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 Amby Writes:- Sahana Vs Ronaldo
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Posted on 07-13-16 7:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For past two days I was contemplating if I should give my opinion about Sahana vs Ronaldo trolling that is still going on in the social media. After a lot of deep thinking (trying to make is sound very serious lol ) I decided Yes! What the hell! I will give my opinion and if someone troll at me....i ll sneak away saying I AM A WOMAN and I should have my freedom of speech and I should not be cyber bullied (Super LOL). To my dearest Sahana,

I have my deepest sympathy and support to you coz you are the poor kittycat out here who unwillingly got all the attention you never asked for. But was is not what you wanted?? Let me throw some lights on what you did. It was probably one of your first Euros where you sincerely watched a game coz it is the finals....and you thought that it is cool to ridicule a player who you only know from the posters and memes ( Trivia:- He posted a picture with the Nepali flag asking the world to help Nepal after the Earthquake...remember that hero??)), just coz your team....let me correct...the team you were supporting lost. I have played sports till my high school and have represented my school till the Nationals. And I know how it would feel if I am injured and have to sit in the bench watching others play and feeling useless when I can make my country proud ( in my case my school team). I know exactly how a small injury paralyses you and your team physician will not take the chance of damaging your limb or back or any part of your body or a lifetime. Such players are assets not only for the concerned country but also is an investment for teams who have spent millions on their well being. But again this is highly complicated for you.

Secondly, being a celebrity and being on a social media you are exposed to any kind of criticism. Once, in an interview Priyanka Chopra was asked what do you miss about your life before stardom, she sadly replied, being normal and unnoticed. Once you reach this height your every step is being watched good or bad. Now I cannot do, say things what I want coz I dont have my personal life anymore. Not that I care completely but I feel responsible for the people who look upto me and think highly about me. You are a “chota hee sahi” celebrity of Nepal ( specially after the Narayanghat incident and of course extortion call to Mr. Harsha Sahani where u got behind bars for quite a long time), everyone expects a little bit of common sense that you should not write such hideous opinion about a player who is worth in millions :P. Just for knowledge, social media is kind of open forum....if you give people tit.....they will give you tat....so you gotta be prepared for that. And of course if you were looking for quick publicity....you got it girl!!!!!! Next time please dont ask your media friends to write sympathy status on Facebook about feminist, cyber bully, women rights and blah.... I am a woman and I dont like such things to be used just to defend and cover your arse.

Finally, I would have whole heartedly supported you if you have atleast tried to correct what you have done, but cant defend you just coz you are a woman!

Dear football fans,

First things first, RONALDO DOESNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!! and even if he knows....he probably doesnt give a shit!! He is too busy taking care of his injury and his career. I know your sentiments are hurt but that doesnt mean you need to demean someone for their opinion. If you think you are entitled for your opinion, I am sure she is entitled for her opinion as well ( you guys unnecessarily made her more famous without any effort from her...now people who dont know Sahana is asking “ko ho yo Sahana Bajracharya bhaneko?”). OK give the scenario that her comment has pinched your sentiments for the game or for the player, you still could have made it very decent and to the point, placing your opinion. You guys have gone really low, in the process of making her look bad. Calling her prostitute and sexually harassing her is also not sportsmanship. If your opponents could not take defeat doesnt mean you need to go and bully them with your triumph. It is wrong. I think people who play or watch sports has the sense of respect which was not seen in the comments on the thread. I was disappointed. I know what she said was wrong but your response was equally heart breaking.Respect is a very big thing when it comes to sports and no one knows it better than the poepl who are in the game and who support that gameRemember, grapes are sour for the fox, and you just gave the fox glass of some real fine wine. Next time respect people and show the true sportsmanship without even playing the game.

I am no one to decide who was right and who was wrong but where I stand and look at it....we Nepalis are “bhedas”. “ koi bhanda koi kaam chaina.... murkha banney hamro sajha adhikar bhanera daudinchau”. Jai Desh! Jai Nepali.
Posted on 07-13-16 7:15 AM     [Snapshot: 30]     Reply [Subscribe]
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& who is Sahana?
Posted on 07-13-16 7:21 AM     [Snapshot: 39]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Will it be rude if I say google her Sahana Bajracharya??

Nevermind, She is Miss Nepal..Runner up....one of the years I dont remember which one.....She is a media personality and model in Nepal....except that I dont know if she had done anything substantial in her career......She is now in news coz of her facebook status where she wrote something about Christiano Ronaldo and his injury....Very immature comment and then the troll started...

BTW I hope it was not sarcasm when you wrote who was Sahana :P

Posted on 07-13-16 7:28 AM     [Snapshot: 52]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you . Google wouldn't have answered all these queries in a paragraph the way you did. Honestly I heard about Sahana only in Sajha.
Posted on 07-13-16 7:32 AM     [Snapshot: 60]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Now you know her....see me also making her fyamooos!!!

