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 ट्रंपको लागि सति जान खोजेको हो वा प्रतिरोध ?
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धर्म र राजनीति नेताको लागि आफ्नो ज्यान दिन खोज्ने बुद्दीमत्ता मानिस लाइ के भनिन्छ ?

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You wont find this info in mainstream media but here is the scoop if you can handle it.

This Man Set On Fire Outside New York Courthouse During Donald Trump Trial Live So Sad 4/19/24 A man apparently set himself on fire outside the New York City courthouse where former President Donald Trump is on trial. A person has reportedly lit themselves on fire near the courthouse where Donald Trump's criminal trial is taking place. The horrifying scene unfolded on Friday afternoon moments after jury selection wrapped up in Trump's hush money trial in downtown Manhattan.

My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.

The young man was standing inside the designated protest area for Trump supporters outside of the downtown courthouse, according to The New York Times.

He dosed himself with a liquid at around 1:30 pm in Collect Pond Park, across the street from the courthouse, the outlet reported.

The man proceeded to set himself on fire as bright orange flames engulfed him and the surrounding area.

Terrified witnesses screamed and evacuated the area as law enforcement officers struggled to access the fire due to the barricades.

The man was burning for approximately three minutes.

Authorities loaded the charred man on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

The man, who has not been identified, is reportedly in critical condition.

A motive for the self-immolation has yet to be determined. A journalists reporting live at the time outside the courthouse reported smelling "burning human flesh" as the horrific incident unfolded. "Barricades are around the person... no movement from the human being on the ground.

Witnesses told The New York Times that the man threw pamphlets in the air before he lit himself on fire.

The pamphlets appeared to reference former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Al Gore, and Jeffrey Epstein.

A man set himself on fire outside the courtroom where former President Donald Trump is facing charges in a hush money case, a witness said.

The person set himself on fire after 1 p.m. Friday in the designated protest area outside of the trial outside the courthouse in lower Manhattan, according to a witness.

There was already a heavy NYPD presence already outside the building due to the high-profile nature of the trial, and officers rushed to get what appeared to be a fire extinguisher to douse the flames. The fire was put out minutes later, leaving a smoky scene outside court as a gaggle of reporters and witnesses looked on.

The man was taken away by EMS to NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell Medical Center in critical condition, the FDNY said.

The nature of the protest was not immediately clear, but the man had pamphlets and buttons on him with different messaging, according to the police source.

Further information was not immediately available.

There's just all kinds of wrong here. First the guy didn't even look burned. Then they pick him up like a slab of meat and poop him on the stretcher and then strap him in. You can ot touch a burn victim without their skin coming off. They need to be wrapped in a certain foil and gel. That's NOT how you handle a burn victim. This whole thing was a badly performed play.

I set myself on fire at trump trail substack
Max Azzarello, an investigative researcher, set himself on fire outside the Manhattan court during former President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial. This extreme act of protest aimed to draw attention to his belief that the government is about to initiate an apocalyptic fascist world coup. Azzarello’s statement, titled “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial,” was available on a Substack page.

Here is a summary of the key points from the provided context:

Max Azzarello, an investigative researcher, set himself on fire outside the Manhattan court during the Trump trial.
This act was intended as a protest to draw attention to his belief that the government is about to initiate an apocalyptic fascist world coup.
Azzarello’s statement, titled “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial,” was available on a Substack page.
Please remember that self-harm is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm, please seek professional help.

I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial. My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.

This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery:

We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.

These claims sound like fantastical conspiracy theory, but they are not. They are proof of conspiracy. If you investigate this mountain of research, you will prove them too. If you learn a great deal about Ponzi schemes, you will discover that our life is a lie. If you follow this story and the links below, you will discover the rotten truth of ‘post-truth America’. You will learn the scariest and stupidest story in world history. And you will realize that we are all in a desperate state of emergency that requires your action.

To my friends and family, witnesses and first responders, I deeply apologize for inflicting this pain upon you. But I assure you it is a drop in the bucket compared to what our government intends to inflict.

Because these words are true, this is an act of revolution.


Last March, a billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run on Silicon Valley Bank. I knew enough about Thiel that I found this incredibly suspicious: My hunch was that this was intentional, though I couldn’t fathom why.

I began investigating online, and quickly found cryptocurrency’s fingerprints all over it. The bank run occurred just days after Silvergate Bank – which catered almost exclusively to crypto companies – collapsed. Meanwhile, several crypto cheerleaders were all over financial media warning of a regional banking crisis, and nobody in media was addressing the clear crypto connections.

I dug deep into the financials of Thiel’s venture capital firm Founders Fund and eventually uncovered the following, all proven many times over.

Cryptocurrency is our first planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. It was expressly created for this purpose by a laundry list of rich and powerful people out of Stanford/Silicon Valley and Harvard/Facebook.

The March 2023 bank failures were all intentional: the banks were used to move out stolen Ponzi money. This signals that they’re no longer dumping cash in to keep the cryptocurrency Ponzi afloat, and that it will soon go insolvent, as all Ponzis must.

When the Ponzi scheme goes insolvent, it will take down half the stock market with it: The perpetrators used their major companies to pipe into the blockchain so they could funnel money out from the crypto exchanges. This includes Google, Tesla, Apple, PayPal, Facebook, Disney, Walmart, Target, InBev, Zoom, and countless others.

It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation, which is why the price of Bitcoin has been a remarkable leading indicator for inflation rates. Victims who bought crypto don’t realize their money has already been stolen, so the money gets double-counted by the victims and the criminals who stole it.

