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 very Imp for Nepalese who are on TPS...But help from every nepalese would be great.great..Please Nepali daju ra didi and uncle auntie haru help garnu hola

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Posted on 02-14-18 3:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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URGENT ACTION TODAY: ( please share it and pressure as much as you can)
टीपीएसको लागि आजै अनि अहिल्यै हामीले गरिहाल्नु पर्ने काम:
आज अमेरिकी माथिल्लो सदन सिनेटमा अध्यागमन (ईमिग्रेसन) बिषयमा बृहत्तर बहस हुँदैछ जहाँ अमेरिकी माथिल्लो सदन सिनेटमा मेरील्याण्ड राज्यका सिनेटरहरु भान हलेन, कार्डीन र क्यालिफोर्निया राज्यका फाईन्सटाईनले प्रस्ताब गर्नु भएको सेक्युर नाम दिईएको बिधेयक (बिल) आजै बहस हुँदैछ । यो बिधेयक पास भएमा अहिले टीपीएसको अस्थायी मान्यता पाएकाहरुलाई स्थायी बसोबास को बाटो खुल्नेछ ।
त्यसैले एकछिन पनि ढिला नगरिकन अहिले आ-आफ्नो राज्यको सिनेटरहरुलाई फोन गरेर तपाई हाम्रो बृहत्तर हितको यो मानवीय बिधेयकलाई समर्थन गर्न अनुरोध गर्दै व्यापक दवाब सिर्जना गरौं ।
न्युयोर्क राज्यका सिनेटरहरु:
चक शुमर: 202-224-4451
क्रिस्टीन जिल्लीब्रान्ड: 202- 224-6542

त्यसै गरि अन्य राज्यका सिनेटरहरुको सम्पर्क टेलिफोन नम्बर यो तलको लिङ्कमा गएर पत्ता लगाउन सक्नुहुनेछ:…/contact_informati…/senators_cfm.cfm

तपाइले फोनमा तल लेखिए अनुसारले आफ्नो कुरा राख्नु होला ।
“Hi, my name is _____________ and my zip code is _________. Nepal has TPS and I’m a part of the Nepali community. I am calling to ask Senator ___________ to pass a deal by the end of the week to allow people who already have TPS to stay here permanently. I also ask the Senator to support the Van Hollen SECURE Act. Thank you.”
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-14-18 9:52 PM     [Snapshot: 539]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most of our daju Bhai have made green card/ naturalization through very tough process. It could be filing fake asylum, lying to interviewer (first at US embassy and later to job recruiter), fake marriage or by simply winning dv lottery. They spent years waiting, and probably selling their dignities for their green cards.

Now they are envious of rest of us- trying to get green card through a legal and easy way. They are praying the situation in Congress to get worse for us -especially TPS holders.
Posted on 02-14-18 9:53 PM     [Snapshot: 504]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pepsi I don't need your help or anything piece of shit .Who the fuck are u to give me idea,huh?
I do have my attorney and air already got answer from good nepali friends who are always willing to help.

Keep your advice with you

Posted on 02-14-18 11:26 PM     [Snapshot: 685]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What I mean by America is not a free country?
=> You can't do anything you want. You can't say anything you want. If you do, you will be in trouble.

Last edited: 14-Feb-18 11:41 PM

Posted on 02-14-18 11:33 PM     [Snapshot: 673]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@khaikhok lai green card banune upaya teti matra thaha rechha, LoL. Your comment depicts what you are worthy of. There should not be an easy way to legalize illegals. NO AMNESTY. On what basis, TPS holders are worth of getting blanket approval for the green card? Guys, stop daydreaming.

All these TPS holders were illegal for many years before TPS was granted. They got the chance to go back to Nepal and meet their family and come back. In last three years, Nepal had achieved so much. Nepal conducted elections successfully, the stable government is forming shortly, and the economy is getting better.

Stephen Miller is running the immigration show at the white house (research who he is). Even Democrats will not pass a bill legalizing TPS holders. It is against the will of the majority of Americans.
Posted on 02-14-18 11:49 PM     [Snapshot: 716]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One thing I don’t understand on these post is that, why people expect every one to support every neplease related blindly , just because they are nepali .

Individual is one separate human identity before being nepali, who have different thought and views.

I personally think neplease shouldn’t even get TPS, considering fact 99 % of TPS holder are not victim of earth quake whose family is in horrible condition . These are student from middle class family or illigials who happen to be here before earth quake.
Posted on 02-15-18 12:05 AM     [Snapshot: 743]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cp21, meraj, rajmani ... these users are the same person with different names.
Based on his comments on posts related to Nepal, I am guessing -
-He could be a bihari from the South
-He had to do sham marriage to get a green card and now the marriage records are public on
county websites for all his relatives to see.
-Or simply he just hates Nepal.

Posted on 02-15-18 12:20 AM     [Snapshot: 762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@dixipixi I love my motherland Nepal but I hate cheap as s Nepali like you who is the problem.
Posted on 02-15-18 12:32 AM     [Snapshot: 777]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So... the above 2 are correct about you. You are a Nepali hater Bihari and you did a sham marriage to get your green card.
Great, that's what everybody thought about you when they read your comments.
Posted on 02-15-18 12:49 AM     [Snapshot: 788]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@dixipixi Yes, I am a proud American who is not a big fan of the "evildoer" and "slippery as an eel" Nepali like you.
Posted on 02-15-18 10:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1083]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For the initial poster and anyone reading this thread.


