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 ANA $1200 competition for Youth

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Posted on 05-04-12 8:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) Texas Chapter announces “ANA Promo Video Competition 2012″ with a cash prize of NRs 1,00,001 — open to everyone of Nepali origin from around the world. The video should promote 30th ANA Convention 2012 scheduled to be hosted in Dallas, Texas from June 29, 2012 through July 1, 2012.

Winner Selection

Videos submitted for the competition will be uploaded to ANA Texas Chapter’s YouTube channel. Each video will be embedded on ANATexas.org where people can vote by clicking Facebook like button. Public voting will be open from May 1, 2012 through May 31, 2012. The top 5 videos receiving most public votes (until midnight of May 31, 2012 CST) will be judged by a panel of judges from ANA Texas board and the winner will be announced in the first week of June. The winner will receive cash prize of NRs 1,00,001 or equivalent amount of currency based on the location of the participant.

Video submission deadline – May 20, 2012

ANA Promo Video Competition Guidelines

  1. Open contest to anyone of Nepali origin (either born in Nepal or has family ties to Nepal).
  2. Only one video allowed per participant/group.
  3. Length of video must be 5 minutes or less.
  4. Language – Nepali and/or English.
  5. Category/Theme – OPEN. Be creative! The video must promote ANA Convention 2012 and the various events planned for the convention like sports, talent show, spelling bee, quiz contest, cultural shows, ANA forums and so on. Please find details on the events page on our website (anatexas.org/events).
  6. Video submitted must be original work of the participant – video will be immediately removed from the competition if any copyright claims are made regarding content of the video.
  7. Video must be made exclusively for the upcoming 30th ANA Convention 2012. The video must never have been released or premiered anywhere.
  8. By submitting video for the competition, the participant grants ANATexas.org permission to republish the video on our YouTube channel, our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and on our website at ANATexas.org.
  9. Video must be approved by ANA Texas Chapter approval council before being accepted for the competition.
  10. Five top videos will be selected by public voting (Facebook likes on video page).
  11. Voting will be open from May 1, 2012 through May 31, 2012.
  12. Winner will be selected from the Top 5 videos by judges assigned by ANA Texas Board. The decision of the judges will be FINAL.
  13. Winner will be announced via ANATexas.org on the first week of June 2012.
  14. ANA Texas Board reserves the right to remove any video at anytime with/without notice.

Video Format

Final video file can in any format and size/resolution as long as it is supported by YouTube. For more details please refer to Supported YouTube Formats.

How to Participate?

Submit your video file by May 20, 2012 via online file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, ADrive, etc. or send us your video file saved in a DVD or a flash drive.
Online submission – share your file to admin@anatexas.org
Mailing DVD or flash drive:
ANA Texas Chapter
1501 Pipeline Road E Suite B
Bedford, TX 76022
If you have any questions or concerns about the competition, please email us at admin@anatexas.org or call us at 214-699-1460.
We are looking forward to seeing your masterpiece!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-04-12 9:45 AM     [Snapshot: 88]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is this another ANA SCAM ? lol !!
Posted on 05-04-12 10:08 AM     [Snapshot: 134]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I highly doubt they are gonna pay the rewards fairly. Kun chai ni le aafai/chhora/chhori/bhai/dai/didi/bahini lai dine bhayo. ANA is a joke. 
Posted on 05-04-12 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ANA should have a session on accounting, how to balance checks 101 which should be followed by how to duck rotten toamtoes, eggs and shoes flying at you session. The later should include video training by ex President George W Bush.

Posted on 05-04-12 10:32 AM     [Snapshot: 158]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के यो एनए भनेको नाचगाना, उछलकुद, शोरसरावा, मुक्कामुक्की र तोडफोड मात्र हो?

