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 Bibeksheel Sajha Party and Balen Shah
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Posted on 06-02-22 9:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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After Rabindra Misra's resignation, the party needs a young leader to take the party forward. And, Balen Shah would be that leader who can carry the initial ideology of the parry. Although the party has been stinky for sometime under Misra, but Balen has the potential to carry the party like Bibeksheel Sajha Party with his vigor.

What do you guys think? I see a lot of negative about traditional parties here in sajha. So I think that you would have a positive opinion about this.
Posted on 06-02-22 10:29 PM     [Snapshot: 32]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 06-03-22 10:49 PM     [Snapshot: 170]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don’t see the reason for Balen to join Sajha party. He can remain independent as he is. He will be able to achieve his goals without distraction
Posted on 06-05-22 7:02 PM     [Snapshot: 390]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are missing the point on why the Nepalese voters are excited about this phenomenon indicated by "Independent" candidates such as Balen Shah and Harkaraj Sampang Rai.
harkhe7, try staying on top of the curve, will you?

Posted on 06-05-22 11:06 PM     [Snapshot: 445]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ब्यक्तिगत रूपमा भन्नुपर्दा राजनीतिको कुरा मलाई तेती आउन्न भनौ। तेही पनि बालेन शाहले क्रीएट गरेको "हाईप्" देखेर चै म पनि के रहेछ र यो मान्छे जस्तो चै भयो। यसै क्रममा बालेन शाह सिसडोल पुगेर त्यँहाको स्थानियहरुसँग गरेको चर्का-चर्की सुनेर-देखेर चै म स्तब्ध नै भए भनौ। उँहाले झर्कदै स्थानियसँग बोलेका केही कुरा चै सुनेर मलाई "रियल्ली" भन्न आयो हो।

"मलाई ५ बर्ष अघी कसले के गरे भनेर मसँग बाझ्न नआउनुस्। "

"म ईन्जिनियर मान्छे, मैले महिनाको ३ लाखको जब गर्थे, म त्यस्तो जब छोडेर आएको मान्छे, आदी आदी"

अब मेयर भाको मान्छेले त्यसरी रिसाइराको जनतासँग झर्कन हुन्थ्यो वा हुन्न थियो अब साझाका एक से एक बासिन्दालाई थाहा होला हो। मलाई चै राम्रो लागेन अब मेरो पर्सनल धारणा सबैले मन्नुपर्छ भन्ने पनि छैन। तर बालेनको अपोजिट डेपुटी मेयर सुनिता डङ्गोलले बोलेको तरिका चै मनपर्‍यो। मिडियामा, जनतासँग बोल्ने तरिका चै वहाँलाई थाहा रहेछ।

अब र्याप हान्ने सिङरको ब्यक्तिव "कुल" लागेर मेयर पद दिने नेपालीहरु आफु भ्रमित भएर कसलाई मेयर बनाएछौ भन्ने दिन चै नआओस तेही हो।

Posted on 06-06-22 12:02 PM     [Snapshot: 549]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Balen is the much needed phenomenon which people has been waiting since long. Forgot about Deuba, Oli and Prachanda who already horded billions of rupees in foreign banks and making fool out of citizens. The stick is doing its trick and all we need now is truck loads of fresh carrots. No Nepali youth from the country and abroad came till now saying "I will make this place", and when he came everyone turns turtle. We should all support and give him time imho and see what he could do. Nepal is a tough place to work, be it for a teacher, driver, pilot, doctor, banker, relator, businessman etc and it certainly is not a place where people say thank you and welcome fifty times a day like US, although it's free to be kind with all, sometimes you got to show your unassailable side to few angry birds. I hope he does a great job in these five years and there is no law in constitution to fire a Mayor. Total support to this new youth with beard just so he could look a bit mature and don't forgot that black gogs always--poker player.
Posted on 06-06-22 11:52 PM     [Snapshot: 666]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree to a lot of points you have raised. Yes, Balen is a much needed phenomenon people have been waiting for so long. Many earlier politicians, leaders our representatives appeased themselves and left us as if we never mattered to them. Big in talks and low in actions, that is what we have been seeing for ages. I was not even following Balen before as I was completely devoid of this election euphoria plaguing the country the previous month. When some person is elected and chosen by the voters with the maximum nods then there must be a reason right? As an outsider, yes I did not come forth and claim I am going to make this place bla bla, so I may not be completely credible person to follow for my random opinions. Agreed!

