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 Dear Madan Bhandari
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Posted on 09-18-04 7:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Madan Dai, I was so devestaed when u left me alone in middle of the way..........i was so deeply following your views and reformation on CPN (ML) concept........your bahudaliya janabad did very well after wining the vote against the Naulo did have a vision about nepal........after looking to old theories of communism which start to fall of in most of Europe................U did take a china as inspiration for bringing open policey withing them which led them to economy prosperity.............I still remeber when u did the speech on Calcutta in presence of Joti basu............u got really appreciated by Commuist leader in the world and big praise followed by fediel castro............Today, i miss u entirly when i look at dying nation............where the leaders voice in only encouring for stupid roits and for self benfit........which is nothing but some furstated nepalese youth holding degree starving for hunger.......i feel pity ont them but then again............madan dai...........i miss you.........nobody had a power of speech which u had...........i still remember when i was in my bicycle when u r having a speech in naya baneswor near Ratna rajya school........all of a sudden it started raning..........but we didnot care.....instead we listen to u r speech which brought my boold in to boiling made it impossible Krishna prasad bhattari loose coz nobody can do what u can do? Your dead was mistery................they made a big issue of your murder blaming girija...........but agian sati le sarpe ko desh > the middle we had a biggest flood in was backpoint where ppl divert their mind............I still remember when u gave hard time to girija prasad koirala for tanakpur kanda........which ppl has forget with his over come on kanda after kanda like lauda kanda...........Today, u r death look like a grand design done by Neighbour Bharat and own party members like Madav kumar Nepal.................your own wife bidya bhandar is quite ..........even she knows the fact...........your own die heart follower amar lama was can he kill his own is mystery...........i hope u can listen to me when i talk in room to myself.......looking at our pic........Madan dai.............when u died ........we found out that u r leaving in rental room of 2 where u had a telephone connection given by goverment when u r samsad.......u r kids went out of fund for education.......they dramatised the whole secenario and use your wife as a medium to get, it is sad to see even bidya bhandari having secret relation with pradeep nepal.........what can say mada dai.............waaka bhai sake.........aba taa yeti matra aasa cha.........madan dai tapai ko punar janma kahile huncha......ani Nepal maa pheri Bir nepali putra janmancha......... Dai......tapai ko aawag maa jo sarba sadharnam janta............khate dekhi liyera magne saam le sunthiyo............jes le birendra lai lalkaryo........majbur bhayera .............ulto bire dai le tapai lai bolaunue paryo............. khai ti awaz aaja ko pida maa...........soche ko thiya second generation neta taa kaam lagenana.........aaune generation ka neta haru jo sajha maa dekhin chan.....khlai thula thual kura garchan.........tara garib janta le bujdainaan.............. Aaja maa tapai le dekha ko bato maa hideko chu.........aasa chaa ek din abase tapai jasto nabhaye pani..........tesko najik pugne chu..................Ashirbad pau madan dai........
Posted on 09-18-04 8:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kom on. Dont bring that old crap.
Posted on 09-18-04 9:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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he indeed was a great leader.. the communist party we have today.. without Pushpa Lal Shrestha, Madan Bhandari, Jib Raj, and Manmohan Adhikari is nothing but a dhabba to all the communists... I dont believe believe in communism but whoever call themselves communists atleast stick to the concept of it.....but the communists in nepal are no different than Girija today.. all eyeing power and money.. mero desh.. man.. going down the drain.. and i am another dumbass watching it go down... to chinatown..
