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 Suggestion real one please

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Posted on 03-09-11 10:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi ,
 I am planning to fly to USA on April( easter break ) for a month holiday.My initial plan was started by my cousin, that we will travel together.Once i made all my plans (holiday got approved, booked ticket) he pulled out.but i dont want to  cancel my trip to USA, so i will be travelling solo. i will be in LA for 4 nights and vegas for 3 nights.since it 'll b my first trip to USA & i dont' know any one in LA/VEGAS i dont' know how will it go, , .

I  do also like to see more local area/clubbing etc since m alone is that a good idea to goto club on my own. what should i do while am in LA n Vegas . I will do few tourist day trips that' shouldnt' be a problem..probably i 'll book with day trip kinda things..i prefer walking casually around local market..casual food places, shopping mall.i need more suggestion on  area i should stay, area i should avoid..culture ..(tips n techniques),people nature around those cities condition in geting to club.. transportation around LA/VEGAS, good food area (cant' afford those exclusive resturant or anything, Casual- local food places) , I am not rich as charlee sheen so i have to manage on my limited budget as well.heard USA is not so expensive compare to where i am.so i want to do few things while i am there.  

Have anyone of you travelled alone where you didnt' know anyone ? how did it went ? can you tell me about your experience.Is it a good idea ? is it worth it or it just boring when u dont' have anyone to talk to. how interactive ppl r in USA if i start conversation or anything will they respond back well.

I have  a friend in NY where i will be spending majority of my time so  i will not have any problems around that area. But if you guys can provide me some suggestion for LA/VEGAS that' will be great

thanks ..

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 03-10-11 10:37 AM     [Snapshot: 264]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@BD anytime buddy, I'll be here for atleast couple of years, unless i get accepted for PHD soon :-))

Hey Crazy dude let me start with place to stay.....

Most fiscally restrained people stay at Stratosphere (it's like 2 miles away from main center but well connected), or stay at Excalibur (locals tells me it's cheap)!! I personally have stayed at Mandalay Bay (when I came here before i moved, and the price is still the same $89/night) + tax = $106]

Also goto www.priceline.com and (select hotel tabs) and click NAME YOUR OWN PRICE....where you can give how much you are willing to pay, once in a while I get something like $30/Night at New York Casino and stuff.....


Things to do[I have  never gambled in Vegas :-)].....Poker--> Monte Carlo has nice setting and low be ($1/$2)!!! Drinks are always FREE in Casino if you are Playing, learn how to play POKER, CRAPS and BLACKJACK it's supposed to be famous amongst newbie!!
All the Casinos are Same, so try to venture every Casino if possible!!

EAT: eating and Drinking in Strip is very Expensive.....so DRINK in CASINO it's FREE :-)  TIP the Waitress GOOD so that they'll come back frequently!! (good mean $2/3+, not just $1)....There is Chipotle (it's a Mexican fastfood...Usually Nepali taste buds likes it) next to Venetian (by fav Casino) it's cheap to eat here....

Things to SEE
1.Famous Water Fountain of Bellagio /Also the Garden (do go inside)
2. Volcano of Mirage
3. Gondola of Venetian
4. Shopping Malls of Caesar Palace
5. Pirate show at Treasure Island

SHOW: can be expensive but there are places on the Strip that sells discounted ticket....I have been to Lionking and Loved it!!

DON'T Ever eat at TAMBA, it's a Indian restaurant on the STRIP....WORST FOOD HIGH PRICE!!

(Around Strip i'll write next time :-)]

Posted on 03-10-11 5:30 PM     [Snapshot: 384]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Himalayan Cuisine - 730 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nv 89119 • 702-894-9334

If you prefer nepali food, owned by our own DV winner dai.