As it turns out, our elites are awash in Ponzi schemes. Stanford’s StartX.com investment fund and Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics’ he ran at Harvard are both fake-science Ponzi factories that these schools have invested billions in: They are filled with fraudulent companies that use smoke and mirrors to promise miraculous new technology, but always collapse while the perpetrators only get richer.

Funneling trillions of dollars in stolen cash through the stock market created the largest stock-market anomaly in history. The stock chart signature of a Ponzi scheme is a massive increase (while they stack up cash) and then a massive fall (as they funnel out the stolen cash). This chart shape appeared in all the companies listed above. In order to explain the massive anomaly, our criminal government unleashed COVID on the world and told us these were the “stay at home stocks.”


Ponzi schemes are vicious beasts, and cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi by orders of magnitude. It could best be described as an economic doomsday device, intentionally made to shatter the world economy.

The U.S. government is fully involved in this totalitarian con: To illustrate its bipartisan support, I’ll note that nearly every participant of the Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, while two of the biggest tech VCs who participated are Trump associates Josh Kushner and Anthony Scaramucci.

To better understand our form of government, I will point you to one of the most astonishing pieces of stand-alone evidence I’ve found: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s 1988 DNC speech where he nominated Mike Dukakis for president against George H.W. Bush. The speech is a vile, mean-spirited roast of Dukakis that makes no sense whatsoever: For Clinton to ruthlessly attack a member of his own party should have been political suicide, and he repeatedly mocks Dukakis’ noble and earnest qualities.

Notably, actor Rob Lowe, who was supporting Dukakis, was victim of a teen sex blackmail operation at the DNC that year. Since we know Clinton is a close associate with teen sex blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein, we can suddenly make perfect sense of the nonsensical speech by applying this lens: Bill Clinton is a cocky mob boss who blackmailed Mike Dukakis because Dukakis thought his job was to help the public. He teases out the future public revelation that Kitty Dukakis drank rubbing alcohol, and offers a strange anecdote about the crack epidemic that reveals he is an exceedingly proud drug runner.

What does this revelation tell us? That our government is conning us completely. That Bill Clinton was secretly on (former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush’s side, and that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured ever since: Clinton is with Bush; Gore is with Bush; Trump is with Hillary, and so on. When they present themselves in public, they are acting as characters that are against one another, practicing kayfabe as wrestlers do.

As it turns out, we have a secret kleptocracy: Both parties are run by financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. They divide the public against itself and blame the other party while everything gets worse and more expensive and handful of people take all the money.

Since it is fully parasitic, a secret kleptocracy is an incredibly unstable form of government – left to its own devices, it can only lead to fascism or failed state.


One of the key findings of this research is that Harvard University is one of the largest organized crime fronts in history, which is how they churn out billionaires – it’s a major hub of this sprawling criminal network.

As it turns out, dozens of the writers of The Simpsons went to Harvard. So I asked myself the question: If The Simpsons served the interests of organized crime, how would it do so?

Well, it offers a dysfunctional family suffering from moral decay, a community incapable of solving its problems, a worker drone who slaves away for an evil billionaire, and cathartic laughs for our poor collective circumstances.

There are some notable specifics as it relates to this research, too: In Marge vs. The Monorail, the townsfolk are too oafish and divided to invest in the town’s needs (fix Main Street) and fall for the charms of a dazzling showman with a bogus monorail Ponzi scheme. When we know that the show is closely linked to an organization that invests billions of dollars in Ponzi factories, this becomes quite damning.

In Lisa the Iconoclast, Lisa discovers that town founder Jebediah Springfield was a secret criminal con artist, and that the townsfolk’s lives are a lie. Realizing this is an important discovery, she desperately tries to get the townsfolk to listen to her. But they meet her with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship and she fails to get through to them. Ultimately, she realizes the town is so far gone that perhaps it’s better for them to be lied to by con artists, and she keeps the secret to herself.

And here I’ve been, like Lisa Simpson, desperately trying to get friends, family, and the public to believe the proof of a totalitarian con I’m trying to show them, and they’ve turned away with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship.

And so, we realize the criminal truth of The Simpsons: Our elites are telling us that our eroding collective circumstances are our own fault, and we can’t do anything about it, while they steal the American Dream from us. It is, for lack of a more elegant word, brainwashing.

Lastly, we string these major discoveries together: Cryptocurrency is an economic doomsday device; our government is a secret kleptocracy; The Simpsons exists to brainwash us. From there, the only research we need is critical thinking and we’re able to piece together the true story of our circumstances.

Consider America since 1988: Institutions like healthcare and universities have become parasitic in their skyrocketing prices. News media tells us to be angry and tribalized. Daytime television warns us of moral decay. Local news tell us to fear our neighbors. The Simpsons tells us we’re too oafish and divided to save the American Dream. Seinfeld tells us to celebrate the assholes and be irritated by all the normal people around us. “Reality” TV tells us that real life is filled with hedonism and strife.

Social media, owned by crypto criminals like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is flooded with nonsense conspiracy theories and memes reminding us that we are hopeless, helpless, anxious, depressed, ironic, scared, apathetic, escapist, lonely, misguided, and jaded, telling us we can’t do anything but have a laugh at our circumstances.

Liberals mock the hypocrisy of conservatives; conservatives mock the hypocrisy of liberals, and our collective circumstances erode. The left shouts “All Cops Are Bastards,” which ensures they’ll be hated by the police and the public (and flies in the face of leftist theory). The public’s distrust of the government is at an all-time high, but so is the belief that we are helpless to do anything about it.

