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 IF TPS HELPS 1 Nepali, then do it.

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Posted on 05-13-15 3:51 AM     [Snapshot: 97]     Reply [Subscribe]
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But the argument will why the f**k, I will do something which I don't think is right, and help who is trying to take advantage of dire situation back home and only very few real victims may use it in a way it was intended. Saying people are not doing right thing is not valid argument. So stop putting these post putting blame on other, otherwise people will start sending emails to uscis and their congress man to keep eye on potential fraud on demanded TPS. You are only hurting it chance by this post.

PS: I sighed it for the sake on one woman who could use it in right way and need it.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-13-15 6:37 AM     [Snapshot: 177]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry brother, out of probably hundreds of nepali people I personally know in US right now, I know only one person, who could really use it, and I can't say she took advantage of disaster backhome. And I don't need help to understand that.

And I think most other people are in same situation like me, that is why we see low number in support. And these arrogant campaigning is only hurting it, not helping.

Posted on 05-13-15 10:06 AM     [Snapshot: 315]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yaaku, you re the exact kind of people who are governing our country Nepal. A very Selfish kind. You will oppose everything that is not going to fulfill your personal greed.
People like him learn to either fend for themselves or drag others down with them so they feel less underprivileged.

Shame on you.

Posted on 05-13-15 10:30 AM     [Snapshot: 374]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not live in USA, now can someone explain how this TPS would be benificial for nepal.
Posted on 05-13-15 10:38 AM     [Snapshot: 387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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TPS would extend or allow work permit to students or Out of status people living in USA, when Nepalese can work they will send money to Nepal, Since after these two massive disaster looks like Nepal economy is down the drain for couple more years to come. IF TPS is not granted most of the people have to stay in school and pay tuition instead of earning money which could have been sent back to nepal to help family. Hence TPS would help nepal.
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Posted on 05-13-15 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I signed up this morning too, but it's not even 10K so far, we need 100K just to generate some attention. But here is the thing the attention has already been generated by the senators and USCIS has provided immigration relief but not TPS. As foreigners we don't have any rights of TPS or any benefits, all we can do is ask and hope for the mercy.I find it funny how some of us think that we can demand, no we can't. I don't think Nepali students bring money from home and go to school here, and definitely from places like sindhupalchowlk, Dolakha, etc where people are mostly hit. If you are living in US illegally you are better off going back home and help your people and in few years go to gulf countries because people there make more saving and can save more money to Nepal. REmember Nepalis in the US do not send money to Nepal, they bring money from Nepal. When you're a student, you bring thousands of dollars even if you just cover your 1st semester and plane flight. After that when you have a h1b, job, green card, you go home and sell your property and bring money back. If only we could do a simple data research how much money we send home vs how much we bring from Nepal, every thing would be clear.
most Nepalis asking for Tps in sajha are either lawyers, or working for lawyers, so this can generate lots of business leads for them, or the people who did not get selected in h1b lottery. Anyway, i signed up for it because i want to help my brothers even the ones whose h1b did not get selected, but don't make it look like you're doing it for the earthquake victims, and don't even try to show me how money will be trickled down to Nepal from the Nepalis in the US, it is not going to happen.

Posted on 05-13-15 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 495]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are wrong , there are so many students who are helping their family financially not only by paying their tuition fees by working their ass off. Don't underestimate their situation.
Posted on 05-13-15 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 549]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No you're wrong, those people you are referring are not international students, they are F1b visa violators. I have spent over 10 years going over f1, opt, h1, f1 process. It's extremely difficult to survive, sending money to family while maintaining student visa is a joke, it's not possible. If that is the primary importance then i think a Nepali would be better off going to dubai or even qatar, they save and send more money.
Posted on 05-13-15 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 563]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Garney lay garchan nagarney ley udauchan!!! You cannot make sure all apples are sweet and tasty in the basket. And plz do not try to show your experience that you have lived here 10 years or above that , it does not make you experience on doing analysis of overall students.
Posted on 05-13-15 1:29 PM     [Snapshot: 567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thapa bro, I have been working in my OPT since last two years, also for your information F1 students can work in their OPT, unfortunately my H1b did not get picked in lottery both times, now starting next year i have to go back to school and most probability stop working. So if TPS is granted I can continue to work and save some money.