Posted on 09-18-04 3:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes MM bro, he was indeed a great leader, but in country like Nepal, good ppl are always squashed...he was indeed a great leader.. ahile ta everything is out of hand, only one thing that has remianed is bhatkeko ghar and bomb le padkeko bhitta.. jai desh
Posted on 09-18-04 3:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry guys I disgree. It was unfortunate for MB and JIB that they didn't get chance to show their potential. But still I doubt. Only Bhasan doesn't make leader a great leader. We have seen lots of Neta indeed, with great great bhasan, but when in come to action they all have squashed our hope. Once I have heard Madan Bhandari giving a BHASAN, he mention the fact how SHAH became a king by wining GHALE in running competition and he challeged that he can beat any Shah in Daud competition, hahahahah and he will be king there after. I still laugh at this statement. And thats how he gain popularity by chanting and shouting using that sort of cheap statement. Man Mohan Adhikari had good ideology, but he got no guts to rule. Most of us have seen Balidaan right? Without any doubt Its great movie. You guys know that movie is written by great writer "MODH NATH PRASIT". We can never imagine man who wrote that story turn to be looser. His nine months period in government he had everything along with 4 storey house from merely nothing. These leader and Neta are diesease for Nepal and should be eradicate, we don't need Neta, we need patriotic dictetor like Mahendra. Mahendra was great king, he leaded nepal with heart. Hadn't he couped congress then we were among 1.9 billion indians. Though he was ruthless, he was ruthless for good reason. We need Mahendra back. And I see his images in Gyanendra and Paras, the only hope. It doesnt matter what Gyanendra and Paras did, they are still better than these DHAMIRA NETA. This is to Gyane and PARAS Welcome Gyanendra and PARAS if you have guts to established LAW and ORDER we will accept you. You can do anything, whoever go against you, run BullDozer over them. Blow head of corrupted Neta. Do whatever but bring peace to the county. I know you have guts, only thing you lack is your responsibility towards country. You are only hope Nepali Janta now. Forget about bunch of Hooligans, they ain't do nothing. SHOOT THEM, it is that easy. If not, then u better bid our country. Hope Japan will win the bid. God Bless Nepal.
Posted on 09-18-04 4:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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pisces, what r u talking abt man, this guy was so famous with youth at his time, jatti ragat ma tato authiyo yunko bhasan sunera kta haru ma, tyo kasaiko ni ragat ma chaina..btw, what is wrong with taht speech?? ghale lai daud ma jitera nai Drabye?? Shah raja baneko ho, hoina bhanni hoina bhanna?? desh chalauna dimag chahincha not stregth... and talking abt today's situation, who do you think created this situation?? the perfect answer to this question wud be, OUR LEADERS.. so my point is, hence, if this guy was alive, i KNOW this people's war would have already ended...the way this guy had touched the heart of thousands of youth in a positive way, CPN maobadi cud have never done its a chaos..
Posted on 09-18-04 5:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Confused bro, no wonder he was among nepali janta heart or whatsoever. But had anyone of us seen him in action? Real leader shows action. If you are talkin about his great bhasan and speech Hitler would had been favorite about people. If you read Hitler's book Mein Kampf he will turn out to be his ideal. Wakeup bro, Nepali ain't need no BHASAN, We need action. And about DAUD PRATOYOGITA, if shah wouldn't have won that DAUD PRATOYOGITA and if you claim they don't have BUDDHI ; BUDDHA would have born in INDIA and EVEREST would have be in CHINA and now you and me would have been seeking your identity under our UNDERWEAR. ABout Mr. MADAN, If this guy was alive we would have seen another sitara among Nepali Neta. Either he would have been busy fillin his RITTO BHAKARI or he would have another victim of GIRIJA and busy in street vandalism. Confused bro don't get confuse, Neta ain't do anything unless he dont love nepal and has guts to blow head of activist. God bless nepal
Posted on 09-18-04 6:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We didnt have enough time to judge Madan Bhandari... yes he was good at making speeches that helped him garner mass support and defeat Krishna Prasad Bhattarai... but as a member of parliament his performance was just ordinary (or u can argue it was below average... some instances show that). And if u praise hhim for his Janata ko Bahudaliye Janabad, then please read it carefully and then only comment on it. This manifesto says communism (where there is no room for other political parties and the kind of freedom all of us would not want to give in) is the ultimate goal and participation in parliamentry system is just one step ahead in the fight against the so called enemy to achieve the ultimate goal.. this is a clear crafty double standard...that is why i personally do not approve of such equivocal manifesto... and above all, the best way to judge the politicians is not by what they say but by whta they do... and for that i think we didnt have enough time to judge Madan Bhandari...
