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 what do u think of hinduism as Nepalese

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Posted on 04-24-02 2:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Any one of have tried to look deeply inside hiduism through the eyes of wisdom and being as a person who have different beliefes and values. I have tried to make this message board to talk about the reigion. Any kind of religion that you are interested in our you hate. you can make any kind of judgment. You can talk from the ancient to present time. further more when we will start working on it we wil have further more points to talk about for now we will talk about a question.

Are you satisfied with the religon that you are following?

Later on as the topic goes generalis for we can talk about much more. Try answering this first question. The ideas will come up to disscuss. Have great time
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 03-24-09 9:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i support most of the teachings of every religion that i
know of. i was born a hindu and maybe that's why i'm more passionate
about teachings on morality that hinduism teaches. but i bet other
religions have good stuff too. like someone was saying, i too support
all religion until you come close to my face and start preaching it.

that said, here's an interesting fact: we all humans once had ancestors
that were common to chimps and us. this means, there was no adam or eve
(there you go christianity), no brahma created the world in a blink of
an eye (hinduism), and so on about other religions. another fact is
that we all once had a single point of origin - africa. and then we
spreaded and gained more intelligence than the primal species. also,
during the migration, the enviromental factors made some of us black,
some white, we picked our own language and also CREATED our own
religions to suit the then communal settings. hence, each religion is
false if you are trying to prove yours is the correct one.

know this as i'm a student of biology and have done some immense study
to disprove christian beliefs (i go to a christian school)

no religion = better world

Posted on 03-24-09 9:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-24-09 9:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-24-09 10:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is what I believe......

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who
said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own
reason and your own common sense.


It is better to travel well than to arrive.


Posted on 03-24-09 10:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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who's been digging in the sajha archives???

this discussion is 5 yrs old.

Nevertheless, its always interesting to talk about religion.

I liked the thread on aliens (here on sajha) which had information that proved that all religions were basically invented by the aliens as a means to mass control humans (which incidentally were a result of their hybridization experiments) wieeeerrrddd..

and DEFINITELY check out Scientology, if u haven't already. Those guys have the most extreme beliefs ever! Religions are interesting to read about!!!!
Posted on 03-24-09 12:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am the Lord.
Posted on 03-24-09 12:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Andy and Montou, know that ye shall be judge by the Lord on the judgment day for your faith upon his only Son. I am the light of the lamp, the Shepard of the sheeps and the only path to your salvation. Seek and ye shall find. My sons, you will be rewarded for your love. Sinners repent for rapture will befall on this earth before my Father brings Armageddon to wipe you sinners and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Oh ye vile creatures the Pagans, the idol worshippers, thee will be cast into the pit of hell for denying Christ and the Father in Heaven.

My sons Andy and Montou, you are on the path and in communion with the only Son of God. Curse upon them, the prostitutes and whores in the Vatican and the Luciferian Pope who is disguising as an authority on the Christians. The Illuminati Jesuits have infiltrated the Vatican. I forewarn you, ye seekers of truth for I am the Truth, Jesus Christ the carpenter from Nazareth.

Posted on 03-24-09 12:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-24-09 1:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-24-09 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand this thread was developed by a person back in 2002. Luckily I know him. However, religion to me is a belief system. One is got to belief in something to be hopeful or hopeless, and be alive. I am Hindu, it's my belief and I take a pride in it. Of course every religion has its pros and cons. To me it's the most liberal religion in the WORLD. No Hindu to my knowledge has pursued somebody to join the religion or go to temple. It’s based on one’s on faith and understanding. I like the Darsan (philosophy) and the growth of Aathma through Karmic life. Did not want to sound so religious freak, but I trust my faith of being Hindu.

Posted on 03-24-09 1:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am hindu and went to church couple of times. I didn't like to drink Jesus blood and I stop visiting church on regular basic. I frequently visit church if I don't have temple around. What I believe is that any religious place is good because they talk about good thing. But I am hindu by birth and I could not find any religion close to hinduism.

