fk everything about your youth movement...
Last edited: 02-Aug-11 12:24 PM

Posted on 08-02-11 12:11 PM     [Snapshot: 931]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 It was so easy to get rid of the emails in that list. They could have deleted the whole list. I have no problem with my personal email but there are people like Kul Chandra Gautam whose personal emails may be more valuable. Its amazing to see how people like mno in Sajha do not understand the value of privacy. ANA could be sued for violation of privacy.
Posted on 08-02-11 12:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1034]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Unlike you Mr MNO, people have their emails linked to bank accounts, facebook accounts and online purchase accounts. Most of the online fraud starts from the email address. Most of us arent VIPs as you think but we surely [Disallowed String for - Bad word 'fuk']in would hate to have out accounts hacked. 
Posted on 08-02-11 1:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1073]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Agreed with most of you on this and yes, it was a fiasco on the part of the ANA election team.  However, before any accusations arise, the ANA Youth Team were the first to raise this concern about personal details and emails being put on a public website.  Through the ANA Youth group page and the discussions that ensued, the ANA election committee quickly removed the critical information from public sites.  Once again, please note that the emails that were provided to the Youth team are held in strict confidentiality and no one else beside the team has access to the information that was sent the ANA election committee.  

It is easier to criticize the zeal and enthusiasm of the youth's quest for change but to understand the determination of the ANA Youth Movement, one would have had to attend the ANA and find out for themselves.  It's appalling that most people who criticize this movement are non ANA attendees or athletes or in most cases, people who already have full time stable jobs.  Please understand the plight of the ANA teams who have to pay $600 just to play soccer or $400 to play basketball where medical attention, water, etc were not even provided!  Even something as minute as a cash prize is never awarded.  These sports teams bring their families, friends and fans that in itself comprises of a majority of the ANA attendees.  Take away sports from the equation and the ANA would meet its demise surely.  With that in mind, the ANA Youth Movement focuses on what the ANA needs to: The Youth!  

Aside from that, the ANA Youth Movement have taken a stance on Accountability and Financial Transparency that has been missing in the ANA for years.  These demands have already been made clear to the ANA big wigs and in time if these are unmet, heads would roll for sure. 

If any concerns or to voice your support, please join us on our FB page: "ANA Smart Up or Boycott".  The email fiasco was just the beginning of what can be rectified by the youth collectively.  With more of your voice and support, the whole negative-minded perception of the ANA of the yesteryears could surely be overshadowed by a new one of hope and co-operation.  

A change to bring about AFFORDABILITY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY in the ANA, now and always!

Posted on 08-02-11 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 1079]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all if you care so much about your fake privacy. You should not give email to anyone. You should not even create one. There are more important people than kul chandra gautam in ANA. He must be getting so many spams a day. Privacy of people has been decreased to a minimal in this internet era. I just see the positive side of what any nepalese do for good cause. Be optimistic.
I get email from Michell Obama for vote. shall I sue her too. from where she got my email? I don't even care.
my name is also there in ANA. from where they got it, I don't care.
You can sue ANA, Facebook, etc etc and get a million in damage. Go ahead. But make sure to drink tons of water before sueing.
I think this guy shirish is one of those baby boomers. old generation type ko kura garne.

Posted on 08-02-11 2:04 PM     [Snapshot: 1144]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great UniversalTruth. As your name says these guys don't want to accept universal truth.
You give email address or open FB thinking in mind beforehand that your privacy can get hacked anytime by anyone.

Posted on 08-02-11 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 1173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It seems you never read those words where the good businesses say, "We do not share or sale your information/emails to the third party". Yes you are right, there are more important people than KC Gautam and their privacy should and must be respected. That means everybody is important in their own way - everyone has their own dignity. Only you sound like an unimportant person.
Posted on 08-02-11 2:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1214]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 03-Aug-11 06:08 AM

Posted on 08-02-11 2:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1236]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if privacy is so unimportant how come you are hiding behind a username and not using your real name? maybe it is not important to you and you might not have an issue with that does not  mean other people will see it the same way...i would like to have them send me information about ANA and what not but i don't want my email to be publicly disclosed without my consent...period! Just as I go to a retail store and open a rewards membership does not mean they are allowed to disclose my email or ph# to third party or in any way to the public without my consent...

Posted on 08-02-11 3:54 PM     [Snapshot: 1343]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I read about the new ANA youth movement few days back, the usage of the word 'youth' needs a definition. Who exactly falls in that group? Is there an age range that defines a youth group?

Some 30 years old come from villages so they have different kind of mentality some 30 year olds come from Kathmandu or some even grew up in the US. Does your definition of youth outcast the young men and women who came from villages who have different values than the ones preferred by the so called new 'youth movement'? What's the deal here?

Posted on 08-02-11 4:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1357]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Before you blame anyone, please know some facts.

1) The PDF list with names and email address of ANA attendes of Boston 2010 and DC 2011 conventions was created by ANA Election Committee.

2) After that, online media and emails started circulating the links to that PDF list.

If you are concerned about privacy, or you are angry at something and you want to take action, here is my suggestion.

3) Please goto --

4) Send email to the following:
Cc: Sudeep Shrestha ( ), Hira Sharma ( ), Sharda S. Khati ( )

5) Tell them to delete your email address ASAP.

