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Posted on 07-13-19 6:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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does tps holder get affected by ICE RAID?
Posted on 07-15-19 2:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1662]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you are still assuming things @itahariko.

"You came here in Student visa showing that you can pay 6000$ per semester with fake documents ".--- i dont know how you come up with all these information which i myself am unaware of. (probably u learned it from Dems way of dealing things).

"same people who entered in visas did 911. " --there you go!! they found out coz they entered here legally and were documented. now its easy to scrutinize based on whatever data the gov has. thats why documentation is a must !!

"If they let your fake a$$ in then there are plenty of spaces for others too.." --in this case you;d have to explain how many are who are "others" coz it can be in millions or even billions. and with all these "others" there wont be "plenty of space" left as you've suggested. how impractical and illogical would this be?

america is well aware of "space" and need of "others" so based on requirement, qualification and available resources they issue a VISA.

also here we are talking abt a broad issue of immigration not how a student in f1 status is making money. working under table for few months, getting ticket for speeding or red light, calling sick for work and going to a beach is totally different from addressing and managing immigration issue for a nation specially at this chaotic moment as trying to imply by AOC, Harris, Clinton, CNN and many others.
Posted on 07-15-19 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1707]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Easy to scrutinize? Ya they did that and banned people from everywhere accept the country they were from..Saudi.

If you didn't enter visas and worked under the table then you are a lucky dude..you must be rich one to buy your way in or from different planet. But just you know least that is related to 95% of students. If you don't know ask your students friend if you have one.

We are talking about what people can do based on their capacity when it comes migrating. You got visas because you government allowed u to make fake docs.
These people can't even do that and don't get vvisas on the border.
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 02:38 PM

Posted on 07-15-19 6:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1842]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Again you keep going back in circle - cherry pick the facts that fits narrative for your support for unchecked immigration. Bigger question is Globalism or America? Contrary to what all the globalist media is feeding you 24x7, no migration is NOT the solution to world problem. Asylum, diversity are for good reasons but only for genuine and special cases. You gotta remember these are privileges not rights. Libbies let the immigrants abuse these privileges for far too long and they are going even radical, asking for open border. Lucky for America, there are still some patriot Americans like Trump left who wouldn't be cowered down by new world order and their machine.
Posted on 07-15-19 7:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1886]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No migration is not solution and yet you are here. Taking about abusing the syst3m and geniune who used his privileges to make fake documents and lied to get the visas. Remove that viel from your face you if think you are superior and think you have right just coz you entered legally. You are in delusional if you think your are any different from them.
Posted on 07-15-19 7:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1916]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We did not migrate here; we immigrated. What u and Dems are talking abt is migration thru open border and Trump wants immigration thru procedures. Do some research man ! Immigration reform is badly needed here. Former governments used it for political gain and Trump wants to really work on it and make things better for everyone (except for those people in border trying to get in ). He's doing what he's supposed to do and what is desperately needed for the country. It has to be fixed someday. Letting everyone in will cause more problem instead of fixing it.

Why are you so worried Abt lying for visa ? These days they don't ask for documents like before I've heard. Yes, some of us might have lied in the application and got visa. Does that mean US should open border for everyone ? I'm that case an applicant is a liar so why should US let everyone in ? Do you even realize how dumb you sound with all your arguments ?
Posted on 07-15-19 8:12 PM     [Snapshot: 1938]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First you say illegals are benefiting of free care n food stamp which you can't without papers. And then you say they bring drugs and crimes. Well most drugs get thru seas and they been migrating from ages and have not heard of them creating choas other the ones who got here legally. There is already existing policies for immigrants but that won't get anywhere inside if they were to follow them. You may be get visas without documents but still have to work under the table to pay your tuition fees. If don't, your a$$ would be looking others means to secure your status. Then you come here talk about what is right or wrong after u have secured your place. You admit you took advantage of the syst3m now you want these people to follow the syst3m and call them "bukka nanga magne". You yourself have cheated the syst3m and yet dare to blame them with disrespect. 
You would be crawling thru that very border fence if you live was like any of these people. Keep your big talk to yourself. 
Last edited: 15-Jul-19 08:29 PM

Posted on 07-15-19 8:46 PM     [Snapshot: 1965]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are you college sophomore or something or didn't grow past that stage maybe? You are repeating same argument again and again that only make sense to yourself.