I eat beef and hinduism does not stop you eating meat. See, if you talk about Ram or Krishna they eat meat in some form. I don't believe you can eat goat mean not beef. If you have watched Ramayan recently telecast by Zee tV you will see the truch. Before the Rawan time people used to eat cow. There might be scarcity of cows or milk at any time and people though not to kill cow for the sake of milk. Other then that I didn't see any reason why cow should not be eaten while you can eat buffalo (MoMo).

I eat beef visit temple frequently. I prey god. I believe in god. I don't regred eating beef at all. So, this is modified version of hinduism what I follow or hinduism before the time of Ram.

Whatever way you think, I love hinduism and there is noway I am going to change. If someone thinks that I am not hindu since I eat beef then I have nothing to tell that person. The hindusm I follow is the vesrion before Lord Ram came to India.


Cheers !!!

Posted on 03-24-09 2:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-24-09 5:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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a mixture of hinduism and buddhism like that of nepal is the best (for me personally).The hindu philosophy and spirituality and  buddhist rational thinking  compliment each other.

As for christinity, it is buddhism told by a jewish tongue. thats the core difference.but later on the teacher was transformed into son of a god by his 3-5 generations desciples just for the sake of gaining authority from a small sect ot a world religion. hence christiniaty was changed to church-inity.the christian commandants are literally same as buddhism

i dont like the bramhanism (the evil authority of the brahmins in hindu eligion)either that was prevalant from some time before buddha till date. these zealots brahmins corrupted the whole religion and civilisation for the sake of their authority.they made castes hereditary and abuse the illiterate castes,started a dogmatic ritualistic religious path and abused  the general publics in the name of vedic authority.this was challenged by the buddha.

ps-christ learnt abt buddhism while in egypt after he fled jerusalem in fear of the romans.The word therapeuta comes from greek which was actually the theravadan medical teachers who were sent to egypt from the time of ashoka.jesus learnt thus buddhism and medical curing techniques like acupunture from them.

अहम ब्रह्मासमी ,बसुदैव कुटुम्बकम ,परोपकाराय पुन्याय पापाय परिपिडानम   -that makes hinduism so cool.


Posted on 03-24-09 6:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 "what do you think of Hinduism as Nepalese"

To me if we are to be HONEST with ourselves and look deeper into the meaning of Hinduism, we will find
that the Hinduism is a collective of Gods. There is no creator or founder of Hinduism unlike other religion.
When the Aryans first settled in Indus Valley from Persia they were nomads. They did not have any specific religions
or any rituals and practices according to the anthropologist and historians though they brought with them some
ideas of their own regarding their God.
In the same time the ancient tribes living in scattered region of Indian-Sub Continent were practicing their own rituals
and custom. For example the ancient Indian tribes as Hunas, Khasas, Kiratas, Nagas, Sakas had already developed a form
of rituals and customs. This practices came as a form of tantras and cults to appease their tribal GOD. In the cults and tantras,
animals are sacrificed and the God(Murti) smear with the animal blood. Murti are also soaked wet with the sacrifced animal blood. The sacrificing of animal was an ancient tribal practices when worshiping their God that has still been followed in Nepal.
Other tribal practices when worshiping includes offering God(Murti) with Raksi but this is banned by Brahamin though this practices are still carried on today in some tribes.

Still today in Nepal, this practices are still done. example Dakshinkali, Manakamana, Budha Subba
Also this would answer why they are Magar pujari in Manakamana and Budha Subba in so call Hindu temple?!?!
These ancient tribes of Indian-Sub Continent worshiped the NATURE (Sun, moon, fire, water, stone, trees and snakes)
and their ANCESTORS(Sumnima/Paruhang).  Therefore when these invading Normads(aryans) settled in the Indus valley and started
their expansion of their civilization, the tribal group lost their land along with their practices and rituals to these invaders.
The invaders on the other hand took the tribal rituals, customs and practices and make it as theirs (aryanised). Many tribal rituals especially
in India like sacrificing of animals are ban and the new religion called Hinduism is a collective and modification of tribal God, rituals
and practices. Therefore Hinduism really came into existence during the Aryan civilization expansion period.
Therefore the number of Gods and Goddess also increased in numbers as invading nomads(aryan) expanded their civilisation.
All the tribal rituals, practices and customs were also aryanised along with the people at this period though some of them have defied aryanisation and these tribal groups are still in existence following their old customs and religions.