But this is of a general consensus that if somebody holds a public position, there are certain norms and code of conduct, decorum that are expected of that particular person. If he himself starts behaving like one of those angry bird throwing tantrums and blurting random information, "cribbing" or "bragging", then what different he would be? Balen, now as a liable person, I was expecting him to diffuse the anger and the tension among people but not worsen the vibes. Watching that particular YouTube video that's how I felt. But yes my personal opinion should not be a matter of concerns to anybody either as I am nobody and do not have any bearings either. Still I am letting go some emotions that passed me through.

Nepal is a tough place to work yes and that is the main reason, a lot of people like myself do not intend to work there and be dejected with the lifestyles, system and culture there. The big talks have always shrouded the country but I see a very little change in the policy making and following rules/ regulations and disciplines. People in Nepal will never learn the value of being civil, kind and polite. These things are not in their blood. Period! A simple example I experienced so many times, they do not know how to wait in the line, forget about saying thank you or sorry. Spitting in public places, digging one's nose shamelessly while waiting the stores, blowing their noses to pedestrian path are like common culture that are so ingrained. Everybody feels they are entitled to public service and their actions. Sorry these are the things I noticed while visiting the country after many years. Forget about the skyrocketing population, pollution, inflation, gentrification and the invasion of foreigners (Chinese, Indians etc.), brain drain and what not.

One of my friends had a presentation on waste management in Kathmandu shown to Balen and his committee this week and he was saying, Balen is looking for some 2 minutes Maggie type instant solution to address the situation. Really? Waste management is not some math problem that you can solve like that. And besides who knows how much he can achieve in 5 years. The proposition my planner friend suggested required much in the policy making and enforcing a different set of rules and regulations to people in Kathmandu and the minimum timeline they are looking at is 10 years, which Balen seems to not wait. This is where the talks about relevant background and credentials come up again. Had he been in planning field, had some understanding about policy making and urban structure, maybe this interaction could have been fruitful. Over here, a person with a different background has been given a responsibility to take over some of the serious problems the capital is facing and now up for judgements and criticism. Everything and everybody that look "cool" may not be cool in every other areas! Right?

This whole situation reminded me of times when Trump was elected for president and there was so much uncertainty shrouding the country. He was never a president material, but he won the campaign and then as we see all, how much mess right "the next day" he created and how much international relations he screwed, everybody knows. A rank business man, Trump had been all his life, he did not even know how to recite a speech to a mass. There were always some gaffes or unintentional emotions that ended up in endless memes in the internet. Just hoping Balen does not end up like that and be a big debacle in history.

I will still give him time and benefit of doubts though.

Posted on 06-10-22 2:08 AM     [Snapshot: 992]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Bennedict
I don't doubt your genuine words and we all Nepali living in the motherland or abroad just wish a simple thing- a peaceful, developed, civil, affluent Nepal. Our neighbors China and India are already to the moon and we are still scouting for a landfill site--that's just off beam. The country has already squandered many decades of political dividends and even the achievements that came from the bloody civil war where our own brothers were slaughtered like...............and I think whatever these two governments--central and local-- are doing NOW, they ought to do it better, faster and harder work which could last to our kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

I personally don't know about Balen and I might have listened his two songs max but still I will be on his side as no human is perfect and time will teach him how to talk, how to act and how to slay the stumbling blocks of the once beautiful and pristine city K@mandu. Nepal certainly is not a la la land right now, more like a gaga land but as they say nothing is impossible and I say hope is dope. Surely, many people in Nepal are acting on exasperations and frustrations and lacks basic civil antics which also means the people who knows better needs to teach them, show them the good side instead of pointing fingers at them--that will do a lot better. A single stick can't shade sunlight and I hope there will be many sticks sprouting all over Nepal next time and we could see happy, smiling Nepali faces everywhere we visit and travel.

Nepal is a small country and if manage properly and if everybody does their work diligently, the country could get a face lift in less than 10 years. My speculation and calculations always says (in less than 10 years) we could make this place something like we have never seen before!! And it was never in the blood, it was always in the mind. Good luck to all who comes with good spirits.


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