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 बुडी को साथी संग
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Posted on 08-08-16 10:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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merai budi ko through bata uni sanga bolchal bhayo. ramri thyin ali indipendent khojne wala. tei karan ley single thiyin. america aunu bhanda nai paile break-up bhayecha. meri budi bhandi api attractive nai thiyin..yeso najik huna thalio.. mali mero limit tha huda hudai ni ali badi najik hune thale. physically ma ni fine thiye..yo mitrata bed room samma pugyo. mali tha thiyo i was cheaing my wife..tara usko aagadi ma aafu lai lachar mahasus garthe. i had no complain with my wife but wo sanga samparka garda arkai aananda mahasus hunthiyo, usko mileko aglo sarir, hista pusta chati uslai angalo halla beglai anubhuti hunthiyo..i was crazy in sex with her, hami movie heri heri position practice gartheu..yesto kunai aasan china jun hami ley try nagareko hos.

budi ko duty huda ma usko ma pugthey.hapta ma 2 3 choti uni sanga relation rakhena bhane ma sick hunthiye..wo ni testai thiyi..hami 2 jana lai tha cha we are cheating my wife..yo thaha bhayo bhane wife ko man ma kasto chot lagcha bhanera ma sadai darauchu..n i know i cant leave my wife under any circumstances.. maile kati try gare not to meet her again but i cant stop myslef more than a week..2 3 din pach feri usko bed room ma jane bot sawar huncha..i remember n imagine doing with her n then i run to her..wo sanga ek raat bitaye pachi bholi ali regret hucnah aaba kaiel bhetdina bhanera farkinchu tara after 3 4 days same cycle contiues..

me pura tanab ma chu..i m being unable to hold faith that my wife has on me.. make me regret every time but cant stop myself meeting her after sum days..i fear if c gets pregnent sumtime..i cant ruin her life either..i m middle of nowhere...

do u guys have any idea how can stop myslef from this condition..is taking drugs is only way out ???..m really depressed
Last edited: 14-Aug-16 07:53 AM

Posted on 08-10-16 11:03 AM     [Snapshot: 2279]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nomatter how much you regret do not ever ever think about telling your wife about it. You will regret that more.

Regarding the adultery itself ..I'm no one to judge. Do what makes you happy. You will get out of it when you want ..no drugs or therapy can make you do that i think.
Posted on 08-23-16 12:59 PM     [Snapshot: 7509]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you know it is wrong, it is better to try and get away from it. Granted it will be difficult as lust is something that mighty kings and strong warriors have fallen for it, however, if you love your wife as you say you do, then you need to look beyond what is momentary pleasure.
Posted on 08-23-16 2:13 PM     [Snapshot: 7552]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What the heck! Keep doing what you're doing bro. Enjoy with both of them:)
Posted on 10-14-16 10:04 AM     [Snapshot: 11877]     Reply [Subscribe]
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k blank post gardai afno thread mathi lyai ra ho..ma nepali ho ki ta nepali...comment garyo bahne comment delete garcha..post chai mathi lyaunu pareko cha dhundukari bajiya
Posted on 10-18-16 2:55 PM     [Snapshot: 12572]     Reply [Subscribe]
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do u have nay new story
Posted on 10-19-16 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 12792]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First you have to figure out If you really love your wife or not, may be you don't want to leave her out of fear of family, society or fear that she will be heart broken. If you love your wife, you should have left your mistress already but since you can't help , it only points that you have no love or commitment for your wife.
what can you do now?
1)if you love your wife or you have figured out you really do love her: the best thing is to come clean, it is hard for you both but trust me that is the most healthy way in the long run if you guys want to carry on.Tell her you made a mistake with another women and if she wants to forgive you, you will never do it again. Let her make the decision , you just be honest to her.
if you have decided to tell her: Few things to keep in mind :
i. Always stay by her side until she recovers , which she will with the time.
ii. Take care of all the house work.
iii. If she ask you something related to affair: give her honest answer but don't give her detail, she will over think.
iv.wipe her tears if she cries.Go to your religious place, temple or church together and prey as much as possible. It is good way for her to let her thought outs and have some peace.
v. Take every emotion she throws at you , she might slap you, spit on you, get mad at you, take everything without leaving her side.Just remember, it will be over one day.
2) if you don't love her but want to carry on because of fear and hide your affair : This is the worst mistake you will be doing to yourself and to her. You have to live with the fact that you are fooling her and also yourself. Life is long friend, path is very long. I HOPE YOU WON'T CHOOSE THIS PATH.
3) if You don't love her and want to divorce her : Tell her in a good way and comforting way as possible that you that you don't love her and it is in best interest for both to separate.
4) if you still won't leave your mistress ,keep cheating and keep living in guilt : Good luck living in hell, there is nothing in the world that will give you peace and bring you out of that guilt.DON'T TAKE THIS PATH,PLEASE.
5) if you don't want to tell her but will never make the same mistake : You have to live with the guilt that you have fooled her once and had an affair with someone. Your relationship might go well but your guilt wont go away until you confess to her.

This is my suggestion to you, decision if yours.
Posted on 12-05-16 3:29 AM     [Snapshot: 14667]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-06-16 8:48 AM     [Snapshot: 14986]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think he should solve this taking legal help, just who is helping has to come forward so that he can be clear
Posted on 12-07-16 9:45 AM     [Snapshot: 15154]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think he should solve this taking legal help, just who is helping has to come forward so that he can be clear , has to end this , put saaralla all in one table , fdi
Posted on 12-27-16 6:40 PM     [Snapshot: 16029]     Reply [Subscribe]
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He has "goods commets rre welcome as always "
Last edited: 06-Jan-17 03:00 PM

Posted on 12-28-16 7:40 AM     [Snapshot: 16251]     Reply [Subscribe]
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goods commets rre welcome as always
Posted on 01-07-17 6:32 PM     [Snapshot: 16948]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lekh ni kasto kasto aucha yar

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