While not disrespecting the Hinduism, one really ought to know what is Hinduism really is?
Since there is no single founder or creator of Hinduism, the scholars have already pointed out that the Hinduism is a
collective of God/Goddess/rituals/practices and customs from the ancient tribes of India.

Thereafter coming to understand that Hinduism is a modification religion, one ought to know then what is really one's religion/ritual/practices and customs
since one have undertood the concept of aryanisation.
Therefore having realize this, i would like to point out that ancient religions of Nepal was NOT Hinduism. The Kiratas is one of the ancient civilization(5069)
that has been living in the Indian-continent since the pre-historic times. Th religons and practices of this tribes is described below:

Religion/Practice of Kirat:

Kirat religion is not Hindusm. It is Kirati Mundhum. This practice is also known as Kirat Veda, Kirat-Ko Veda or Kirat Koved.
According to some scholars, such as Tom Woodhatch, it is a blend of animism (e.g., ancestor worship (Sumnima/Paruhang), Saivite Hinduism and Buddhism which can be categorize as Shamanism.
Mundhum or Kiranti Veda (also known as Peylan) is the religious scripture and folk literature of the Kirat people of Nepal, central to Kirat Mundhum.
Mundhum means "the power of great strength" in the Kirati languages. The Mundhum covers many aspects of the Kirat culture, customs and traditions that existed before Vedic civilisation in South Asia.
The Mundhum commands that the priests say that the Kirat family members used to be called "Devas".
The Mundhum for each tribe consists of customs, habits, rituals, traditions, and myths passed down from the Kirati tribe's ancestors.
The Mundhum also distinguishes each Kiranti tribe from other Kiranti and non-Kirantis as well.

Kirats shamanism and their rituals are mostly related to the worship of mother nature and ancestors. Almost all sacred rituals are performed by nakchong, the kirat priest.
Their supreme deity Tagera Nyingmaphuma is personified as Lord Shiva.
Many followers wear a tilak on the forehead, as in Hinduism, when they recite their sacred text, the Kiranti Veda.

Yele sambat is kiranti new year and this festival is used to celebrate in the time of maghe siri panchami or sukla pancham.
This festival was completely banned after conquest of Gorkha darwar but still remain in the time of Rana government illegally but
after Rana government this festival was completely banned and all sort of Kiranti documents were burned and destroy which the office used to
call Jatiya Nasta Bivag as mentioned by Gopal Gurung. But still, Old Wallo Kiranti Sunuwar has been practicing and celebrating this festival
in time of maghe siri panchami.

work reference:
KIRATA-JANA-KRTI by Suniti Kumar Chatterji
The Kiratas in Ancient India by G.P Singh
A study of three Kirata communities in the Eastern Himalayas by T.B. Subba
Nepali Rajniti ma Adhekhai Sachai (Hidden facts in Nepalese Politics) by Gopa Gurung

Posted on 03-24-09 8:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Religion Divides,   Spirituality Unites. 

Choose what you like !

Posted on 03-24-09 9:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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not religion itself but the authority-hungry vanguards of religion divides.worldwide!!
Posted on 03-24-09 11:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Religions are the way of life, no matter which way you choose, the destination is the same. So STOP pointing out which religion is good and which is bad.

Hinduism is the oldest religion on earth. In one of the books I read by Sylvia Brown, Jesus even spent few years in India and learned Veda. Hinduism itself is not bad, but over the time people created different dogma and rituals  just to control the crowd. We have to rise above the religious dogma and tear the Vail of ignorance.

The relationship between GOD and YOU is personal, you don't need any temples and religions to
define that relationship.

and  for all my genius friends, who think that by converting into their religion, will help others to find god.. YOU NEED TO FIND YOURSELF FIRST. WHO ARE YOU TO PREACH ANYWAY ? WORLD WOULD BE MUCH BETTER PLACE WITHOUT HYPOCRITES LIKE YOU.