Lets unite in all things,Yo khutta tanne bani nepali ma matrai cha, hami ek arka ko sadai khhutta tanne bhayera yesto dasa bhako cha desh ko.......Just help us once...sign the petition:

Posted on 05-13-15 1:54 PM     [Snapshot: 594]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Atomic, I only showed you my experience because i have been through that myself and i have been around with lots of friends who also have been through that and it is impossible. Maybe when you're on opt you can save some and send but that is also externally difficult. So if i can't even use my own first hand and hundreds of Nepali's experience to have an opinion, and remember it's an opinion not a statistical analysis, what in the hell give you any credibility to say that Nepali students send money? have you done any statistically analysis yourself to come to the conclusion? People like you sound like it's easily done in the US and more and more Nepali people sell their land or invest hard earned money to send their teens to US and they and the teens both suffer. There are many alternatives that to come to USA and work illegally in student visa , specially when you use that money to go to school like Nepal or India.

Satrianic, I understand your problem. I have been through that myself and i know how status affects everything. Hell I remember, i couldn't even buy a large size soap at walmart not knowing if i would be even here to finish it or not. I that is the reason why i signed up for the petition and although i know it's not going to do any good to the immediate earthquake victims i know it will benefit people like like you. and I honestly support your intentions too, but the only problems i have is people trying to sound like it's for the victims, no it's not. You're not an earthquake victim you're a victim of h1b lottery system which was started in the first place why, because there are too many applicants, and why are there too many applicants because there are too many fake IT consultancies filing for h1b, and why are there too many fake IT consultancies, because lots of our Nepali and Indian brothers go for it and the regularities authorities are not doing anything to bust that.
Satrianic brother, would it be nice that people like you and me could just go to school, get good grades and easily land h1b? the reason we can't do that is because of the same reason we try to defend that is IT consultancies. lots of companies are not even taking interns , or filing for h1bs because they can easily get consultants with 10 yrs of experience(though fake) so who's going to do the hard work of hiring , training and developing. The very people we think are helping us are doing harm to us in the first place.

The whole cycle of suffering in the US by Nepali students and illegals won't stop until we realize that as a society that US is not heaven and money don't grow in trees. We need to project reality to the prospective students in Nepal that they can use the money to go to Indian, Bangladesh, Thailand even Nepal and study good subjects like engineering , medical etc why come here and work like thieves, then stress about h1 and then gc, and then family issues like bringing your parents and then the never ending suffering of one thing or another, It's about time for us to realize that we do have options, options to skip these miseries and live happy and career successful life. But we always look things with myopic perspective and fail to see the big picture and as a Nation our suffering never stops.

Posted on 05-13-15 2:05 PM     [Snapshot: 626]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@loperthapa: what have you done till now for country and Nepali? Did you send money back home? Did you donate?
Why are you still here in US? Why don't you go back and give this information?
Bro arthi dina sabai lai auucha. But when someone needs to follow the same thing, its hard.
Ma pani bhanna sakchu what you are saying but why did you come here in F1?
Even after the first year of being her, you knew all the hardship of Nepali in US.
Why did not you go back home?
Spread the same thing to other Nepali.
So, is your conscience is to just write comment here or do something about it.
I can also write 10000 lines about something bla bla. But will I implement that.
Arka ko tauko ko jumra hoina afno aagan ko bhaisi hernu.

Take is easy bro.
Posted on 05-13-15 2:25 PM     [Snapshot: 662]     Reply [Subscribe]
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GoneCrazy, to answers all your questions, Yes. I have sent money to Nepal ( not while i was student tho, wish i could but it was too touch), and I donated. Why am i still in the US? cuz i want too , and i legally can. why don't i go back and give this information? ummm cuz there is a better way now a days, it's called internet, why would i wanna go back and give this information when i can post this in comfort of my home and people like you will read thousands of miles away. Bro, i am not giving arthi, i'm just saying maybe it's time for us to look at this whole matter seriously, the matter of f1 to opt to gc process and see if it's feasible for us or not. why did i not go home? how do you know i did not go back?..
but bro, it's not about me, it's about us. why are you targeting me and asking personal questions? it doesn't matter , because i am only one in the data set of thousands of Nepali students. take care bro.. i am with you not against you, i want to end the entire suffering rather than just focusing on the small issue and not focusing on the big picture. I want to treat the disease not the symptom broda...
Posted on 05-13-15 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 726]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@loperthapa: like facebook said in another post. No one wants to leave their home country and want to live here. There are situations which force people to live here. (Its badhyata for most of us, not the choice).
I am cool bro. Just want to highlight there are many Nepali for whom TPS can help.