Posted on 07-13-16 9:48 AM     [Snapshot: 169]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good read this time. I'm sure you understand, Sajha is inhabited by people outside of Nepal mostly (don't know the stats, but I can guess reading the posts). Most of us haven't heard of the celebrities in Kathmandu - other than the ones we heard of when we were growing up (Rajesh Hamal, Karishma, Kristy, Chumban KC, MAHA, Santosh Pant etc). Now, to be fair, I had heard of Sahana in the past but I think that was also from Sajha. I had forgotten about her completely until I read about rocking the car incident in another Sajha post recently. This is why Mangale's question was echoed by most of us here.

This is also the reason we read your posts, because you bring those things to light that we are completely unaware of.
Posted on 07-13-16 10:19 AM     [Snapshot: 180]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Badhi Janne,

That Sahana ko Chahana thread was written by me....if you are talking about that...lol :P
Thank you for liking it....I hope to get your criticism again and again :P...good ones hai hai
Posted on 07-13-16 6:51 PM     [Snapshot: 415]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is why I like sajha. While I was going to post to another thread where an old friend had opined that she doesn't like sajha the way she used to and I was thinking the same; then I asked myself, why do I keep coming back and then I feel, for better or for worst, sajha is where I like to hang out online.
My I-feel-u-bruh moment is when I read Mangale asking who is Sahana. Because that's what I asked (myself) when I opened this thread. Then I Ask Jeeves'ed her. Which took me to below TLDR article. Which took me to it's comments section. Then I cheered. I know Sahana now. Not having a facebook account is to blame for this shitty happenstance. Although I live in North America all my facebook friends & relatives are in Nepal. I would've known who Sahana is had I still had my facebook account. I know who Bindu Pariyar is.


A passing thought. Which, obviously, must've been shared in facebook.
Posted on 07-13-16 7:47 PM     [Snapshot: 471]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sorry for not giving a proper background of Sahana since i really thought she is SOOOO popular among Nepali community all across the globe.....my mistake!!! I apologize. Next time if I am writing about such thing I will make sure I wont take a chance but to give a little background of the person.
I have not read Neo's opinion until you shared it. I think a lot of people have mixed feeling towards this thing just like him...including me. For me the worse was few people I know who are close to her, defending her with baseless arguments. People started bring human rights and womens right and freedom of speech....and I go...well did she not bring this onto her by commenting on his integrity?? Common sense ho ni yaar....tetro thulo player Euro finals ma afno country lai represent garna payena....feri yo mauka aaula na aaula....in 2 years time he might just retire....Messi jastai ( I guess she has opinion about Messi too that he was in match fixing so he didnt score during the penalty shoot out???)
Last edited: 14-Jul-16 02:17 AM

Posted on 07-14-16 7:21 AM     [Snapshot: 629]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey Ambroisia, another nice read. As soon as i saw the topic of this thread and you being a lady i was prepared to read stuff in her (Sahana's) favor. Ok first of all i am a Ronaldo fan. hate/disagree with me or whatever it was indeed an immature post that she made. I am in no way supporting all those ridiculous comments passed by other immature people on her post harassing her or calling her names. But as i have followed Sahana throughout this time i believe she was kinda into sports whether its Nepalese soccer/cricket she used to go different places and cover the sports new(may be part of her job) and things like that coming out of her really disappointed me(i know nobody cares that).
What i think is although she is completely entitled to her opinion , she could have presented in a nice way without humiliating a true sportsperson who had waited 12 years for this day and to win something for his nation. she gained 3000+ followers right after couple of hours after her status(if that was her intetion she played it well). The way you wrote your statement above it is so neutral and i agree most of your part. your writing was completely different than i thought before reading it. Good job again.
Posted on 07-14-16 10:15 AM     [Snapshot: 745]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Smaran,
Surprise!!! I know everyone expected me to write about feminism and how disgraceful Nepali men can get....but NOOOOHHH I didnt....But honestly this is what i felt....I mean she just proved that Nepal ma Bimbo haru ko sankha ma utar hoina chadhabai chha...Someone close to her told me that she is not a sports watcher....dont know how far it is true.
3000+ follower re? I can bet it is not an organic follower...these are the same lot who are just checking her pictures and wanking themselves ( sorry if I was too hard with the words).
I think these girls dont have conscience or empathy....I really dont know....I am not a hardcore Ronaldo fan but I respect every player who try hard to make their country proud....I guess Sahana needs to understand the difference between tears of joy and tears of pain....she is confused!!!
Thank you for your kind words....this keeps me motivated to write more :)
Posted on 07-14-16 10:21 AM     [Snapshot: 749]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I had no idea who Sahana was !! Now I know !!
Posted on 07-14-16 8:45 PM     [Snapshot: 880]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Unknowingly I think I just made her popular....is she going to tell me to join publicity department now :P.....


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