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Posted on 07-13-19 6:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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does tps holder get affected by ICE RAID?
Posted on 07-13-19 7:06 PM     [Snapshot: 29]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-14-19 10:47 AM     [Snapshot: 502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chill! Noone gets affected unless you are illegal, committed a serious crime and was asked by the court to leave the country. They too will find way to stick around, some loophole, even after ICE detained them.
Posted on 07-14-19 11:10 AM     [Snapshot: 530]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stupid Democrats ! If court has ordered them to me removed or deported why are they against the raid ?
Posted on 07-14-19 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 593]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stupid Democrats re!!..kasto nasuhayeko...
Aba k call you Republican the great law?....hahahaha
Posted on 07-14-19 10:04 PM     [Snapshot: 987]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Itahari ko khuske jasto Cha..aafno joke ma aafu matra hasne ?
Posted on 07-14-19 10:51 PM     [Snapshot: 1035]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro le afule chai Republican, the law abiding citizen samjheko joke ma haseko ho.
Posted on 07-14-19 11:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1085]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I support Republicans. Trump 2020 so what ? Republican ko immigration policy overall ma herda economy ra society ko lagi thik Cha.. garib bhukka desh Bata aako magne Lai free care ra food stamp nadinu nai thik ho. Can't take this country for granted.
Posted on 07-15-19 12:08 AM     [Snapshot: 1097]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't care who you support. But try to get some knowledge on who gets to get the food stamp and free care. Choose your world carefully. Ta pani tehi garib bukka desh ko padayesi ta hos. Ani tero ristedar tehi desh ko mato ma bachiraheko cha. Sayad Syria or Nigeria ma janme ko vaye kasaiko dalal vayera basthiyis hola. Have some sympathy toward poor because when shit happens it does care if your in greatest country in world, or think that you have control over everything coz it will happen without your will.
Posted on 07-15-19 2:09 AM     [Snapshot: 1165]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Immigration Judge DID write the removal order after all Due process was followed as in the US Immigration laws.
And most of the voluntarily Removal Order letter was sent by Immigration Court before Trump became President.

The media used the wrong word "RAID" to scare people and media blames Trump Administration when they enforce the law of the Immigration Court.

Its simple. Prior Democratic Admin failed to follow the law, now Republican party wants to follow the law, and gets all the blame.

Posted on 07-15-19 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1283]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes I was born in a poor county but that has nothing to do with my status in US. I worked my ass off and m not dependent on any assistance. There are lots of ppl who just don't wanna work for the assistance. What do you call them? Being poor is one thing abusing system is other ! You sound like you're brainwashed by CNN. Stop watching CNN. it will show you like this is the 1st raid in US history and Trump is the reason behind all these deaths!
ICE raid is a must. Convicted felons must be punished and be deported ! Btw Democrats are the reason this country will never see fair and productive immigration reform
Posted on 07-15-19 9:29 AM     [Snapshot: 1329]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Get your head out you a$$ bro!! These people you say don't want to get assistance aren't the ones who risk their lives to come here and btw they aren't also the ones who gets foods stamp and free health care. They are just like you who came to work hard and want a good life. U lucky u got daddy's money to come here legally and but they don't have such luck & can't wait 100 years to come thru legal procedures. (Not sure if u have been honest thru out your life). They don't have resources to make fake documents to enter in visas. Ask you relatives or friends about it.
@sari if you think judge ordered them to be removed why can't they come inside house with arrest warrant and take them away?

If they are convicted felon they are deported right away after get out of jail. 
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 09:47 AM

Posted on 07-15-19 9:57 AM     [Snapshot: 1364]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ithahariko they can't come inside house with warrant and arrest coz there are $hithead Democrats who are always obstructing justice. They are using immigration for their vote bank. So you're saying people (if they are poor and want to make a living) can enter any country without any documents ? Hey I wanna enter new Zealand illegally and live there for rest of my life. But I can't do that right ? US can control the border but Democrats will show "humanitarian" reason and won't let anyone do anything Abt it. How can someone protect a convicted person from being deported ? I can't still find an answer for this 😅.

Undocumented immigrants without any criminal background who are already here should be given chance to live and work in US. Border should be secured, criminal immigrants should be deported/put in prison. Should emphasize on merit based immigration and usage of public benefits should be well monitored. How hard is it to understand ?
Posted on 07-15-19 10:00 AM     [Snapshot: 1371]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Sexi? They are enforcing the law and have been since last decade, but the dirty game is being played by your daddy Trump who is politicizing the ICE Raid to gain support from his racists base . He can’t even deport more people than Obama and then what he does , he on daily basis terrorize undocumented ones and talk shit about the documented ones to hype his racist base. If your ass is still brown or black, he will still tell you to go back where you come from even if you are the citizen of the US.
Posted on 07-15-19 10:28 AM     [Snapshot: 1407]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why these nepali self proclaimed liberals always have to attack opponents personally while having discussion ?😂 Is that why there is always a bouncer in some of the Nepali restaurants and bars and always in Nepali events ?

