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Posted on 07-13-19 6:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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does tps holder get affected by ICE RAID?
Posted on 07-17-19 3:45 PM     [Snapshot: 3089]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pot calling kettle black. You are the one who is repeatedly calling itahariko 'uneducated, illiterate' etc. I just said if you were a true conservative, you'd think immigrants to be an asset not a nuisance. Now you will bring up "I ONLY SAID ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE BAD". Well, guess what crossing border to file asylum is legal. (But your icon, only favors white immigrants only, whether legal or illegal, which is besides the point). Nobody said open the borders, it has never been like that (especially after 9/11). Improve the measures that actually cuts down fraud (fake asylum etc.) and border safety etc, don't talk about medieval shit like "the wall" that doesn't work just to rile up people. Anyways, you have started to bring whataboutism into the discussion as any newly minted Trumpian conservatives would. See Brampton's response above, it should more or less answer all your concerns.
Posted on 07-17-19 4:02 PM     [Snapshot: 3093]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Khaikhok le chai kehi garla jasto cha ha US ma..
Do you want to ban just Bihar or entire desi for immigrants issue?
Do you know if India bans Nepal that crime rate will go up and your family maybe attacked because of that nice house made from dollars.
Do you also want to ban international students from Nepal who comes to study but ends of applying Asylum or working under the table. Or it is totally acceptable because it is documented.
But lets label these illegals "garib bhukka desh Bata aako magne" people whose sole propose is to come US is to cheat system and live on food stamp.
Posted on 07-17-19 7:33 PM     [Snapshot: 3221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Responding to some key arguments from Brampton.
“Trump is bad” - HR takes care of hiring people in any company with employee size over 50. Not exactly sure, Trump went ahead, interviewed and e-verified each employee personally out of tens of thousands that worked for him. Trump has flip-flopped. So do many voters, like me. That's called open-minded. Many people change their view based on issues rather than ideology. Voted Obama the first time, didn't bother to vote anyone the second time. When Hillary came along in 2016, it was clear left was full of corrupts, globalists and America haters. That's when I finally got out of the liberal matrix. Trump is racist, Trump is rapist, Trump is fraud - those are all cheap shots, failed time and again, good enough only to trigger the snowflakes and keep the MSM into business. Maybe he is, maybe he is not, but at this point, this is as much of allegation as Hillary caused Benghazi. Will reassess everything when the history proves otherwise. For now I am not interested in what the lying MSM has to say.
“Illegals have good intention in general” - I concur this is hyperbole when someone says all illegals are criminals, but as much of hyerbole as a leftist saying all Trump voters are racists. You gotta realize when someone makes an insane argument asking for an open border, you don’t turn Gandhi and keep nice. You rather hit them back with more insane remarks and let the snowflakes trigger. Somehow this thread got turned into illegal aliens vs international students by some college sophomores. Original intent of the question was why are Dems obstructing everything? Why is this ICE operation even called "raid"? Why is it being portrayed as anti-immigrant when, in reality, ICE is simply removing the convicted felons off the street? Just to turn whole immigrant population against Trump ? After all it was done under Obama too, in bigger numbers and without much hype. Dems and MSM are going against everything Trump does whether the peace process with NK, or aborting the planned Iran bombing, or citizenship question in census. It seems like they would rather see America fail than Trump succeed.
Bottomline – You don’t solve Nepal’s Maoist problem by bringing all Nepalese to US. You solve it by letting them figure it out themselves, which they did, right? Let Syria do the same. Let Mexico do the same. America has enough homeless people and enough of its own problems. Put those into priority and fix America first. We don’t need this country overrun by a failed culture from overseas. Let this country be the envy of the world forever so that Nepal or Mexico or even Middle East wants to be America some day not just want to send their people to America. Yes, some day in future the globe may become a single nation, just like you might think some day we will colonize Mars. Well, until that’s not the reality, let’s be real, can we?
Didn’t hear anything new from the rest. Just a side note for them.
Many of these self-claimed liberals here are not liberals at all. They are only progressive where it is convenient from them. More likely than not they still follow their caste system to some limit, openly brag about their caste, their wives/gf’s cook, do the dishes usually for them; get ‘हजुर’, ‘तपाई’ from their wives while give them ‘तिमी’, ‘त’ back. I am curious to know what they have done, at all, on these issues that they could fix inside their home and their community before teaching America about the liberal values.

Posted on 07-17-19 8:57 PM     [Snapshot: 3235]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mitra seemed to be a prime example of that progressive one also an unfortunate product of that so called failure culture who hasn't changed even a bit still brag about their caste system and...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ('tuppo bata palayeko')

Bro ko kura sunda ekdum successful culture bata ayeko jasto sunincha....kun ho tyo culture tyo bro ko yog daan ko faal payeko culture?
k pakai timi Mars culture bata ayeko huna parcha jaha ट्रम्प  le vanko space force cha.
Last edited: 17-Jul-19 09:35 PM

Posted on 07-17-19 10:11 PM     [Snapshot: 3325]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am tired of explaining these self proclaimed liberals who think letting immigrants in without any documentation is serving mankind. Later they accused me of being anti-immigrant and hypocrite (which I'm not ). During arguments, I've always maintained that I'm not against immigration but against illegal immigration (not because I'm immigrant myself but because im smart enough to know that).