Also, yes illegals DO get benefits. They might not immediately after walking in from that gate. But they do eventually secure food stamp, disability etc via their anchor babies or refugee status. And, go back and re-read the whole thing again. Sympathy with the less fortunate ones, question here is though - are you asking for unchecked immigration now since I immigrated here?

Very interesting though, these newbie Nepali liberals, whose native Nepal still doesn't give equal citizenship rights to women, openly discriminates against Dalits everyday till this day. Somehow they turn into such a bleeding heart suddenly as soon as they get off that plane.
Posted on 07-15-19 8:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1993]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ani lastly Nahune jhel samma Dems ani afno duno varepachi Repub..tyasto lai k vannu!!
Afule cheating gareko nadhekne ....arulai vannu samma vanne..

Posted on 07-15-19 9:16 PM     [Snapshot: 2023]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Soaltee and Khoikhok showing the classic "Fuck you, I got mine attitude". I hope that your savior Mr. Trump (or someone like him) will not tell you (or your family) to go back to your shithole country where you came (unless you are white) from even after you got your citizenship (by supposedly for breaking "less serious" crimes such as working while on student visa).
Posted on 07-15-19 9:16 PM     [Snapshot: 2018]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ohya illegals one and only reason to come in is to do all the crap things make babies to get benefits. After babi3s they live on benefits do crimes everywhere. On other hand you with privilege ones come legally showing legal documents and do legal works with permit adding to economy. And suddenly you become differ3nt then one living in Nepal. Now Nepalese who live in Nepal are third class people who havent changed, discriminates dalits and women till now. You become the enlightened one and now it becomes necessary to fix border border issues and Nepali issues. Nepal becomes place of dirt bukka nanga and mange
Posted on 07-16-19 9:37 AM     [Snapshot: 2299]     Reply [Subscribe]
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itahariko is assumption master! honestly you sound very illiterate and stupid. no one has said "Now Nepalese who live in Nepal are third class people who havent changed, discriminates dalits and women till now. You become the enlightened one and now it becomes necessary to fix border border issues and Nepali issues. Nepal becomes place of dirt bukka nanga and mange" you chose these words here. discrimination against dalit, kathmandu the capital of the country being one of the most populated city and nepal itsself being one of the most corrupt country in the world -these are fact. its not something to be proud of and it is very unfortunate and sad.

i'd like to repeat myself again: any country has limited resources and place to live in. if 10 people apply for a position of a cashier at a gas station that is not good. you and dems might talk abt open border and say "aww poor people let them in" but it will eventually put this country in chaos, joblessness, increased crime etc etc. so based on available resource and space incoming people must be regulated based on supply and demand needs. US is not obliged to provide shelter to people who dont wanna stay in their respective country. AOC is so dumb that she said these ppl are pursuing their basic needs and should be let in. if she and ppl like her rule this country i'd bring every single relatives at port of entry, tell CBP office they are looking for food to eat and place to stay coz thats their basic need can they come in. Trump wont let them in but Dems probably would. Powerful country with open border wont be powerful anymore. unless these ppl wants to change US into Mexico
Posted on 07-16-19 10:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2337]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since u already admitted lying for visa and definitely worked under the table to maintain your status. You cheat3d to make your way in you ar stealing someone else job, committed crime of lie and then you called others bukka and nangga ..what a hypocrite!!

Nepal is corrupt that is how you got to make fake documents for visas. Tehi corruption ko faida uthakole yaha pugis ajja k ko complain garhces??
Corruption matra huda ta desh chodera vagis tyo manche haruko ta zindagi ko sawal cha. 

