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 Starting business in Nepal

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Posted on 11-15-12 2:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I am in Nepal and want to start my own business but have limited budget around 10 lakhs. What type of business I can start in Nepal within this budget?
Any suggestions or experiences are highly appreciated.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-15-12 6:34 PM     [Snapshot: 187]     Reply [Subscribe]
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buy a second hand mini truck and do delivery services of any kind. as you gain more knowledge of market, you can then expand your business with more trucks and taxi services.

Posted on 11-15-12 6:56 PM     [Snapshot: 201]     Reply [Subscribe]
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10 lakhs is a lot of money man

u just need 20k rupees to open makai bhatmas , trust me u will make more than 1k per day  and ur profit sure for 700 plus, u know lots of nepalese walk and they are the buyers and u can open franchise after that.

or else momo pasal , footpatte, they are money maker

for educated, toilet flushing job

u know the technology in usa, u can use air flusher which nepalese hardly have , and there are lots of shit jam, and u will make a lot of money
or plastci collecting and  recycling
Posted on 11-15-12 9:20 PM     [Snapshot: 244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thanks guys for the information. I am still searching any business in that budget limit. I think sajha has more people who are doing business in Nepal. Just need some suggestions. 
Posted on 11-16-12 8:01 AM     [Snapshot: 371]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bamboo business.
grow bamboo in big land.
you can build great houses from bamboo, great furnitures, and a lot more.
bamboo is easy to take care off too and grows really fast.
if you don't have land, rent a land.

Last edited: 16-Nov-12 08:02 AM

Posted on 11-16-12 11:16 AM     [Snapshot: 425]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Recycling" is a decent shout. You might end up getting some govt. subsidies if you took approached them with a decent plan. Mno's suggestion is pretty decent, too. 

What about starting a service like grubhub or even something like groupon for that matter? You need to have a good marketing strategy, though albeit having proper connections w/ hoteliers and restauraneurs will come in handy too. 

Posted on 11-16-12 11:55 AM     [Snapshot: 441]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I think riddle ra mno ko suggestion is very good too..... 

@mno : tara land rent garera bamboo plantation garna would the land-owner agree??? Nepal ma jagga bhada ma dinasath je pani garna didainan ni jaggadhani haru le..... other than that I like your idea....

@riddle : tyo restaurant business saturate bhaisakeko chana ni haina ra.... if there is something innovative and a new idea is catered to quench the thirst of "Its something different, lets try it " wala feeling then it will work I guess..... I like your second idea a lot... of recycling tara yaha pani government subsidi pauna alik garo cha re achel.... I was looking at a palstic recycle small company in kathmandu's report and they were making decent amount....

Nice ideas.... 

Posted on 11-16-12 12:08 PM     [Snapshot: 452]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 There's money to be made in food industry, no doubt. I mean, you can open a really great pizzeria or a Greek/Mexican restaurant in Kathmandu that'll lure many Nepalese and foreigners alike but I have high doubts 10 lakh will suffice. That won't even be enough to cover for 6 months rent and when you start a new Restaurant, your venture might take 6-12 months, and in some cases, years before it starts picking up. 
Posted on 11-16-12 12:11 PM     [Snapshot: 466]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बेतको furniture ko pani ramro business huna sakcha, they are good and durable .. can make kursi, sofa too.. i love them..
Posted on 11-16-12 12:22 PM     [Snapshot: 472]     Reply [Subscribe]
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when I had a jam in toilet, i have to spend around 5k, over i have seeen a air flusher, they have such power that they can blow anything away, and seen in sewage disposal unit, that can be very profitable bussiness.for sure if one doesnt have local client, they can have hotels, embassy, schools as their client

or one can have movable restroom just like construction ppl used during construction, nepal govn has no fund to make and clean toilets in public area, u can be millionaire if you just put in public area.

plastic recycling is doing awesome making water tank, i dont know which are recyclable and which arn't, but i have seen one near my home , they are doing great and make cheap water tanks and drums.

or one can be saddhu and stand near tourist area and they will take pictures and give money, honestly i have spoken with one sadhu in hot tourist area, he owns lots of cars being used as taxis, his job just stand near tourist and they will take pictures.
Posted on 11-17-12 6:53 AM     [Snapshot: 618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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10 weird reasons to start your business in Nepal now

Here are my 10 weird reasons for you to start a business in Nepal now.

  1. Overwhelming majority of educated people opt for a non-profit or government or private sector ‘jobs’. (leaving the race wide open for you). Go and start a company without competition, attract all these smart people to work for you.
  2. There are crisis all around (electricity, water, fuel, communication, inflation). Remember crisis is an opportunity for an entrepreneur, and for you to become a billionaire while serving fellow Nepalese.
  3. High unemployment rate (45%) (and perhaps more among youths) means you can build a team around motivated youths looking to stay employed. Plus, you get their goodwill and loyalty to build a sustainable company for the long run.
  4. Rest of Nepal is still beautiful and now awaits you, thanks to everyone moving to big cities like Kathmandu. Now go, build an opportunity around this while making an impact by serving in rural areas discarded by most.
  5. Youths are leaving for work abroad,(560,000 in the last 11 months), which means less competition for you to implement your ideas.
  6. Workers abroad (2.5 million or more) send back more than US $3.5 Billion a year. Find out how to make a good business catering to them or their families. The market of the poor is huge! Serve these billion dollar customers!
  7. Many of your competitors might be taking the short-cut to success by being corrupt. Take advantage of this unique situation. Learn that they can never compete against you in terms of transparency, honesty (and probably quality also). Win business from honest customers by showing your good track record and intention! If your corrupt rivals try to out- maneuver you, challenge them to open their accounts, and get the sensation hungry media on them or the government watchdogs to inspect them! (For example Open a good hygienic ‘gudpak’ or sweets shops to out-compete with corrupt, shady ones that exist today. You would win! )
  8. We are fast becoming a consumer driven nation. We buy a lot and throw away a lot. From cloths to recycling there is opportunity. Why do you think there are 1000′s of families dedicated to recycling our trash? Why do you think shops after shops are opening in Malls? Serve our consumer driven nation with quality, affordable price and superior service!
  9. Industries built right after civil strife or wars can last for a long time as proved by the industries that opened after the Second World War in much of Europe and US. So start now when there is less competition. And we just stopped killing each-other i.e we got out of the civil war.
  10. No one cares. The old system is crumbling and there is no more of the strict societal bias against entrepreneurship. “Making profit is good” mentality is on the rise. Time for you to quietly shine!
Do remember you have a choice: Either make your own dreams come true or you will be hired to make other people’s dream come true.