And with all this, a sharp rise in apocalyptic messaging: Climate change will kill us all; COVID will kill us all; vaccines will kill us all; AI will kill us all – no matter the bubbles we ascribe to, we’re bombarded with existential crises with no solutions. We’ve seen a surge in apocalyptic film, literature, and video games that tell us there is no way out of our poor circumstances but total societal breakdown. Zombies tell us that the public is our enemy. If you go to your nearest convenience store, you can buy a can of water called “Liquid Death.”

This is our rotten farce: For our entire lives, we have been flooded with media designed to slowly steer us into a world where the American Dream was dead, where the public was fully divided against itself, where everybody believed we were powerless to do anything about our worsening circumstances. It is all so they can organize an unprecedented, apocalyptic rug pull on the entire populace as they pivot to fascism, which is perhaps best understood as kleptocracy at the barrel of a gun.

When we piece it all together, we understand the truth: We are in a totalitarian doomsday cult.

Why on earth would our elites do this? There are many reasons, but the simplest is because capitalism is unsustainable, and they knew it: Climate change and resource extraction would catch up eventually. So, they never intended to sustain it. They knew all along that they would gobble up all the wealth they could, and then yank the rug out from under us so they could pivot to a hellish fascist dystopia.

Things escalated wildly in 1988 when former CIA Director George H.W. Bush got the White House, but this plan had been in action long prior:

Why is Stanley Kubrick’s comedy about mutually assured destruction called Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? Because he was a cocky secret fascist who was getting us to stop worrying and love the bomb. Why did he make A Clockwork Orange? So we’d rejoice at ultra-violence designed to desensitize us to the horrors of the world.

Why were the Manson Family murders crawling with cover-ups and intelligence agents? Because our government wanted to make us fear for our lives and believe that hippies are deranged psychopaths.

Why did Walt Disney produce a fraudulent documentary that told us Lemmings follow each other off cliffs? So we would believe it.

Why did The Beatles tell us to fear the taxman, to scoff at revolution, chase nonsense conspiracy theories, and that happiness is a warm gun? So we would believe it.

Why did Easy Rider tell us that the hippie movement was dead? So we would believe it.

Why did Chinatown end with defeatism in the face of massive corruption? So we would believe it.

Why did George Orwell tell us of a hellish future of totalitarian control that we are powerless to stop? So we would believe it.

Why did Wall Street tell us “greed is good”? So we would believe it.

Why did Do The Right Thing tell us we’re all racially tribalized? So we would believe it.

Why did Simpsons creator Matt Groening make a comic strip called Life in Hell? So we would believe it.

And on, and on, and on, and on. When it comes to any popular media, if you ask yourself the question, “Why would secret doomsday cult kleptocrats want the public to consume this?”, you will find your answers.

This is obviously very bad news, but the biggest lie we’ve been told is that we are powerless. We’ve got one way out of hellworld, and that’s for the public to realize that we’ve been conned completely so we can build a united movement that shatters every lie they’ve told us, mocks this rotten farce as loudly as it deserves, and aims at nothing short of abolishing our criminal government so we can build one that serves the public.

To understand this story is to see right through the con, to become immune to the endless sea of criminal propaganda, and to feel the great joy and power that comes with freedom.

If a small number of people quickly put on these truth-colored glasses, we are in for an unimaginably bright future. If not, we get an apocalypse.

For more information, I’ve put together this booklet that includes other major findings and a map to a sea of proof, along with all the other essays on this site.

For the true history of America since the end of World War II, see here.

To see this discovery unfold in real-time, along with further explanations, hundreds of pieces of evidence not covered here, advice, inspiration, political theory, and the heart and soul of a man escaping history’s largest doomsday cult, see my Instagram story highlights. I apologize for leaving things so scattered, but this has been an exhausting affair. So long as you understand this (true) ideology, you will be able to learn the whole story.

Here is a federal lawsuit I filed against dozens of perpetrators of the cryptocurrency Ponzi – not for litigation, but just to preserve the information and attach my name to it. I was terrified and hadn’t slept in days and it shows, but it served its purpose of keeping myself alive long enough to keep learning and telling this story.

I no longer have my original research files from the crypto rabbit hole. If you want to see them, you’ll have to get my laptop back from the government. Ask them how they got it - it’s a very fun story.

I hope you know how powerful you are. I wish you a hell of a lot more than luck.


Signed By Max Azzarello April 19, 2024

The True History of the World (Haunted Carnival Edition) This story was essentially proven in reverse: In March 2023, a tech billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run that led to the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. I was suspicious, and investigated the question, “Did this bank just collapse on purpose?”

After digging through ties to cryptocurrency, lies in the media, and several very suspicious start-ups associated with Thiel and other elites in his orbit, I eventually uncovered that these people were engaging in Ponzi schemes - not just once or twice, but likely hundreds of times.

Realizing that many of the biggest names in cryptocurrency built their careers on Ponzi schemes, the next discovery was that crypto itself was our first decentralized Ponzi scheme, with countless companies getting in on the theft.

As the list of perpetrators grew and grew, it eventually revealed a totalitarian con: Our most ‘elite’ universities built the crypto Ponzi; the biggest names in venture capital were financing the Ponzi; major news outlets all promoted the Ponzi; and prominent members of both political parties were fully complicit.

The big breakthrough around propaganda came via The Simpsons. I had proof that Harvard University was a massive organized crime front, and I recalled that many, many Simpsons writers went to Harvard. If The Simpsons is propaganda for the mafia, I asked myself, what is the point of it?

Well, it tells us we have no choice but to slave away for evil billionaires; that the American Dream is dying because we’re too oafish, divided, and morally decayed; and that we are easily conned by monorail Ponzi schemes.

“Ay caramba!” I thought! The Simpsons brainwashed us! And if a show as popular as The Simpsons was doing it, it probably wasn’t the only one. From there, we just need some historical knowledge and critical thought to realize that we’ve been given this sort of messaging in all directions.