Posted on 05-13-15 3:46 PM     [Snapshot: 736]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And I will tell I have been helping my parents being student, have donate in many causes too. I feel proud that I did something because I know the value how I was here, how my parents has gone through and this country has taught me I need to help people when they are in worst situation.
For now it is not the case who has helped how much , it is the situation of acting right now.
Posted on 05-13-15 3:57 PM     [Snapshot: 747]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Meanwhile I have not understand why you are pulling out all those circumstances to the ground. When wise congressmen are requesting to the government, there must be something beneficial for us, why ordinary person like you have a problem?You are from Nepal , the country whose economy is highly dependable on remittence, the situation has become like that every household is dependent on their member living abroad. Now You don't give choices to the people - go to gulf countries if you want to earn money. Think in a way your idea can actually help people but not puzzle.
Posted on 05-13-15 4:50 PM     [Snapshot: 815]     Reply [Subscribe]
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loperthapa you are just a hypocrite. Working through desi consultancies and bragging about how wrong and right the people of nepal are in us.
Or if you havent worked through desi, then I am sure you have worked off campus while you were a student.

Posted on 05-13-15 6:57 PM     [Snapshot: 856]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If there would have been petition to give EAD for all studend who have successfully completed school and have job in their feild of study for year during OPT, I will sign that in a minute. But TPS in name of earthquake, saying students having hard time, it just don't feel right. Earlier all students used to have hard time because of Maoist and they needed asylums now TPS.

@ILU bro...I wish people like me were ruling Nepal, but they are not unfortunately. But neither do I am wired to be politician. There is nothing to be shameful for not doing something that one doesn't think is fundamentally right. If one start doing this in the name of supporting community, than it will be same as keep on voting for corupt leader because you know him, he helped you to do some shit, that is against rule of law and regulation. Sorry I can't support something that is wrong in the name of helping community. If community tend to do right thing, I will support in blink of eye. I will even support for GC for all illegals, who have lived in US for a while. But using deathbed of 9000 people to help students who is having hard time, sorry no, I cant betray death of those people.
Last edited: 14-May-15 05:51 AM

Posted on 05-13-15 7:32 PM     [Snapshot: 892]     Reply [Subscribe]
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tensed1, why am i a hypocrite? I am not the one who's asking for TPS in the name of 9000 dead people and 1 millions who lost their homes. You may also find it equally surprising that I am also not the one who's not supporting the TPS, i already mentoned that i signed up the petition. The only problem i have is people sounding like it is for the victims, it's not. The poor and helpless people will have no direct or even indirect benefit from it, don't give me the bs of wealth trickling down. The biggest source of remittance to Nepal is gulf countries not USA. Nepali bring more money to USA than sending to Nepal. look around in the community and you'll easily find tens of people who have sold their everything and brought money to live permanently to the US, nothing wrong with that it's their money but realistically since US grants long term immigration options unlike gulf countries more money is brought over than sent back home.

Amotic: there is no point being defensive. It's not the point if you sent money home or you kept the money as a student. Thousands of Nepali students come to US every year as international students, and you know the tuition in state universities are $5000 a semester, i'm talking about the most affordable ones with instate waivers. Even that means you have to save 10000+ a year to send money back home. Living , fooding , books and supplies separate. It is impossible unless you compromise in the quality of education. Most of my friends who went to India, etc have started their career years back with the same amount of money that you would spend to come to US. Why work illegally? be stressed out day and night when you can spend that same money and receive quality education in India or even in Nepal? the sad part is even after graduating in the US after 5 years and working like dogs while being students, there is no job or visa guarantee. Not only guarantee , but not even preference in h1b . An Indian with IT degree from Indian and you will stand on the same ground when filing for h1b. Why are we not seeing this option as a bad investment?
I am just trying to wake you guys up so in the future we don't have to rely on devastation like this to get a work permit.

Posted on 05-13-15 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 942]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said, Loper !
Posted on 05-14-15 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1149]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you really deserve TPS? Yesto dukha ko belama ni Nepali awasarbaadi haru lai k ko tps baru kaali ko tp lagao. US le baru humanitarian basis ma nepal ma sabai gumayeka ghar pariwar ra anath baccha haru lai us ma lyaune byawastha milaos. Bhukampa le gharbaar naas bhako nepali jo america ma saran lina parne cha tyasta ko laagi kasaile petition organize/sign garecha ? Moouji awasarbaadi haruho tps paune petition sangai tyasto petition ma ni aawaz uthao na ani manchu. Mero ni kagaz chaina, but i don't support this because of wrong intentions of many crook nepalese. USCIS should do something for the deserving ones though, jasko gharbaar sabai sakyeko cha nepal ma tyastalai chai tps de huncha case by case basis ma, but i doubt yasma ni fataha nepali matra parchan. Nepal ko nikkai maya cha ra nepal aaunai parne cha bhani khurukka pharkiye hunna. Bhukkampa le kasai ko jiwan barbad bhacha kasailai chahi bhukampa bhajayera kaagaz chahiyecha. Khao mero aaloo.


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