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 EB 3 visa enquiry
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Posted on 03-14-18 3:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello friends,

Good day to you all, need some good suggestions regarding EB3visa process , how Long does it take for granting a visa .. I am here in dubai there is an consultancy who is providing these service for EB3 and it says it might can take approx 2 years .

Waiting for you humble feedback . 🙂🙂
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Posted on 03-14-18 3:33 PM     [Snapshot: 51]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is your current status in US ? It seems your consultancy is faking you. How can they apply under EB3 category when you are outside US ?
Posted on 03-14-18 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 55]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hy neerman,

Currently I am residing in dubai and working in Electronics company as a senior sale representative , there is a Cosnsultancy I came to know they are providing these services. I really don’t have any ideas about this immigration process so need some good suggestions.
Posted on 03-14-18 3:44 PM     [Snapshot: 70]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please click the link how the Consulamcy work on it ,
Please provide your suggestions
Posted on 03-14-18 4:46 PM     [Snapshot: 129]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Referring to the web site you provided, the process is correct (Theoretically). Practically, you have zero chance of getting Green Card.
For your information, there is no visa called EB3. You seem to be very naive in this process. They will suck your blood.
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Posted on 03-14-18 5:44 PM     [Snapshot: 176]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Save your money! You will not get green card working outside of US. Period!
Also the available jobs which they mentioned in the website such as caregiver, commercial cleaner, Truck Driver are not eligible for EB3. Truck drivers do not require bachelor degree. That site is fake and giving wrong info. You are very naive. So save your money.
Posted on 03-14-18 6:06 PM     [Snapshot: 186]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stay away from that crap news as said by "Neerman and Sajhamitra". Save money and do not trust such fakes information.

People are struggling here with a real professional job for getting GC under EB3 years and years.
Posted on 03-15-18 5:42 PM     [Snapshot: 370]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To person with limited knowledge and to the original post - In advance (correct me if I am wrong)...

Raman, please do not fall for this as everyone suggested (and do not tell "afu chahi america jancha and bascha, aru le try garyo ki, daha garchan). I wish one day you will come here.

Also, the way you have asked question, it clearly tells me that you have very limited knowledge on this and the process. EB3 is not a visa category. Initially I thought maybe you were inquiring about Investment VISA and green card process. EB3 is a category of " Green Card process through employment".

Neerman sir/bro/sis, I have noticed that you always reply on immigration topics (I guess to help our fellow Nepalese), But many times I have realized that your response are in-accurate and in-complete. Again, green card process through employment is for future employment. You can be in any part of the world and apply as long as you meet those criteria. And this is why we have two methods during last step of 485 - Change of Status and Consular processing (for people outside of US).

I am not sure how it is these days, But back in 09, 10, and 11, H1B filing used to be full in just few days because half of applicants used to be from India. They have made sticker rules and therefore we do not see those trends anymore. You can still come from any parts of the world through GC process under ant category.

So Raman, Again do not fall for this. Again what you can do is, ask them to process your GC using their money and tell them you will pay them when you are here in US once you have GC.

Hope this helps and please do not take it personally.
Posted on 03-15-18 6:01 PM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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While I donot know about your consultancy,what i have understood is that the employment based greencard (e.g. EB2 and EB3) is for a future employment. One does not have to be in US to start/get the EB3 visa. As long as your employer is willing to provide the prevailing wage approved by DOL, you may get EB3. But make sure the one who promised you the Eb3 is genuine.

Last edited: 15-Mar-18 06:01 PM

Posted on 03-16-18 12:39 PM     [Snapshot: 610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is a long shot man. I looked at their website. Almost every country has this type of agency where they promise green card in the US. There are people waiting for lot of years to get green Card and they are in USA . I would say its almost impossible to get GC in the category they are advertising outside of USA : Cleaners, Caregivers etc. They will just take your money and give you big dreams.
if you do want to get GC in USA, try coming in student visa and work your way up i.e. get a degree (preferably in IT) and have your GC process started.

You mention you are working at Electronics company as a senior sale representative. What is your background ? May be if you well educated and some years of working experience then you can have some company here hire you( Its not easy, most American Companies don't sponsor for GC even for local candidates but you are outside of this Country. Unless you are superstar or you go thru some thug company it's very unlikely you will get GC)

Having said all that, I think its best you respond here to give us some details or your education and working background and help other sajha fill in.

Take my posting as Grain of salt as I am not an immigration lawyer or an expert by any means but just could not let this post be as if getting green card was that easy I think we( PPL in USA) would not be struggling and working like modern day slaves to get GC :)

Posted on 03-16-18 12:43 PM     [Snapshot: 612]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you already have experience.. why not try Australia and get a pr before you land there? they have the best health care and good weather . lots of Nepalis there so you can work among the community and statt to prosper like Mr Ghale did. few years ago i visited aus and i never felt i was an outsider there . Most ppl in big cities are immigrants.
Posted on 03-17-18 12:15 PM     [Snapshot: 775]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Raman Shrestha - please do some google search and find nepali immigration attorneys in USA...make a list of them and contact each of them through email.. I bet few will be more than helpful to you as everyone is immigrant and everyone knows how difficult it is to live an immigrant life...you can send a standard format email to all of them separately..

Here in Sajha..there are more quacks than experts...be careful. ..Here are some I found for you online...



You can see the 'last names' and know who among these attorneys are from Nepal...contact them all...

I only searched 'Nepali immigration attorney in New York and Bay Area (which is San Francisco Bay Area)...these 2 places have too many Nepali population so there will be immigration attorneys too...If you are not satisfied then you search other places Texas and Florida etc...Good luck..


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