The other big breakthrough came when I was posting these essays on Reddit, which is owned by many of the financiers of the crypto super-Ponzi. Over and over again, I received the same types of comments that would attack my credibility without engaging with any of the evidence I was surfacing. They were practicing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As I dug into their other comments, I found them repeatedly sowing partisanship, mocking others, and promoting products, just as a secret fascist government would want them to. This repetition from so many accounts revealed that they were coordinated trolls, poisoning our discourse and making us think they were acting in good faith.

Once we understand the totalitarian scope of the propaganda, we get to rewrite history.

Trump was inside the downtown Manhattan courthouse at the time of the fire. The person was badly burned and taken away from the scene on a stretcher. It was not immediately clear if the incident was related to the criminal proceedings.

Trump is facing felony charges related to a 2016 hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. It marks the first time in history that a former U.S. president has been tried on criminal charges. The trial began on Monday with jury selection. The full jury panel was selected by mid-day Friday.

Who are the key players in Donald Trump’s hush-money trial? From Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels, these are the people likely to play key roles in the landmark trial.

The start of jury selection in Donald Trump’s hush-money case marks the first time that a former president has stood trial on criminal charges. Here’s a look at some of the people who are likely to play a key role in the case.

Donald Trump, defendant
The Republican nominee for president is the defendant in the case. Prosecutors allege that he orchestrated a $130,000 payment to the adult film star Stormy Daniels when she threatened to go public with allegations of an affair on the eve of the 2016 election, and then conspired with others to cover up the payment. He is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump denies he had an affair with Daniels.

Stormy Daniels, key witness Daniels, an adult film star whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, says she met Trump in 2006 at a celebrity golf tournament. Daniels was 27 at the time and Trump was 60 and Daniels has always said the sex was consensual.

Just before the 2016 election, Daniels said she was approached by Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer at the time, and offered $130,000 not to disclose the alleged affair. She accepted the money. “The story was coming out again. I was concerned for my family and their safety,” Daniels told 60 Minutes in 2018.

After the Wall Street Journal broke the story of the payment, Daniels sued Trump to release her from the non-disclosure agreement. She said it was void because it had not been signed by Trump.

Michael Cohen, key witness Cohen was once a lawyer for Trump and one of the former president’s most loyal lieutenants and enforcers. He facilitated the payment to Daniels, funnelling the $130,000 to her through a shell company called Essential Consultants LLC. Trump later arranged to pay him back in monthly payment installments of $35,000. Trump allegedly worked with Cohen and Trump Organization officials to conceal the purpose of those payments on business records.

Earlier in 2016, Cohen facilitated a similar payment to a different woman, Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who also claimed to have had an affair with Trump. In the McDougal case, Cohen arranged for McDougal to be paid $150,000 by the National Enquirer.

Cohen initially said that he paid for the scheme with his own money. “Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign … reimbursed me for the payment,” he said in 2018. “What I did defensively for my personal client, and my friend, is what attorneys do for their high-profile clients. I would have done it in 2006. I would have done it in 2011. I truly care about him and the family – more than just as an employee and an attorney.”

But in 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to a range of federal crimes, including campaign finance charges. At a plea hearing, Cohen admitted that he had facilitated the payments to the women at the direction of Trump. He served a three-year prison sentence, during most of which he was under home confinement. He was also disbarred in New York in 2019 after pleading guilty to lying to Congress.

Cohen continues to face serious credibility issues. Last month, a federal judge suggested Cohen may have committed perjury as recently as last October: testifying in a civil case against Trump then, Cohen said he hadn’t committed tax evasion even though he pleaded guilty to it in 2018. Trump’s lawyers are expected to make Cohen’s credibility a centerpiece of their case.

David Pecker, key witness Pecker was a key Trump ally who served as the CEO of American Media Inc (AMI), the publisher of the National Enquirer.

Pecker helped Trump by purchasing the rights to potentially damaging stories and then never publishing them, a practice known as “catch and kill”. In 2015, AMI paid $30,000 to Dino Sajudin, a former doorman at Trump Tower, who was trying to sell a story that Trump had allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock.

In June of 2016, AMI paid Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, $150,000 to suppress a story about an affair. AMI bought the story with the understanding that Trump would reimburse them, according to the indictment. Cohen would later release a tape of him and Trump discussing repaying Pecker.

In 2016, Dylan Howard, then the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer, alerted Pecker that Daniels had potentially damaging information about Trump, according to the indictment. Pecker advised Howard to reach out to Cohen, and Cohen subsequently negotiated the deal with Stormy Daniels’ lawyer.

Allen Weisselberg, key figure Weisselberg, 76, is the former chief financial 0fficer of the Trump Organization. He worked for the company for more than 50 years, and has refused to turn on Trump even as he has already been sentenced to prison twice. He played a key role in concealing the purpose of Trump’s repayments to Cohen, according to the indictment.

As the election approached in 2016, Trump didn’t want to make the $130,000 payment to Daniels himself, so he allegedly asked Weisselberg and Cohen to figure out a plan. The two men eventually agreed Cohen would be repaid a total of $420,000. Weisselberg arrived at that number so that Cohen could claim the payments as income and still come out ahead after paying taxes. He approved Cohen’s request for reimbursement and the Trump Organization subsequently cut Cohen three checks for “legal expenses” from January to March of 2017. The remaining nine checks came directly from Trump’s trust, and were signed by Trump and Weisselberg.