I wonder what you would do if ur a$$ were born in places where drug lord terrorize the citizens. 

Last edited: 16-Jul-19 10:29 AM

Posted on 07-16-19 11:03 AM     [Snapshot: 2387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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where drug lord terrorize the citizens- just swim to America (see how idiotic it sounds) coz i know it'd be ruled by libtards like you and they'd probably let me in. Trump would be one of the best US president and Dem candidate (if they won) would be the best mexican president on US soil.

and i never admitted on lying anyone. i said "some of us might have" some of us implying -we, from nepal. and i didnt steal a job. i have a valid work authorization that legally allows me to work which was issued by Federal government. thats not called stealing.

and why are you after my fake document? i submitted what i had. let's assume for a minute i did submit fake docs , but those documents (although were real) werent even considered at all when i was in visa window. just 1 document was enough for them to grant me a visa. they didnt even care what i submitted.

finally, "Corruption matra huda ta desh chodera vagis"- i didnt leave Nepal coz i was upset abt corruption. i left coz i wanted to. i left coz i got an opportunity to come here, study and work here. my birth in nepal wasnt my choice but living and working in US is mine and i earned this privilege (not only me but most of us- probably including you.)

after your and liberals' death, please do the same thing in heaven and ask lord to open border. coz as i spoke against illegal immigration, i might go to hell and with AOC going to heaven for her "aww poor mexican" philosophy she'd probably make open border in heaven too. see you there.
Posted on 07-16-19 11:41 AM     [Snapshot: 2435]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It may sound idiotic to you but not for people who lives were in danger. I didn't know f1 students were given work authorization to start with. Are you saying you will live forever and death will treat u different like you creating difference because u had money to get in US.
Posted on 07-17-19 12:52 AM     [Snapshot: 2683]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I see a lot of 'open borders' mentioned here, and wonder what that really means, and why it is a 'topic' now all of a sudden! I have never seen or heard of an open border here; there are people that cross the borders (legally, like most of us, and illegally like some others). Changing the runbooks of immigration will do nothing to stop the so called 'illegals' from coming in. Implementing proper security measures, technologies and controls will. Listen, both Republicans and Democrats have had their shares, and both parties have been in power over several decades in the past, be it as a president, majority in the house, senate, etc. If it's a conservative's thing to 'fix' immigration, they've had ample opportunities to do so. If the idea now is to celebrate conservatism under the current president, and to see a drug-proof and illegal-immigrants proof America, then my friends you are clearly not following the right savior. If you're a Catholic, you'll likely learn some words of wisdom to match your beliefs from a cardinal than from a Mullah. If conservative approach to dealing with immigration is your preference, and you truly mean it, then the first thing you'd want to do is take a step back and assess the level of faith you have on the leader that you're counting on. Trump, the liberal turned conservative (who has flipped 5 times as far as party affiliation, (see the wikipedia for more) can turn any direction he likes for his personal benefits) just can't be a role model to satisfy the conservative's agenda, esp around the immigration matters. How many of you watched a recent interview with about a dozen undocumented aliens that worked directly for Trump for years, from making his bed to serving his drinks. I am curious to know how many of them, or like them really brought in drugs, and/or murdered innocent citizens: and on the flip side why were they hired and paid for by the Messiah of immigration reform. Look, I am a citizen here, and also like to see properly secured borders. And to be honest, for most of us, the border has always been secure... we were all vetted well at various stages of entering and living in this country. For those who chose to come in illegally, or decided not to maintain their legal status and turn illegal, it's the risk they've chosen, perhaps because there was no better alternative to some of them at that moment, or they were possibly ill-informed or misguided by others and failed to realize until it was too late, or they felt it was safer to remain here until they feel secure to return to where they came from. I seriously doubt that anyone would plan to come here on purpose solely to murder the citizens or spread a drug endemic... that's absurd, and is nothing more than a propaganda to serve political motives and self interest of DJ Trump and his circle. We also need to realize that there's a whole big world outside of USA, and there are countries that are more livable, safer, and friendlier. The American dream that many have sought for is no longer limited to the boundaries of the US geography. Merit based, and other paths to vet immigrants is fine, but the escapers will always be there as long as there are opportunities for them. Once they understand there's not much here, they will look for favorable alternatives, and the numbers will subside. If you ask me, I would not want to see that kind of America. I'd want to continue to see it as a land of opportunity which outsiders would always see and consider as the ultimate destination. Sure, there may be a handful of sneakers, but they're everywhere, majority of us will always get to enjoy the privilege that not everyone else does. And if some of them happen to do despite being illegal, I wouldn't lose my sleep on that.
Posted on 07-17-19 1:41 PM     [Snapshot: 2910]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 19-Jul-19 08:25 AM