Posted on 03-25-09 9:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hindu religion  ,the amended version,modified by some so called high class evil minded archaic ppl in their own form in sascrit or whtever sh##. sucks.....SUCKS.There are many reason why  hinduism sucks.many practice, rite or belief are irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance for instance superstition,untouchable tradion(no other religion does this kinda  discrimination to their believers ),signs on the temple or whatever clearly says"ONLY  HINDUS MAY ENTER"  what is ??????............. 
Posted on 03-25-09 11:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what do u think of hinduism as Nepalese
As continued from my earlier post......!
    Religion Divides only when some force others to convert and  some take other religions and modified to make it into their own.
As khanrajiblnpal said " Hindu religion ,the amended version, modified by some so called high class evil minded archaic ppl"
I have read numerous text that say that many rituals, practices and Gods of Hinduism originated from the ancient tribes living in
the Indian-Sub continent before the advent of nomads Aryans settling down in Indus Valley.The nomads
conquest for their expansion of their civilizations led them to destroy the tribal religions and customs
and making it as their own through modifications of these tribal religions that befits the invaders.
This was called Aryanisation. Aryanisation was the process to convert other people, their customs, their religions and their way of life as their own (Aryan).
In other word it was to create a new identity(Hindu) over the existing reality.

For example Kirat worship their ancestors(Sumnima/Paruhang). Sumnima refers to Siva and Paruhang is his consort, Uma in Kirat Mythology.
Even in the Mahabharata text, it said that Siva is a God of Kiratas, an ancient tribes.

The scrips in Mahabaharata depicts this as i extracted some paragraphs from the book.

"We should recall that as early as the Mahabharata we find the legend of Siva Mahadeva, the Great God, taking the guise of a Kirata,
with Uma with him as a Kirata woman, to test Arjuna when he was practicing religious penance in the Himalayas: a legend which may have
its germs in the following vers of the Sata-rudriya section of the White Yajurveda (XVI, 7):

                       Asau yo vasarpati nila-grivo vilohitah
                       utainam gopa adrsrann vdaharyah: sa drsto mrdayati nah

May he who glides away, whose neck is azure, and whose hue is red, he whom the herdsmen, whom the girls who carry water have
beheld, may he when seen be kind to us." (Trans. by Ralph T. Griffith, Benares, 1899.)

And this is quite a high exaltation of the status of the non-Aryan hill people, the Kiratas, when the Supreme God with his consort was
made to take up the guise of a Kirata mountaineer and his wife. (KIRAT-JANA-KRTI)

The book, KIRAT-JANA-KRTI also mentioned that in the famous episode of Siva meeting Arjuna as Kirata, accompanied by Uma also in the
guise of a Sabari or a Kirati woman, in the Himalaya regions, when Arjuna went there to propitiate Siva by his austerities with a view to
obtain the boon of the Pasupata weapons from the Great God himself, as narrated in the Kirata-parvan section of the Vana-parvan of
the Mahabharata.
A definite indication of what the Kirata people were like is given also. They were 'gold-like', i.e., yellow in colour (and not dark or black
like the Dasas and Dasyus and the Nisadas and other pre-Aryan peoples of the plains.) Cf. the following passages:---

                  Kairatam vesam asthaya kancana-druma-sannibham
             "Taking up a Kirata resemblance, like unto a tree of gold" (IV, 35, 2);

                  dadarsatha tato jisnuh purusam kancana-prabham
              "Then the Victorious One (Arjuma) saw a Man, shining like gold" (IV, 35, 17);

                 na tvam asmin vane ghore bibhesi kanaka-prabha
              "O thou that art shining like gold (addressing Siva in the form of Kirata), dost thou not fear in this terrible forest" (IV, 35, 18).

It is therefore many scholars also have concluded that Siva was the God of Kirata and later it was Aryan who took Siva as their own God(Aryanized),
 so basically Siva is seen more as Hindu God than tribal God.