Weisselberg is not charged in the hush-money case, but has already faced considerable legal trouble. He pleaded guilty in 2022 to tax fraud and served 100 days of a five-month prison sentence. Earlier this month, he was sentenced to an additional five months in prison after pleading guilty to perjury during Trump’s civil fraud trial.

Jeffrey McConney, key witness McConney is the former controller of the Trump Organization who worked at the company from 1987 until 2023. McConney forwarded Cohen’s invoices to the Trump Organization accounting department with instructions to record them as legal expenses, according to the indictment.

McConney testified during the Trump civil fraud trial last year, breaking down in tears and saying he left his longtime job after investigations into Trump’s business dealings.

Alvin Bragg, district attorney Bragg, a Democrat, was elected in 2021 to be the top prosecutor in Manhattan. Before running for office, he was largely an unknown prosecutor. During his campaign, he touted how many times he had sued Trump, and this trial will be the biggest moment in his career. Friends have described him as apolitical, though that hasn’t stopped Trump from attacking him as a political prosecutor.

He has already had a rocky relationship with this case. When he took office, a criminal investigation into Trump was already under way. But Bragg declined to move quickly ahead with that case, which was focused on Trump inflating his financial assets, prompting the prosecutors to resign and publicly make their feelings of displeasure known. Bragg instead ultimately moved forward with the hush-money case.

Juan Merchan, judge Merchan, the judge overseeing the case, has served as a jurist in New York for nearly two decades. He was appointed to the New York family court in 2006 and has served as a criminal trial judge since 2009. He was born in Colombia, grew up in New York City and served as a prosecutor before becoming a judge.

He has shown a willingness to move the case along quickly, rebuffing efforts by Trump and his lawyers to delay the trial. He expanded a gag order against Trump after the former president repeatedly attacked his daughter, who has worked for various Democratic political candidates.

Todd Blanche, Trump’s lawyer Blanche is a former federal prosecutor who gave up his partnership at a white-collar firm to represent Trump. In addition to the hush-money case, he is helping represent Trump in the two federal criminal cases he faces.

While he is a well-respected lawyer, according to the New York Times, this will be only his second trial as a defense lawyer.

Hello Suckers Everything For Free We Investigated NYC’s Illegal Immigrant Invasion - https://rumble.com/v4lx252-hello-suckers-everything-for-free-we-investigated-nycs-illegal-immigrant-in.html

Everything Is For Free And Help Yourself To Anything You Want All NYC Viewers And All Felons, Illegals And MS13 Welcome To NYC Reads "Official Sanctuary State" We Love You. We Investigated NYC’s One Million Illegal Immigrant Invasion As Planned "Kill Or Be Killed" Welcome To All New York City Mayor Eric Adams Said To Immigrated To The USA Legally. Most people here are not against immigration. The reason a strong border is important is because our system cannot handle this type of flooding. When the border is strong, people immigrant legally which guides and supports them to get housing, jobs, healthcare, retirement, etc. When its weak like under this administration, people become homeless, they turn to illegal work, and even crime. People look at republicans and say its racist to want a strong border, when the reason for a strong border is to prevent situations like this which make it incredibly difficult for the people.

Hello Suckers Welcome To Everything Is For Free Death-Rape-Drugs We Investigated NYC’s Illegal Immigrant Invasion Death To All America In 2024. NYC’s One Million Illegal Immigrant Invasion As Its Planned "Kill Or Be Killed" Attorney General Letitia James A True Lesbian and Bisexual Women African American Administration is "Too Male, Too Pale and Too Stale" Racists Attorney General Needs To Resigned be Disbarred Immediately. She Said I Hate White USA !


So Letitia James says she's prepared to seize Trump's buildings if he can't pay his $354M civil fraud fine. Trump Tower To Be Turn Into A Homeless Shelters And Is Planning For 10,000 Persons New Cage & Coffin Homes By New York City Orders!

Per President Biden’s And UN Agenda 2030 Planning For 100 Million Illegal Immigration To Be Let Into U.S.A. By 2030 As Per UN Planning And The Take Over U.S.A. By UN Agenda 2030.

People's Republic Of United States Of America Declared Its An Open Sanctuary Cities Is Open To All Good Or Bad Or Who Care ? Be-Headings - Homeless - Drug - Death - Rape - Sex Workers - Child Pedophile's Etc. Is The Border A Crisis Or An ‘Invasion’? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claims that President Biden’s failure to faithfully execute the immigration laws enacted by Congress has violated Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which provides that “The United States . . . shall protect each [State in this Union] against Invasion.”

Hey Man USA-Mexico Border Is Closed-Border Is Secure-We Our A Sanctuary Cities - https://rumble.com/v4bm0ln-hey-man-usa-mexico-border-is-closed-border-is-secure-we-our-a-sanctuary-cit.html

We have publicly confronted hate groups, fought for the abolition of corporal punishment in public schools, applied for equal representation when religious installations are placed on public property, provided religious exemption and legal protection against laws that unscientifically restrict people's reproductive autonomy, exposed harmful pseudo-scientific practitioners in mental health care, organized clubs alongside other religious after-school clubs in schools besieged by proselytizing organizations, and engaged in other advocacy in accordance with our tenets.

I immigrated to the USA legally. Most people here are not against immigration. The reason a strong border is important is because our system cannot handle this type of flooding. When the border is strong, people immigrant legally which guides and supports them to get housing, jobs, healthcare, retirement, etc. When its weak like under this administration, people become homeless, they turn to illegal work, and even crime. People look at republicans and say its racist to want a strong border, when the reason for a strong border is to prevent situations like this which make it incredibly difficult for the people.