6) If they don't bother, then hire a good attorney and file a lawsuit. Be prepared to spend atleast over $20,000 for the long haul.

7) Good Luck with your endeavours.


Posted on 08-02-11 5:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1449]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank You Moksh. I never thought of that. Read this (what they have in their site)

"Today is Wednesday, July 27th 2011. We are publishing our first list of voters and candidates for the upcoming ANA Election 2011. Please note that voters’ lists are collected from ANA-Boston Convention Team, ANA-DC Convention Team and ANA Interim Board. Since the voting will be done electronically, email address is most important. However, one email can be allowed to vote only once, therefore, while preparing the voter's list, lots of duplicate emails are deleted with indication. Those voters who are using the same email ID should contact their corresponding source and provide your unique email ID. To protect voters’ email ID, only the front part of email before @ is published, i.e. [Disallowed String for - ] language="JavaScript" type="text/java"> [Disallowed String for - ] language="JavaScript" type="text/java"> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [Disallowed String for - ] language="JavaScript" type="text/java"> is published as john."

Now I have the email list. I have saved them. Does it mean that  I can use those emails and spoil the voting system?? Does it mean the election is not valid at all ? Can I make a candidate win or lose. Can I use and vote on his behalf?? I won't do those things but can be done right?

Now can you see the consequences of making emails public apart from violating the privacy ??

Posted on 08-02-11 6:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1512]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You gave this discussion a different turn.

Now the mode of election should be altered and the usage of email ID should not be used anymore. The loser in the election will have reasons to protest and call it unfair and unscientific. Even though they send  new voters list, what is the use?

I heard Sudeep Shrestha, already acknowledged the mistake.

NB: I do not support nor against any of the candidates. 

Posted on 08-02-11 6:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shirish, you raised a good point.  However, please note that the information were put on a public domain so that the registered members of the ANA would have a chance to see if their names were included on that list.  This was done with no malice or intent to harm the ANA attendees.  Also, with only the ID provided on that list instead of the whole email address, I doubt anyone would have the time to go through that voters' list and find out what the full email address is of ALL 4,000 ANA members who signed up to vote.  Example: If anyone views a certain name, say "prem01" under the email column, I would think it wouldn't be worth their time to speculate if the domain is,,,,,,,, etc.  There could be a million combinations so I really don't see what the hue and cry is all about as the opportunity to phish into someone's personal life would not be practically feasible.

Also, this is the first time in ANA's 28 year history that a democratic election will be held and so far, 4,000+ people have signed up for the cause (before this year, the elections were always held within closed doors).  Let's not stop them from being able to voice their concerns.  Most folks on sajha and outside as well, complain about how bad their ANA experience have been every single year but yet return the very next year because they have no other choice.  However, this year things can change for the better.  With the power given to each ANA attendee to vote for their candidate of choice, we may finally see better days for what was and still is, the biggest Nepalese association in the US.

The election process: Every name on that list will be sent an email with a link to vote for their candidates.  As such, it was published on a public domain so that the registered attendees could check if their names were on that list and check their ID without the email domain (eg: prem01).  If this list was not published, there could be massive fraud since there would be no method of verifying the voters.  Moreover, names that did not attend the ANA could fraudently end up on that list too.  And, as per other organizations in the US that put up their members' names on their webpage, the ANA election committee did the right thing by putting up those names too so the attendees could check to see that no one besides themselves would vote in their name.

I feel that the Election committee that comprises of well educated and highly qualified group meant well in their intent.  And this being the first ever democratic elections stretching across the US and Canada for the Nepalese Diaspora, a few kinks may arise here and there.  Instead of bashing them relentlessly here on sajha, it would be wiser to give give your input as to how to make the process better or fair.  That way, we'd all move forward as a community.  

Posted on 08-02-11 6:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1558]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Universal truth,

The correct email shows up when you run the curser over the partial email so you don't need to guess (at all). 

For e.g. one of the candidates email is 

(I have delibrately deleted two letters). Its not that complicated.

Posted on 08-02-11 9:45 PM     [Snapshot: 1726]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 03-Aug-11 06:07 AM

Posted on 08-03-11 11:22 AM     [Snapshot: 1937]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Now I have the email list. I have saved them. Does it mean that  I can use those emails and spoil the voting system?"
You cannot, unless you hack the web server of the online voting company. ANA is using -

Some quick facts:
- Balloteer will email ONLY the people in the Voters list which ANA provides them. The 4000+.
- Voting is secret meaning ANA cannot know who voted for which candidate.
- This company will send a report to ANA Election Committee which will include info like which candidate received how many votes, % of votes etc.
- This company is owned by and is not owned by a NEPALI. This company is in the business of providing online voting as a service for a fee.
- If you are a good hacker and decide to get into their system, their Sys Admin would surely find out and then their lawyer will drag you to the court.
- To use those emails, you would have to first guess the correct email address and then know the password. How else would you click on that secure https link sent by Balloteer and VOTE?

“Does it mean the election is not valid at all ? Can I make a candidate win or lose. Can I use and vote on his behalf?? I won't do those things but can be done right?”
Answer: This will depend on whether you can hack into Dhiren Gurung's email acct. How are you going to guess the password? BTW, you already know this .. hacking into someone's email acct is illegal and you can get prosecuted.

Posted on 08-03-11 1:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1985]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank You Moksh for the information. You seem to be an insider and know more than me. 


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