हामी नेपाललाई माया गर्छौ भनेर भयंकर गफ हाँक्ने ठालुहरुले नेपालको विकासमा अमेरिका बसेका नेपालीहरुको कसरी सहयोग गर्न सकिन्छ भन्ने बिषयमा पनि यो एनए केही गर्छन् कि? प्रविधि र पूँजी कसरी नेपालमा पठाउन सकिन्छ भन्ने बिषयमा पनि केही बहस हुन्छ कि? त्यस्तो केही टेक्निकल सेसन चल्छ त्यहाँ? कम्तीमा पनि मैले नेपालमा के कस्तो खनिजपदार्थको संभावना छ भनेर अमेरिकामा त्यसको लागि बजार खोज्न र नेपालमा लगानी गर्नको लागि केही भन्ने पाउने थिए । खाली धोती धोती भनेर ईण्डियनलाई गाली गरेर बस्नुको सट्टा तिनिहरुले नेपालबाट सस्तोमा झिकाएर अमेरिकामा महँगोमा बेच्ने किमती पत्थरको बजार नेपाली नेपाली मिलेर लिन सके कति राम्रो हुन्थ्यो ।

दुइचार जना नखर्माउलीहरु उफार्दैमा के के न गरेको भन्ने हो भने आउदिन तिमीहरुको एनए सेएनए ..

Posted on 05-04-12 10:53 AM     [Snapshot: 191]     Reply [Subscribe]
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have you checked the forum sections of past ANA before writing Geology tiger? what kind of forums they held? about nepal about technology?  if you want to present your concept, contact the ANA. if not too late to submit. Nobody come to your home requesting you to please present your idea. You have to go forward yourself dude.

Are any young generation interested in such kind of forums like you said or just music and dance? First ask them. While such forums are conducting they might be still in hangover from previous night. mula haru garcha khub desh bikash ko guff sajha ma.
Posted on 05-04-12 10:57 AM     [Snapshot: 211]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Internet ko jamana ma website sebsite hernu chaina schedule ko lagi. Sidai jancha ANA bar ma.  how you know what programs are held where. Nepali para jasto khai ka ho program ka bhandai hidcha. Convention ma auda ta full prepare bhayera po aunu parcha ho America ma. how organizers will know all the programs where held on top of their head. ki ta sabai le schedule afno pocket ma rakhera hidnu paryo. ani ek ek jana lai yo program yaha bhandai hidnu paryo. Don't ANA attendees have the responsibility to be sober and help organizers too?
Last edited: 04-May-12 11:01 AM

Posted on 05-04-12 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 261]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Forum ta mero living room ma pani cha tara tyahaa bataa kahiii jadaina ke garney. he he Tyo mero pharum ma Technology, raaajnitiii,  Aliens, develovement kisim kisim ko anaake consept haru hunthyo khai...   Hoina yo pharum le ke garcha huh !! kehiii bujhena baaa !!  Khaaali bhasaaan matrai dina aucha, katti matrai bhaasan sunney ? Harey kaaanai pakisakyo.  
Posted on 05-04-12 11:54 AM     [Snapshot: 291]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 all the negativity in this town sucks

Posted on 05-04-12 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 279]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mno मित्र,

नढाँटी भन्दा मैले यहाँको वेबसाइट हेरेको छैन तर मलाई ईन्टरनेट चलाऊन नआउने चाँही होइन । ए बाबा साझामा आएर बिज्ञापन चाँही गर्न हुने केही सोध्यो भने हाम्रो वेब्साइट हेर भन्ने!

अनि अर्को कुरा मलाई थाहा छ एनए गर्न गार्हो छ । तर मित्र एनए कै लेवलको नभए पनि केही साना कार्यक्रमहरु मैले पनि गरेको छु र यस्तो आए आउ नाआए बाल छैन भन्ने कुरा चाँही नगरौ । गर्नु पर्छ घर घरमै गएर पनि मान्छे बोलाउन पर्छ । फोन गरी गरी पनि बोलाउनु पर्छ । टेक्निकल सेसन भन्ने अनि त्यो बिषयमा को को मान्छे अमेरिकामा काम गर्दैछन भन्ने पनि थाहा छैन, उनिहरुलाई त्यो सेसनमा कसरी सहभागी गराउने पनि थाहा छैन । खाली आ-आफ्नो मान्छे बसेर गफ दिने हो कि क्या हो?