As one scholar said "To begin with, the kipat system and the mundhum are traditionally uncontested metaphors of Kirata culture. Similarly the worshiping of
 Tagera Nyingmaphuma or the supreme deity was a pan-Kirata symbol. But with the obilition of kipat system and the simultaneous influence
of Hinduism, these symbols have lost their strength considerably. Since Tagera Nyingmaphuma, is often personified as Shiva, who is not
only considered tribal God but also one of the Hindu pantheon, he  cannot be claimed by the Kiratas as their exclusive God" ---Politics of Culture: A Study of Three Kirata Communities in the Eastern Himalayas), 1999 by Tanka Bahadur Subba

But while doing so the most dangerous thing after taking others religions and modifying them to create Hinduism through Aryanisation is quoted here by Gopal Gurung
 "Let me quote you from the Reg-Vedas, the holiest script of the Hindus. These quotes clearly project their racial egoism at the cost of other castes and despising that has continued even from that ancient epic age. "
The Bahun was born from the mouth,
the Chetri from the arms,
the Vaishya from the thighs and the Sudhra from the foot".

Can any one imagine a man born from the mouth "Worship Bahun even he has no merits. But never worship a Sudra, whatever qualities, merits and skills he might have. The penance you observe for killing a sudra is equal to the penance for killing a cat, a kitten or a grasshopper.  The trader, the Kirat(mongol), the Kayastha, the gardener, the weaver, the Chandal (untouchable), the Kol ect: are born from the Bottom of the Bahun. To talk with them is a crime, which can be erased only by looking at the sun. Never share wisdom with the Sudra. The Sudras should never earn wealth, or else they will afflict the Bahuns. For the Sudras, left over food for eating, torn cloths for wearing, and hay for sleeping, will be fitting." These are some of the quotes from their holy scripts. Even in the Geeta they have demonstrated their communal attitude: "The prostitutes, the Sundrs and the women are of sinful births." The non-Hindu Mongol people, who have accepted the lowest Sudra status of the caste-order, learn a lesson from these quotes (56-57).

excerpts from the  Hidden Facts in Nepalese Politics by Gopal Gurung

But before the creation of Hinduism, there were no caste/jat system in the tribal religions. These caste system was created only for the purpose of
benefiting the Brahmin's(Aryan) who wanted to be master of all races.
True religions does not create such system, does not differentiate classes and
is both God and Protector of all his subjects.

In reference to Nepal on Hinduism, it is said that Kirat Mundhum was banned and all sort of Kiranti documents were burned and destroy which the office used to
call Jatiya Nasta Bivag during the rule of shah and rana goverment as i mentioned above in my earlier post.
 But because the Old Wallo Kiranti Sunuwar has been practicing and celebrating their rituals and religions, the Kirat Mundhum still exist today.

Conclusion: Hinduism is NOT really bad if we know the true facts behind it.

work reference:
KIRATA-JANA-KRTI by Suniti Kumar Chatterji
The Kiratas in Ancient India by G.P Singh
A study of three Kirata communities
in the Eastern Himalayas by T.B. Subba
Nepali Rajniti ma Adhekhai Sachai (Hidden facts in Nepalese Politics) by Gopa Gurung

Posted on 03-25-09 11:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nothing is 100 percent good or bad...Hinduism might be boring sometimes or it might have too many gods to remember their names....but as a born hindu, u wanna respect it ...and in times of trouble, u will end up remembering shiva or krishna...Religion is not just a myth, but its a way of life ..........its a philosphy ...a way we live our lives in our culture...whether god exist or not, it's always beneficial for us to believe in something...as we are not GOD ourself (GOD means someone who has answer to life's all questions)....believing in GOD gives us hope and positivity in life .....else if u ask me there is no other truth than DEATH ITSELF .....that's the ultimate truth ..for we will all die one day.........so believe in something...and do good to others ...help others.....u dont have to try to convince the whole world what religion they should follow ....hinduism is a very complex religion....we gotta read hundreds of books to understand it properly.....so we can't judge this religion in this thread or with some articles....if u don't believe in anything, that's cool too ........If u are not religious, u can follow the human religion.




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