Last edited: 17-Nov-12 06:55 AM

Posted on 11-17-12 9:18 AM     [Snapshot: 656]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think I came across it on THT or myrepublica sometime last year, MNO. I don't agree with the notion that the "race is open". There's a significant competition in a number of sectors. Innovation is the key. If you bring new stuffs, knowing exactly what you're doing will come in pretty handy. 

Bear in mind, due to lack of strict laws in regards to copyrigt, patent etc, people are likely to copy whatever you do and start doing it in no time. Remember Pashmina, Pool/Snooker Halls, VHS/CD/VCD/DVD stores? So much so, you'd see a pool hall in every galli. There were CDs and DVDs being sold in Kirana pasals everywhere. The entire Pashmina market collapsed due to same reason. Everybody started showing interest, knock-off items started replacing the real product. Some people actually lost a ton of money on their investment. 

You could look into small-scale industries in neighboring countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and get some ideas on profitable businesses. 

Posted on 11-17-12 10:55 AM     [Snapshot: 696]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mno, You haven't mentioned a very important point which is government's role. We don't expect government to involve in business but they should create a friendly environment for entrepreneurs. Can you count how many politics parties in Nepal. King. Maoist. congress and list goes on. No business can survive if environment is not good.

Just provide the stable environment, business will grow automatically.
Posted on 11-17-12 11:09 AM     [Snapshot: 699]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 sajhamitra, he didn't write it. It was nicked from some other magazine/website (not sure if he intended to 'nick' it and/or why he forgot to cite his source). 
Posted on 11-17-12 11:33 AM     [Snapshot: 690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you have to be expert like microsoft to be copycat and thrive. Else if you are doing something which you have skills and knowledge of nobody can exactly copy your idea and customer service. Still there are pasmina, garment and carpet industry in Nepal. The people who tried to copycat did not last. But who have skills and knowledge are thriving to date in any industry like waiwai (many chau chau sprouted and vanished), bhatbateni (lots of sprouted competitors) etc etc.

Look at those travel agencies sprouting in Nepal. Some thrive some don't. Who have great customer service can attaract, others die.

All human being should know teachers give everyone in the class same lecture and homework but not all the student come first.

You do not have to look at other countries for small business, there are lot of examples in our own country.

If you think about all the hurdles, you are better off not doing business. 100% security not guranteed anywhere in the world.

Last edited: 17-Nov-12 11:45 AM

Posted on 11-17-12 11:42 AM     [Snapshot: 722]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Too many smileys, there, Mno. Did you nick your post from somewhere else? Jokes aside. I concur.  
Posted on 11-17-12 11:42 AM     [Snapshot: 714]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Starting a Business in Nepal


Below is a detailed summary of the bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate and register a new firm in Nepal. It examines the procedures, time and cost involved in launching a commercial or industrial firm with up to 50 employees and start-up capital of 10 times the economy's per-capita gross national income.

This information was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small- to medium-sized domestic business in 185 economies. The most recent round of data collection was completed in June 2012.


Posted on 03-03-16 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 16141]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i'm starting a business with low capital targating the natural beauty of our land, to explore our country. any one over here if intrested plz contact me at 9843079654

Posted on 03-03-16 12:44 PM     [Snapshot: 16159]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Check this site out:


I've thought of starting business there too...but i had just one....yes one experience trying to get the proper document, turn me off big time. There is no structure/guidance/no process.
They don't have a clue of stream-line process. They never heard of efficiency. And when you do complain.....they recognize/admit its a broken process, and say that is how it is!!!

with that being said....you can start a business, and many have......but for me i didn't have the patience to deal with disorganization.

Posted on 07-15-17 12:17 PM     [Snapshot: 42536]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you have 10 lakhs you can start any business in Nepal. Like:

1.Tuition Center, 2.Mobile Shop, 3.Computer Training center, 4.Yoga Center, 5.Real Estate Consultant, 6.Event Photographer, 7.Web Designing & Hosting, 8.Catering service, 9.Travel Agency/Tourist Guide, 10.Restaurant and Bar/Fast Food shop. For more details: http://www.merokalam.com/small-business-scopes-nepal/
Posted on 05-28-18 5:17 AM     [Snapshot: 58566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Guys, we have been working as a business consultant for last couple of years. If you are suffering from any sort of doubts, confusion and challenges, please let us know. We have dedicated team of experts in such related fields. We counsel in friendly manner so that service holders could see the genuine way of his/her future in business. We provide consultancy in :
1. Small/medium/high scaled manufacturing industry.
2. Small/medium/high scaled service industry
3. Business Setup Consultancy
4. Management Consulting
5. Import Export Service and all kinds of business activities.

Please drop your queries in nikunjaneupane@gmail.com


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