डेन्भरले किन एनए नगरेको मित्रलाई थाहा छ? हामीलाई फेरी पनि प्रस्ताव आएको छ र फेरी पनि हामीले भन्दैछौ हामीसँग त्यत्रो ठुलो जिम्मेवारी लिने मान्छे छैनन् । जिम्मेवारी लिए पछी काम पनि त गर्नु पर्‍यो नि ।

ल सहभागीले त नेपाली पारा देखाए देखाए एनए आयोजकले देखाउने पारा कति गाइजात्रे छ भन्ने कुरा त मैले बोस्टोन एनएमा धेरै राम्रोसँग देखेको हुँ । त्यो एनए पछी झन् के के गाईजात्रे पारा देखियो भन्ने कुरा त मैले के वर्णन गर्नुपर्‍यो होला र !

त्यसैले एनएवालाहरुको धोती कसरी फुस्किन्छ भन्ने कुरा हामीलाई राम्रोसँग थाहा छ । त्यसैले सिस्टम के हो भनेर खोक्नु र अर्ति दिनुको सट्टा अलि जवाफदेही बनेकै बेस ।

अमेरिकी सिस्टमको गफ लगाउने मित्रलाई थाहा होला नि यही कुरा यदी मैले कुनै खैरेलाई सोधेको भए कसरी जवाफ दिन्थ्यो ।

बाँकी रह्यो साझाको कुरा, म ठोकेरै भन्न सक्छु त्यो एनएबाट भन्दा साझाबाटै धेरै नेपालीले सहयोग पाएका छन् र केही न केही मात्रामा देश बिकासमा पनि सहयोग पुगेको छ ।

म एनए बिरोधी होइन, बोस्टोनमा जाँदा धेरै ठुलो उत्साहकोसाथ गएको थिए । तर वाहियात लाग्यो । ड्यालासको एनएले साबित गरोस कि यो एनए भनेको नाचगान, उछल्कुद र झै झगडा बाहेक पनि केही हो ।

शुभकामना ! 



Posted on 05-04-12 12:27 PM     [Snapshot: 333]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have no problem with ANA organizing such a competition. Where I feel uneasy is the accountability. Accountability--in the sense that it is yet to release a transparent information on how the 60,000 dollars or so disappeared in the previous years (not to mention many shady deals) which has been raised by many Nepalis. So, any financial incentive in the future events would equate to "blood money" for me, so would be unethical to accept the money by ANA.

Posted on 05-04-12 12:31 PM     [Snapshot: 348]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am all for accountability and agree that ANA did a miserable job being accountable for past earnings. It is afterall a not-for-profit organization.
What I cannot fathom is people making this an excuse to bring it down. First of all, ANA makes most of its money through the convention which is by no means a charity event. We are demanding them to be accountable as if we are giving them hundreds and thousands of dollars in the name of charity; NO! We are using them as much as they are using us.
I'd like to see them be more accountable but I also am not going to get hung on the same thing again and again. There's a new leadership, let's give them a chance to prove themselves.
Posted on 05-04-12 12:38 PM     [Snapshot: 353]     Reply [Subscribe]
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disgareed completely!! ANA is a non profit organization and is accountable to show the public every penny they collect and spend. Yes they do have the obligation to show the checks and balances.

Posted on 05-04-12 2:07 PM     [Snapshot: 423]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I checked their website and saw their income expense check and balance for 2011. but before that you all know what happened due to few irresponsible people. Hope Dallas team will do better.
Last edited: 04-May-12 02:08 PM

Posted on 05-04-12 2:12 PM     [Snapshot: 417]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जी टि ब्रो ,
चिन्नेले अनुहार हेरेर र बाक्य झरेको सुन्ना साथ नानि को हाउ भाउ था हुन्छ रे , एक पल्ट त्यो बोस्टने मा भएको भेलाले सबै भेला तेसै होला भनि हाल्नु उचित नहोलाकी ? निर्क्यौल गर्न आर्को भेला मा पनि सहभागी बनि पक्का पक्कि गंर्नु हुन्छकी ?

आफु बसेकै सहरमा हो भने एसो झुल्की दिनु हुन्छ कि , पर्दैन त्यो टिकट सिकट लिन .