I defended ice raid coz they were taking or were trying to take convicted goons off the street. Later I was accused of being anti immigrants, anti social, hypocrite etc etc. I can only imagine why Trump got all these accusations from liberals. Illegal immigrants have been entering US for centuries. But this caravan, detention center , "concentration camp" only in Trump's era ? Have you given a little thought on that ? Dems are playing this game for upcoming election !! Trump is also playing but he wants to win the game fixing it not by making more mess out of it like Dems.

Yes international Nepali student who shows fake document to get asylum should be banned. Absolutely. I can't call something wrong ok just because they are my people.

My friends used to steal money from their work place (gas station/store) hundreds of dollars a day. You also probably know a few in your circle. Now they own their own store and are very strict and closely watch cashier with the camera. With your philosophy, that cashier should be allowed to steal money coz we did the same ? -we as general don't run after me for this too.

We came as a f1, studied here, got work permit, got a nice job, worked, paid tax, company liked us, sponsored for GC, got GC, lived happily - what's negative Abt this ? Don't think this as "this immigrant got this deal let everyone (literally everyone) pour into this country - a land of opportunities " that's BS. Thats not how I've seen US as a land of opportunities.
Last edited: 17-Jul-19 10:16 PM

Posted on 07-17-19 11:36 PM     [Snapshot: 3387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everyone has nice story to share and proud of hard work, even the new store owner too.

Everyone hates corrupt politicians, corrupt government employees but we exclude own family who are part of the corrupt culture. Because we had / have enjoyed their smartness which made us go to privet school from KG to colleges differentiates us from general population.

Those who were part of corrupt culture or claim from an elite family loved Trump's behavior because is it in their vain too? I have seen many Nepalese migrants who came from plane ( only choice they have) are the greatest fan of Border wall and Mexicans should be deported. We do not have to dwell on past but certain things you should not be be forgotten / changed that fast.

Posted on 07-17-19 11:38 PM     [Snapshot: 3396]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"My friends used to steal money from their work place (gas station/store) hundreds of dollars a day". Is that how you paid your tuition fees? Or are you the saint one? Don't think so.

"Illegal immigrants have been entering US for centuries". Give a little thought on your own statement. Thanda Dhimakh le socha!! How beneficial that has been to this Nation? Their hard work and contributions made it practically one of the powerful country in the world.

Don't be so sure that we would believe in everything you say about yourself.
Last edited: 17-Jul-19 11:38 PM

Posted on 07-18-19 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 3598]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Soaltee bro went full on QAnon with his conspiracy theories and hyperbole. We are all in America because we believe in Conservative values more than any other values. Don't follow a demagogue just because it feels good to your gut. I think we left Nepal to be away from such politicians (Prachanda el al.). Here's what's happening to an elected US congressperson , don't think it may not happen to you.


Oh and the US news channel are "Entertainment only" , they don't have to be accurate ( thanks to Reagan who revoked the Fairness Doctrine). The news don't have to be true. And FOX News is MSM. I don't know where you get your info. Anyway, good luck. I just hope you think critically before shouting FAKE NEWS!
Posted on 07-18-19 12:17 PM     [Snapshot: 3640]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ithariko "Is that how you paid your tuition fees? Or are you the saint one? Don't think so. " I told you not to run after me 😂 but you did anyways you left no stone unturned to accuse me during the whole discussion I guess that's how your theories work. Lol. If it gives you an orgasm, then ok I stole money. Happy ? I stole money that's why I'm letting my cashier still too coz I'm an idiot . Oh wait I mean I'm a liberal Democrat*.
Posted on 07-18-19 1:31 PM     [Snapshot: 3682]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Rules Are For Thee, But Not For Me"
Your cashier story morale is more like this. I stole money because I had to pay my tuition fees to maintain my status..obviously duh!!. Now I got my own store which I built with stolen money I will doubt every cashier hired would do same thing I did. I will look upton them with hatred and label them "bukka nanga garib desh ko" illegals coming to steal my good earnings so why not install 100 cameras around the store to watch their every move. True Story!
Posted on 07-18-19 2:12 PM     [Snapshot: 3734]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i never worked in a store. i dont own one either. if you read again what i said may be you will get it. thread started about ICE raid later chaged into illegal immigration and now it became all abt me. this is so funny.
Posted on 07-18-19 3:14 PM     [Snapshot: 3760]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Khaikhok...I have nothing against you. Just wanted to find out what gives you right to label these immigrants as "bukka nanga garib dash ko magne" and saying there are here to live on food stamp and free care.