No matter who the president is or how racist they are we are here talking abt a long term immigration solution and enforcing law. Obama did nothing during his 8 yrs in office (deported thousands of immigrants though). Now Trump is trying to do something good so whats the big deal ? Obama did it wasn't on the news ; trump just trying all over the news ! Also, ICE and DHS weren't established by Trump. There were there long time ago and have been deporting immigrants for decades. That's their job. Democrats are making it a huge deal in Trump's tenure. Cleaning dirt from society is a good thing .
Posted on 07-15-19 10:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1397]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You think Dems or Repub can project you a$$ if u are a convicted felon and have warrant? Don't think so!!
You would have tried to make your way thru anywhere nearby good places if you a$$ was eating mud.
If you came on student visa i don't think you worked on campus to pay your tuition fees neither did anyone you know. Don't try to fool yourself saying u worked your a$$ off and everything you did was legal.

This country u stand is very result of migrations which happened because the oppression they faced at their lands. For that they murderer then entire natives to take over. You complained about people getting illegally? You must be joking!!

Arulai chai taile vanna hunne yesto 
"garib bhukka desh Bata aako magne Lai free care ra food stamp nadinu nai thik ho" 
And you don't want to make it personally? Everyone has right to live a good life not just educated ones. 
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 11:22 AM

Posted on 07-15-19 11:55 AM     [Snapshot: 1515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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all youre doing is making assumptions abt me which us so untrue. they murdered natives in past but now there is a system, laws and regulations. what happened in past is gone already. if we think like that we should be scared to go to Germany fearing we'd be slaughtered by Nazi. but that'd be stupid on our part. what happened in past should'nt define our present, right? a century or two ago Nuwakote would slaughter Kantipure for land.

and "garib bukka desh" is not personal attack its in a general sense. why US should care abt all these people trying to get in illegally. do you know what illegal or undocumented people means? its not only abt immigration. you should educate yourself on this. undocumented immigrants or people dont exist in system. would be hard to track. we will never know what they are up to. its also about national security and safety of community.

letting in all these people is risky and unfair. so you're saying who ever is on that border everyone should be let in ? if so, population of US will be 3 billion in 3 months and every 3rd world countries will be empty. its not practical, moral or logical. then you'd yourself later say "there should be a system to let them in". which is called a VISA and this system is already in exist. Libtards take time to understand but eventually they will. 
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 11:57 AM

Posted on 07-15-19 12:18 PM     [Snapshot: 1540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"If you came on student visa i don't think you worked on campus to pay your tuition fees neither did anyone you know." - can't compare working under the table to pay tuition, ( i.e. make in US and spend in US ) to coming to US uninvited, bring drugs, crime and the failed culture with you, bypass all the legal applicants waiting for years, cheat the system every way possible and live off of welfare that came from tax paid by hard working Americans.

In fact this is exactly why immigration reform is needed to make it merit based. An America loving, highly skilled international student should get priority not the lotto winners or fake asylees or the anchor baby scammers. But of course Dems don't like accomplished immigrants, they are hard to be brainwashed and can't be scared with potential loss of welfare.
Posted on 07-15-19 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not assuming bro. You not Raja Harishchandra to begin with. You people...just coz you entered legally the very rule which which you want to be applied to illegally doesn't work on you. Example working under table became right for you now ha? Example herna "made US spend US"
You came here in Student visa showing that you can pay 6000$ per semester with fake documents is not cheating the system? Welfare is for people who has papers not those who don't have anything. Do some research bro!!
Highskilled is just name sake which you morons can afford to cheat. You will mostly likely get fake college certificates to take advantage of Merit visas. Because 95% cannot afford to pay tuition without working under the table.
Talk about risky..and you know what.. drugs comes mostly through ocean and same people who entered in visas did 911.
If they let your fake a$$ in then there are plenty of spaces for others too..
Posted on 07-15-19 1:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1656]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Educated people has rights and priorities??
History shows what evil minded educated people can do. The very educated people who had slaves, ruled on other nations, mass murder, deprived them of their resources to make their own kind live in proper and wealthy.

That history on migration was to inform you what extent educated people can do just for migrations. These poop people are just crossing borders also running away from the 
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 03:12 PM


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