Posted on 09-18-04 7:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here, I do agree with pices and rein. Real leader show actions, as it is said action speaks louder than sound. Well as for being junata ko leader there are 3 types of junta ko leader. 1) NELSON MANDELA: He was famous, he was loved by his ppl and around the globe. He was able to throw white racist goverment of S. AFRICA. Here is the important thing he was totally flopped when he become President of S. Africa. He was not able to handle his job properly cuz he didn't know anything about adminstration. 2) Robert Mugabe: Again one of the famous character to get independence for Zimbabwe(formerly known as Rhodhesia) from British Colony. Now he is running a tyrannic goverment in Zimbabwe after getting a power. 3) For this one we don't have to go far away but our neighbour India. Mahatma Gandhi. He was pioneer to get British out of india but he also succumbed to Nehru cuz he was a revolunist not a strategist.He have to isolate himself from a mainstream politics. No wonder he was isolated we can say that. Thats why as both of this gentlemen have claimed talking is not only enough its a work which shows, what they are? We also have to remember he died early but again still he got his chance to serve nepal even for a short period. There is nothing speacial during that short period that we can claim he would have been successful. By saying this i want to say there is difference in between being leader and adminstrator. One can be a leader but not good adminstarator and vis a vis. It is easy to start revolution but its another thing to run an adminstration once u succeed overthrowing a system. Its just like comparing in between APPLES' AND ORANGES'. P.S. Same goes with maaobaadis' too cuz they may succeed ( my vague hunch) but haven't seen any strategy to run a goverment once they are able to throw a current system. Its almost same to the current goverment too cuz they also dunno what to do if and only if peace talk table succeed. Well there is nothing to talk about current goverment right folks. with love and peace
Posted on 09-18-04 9:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Okay, I am the probably the biggest ignorant in sajha. I don't even know why Madan Bhandari is considered as one of the greatests. What did he do for Nepal? Whats his contribution to Nepal? There must be something other than jaldo-baldo bhasan to make him great... So what is it? Enlighten me... I don't know shit about it, actually I didn't know anything about him and Jeevnath until their vehicle plunged into the deep blue river. Who was he?
Posted on 09-18-04 9:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yah kalanki looks like it.. ok let me be ur guru and explain it to u..Madan Bhandari was MAHA SAHACIV of NE KA PA YEMALE, so what is maha sahachiv? , maha sahachiv is the person who holds the key to the party, and to be nominate to be a maha sahchiv of a party u need to be more than just a regular leader.. :)
Posted on 09-18-04 9:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am not bragging, but still, i am just saying some unnessary stuff and i want to make my self important, so here it is, Manmohan Adhikari''s natini use to be my fren..:) haha..