न्यु जर्जि गाको मलाइ त भृकुटी मण्डप को मेला जस्तो लाग्यो . कोठा चोटा बाट कार्यक्रम थलो हुँदै होटेलको लबी इन्ट्रान्स देखि पार्किंग ठाउ सम्म मानिस हातमा बियर बोतल र चुरोट नलिएका भेटिएनन .
अनि एक बुज्रुग यो कमिटीमा छु भन्नु हुन्थ्यो ले सफल भएको र त्यो  होटलले फेरी पनि नेपाली लाइ कार्यक्रम गर्न दिन्छ ( मैले दिदैन भनेर लेखेको थिए ), किनकी तेसले वर्ष दिनमा बेच्ने रक्सि ३ दिनमा बेच्योरे ?

Posted on 05-04-12 3:00 PM     [Snapshot: 469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ANA ko durbhagya, k garne khali bottle khali garne haru matra aucha. ani hotel lai dhani banaucha. Hotel wala pani nepalese are so rich bhandai bascha.

अनि Geology tiger तेत्रो Denver भरिका नेपालीहरु एक जना ले पनि आट नगरेको अरु state ले कसरि गरे त ?

Posted on 05-04-12 4:40 PM     [Snapshot: 533]     Reply [Subscribe]
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गोर्खे ब्रो,

म अझै निराश भएको छैन । mno को जवाफ देखेर अलि खिन्न भएको मात्र हो । तर म जान्छु । मेरो सोच के हो भने यस्ता भेलाहरुमा नेपालको लागि सोच्ने र केही गर्न चाहने मान्छेहरुलाई पनि सहयोग पुगोस् । यस्ता कार्यक्रमहरुको माध्यमबाट विज्ञहरुलाई एउटा थिन्क ट्यान्क दिन र लगानिकर्ताहरुलाई लगानी गर्ने अवसरहरु पहिचान गर्न सहयोग पुगोस् । म नेपालीहरुले गर्ने हरेक कार्यक्रमहरु भ्याएसम्म र पाएसम्म जान्छु । बिशेष गरी आफ्नो शहरमा हुने कार्यक्रम त विरलै छुटाउछु । हेरु यो ड्यलासको कन्फेरेन्समा कस्तो अनुभव हुन्छ ।

अनि mno ब्रो

डेन्भरले एनए गर्नै नसक्ने भन्ने होइन । यो भन्दा अगाडि डेन्भरले एनए गरेको रेकर्ड पनि छ । कन्फरेन्स गर्न आँट गर्नु, कन्फरेन्स गर्नु र कन्फरेन्स राम्रोसँग गर्नु फरक फरक कुरा हुन् । मैले हामीसँग प्रयाप्त मात्रामा जनशक्ति नभएकोले राम्रोसँग कार्यक्रम गर्न सकिदैन कि भनेर यो चोटि जिम्मा नलिएको भनेको हो र जसले जिम्मा लिन्छ तिनिहरुले आफूसँग खटेर काम गर्न सक्ने र राम्रो काम गर्ने मान्छेहरु पर्याप्त भए मात्र जिम्मा लिनुपर्छ भनेको हो । नत्र फेरी पहिलेकै पारा दोहोरिन्छ.... जिम्मा त धेरैले लिए तर राम्रो एनए थोरैले गरे होलान् ।
Last edited: 04-May-12 04:44 PM

Posted on 05-05-12 5:43 PM     [Snapshot: 763]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I heard from someone that winner has already been selected who is ape don. I dont know if any of you have seen a promo video for nepal nacha. Its the same guy who has been chosen winner before the competition was up. Competition banaune ani afnai manche winner banaune. I hope the information i got is not true. Lets see whom they select the winner.
Posted on 05-05-12 6:33 PM     [Snapshot: 796]     Reply [Subscribe]
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aba wakka dikka la Ape don ko daro khana bho....yasto serect kura pani public ma bhana ho...now you go and find safe place...other wise he will put his mango in ur ass ...lol

Posted on 05-05-12 7:39 PM     [Snapshot: 833]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Did you read the add carefully? It says the highest number of likes in facebook will win. Timi haru Jasto youth haru le nai ho Desh banaune? Full message padhnu chaina . Kura nabhuji pyachha lekcha. 
Posted on 05-09-12 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1080]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sounds like trailer to me. I might be able to send you guys something.


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