People's Republic Of New York's Fake Justice System Ridiculous Politicized Joke - https://rumble.com/v4kycl5-peoples-republic-of-new-yorks-fake-justice-system-ridiculous-politicized-jo.html

People's Republic Of New York City Fake Justice System Ridiculous Politicized Joke As I Ran On I Will Get Trump At All Cost And My personal feelings and my politics stop at the door. The litigation that I engage in does not allow me to inject my emotions into it. Letitia Ann James (born October 18, 1958) is an American lawyer and politician serving since 2019 as the Attorney General of New York (NYAG), having won the 2018 election to succeed Barbara Underwood. A member of the Democratic Party, James is the First Lesbian and Bisexual Women African American and first woman to be elected New York Attorney General.

Death To America Meet N.Y.A.G. Leticia James American Irish Historical Society - https://rumble.com/v4l1yvc-death-to-america-meet-n.y.a.g.-leticia-james-american-irish-historical-soci.html

NYAG Letitia James now has been caught in the middle of her own fraud scandal, with new allegations emerging that she is using her office to avoid paying a $3 million loan while protecting a group that overly-inflated their property values. Meanwhile, Trump appealed Engoron's $450m order, arguing the ruling is unconstitutional and in violation of prior findings from the New York Court of Appeals. N.Y.A.G. Said "Nobody Is Above The Law" But Me And The People's Republic Of New York's Fake Justice System. And Arthur F. Engoron is a judge of the Supreme Court 1st Judicial District in New York. He ran unopposed in the general election on November 3, 2015. Engoron's current term ends in 2029.

General Counsel for the Attorney General Larry Schimmel asked Khan to “stay remote in your position” and “refrain from socializing with any OAG staff, or anyone in any capacity affiliated with the AG.” Several State Republicans are calling for a probe into James’ decision to keep her staffer’s sexual harassment complaints under wraps until after she won her re-election bid.


James was the New York City Public Advocate, a role intended to help people navigate and resolve issues with government services and serve as a watchdog over City Hall.

The job made James a familiar fixture in the city, often appearing at crime scenes, news conferences and other events to amplify the concerns of city residents.

She has also served in the City Council and worked as a a public defender and an assistant state attorney general. She graduated from Lehman College in the Bronx and earned her law degree from Howard University in Washington.

Per U.S.A. Government DOA-DOJ-FBI-CIA-Etc. Everyone In U.S.A. All Person And Or America Citizens Right Now Today Is A Criminal As of Oct 2023 Need To Be In Jail Or Pay $$$ Fines Now. Per all federal and local police and all government agencies. All The America People Break The Law's Average 3 Times Everyday with A Average Fine of $512 dollars a day. it add up to $512 x 365 days in a year add up to $186,880 Dollars per year in fines per every person alive today right now. also federal and local agencies issue an average of 27 rules for every law over the past decade.

However, the rules issued in a given year are typically not substantively related to the current year’s laws, as agency output represents ongoing implementation of earlier legislation. Remember That Ignorance of the law is a fundamental legal principle in the US that means that if someone breaks the law, they are still liable even if they had no knowledge of the law being broken. According to a 2020 article, the more than 300,000+ laws and regulatory crimes on the federal law books serve little purpose other than inviting arbitrary enforcement by providing prosecutors the tools to charge nearly anyone every day for your life with violating some long-forgotten regulation or law and to pay the fines now or go to jail for everyone in the U.S.A.. Government Every Man, Women, & Child Is A Criminal & Need 2 Go To Jail for life.

Confiscating Entire Wealth of All The Billionaires and Kill Them and Family Too! There are 724 (billionaires) in the U.S., and more overseas according to the 2021 Forbes billionaires list, released in April,” the Journal reports. “At that point their collective net worth was $4.4 trillion, although that figure has presumably since risen along with the stock market. So Per 60% Death taxes are taxes imposed by the federal and some state governments on someone's estate upon their death - Death taxes are also called death duties, estate taxes, or inheritance taxes. After getting the money maybe in 20 weeks or so - Own Government plan's are to kill rest of the family member for more estate taxes, or inheritance taxes.

An Irish society, an unpaid loan and the hypocrisy of Letitia James

People's Republic Of New York State Democratic Party Death To America U.S.A. - https://rumble.com/v4l5156-peoples-republic-of-new-york-state-democratic-party-death-to-america-u.s.a..html

U.S.A.. Government Every Man, Women, & Child & Trans & Woke Etc. Is A Criminal & Need To Go To Jail For Life.

Per U.S.A. Government Everyone Is A Criminal Confiscation All Property & All Assets - https://rumble.com/v3t6igt-per-u.s.a.-government-everyone-is-a-criminal-confiscation-all-property-and-.html

Confiscating Entire Wealth of All The Billionaires and Kill Them and Family Too! There are 736 (billionaires) in the U.S., and more overseas according to the 2022 Forbes billionaires list, released in 2022,” the Journal reports. “At that point their collective net worth was $6.9 trillion, although that figure has presumably since risen along with the stock market. So Per 60% Death taxes are taxes imposed by the federal and some state governments on someone's estate upon their death - Death taxes are also called death duties, estate taxes, or inheritance taxes. After getting the money maybe in 20 weeks or so - Own Government plan's are to kill rest of the family member for more estate taxes, or inheritance taxes.

The phoenix is a mythical golden bird associated with renewal and regeneration. Rising from the ashes of its previous life, the phoenix is a symbol of hope, of life and of better things to come, born from the knowledge and experience of difficult times and challenging circumstances.

Dan Smoot was one of the first Americanist or Patriot TV commentators. He was the author of "The Invisible Government"-one of the earliest exposes of the Council on Foreign Relations. G. Edward does the introduction.

U.S.A. Is A Constitutional Republic, Not A Democracy.