Posted on 09-18-04 10:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Confused, That's it? That's why you call him the great because he was maha-sachiv of UML? LOL... pretty compelling reasoning! That's makes Sher Bahadur Deuba the GREATEST of them all, for utshrinkhal-bhimsen sake, he is a PM of Nepal... eh... bru, I thought you'd gimme a job of chauffer when you become a big-shot.... you know what? I QUIT, RIGHT NOW!! :) Any other reasons??? coz confused's confused reason didn't even move the string of g-strings of that lady with a big fat bootie... let alone her bootie.. eh... I was hoping for huge shake ;)
Posted on 09-18-04 11:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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haha kalanki bro, its allright force on the job.. but bro i dont know how u can be this arrogant, how can you compare a leader of the party, to country's PM...maybe you dont know how maha-sahchiv and pm are i need to go thru that lesson too?? khoi, kalanki bro i thought u were playing a trick by saying u dont know Madan Bhandari, but looks like you really dont seem to know this great socially politically guy.. jun kam has Madan Bhandari done to Nepali politics, ahile samma kunai neta le garna sakeko chaina..the way he use to speak, he touched the heart of a poor and dirt poor nepali citizen, .2046 sal ko yehi ho auta SUN....ani jun tarika le this party came to be one of the major political party in nepal, it was all coz of Madan Bhandari...and his dedication to his party and his country..ever heard of Jhapa ANdolan..if not look it up..haha :) no i wont tell u that, let me expalin it to u, it was first andolan infuenced by Naxalite party to destruct the class Nepal, influenced by Naxalite. these dhotis were Radicals l, but this dude, out here MAdan Bhandari,even in this kind of situation, never beilived in voilence..this guy with out any voilence, led the party like CPN UML in the mainstream..yo manche le RAJA lai nai challange gareko thiyo..he asked KING, of nepal, who we consider GOD, to come and be in the ballet box...he was a influencial leader.. and bro plz get the diff. between desh ko PM and party ko MAHA- sahchiv... bro i dont want to tell u what wud have happened if he was alive, but tell u one thing ppl's war wud have those mao's have brain washed youth, he did it too , but in a positive way...
Posted on 09-18-04 11:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kalankisthan, MK bhandari wasn't popular and great just because he was the secretary general of the CPN UML. He is considered amongst the great leaders in Nepal, because, i) with his ability of leadership and capability of convincing people, he became the secretary general at such a young age and made those old communist veterans just roaming around the chairs coz they didn't have guts to do what he used to state. ii) he was the key figure to play role to unify the CPN ML and CPN Marxists, which made the communist party of nepal so big. iii) he wrote the book on " bahudaliya janawad" that became so popular, the communists compared it with the books of Lenin and Marx. iv) he went to Cuba and enlightened the communist hardliners that how liberal can they be. v) as far as his speech is concerned, there has been thousands of leaders in Nepal but anyone who marks the leaders by their speech can say, no one has ever touched the youth' heart as he did. vi) he won the election against the most popular leader at that time of nepal Mr. KP Bhattrai (the then Prime Minister). Bhandari was underground until the declaration of democracy so no one really knew him and he didn't have any physical connection with the area (KTM constituency #1) where Mr. KP Bhattrai used to eat, shit, drink and piss. So for that big election, he had very less time to expose himself and to gain the popularity and that's where he used his speech and verbal cleverness. Finally, giive me some names if you can even think of who became so remarkable the way he did.
Posted on 09-18-04 11:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ohhh yah dude, Castro even commented on Bhandari's leadership..
Posted on 09-19-04 7:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey dude......kali......listen.......i know madan bhandari didnot get chance to prove himself but he did enough to prove in short period of time to say.....what he wanted to nepali the way he never wanted attention........he was always man behind the curtain in pro democracy......but he brought out himself to show what Nepali janta needed.............dude, due u know when CPM ML make sarkar..........whose most policy was used.......madan bhandari..........who concpet was that afno gau afai banu.........who thought of given old bhatta in nepal..........his mapdanda was qute followed........but then what.........all these makune..........bichar man mahon buda.........kaam garchu bhanda bhandai.........garna diye po..........dude whatever u say............Madan bhandari was great dude.........if he was alive the structure of nepal could have different.....and there could have never a moaist......he knew how to negotiate..........if u dont know about madan bhandari then why are u bluffing here..........if u want more information listen to my bro confuesd........ as we are labelled for bad writers in sajha.......who is manupulating sajha day by day....why we speak our heart.........we are two philoshoper here in sajha.......who belives in changing hidu relegion in new dimenson......talks about poor and uneducated bhane..........lau lau sati le sarpeko desh...........Moneyminded and Confused is enough to change the ppl takes time but it will happen.........we are joke as ppl thought about moabadi........when we spread then everyone will be .......................

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