Got time read this: What funded these places to be ruled by drug lord..



Movie :Kill the messenger.
Last edited: 18-Jul-19 04:19 PM

Posted on 07-18-19 4:26 PM     [Snapshot: 3847]     Reply [Subscribe]
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right ko ta kurai nagaram mitra, right ta luki chipi ya aaune pani kasaiko thiyena, right ta system ko faida uthaune pani kasaiko thiyena, right ta cash ma kaam garera garib chu bhanera food stamp khane pani kasaiko thiyena. ani yesko biruddha ma aawaj uthauda kata right khojeko ?
maile yesto kehi pani garina tesaile pani right diyo hola.

"taile garinas ta thulo manche, garne lai garna de" nabhannu hola

yinai kura ko ta niyantran hunu paryo sarkar bhanera chichyako ni hajur! rajya ko arthatantra ra samaj ma parokshya/aparokhsya roop ma bhaar bhayo hajur lau na k garne hola!!

Posted on 07-18-19 5:45 PM     [Snapshot: 3925]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Result of your guy's rhetoric. Just one of many cases. Now, tell me is this right?

Posted on 07-18-19 6:43 PM     [Snapshot: 3966]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mitra Raja Harischandra kai panati huna parcha. ट्रम्प ko right nahola..tara mitra ko chai pakkai rahecha kura sunera....maile maane!!
Shelvey...we will be seeing more like this kinda of hatred/racism if you are not white after all men with space force lead it.
Posted on 07-18-19 7:19 PM     [Snapshot: 3914]     Reply [Subscribe]
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shelvey Jyu - Exactly! Stand for America and you are QAnon, KKK, Aryan Nation and so on. Typical leftist tactic to shutdown the pro Americans - call them racist instead of coming back with solid arguments. I would rather look inside the Left for better example of demagogue - your god Bernie, your goddess Warren, Pelosi and let's not even get started about the newfound heroes of the Dems. Regarding Trump, go back and read again what I said. I do hold certain cynicism about him but as of now I don't see anyone, on either side's establishment, to represent American interest better.

Please entertain yourself with that link of yours from BBC. Left's propaganda machines. Apparently the free speech is the privilege for the left only. They can openly claim that 911 was an insider job. They can openly disrespect our veterans, denounce our flag and get away with it. Don't feel sorry at all for the congresswoman. Right enough of someone to remind her she has the option to go back anytime if she so desires if she hates this country so much.
Last edited: 18-Jul-19 07:39 PM

Posted on 07-18-19 7:52 PM     [Snapshot: 3999]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@soaltee here listen to your idolट्रम्प views on 911(https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I2vzFHIrGEg)
Come back and tell us if he meant something else.
I think some where in the comment you said about disagreeing with Obama administration and also being progressive. That solid statement must be applied to you as well to go back whatever hole you came from and fix things on caste, dalit wife cook, eh hajur...blah blah blah shit you been complaining about.
Posted on 07-18-19 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 4042]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just because you know Trump's actions and policies are wrong doesn't make you a leftist, liberal, libtard, snowflake etc. BTW if BBC is a leftist propaganda machine, where should I get my news? Honest question.
Posted on 07-18-19 9:33 PM     [Snapshot: 4068]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok, I will take that 'honest' at face value. Answer is right along what you already said. News don't sell news anymore, they sell agenda. Don't listen to them you MIGHT be uninformed, listen to them you WILL be misinformed. Just like your professor said in college, you dig into primary sources not secondary sources for your research paper. You don't make opinions about Pelosi by listening to Fox news. You watch her speech directly, not the tailored clips, but the whole speech with open mind if possible. You want to analyze Trump, listen to him directly, full speech. Hardly any Trump hater would have patience to do that though.

More important than their talks, you look at their walk, their record. I made decision not to vote Hillary not because Fox told me but because of her bad record. You judge Trump via neutral analysis of his actions not CNN or MSNBC or your dear BBC's interpretation of his actions. Example: CNN said Trump will start nuclear war, he didn't, no NK rockets for a long time because of his willingness to come to table. CNN said Trump can't be trusted with making war and peace decision, he could be, he stopped the planned Iran bombing. CNN said he won't have good relationship with Muslim countries, Middle East seems to be giving more respect now to this country and this president than the earlier.

Well, that's your honest answer.

Itahariko - What have I done on dalit, woman issue? First, I don't consider it "blah blah shit". They are as much of serious issue to me as your poor, innocent illegals' problem. Second, I speak about these issues wherever relevant ( I brought this issue up here) and of course when I see it happening around me. What have you done on these issues, Mr Libbie?

Posted on 07-18-19 9:51 PM     [Snapshot: 4111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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He never had a solid plan to bomb Iran, he is a person as this proverb says " आफै बोक्सी आफै धामी"


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