See the worlds biggest televsion show

near by
Palace Station

2411 W. Sahara Ave.
Las VegasNV 89102


Posted on 03-10-11 5:34 PM     [Snapshot: 387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you guys for all the suggestion..
Posted on 03-10-11 5:42 PM     [Snapshot: 405]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Himalayan Cuisine is gone long time, now it's known as THE MINT and owner is Gujju and workers are Nepali Folks, food is GOOD!! But Nobody can Beat Mt Everest India's cuisine, it's run by Nepali and try MOMO here THE BEST....(Mt Everest is Cheap and Very good Food, but it's kinda 10 min away (drive) from Strip...where as Mint can be 10 min walking distance from Strip!!
Posted on 03-10-11 5:50 PM     [Snapshot: 408]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Around Strip 20 Min walking distance

 For Hukka : Azuza (one nea Strip) the BEST don't ever try other HUKKA place..THIS one or NON!! 
 Firefly: for Tappas, small quantity Mexican delicacy  
Hofbrauhaus : authentic German Bavarian BEER place/ Oktoberfest ;-))

goto The Gun Store and Fire : M 249 LMG (anybody can try )!! :-)

for clubs refer this site: jackcolton.com/  I personally prefer Tao or Haze!!

If you are feeling little adventerous then do these 

1. Sky Diving [DON't GOTO OTHER PLACES than THESE] where either www.sincityskydiving.com/ (Ask for Brad he's originally from Australia, I have jumped with him once very nice chap)
2. or www.skydivemesquite.com/ Also the owner is Brad (different brad) and this is my Home Dropzone, I frequent this place but it's  around 1 hrs drive!!

for Kayak or Canoe : contact kayaklasvegas.com/ few of my friends they go Kayaking on weekends, if you let me know in advance i can hook you up with them.....$35 for Kayak rental!!

Red Rock Canyon : 30 min drive from Strip....different side of Vegas, lots of hiking and trail to walk around!! Might reminds you of Nepal...The Place to be.....I hike here every weekend!! Very Scenic.....(also I can ask my friends if you are interested, so you can join and hike with them)

For Grand Canyon Bus Ride :www.lasvegasgrandcanyontour.com/ 

Last edited: 10-Mar-11 06:25 PM
Last edited: 10-Mar-11 06:26 PM

Posted on 03-10-11 9:47 PM     [Snapshot: 469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was in vegas with a friend this past december and here's what we did in no particular order:

1. Gambling: Lost money initially in the slots but made up by playing blackjack. With slot machines and tables everywhere, it's tempting to gamble so might as well play something where the odds aren't too stacked against you. If you don't know already, learn to play blackjack and get the basic strategy down.

2. Vegas shows: Saw a few shows, my favorite being the blue man group show. I've heard cirque de sole is also good. The shows in Vegas are around $50-$100 on average and we also went to one of those burlesque shows. Major turnoff so I wouldn't spend money on any of those burlesque shows.

3. Night life: Vegas is damn expensive and a drink at a club will cost you $15-$20, a bottle of beer around 10. For most clubs there will be entry fee, ranging from $20 - $50 for guys. I would reccommend buying your own booze before hand.

4. Accomodation: We got pretty good hotel from hotwire....I think paid around 55 per room and stayed at the luxor. There are shuttle buses that go north to south the strip.

5. Food: There are a lot of good food and I would say you gotta at least try a buffet for the vegas experience. I think the Carnival buffet @ Rio is the most popular but you will have to spend more than an hour on line. I would say it's worth it at least once.

4. Transportation: You can get the 3 day unlimited bus for under 30 bucks. I would use that. We ended up taking cabs everywhere and it was too damn expensive. The buses run very frequently but the only problem is during the weekend the traffic on the strip is crazy so you should be prepared to walk...and also see the fountain outside bellagio as someone mentioned.

5. Grand canyon. You have to see one of the 7 wonders of the world after coming so close. We went to the south rim. I think the west rim is closest to vegas and there are shuttle buses that take you there under 3 hrs but they are more expensive than the south rim tour. If you do go to the south rim, you will basically spend the whole day traveling and seeing the canyon.

6. Vegas thrills: We went to the stratosphere and did the skyjump. If you are into adreneline rush you will enjoy it though my friend said sky diving was much better and he's probably right. They also have one of those crazy rides at the top where you are spinning around 108 floor up looking down on the vegas streets. It was a lot of fun.

Oh and I also had hookah at Azuza. The environment is pretty cool but didn't like the service. They told us we would get a free refill but later on said something about you have to get so many bowls and blah blah after getting our hopes high.

Vegas is definitely worth going once. And remember, whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas! Good luck.


Posted on 03-10-11 11:04 PM     [Snapshot: 495]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ThanQ  LaureKancha , fortune faded for so much of valuable information, I am going to print out all this so that i can carry with myself.
I am not a huge fan of indian food..but i will definietly eat maxican, nepalese food while m there.