Posted on 07-17-19 2:14 PM     [Snapshot: 2965]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Brampton Couldn't have said it better myself! What a thoughtful and eloquent way of expressing yourself.
When I see people using the talking points from the Fox News (which just regurgitates whatever Mr. Trump says) about open borders, drug bringing immigrants etc, I just become so amused. These people who are immigrants themselves are fine with such characterization as long as they are making a living. Libtards rey haha, katti na conservative values bujeko jasto.
Posted on 07-17-19 2:26 PM     [Snapshot: 2960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Exciting Info

Simple math below compares USA to Monaco, the most prosperous country on earth; 

If only USA could ever become like Monaco !

Given the large mass of land US has, it can easily have more than 143 billion people (current population of the world is only 7 billion), so the whole world can come and live in usa and there will still be space for 136 billion more people; 

USA is 4.82 million times bigger than Monaco (see link below wolframalpha)

However, Monaco's population density is 731.5 times bigger than USA (25,970 for Monaco vs 35.5 for USA)

The world has enough for our needs, not so much for our Greed....why are we not optimistic ??? 

All we need is to
- help one another and 
-not focus on hoarding to satisfy our greed, 
- crime & corruption prevention, 
- rewarding good work and innovation...

The biggest problem is the greed, some people don't want others to succeed;

 !!! See the link below


Let there be peace and harmony on earth. As according to Christian skriptures, Heaven has a open border system, no physical barrier, all it takes to get to heaven is the faith....

Ephesians 2:8 

By Grace Through Faith

 8For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 

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Posted on 07-17-19 2:45 PM     [Snapshot: 3021]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well put @Brampton
Posted on 07-17-19 3:22 PM     [Snapshot: 3035]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Libtards rey haha, katti na conservative values bujeko jasto."- thats the way how a nepali discuss-by always thinking opponent is less educated. conservative value bujheko huna k garnu parcha tesma pani praksh parnu hola. immigrant hunne bittikai by default anti-republican hunu parcha bhanne pani chaina. but letting anyone in without documentation is wrong. US needs manpower so come up with: ghas katne visa, bhada majhne visa etc, give everyone work permit and ability to travel to their country. this broken system is preventing illegal immigrant who are already here from travelling, meeting their relatives, pay tax, get a license, isnt it? instead of fixing this you want more of them to come in and get into same problem again and again? i ve never said them to be deported. do something abt who already r here and stop people coming in illegally so that neither them nor the country has to suffer.

even nepal ma indian illegal immigration ko tension cha ra tesko pani against ma chu ma. yestai "libtard" bichar rakhne ho bhane we should also welcome anyone from Bihar isnt it? do you know what will happen after that ? or your philosophy is only limited within US border and beyond that r u gonna say " every one should follow the rule"?

we cannot call for unity, diversity, inclusiveness until we know who are living in a nation. we all are arguing here coz this is the probably only country with immigration issue at this level. Trump used illegal immigrant to build his empire. true. but that doesnt mean the issue need not be be addressed. he should not have been able to use them in first place. even if Nancy pelosi becomes President, this issue will still need to be fixed at some time, sooner or later.


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