Welcome 2 New World Order Black-White-Yellow-Brown Peoples Dan Smoot Report - https://rumble.com/v4ervb0-welcome-2-new-world-order-black-white-yellow-brown-peoples-dan-smoot-report.html

Welcome 2 New World Order Black-White-Yellow-Brown-Red-Woke-Trans-Etc. Peoples Of The New America Phoenix Rising From The Ashes... See The True Dan Smoot Report To U.S.A.. So Yes America Is A Republic & Is Not A Democracy Is A Dangerous And Wrong Argument Enabling Sustained Minority Rule At The National level Is Not A Feature Of Our True Constitutional Design But A Perversion Of It. We The True People's Of The Worlds.

What Is The Difference Between A Democracy And True Constitutional Republic - https://rumble.com/v4hvgul-what-is-the-difference-between-a-democracy-and-true-constitutional-republic.html

A. democracy is a political system in which the people periodically, by majority vote at the polls, select their rulers. The rulers then have absolute power to make whatever laws they please, by majority vote among themselves. In a constitutional Republic, the people also, by majority vote at the polls, select rulers, who make laws by majority vote among themselves; but the rulers cannot make any laws they please, because the Constitution severely restricts their
law-making power.

United States Is A Constitutional Republic & Original Intent Of Constitution History - https://rumble.com/v4hw9cu-united-states-is-a-constitutional-republic-and-original-intent-of-constitut.html

The ideal of a democracy is universal equality. The ideal of a constitutional Republic is indi¬vidual liberty.
Subversion of Language

Per U.S.A. Government Every Man, Women, & Child Is A Criminal & Need 2 Go To Jail - https://rumble.com/v3t3frz-per-u.s.a.-government-every-man-women-and-child-is-a-criminal-and-need-2-go.html

In this century, great strides have been made toward the goal of subverting our Republic and transforming it into a democracy. One tactic of the subverters is subversion of language. By calling the United States a democracy until people thoughtlessly accept and use the term, totali-tarians have obscured the real meaning of our principles of government.

People's Republic Of Supreme Court Ethics And Years Of Astonishing Corruption - https://rumble.com/v4lavxx-peoples-republic-of-supreme-court-ethics-and-years-of-astonishing-corruptio.html

The Supreme Court of the United States has adopted a code of conduct to guide the conduct of the members of the court, following reports of undisclosed property deals and gifts. The code aims to avoid the appearance of impropriety in all activities and should not allow family, social, political financial or other relationships to influence official conduct or judgment. However, the code's enforcement is still unclear, and the court is still studying how it will be put into effect. The Brennan Center argues that the new rules are more loopholes than law and are designed to fail. The Justices will continue to rely on the Office of Legal Counsel for recurring ethics and financial disclosure issues, but there is no mention of how any violations will be enforced. John Oliver discusses the Supreme Court, the ethically questionable gifts some of the justices receive, and an offer for Clarence Thomas that could ruin John’s life. Genuinely. You’ll see.

In Memory of... Bad Choice, Bad Home, Free Drugs, Child Rape, Rest In Peace - https://rumble.com/v4i7w4b-in-memory-of...-bad-choice-bad-home-free-drugs-child-rape-rest-in-peace.html

In Memory of... A Compilation of Clips of Soft White Underbelly Interviewees who have passed away since SWU started in 2019 May All Rest In Peace U.S.A.

Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion (Sextortion) Are you Under 18, or seeking advice on behalf of someone who is? Please refer to our CEOP Website for relevant advice.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, in the UK and internationally, there has been an increase in reporting of ‘Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion’– often referred to as ‘sextortion’.

Although victims of any age are potential targets, children aged 15-17 years and adults aged 18-30 are particularly at risk.

These types of sextortion scams are run by sophisticated organised criminal gangs, often operating overseas. The NCA is working with law enforcement across the UK and internationally on this rapidly increasing threat.

What is Sextortion?
Sextortion can refer to a variety of offences committed online. It is most often used to describe online blackmail, where criminals threaten to release sexual/indecent images of you, unless you pay money or do something else to benefit them.

Sextortion may be:

Financial blackmail using sexual / indecent images that have been sent to somebody you’ve had contact with online.
Financial blackmail using images that have been stolen from you, taken through hacking, or have been faked using AI generators or other image altering technology.
Blackmail using sexual/indecent images that have been sent to somebody, but with a demand for something other than money. This might be a demand for you to do something you don’t want to, like give them use of your bank account.
Recognising Sextortion
While victims of Sextortion may feel distressed or blame themselves, they have been tricked or deceived in some way - it is not their fault. These threats are often committed by organised criminals motivated only by money. It does not matter if an image was initially shared with your consent or through threats or manipulation - the misuse of your image is an offence and is never OK.

Offenders will often pose as other people, and send a large number of friend requests quickly. If a new connection engages in sexual chat, or asks for sexual/indecent images, this might be an attempt at sextortion. If you are concerned do not share any images. Sextortion attempts can escalate very quickly, or take place over a longer period of time.

Typical signs of sextortion attempts may include:
They’re moving too fast. They try to develop a relationship with you very quickly. They might be flirty, tell you they like you very early on, or ask for sexual / indecent images. Some may even send a sexual / indecent image to you first.
They pressure you to do things you’re not comfortable with. They may repeatedly ask you to do sexual things you don’t feel comfortable with. It’s never ok for someone to ask you to do things you don’t want to and there are places you can get help.
They might tell you they’ve hacked you or that they have access to your contacts. Some blackmailers might tell you they’ve got images or information about you from your device. They might threaten to share this information unless money is given to them.
If you are chatting to new people online:

Keep a close eye on your privacy settings – if scammers can’t see who your friends and family are, they’re less likely to be able to make threats to share images or information. The National Cyber Security Centre has information on how to use social media safely here.
If you’re not comfortable with any new relationships or contact, end it quickly.
If you have doubts or need support, or are worried you might be being targeted- whether or not anyone is actively threatening you - contact your local police force or any of the other support pages below.
What to do if you’re a victim of sextortion
If this has happened to you, it is not your fault and there is help and support available.