American is "the Representative Republic" which is why you are asking everyone in here to support your proposal. Now go google it on what that means, it is quite insightful on how the system of government functions here in the US.

On the topic of TPS (Including all nations who currently have Temp relief), we should honor & support extension, not permanent residency. I have nothing against possible extension. But I have noticed over the years how Nepalese inhabit in states.   

Because of your insulting comments without any reasonable explanation, I will not sign your petition. Extremely rude and uncalled for. Not cool at all. 

Get your act straight and treat others with respect then they might listen to you.

Jai Amrika
Last edited: 15-Feb-18 10:46 AM

Posted on 02-15-18 2:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1290]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cp21, you sound like you were born in Amrika and your whole family were here before you came into this world. But that's not the case, you and I both know it. It's easy to forget your own past when you re living in the richest country in the world who came from the Poorest country in the world. Remember you used to clean your ass with a tin-can full of water in Nepal ? You used to take a shower only once a month ? You probably don't remember because you 've become an Amerkan after living here for just a few years and now you see Nepalese who re still struggling as some low class, miserable human beings. I know for sure people who have tps don't use to make their case. Because no matter how much noise you make , the US government has already decided to end the program.

Posted on 02-15-18 2:14 PM     [Snapshot: 1291]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@rajmani, i know other ways too to make a green card done by freaks like you - marrying your sister who has US citizenship.

And dont give me that BS that you love your country. you dont. loving a country doesnt only mean kissing a picture of mount everest. having affection and care towards fellow countrymen is also a love for a nation.

you stupid f*uc are so drowned in a pool of hypocrisy, hatred and jealousy that you might never be able to get yourself out of it. pity on you! and your bastard freinds having cheap thoughts like yours.

i am waiting for something good happens to us and you burn in a fire of envy that has already ignited within yourself
Posted on 02-15-18 2:46 PM     [Snapshot: 1355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Couple of posters above seem restless filled with anger and hate. These behaviors clout your mind which in turn will subsequently negatively impact your ability to think rationally. Seriously get some help.

OP and prior participants need reality check. The probability of your pathway to PR is equivalent to Putin losing the next election cycle. (We all know this ain't happening). LOL, it just will not happen. TRUMP/GOP will advance and prevail. Not that I agree with some of his proposals, but for the most part it is beneficial for Americans and I'm one of them .

Jai Amrika
Last edited: 15-Feb-18 02:49 PM

Posted on 02-15-18 3:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1354]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@khaikhok arko illegal le afno pida pokhyo. Wake up dude. If you work hard, something good will happen. Don't marry your mom and wait for something good to happen, you know your daddy will send you to jail.
Posted on 02-15-18 3:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1401]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cp21,there's a place for Amrikans to leave comments, (
PS: Don't tell them you re from a third world country or brown guy.
Posted on 02-15-18 3:15 PM     [Snapshot: 1411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why are we (Nepalese - naturalized, painted, molded, reshaped, brain-washed whatever you want to call) so distinct in our behavior? We are very active in pouring all sorts of words and cursing each other. You know what, those dhoti people are much better than us. They don't curse each other.
Last edited: 15-Feb-18 03:15 PM

Posted on 02-15-18 3:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1430]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@rajmani, FYI i am not illegal. neither am i TPS beneficiary. but i will support this issue, and my friends, being one of them.

and my conscience was never asleep and you need to wake up. and also, argue like a mature person. good things dont always happen if you do good. sometimes you have to fight for it. fight for your rights, fight for survival.

marrying sisters and mothers  might be your culture, not mine.

i dont understand why you cowards are after those people who have never done anything wrong, trying to make a living, trying to feed their families and just trying to survive. you have also already abandoned your country, your family (now dont tell me "i visit them once every 5 yr"!)

if they got a chance to make a living here in US by legal means, got permanent residency through political consensus. what is there that you will lose? you dont have to provide them with food and shelter. so just chill and relax and take it easy.

meanwhile, you think about what you wanna call that kid? brother or son? the kid who is born from you and your mother.

TC and have a nice day, son.
Last edited: 15-Feb-18 03:34 PM

Posted on 02-15-18 5:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1555]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your first post being nosy about others personal view:

@rajmani, I know other ways too to make a green card done by freaks like you - marrying your sister who has US citizenship.

First of all, you cronk jumped into other people conversations and called out sister and blah blah. Now when your mother name was taken it did hurt, right? Learn a lesson but hugger, if it is going to hurt you, it is going to hurt others too. So, stop calling family members in people personal view in a public forum.

It looks like you still need to grow up. Reinstate visa to go back to school, become legal, work hard, get some education, and come back to this forum and participate in the healthy discussion.

The kid will be called mofo, which resembles your character and an action.

Posted on 02-15-18 10:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1800]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rajmani , you're nothing but a jealous crybaby who can't stand others progress or fortune. And do I really have to do all those things you mentioned to have a conversation with you? The answer is -NO.
You and cp21 aren't brothers, are you?
Posted on 02-16-18 11:56 AM     [Snapshot: 2044]     Reply [Subscribe]
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NepaliBudho, it's a troubled generation always seeking dissent.
Khaikhok, your assumption is incorrect and I have nothing to lose or gain from your actions. We are on this virtual thread discussing issues which concern both sides of the fence. The outcome will certainly be in favor of the majority.

Alas! The circumstances real Nepalese with a problematic situation, here and back, need justice.

Jai Amrika


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