Stop all communication with the offender immediately.
You may be tempted to pay, but there is no guarantee that this will stop the threats. The offender’s motive is to get money, once you have shown you can pay, they will likely ask for more and the blackmail may continue.
Preserve evidence, if possible. Take screenshots of the offender’s profile information. Save messages and images, and make a note of usernames, email addresses, phone numbers or bank account numbers.
If your images have been shared online, collect URLs and links if you can.
Report the incident to your local police force by calling 101.
Under 18’s can report sextortion, or any other form of online child sexual abuse, to their local police force by calling 101, or to the NCA’s CEOP Safety Centre
These are the quickest ways to report an offence. Reporting helps UK Law Enforcement to best support you and hold criminals responsible.

However, we understand you may find it difficult to report this type of crime to us, so it may help you to talk to someone first. Some of our charity partners can offer you support.

Get help
If you are in severe distress and thinking about harming yourself, call 999 immediately.

The NHS also has help and support information for anyone with suicidal thoughts here. You do not have to struggle with difficult feelings alone. Let family or friends know how you are feeling. They may be able to offer support and help keep you safe.

We understand the impact that this type of crime can have. The following organisations are available for further advice and support:

For children under 18
Report Remove - for young people to confidentially report sexual images and videos of themselves, for help to remove them from the internet.
Childline – free, confidential support online and over the phone for young people under 19.
For adults over 18
Your local police force website.
Revenge porn helpline – free, confidential help and support for adult victims of intimate image abuse living in the UK.
Stop NCII (Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse) – free tool to help detect and remove images from being shared online.
Samaritans – free, confidential listening service for any issue, with no pressure or judgement.

All Hunter Biden Sex Crime Report On My Laptop Missing 100s Prostitutes Body's - https://rumble.com/v4hir8u-all-hunter-biden-sex-crime-report-on-my-laptop-missing-100s-prostitutes-bod.html - Hunter Biden Sex Crime Report On My Laptop Missing 100s Missing Or Dead Prostitutes Body Etc.

Pedophile Joe Biden Said About His Son Hunter Biden Is A Parasitic Monsters - https://rumble.com/v4hhtyk-pedophile-joe-biden-said-about-his-son-hunter-biden-is-a-parasitic-monsters.html - Pedophile Joe Biden Said About His Sick Son Hunter Biden Is A Parasitic Monsters Literally and Predatory Sociopath is Feeding Off 9.6 Million Dead Or Children Gone Missing Each Year Around World.

My Follow American My Name Is Joseph R. Biden Jr. And This Is My Record Wow - https://rumble.com/v4mzd0n-my-follow-american-im-name-is-joseph-r.-biden-jr.-and-this-is-my-record-wow.html

Per U.S.A. Government Every Man, Women, & Child Is A Criminal & Need 2 Go To Jail - https://rumble.com/v3t3frz-per-u.s.a.-government-every-man-women-and-child-is-a-criminal-and-need-2-go.html

Per U.S.A. Government DOA-DOJ-FBI-CIA-Etc. Everyone In U.S.A. All Person And Or America Citizens Right Now Today Is A Criminal As of Oct 2023 Need To Be In Jail Or Pay $$$ Fines Now. Per all federal and local police and all government agencies. All The America People Break The Law's Average 3 Times Everyday with A Average Fine of $512 dollars a day. it add up to $512 x 365 days in a year add up to $186,880 Dollars per year in fines per every person alive today right now.
Posted on 04-21-24 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 312]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ईण्डेपिडेण्ट : धेरै दिन भयो तपाइका धागा टासिएका देखिएका थिएनन | यो त भागवत गीता भन्दा पनि धेरै लामो छ नि ? साझा छिर्ने मानिसलाई यति लामो कुरा त्यो पनि तपाइको चाखको बिसय पढन भ्याउने र बुझेर तपाइको संसार पछि लाग्लान जस्तो लाग्दैन |
एक हरफमा तपाइको कुरा लेखिदिनुभए हामि साझा बासि आभारी हुने थियौ |
Can you make it short so people show some interest to read.
Last edited: 21-Apr-24 06:32 PM

Posted on 04-21-24 6:30 PM     [Snapshot: 415]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For your question "ट्रंपको लागि सति जान खोजेको हो वा प्रतिरोध ?" I gave the whole story which seemed too long for you to read. I respect that but you are assuming that this is pro-trump.

As I have repeated many times I am not pro Trump nor anti Biden. I am pro issues and anti issues. In this case the man commiting the suicide by burning was against both Trump and Biden. He has said that Trump and Biden are working together to fool ordinary people like you and me so that they can live lavish lives of riches and power.

In this instance, I respect this person who sacrificed himself to bring out the truths that he had uncovered as a investigative journalist. And his message was not pro trump. It was anti establishment which he strongly believes controls both Trump and Biden.

I actually believe what he has revealed. Why would a man sacrifice himself to bring out such truth? Lot of people would not have the guts to do that and you have to respect him for his guts.

I am independent about politicians but I may have strong opinions about policies. And right now the Biden policies really sucks so I have to voice my opinions sometimes. I have stopped as this does not seem to be a right place for US politics.
Posted on 04-22-24 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Indifferent, competition or perfect competition are theory only.


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