I am still confused about south/north rim..etc for grand canyon. which one will be the best pick. i saw few day trip but dont' know which one to pick ..

Since Tips is not so common here  i have no idea on tipping in USA can you please tell me more about it, who should i tip? how much should i tip ?
heard i have to tip every where i go.. tour guide, hair dresser..fast food ..obiviously resturant..where else and how much

 how is ppl in general in VEGAS, LA ?  are they approachable ..anything i should know when dealing with ppl, things i should avoid.

I really appreciate all of you for the information.

But is there anyone that can provide me more of the info on LA. & SAN FRANSICO

Posted on 03-10-11 11:25 PM     [Snapshot: 503]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Heard South Rim is better, for tipping usually 15-25% depending upon service...personally I give 20% it's easy to calculate :-)

What Ever happens in vegas stays in vegas is a marketing tag, i dunno how that works and mind Prostitution is ILLEGAL in VEGAS!!

+ Vegas is Tourist town, 90% of the people you meet'll be out of town (all around the World) I have met people from Venezuela, Turkey, France, Italy,Spain,Russia (was Olympian Boxer), Argentina, Australia ,Iran, South Africa, Middle East and most probably DRUNK :P

You asked me how are people here? ummm I Love this Place!! People depends, this place runs in MONEY.......service sector is for $$$ ...I doubt you have to deal with LOCALS so chill and have fun!!
Last edited: 10-Mar-11 11:28 PM

Posted on 03-11-11 4:02 PM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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can anyone provide me some info on ...LA

& laure kancha who else i should tip..in here we only tip (not common) taxi driver & waiter only..heard you have to tip most of the place.
so do i have to tip tour guide (if i decide to take a day trip on those tour bus) ..driver...hair dresser macdonal who else.

Posted on 03-11-11 4:25 PM     [Snapshot: 554]     Reply [Subscribe]
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LA --> Universal Studio, Disneyland, Malibu/Venice/Huntington Beach (Learn Surfing lesson), Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory!!

Tip anybody you feel like....driver yes(may be $5-$10), Mc Donald may be not, (but why you planing to eat in Mc Donald??) [I don't like Mc Donald personally].....Ask other people, usually I Tip everybody so ask others for their opinion....!!

Posted on 03-11-11 4:28 PM     [Snapshot: 551]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 crazyNep, sorry to interrupt in between but may be Lahure is busy or something coz today's is Friday so i thought about giving your answer whatever i know. Here in U.S. You don't want to forget to tip the Server, Cab Driver, Hair Dresser. I don't think you'll need any tour guide because if you are good on reading maps and communicating in english, you really don't need a guide. Since our LK seems a very descent person, so i am sure if his schedule allow him than he don't mind showing you some stuffs. You really don't have to tip the people in fast food restaurant like McDonald and KFC. Also if you go to any buffet, you don't have to tip either unless somebody do not comes to your table serving some foods or water. Also here you have to tip a vallet too, but unless you're not renting a car and going to any hotel, you probably don't come across any valet. I guess that's it, rest our LK bro will describe when he get chance. 
Posted on 03-11-11 4:30 PM     [Snapshot: 558]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hahaha Lahure, i am sorry, by the time i was writing you already gave the answer. I thought you might be busy or something, sorry brother but trust me i am not trying to ne smart a$$ and giving answer in your conversation. Have a good friday bro. 
Posted on 03-11-11 7:24 PM     [Snapshot: 598]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 BD chill :-)

I would have helped him, problem is I am leaving on vacation for a Month. Time he'll be gambling in Vegas, I'll be hiking Everest Base Camp :-))

Posted on 03-12-11 6:50 AM     [Snapshot: 718]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank You all for your great suggestion.. Yeah boulevard dream it wud have been great if laure kancha was in VEGAS.
Laure Kancha have a great trip..n enjoy your base camp trip.. i always wanted to do but neva happened mayb some day soon. heard its magnificient.

Posted on 03-12-11 10:25 AM     [Snapshot: 766]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thank you guys.  I too can benefit from your tips as I have not been to Las Vegas or to Grand Canyon.  I will keep your suggestions in mind when I go there, whenever that may be.
Posted on 03-12-11 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 785]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @ Lahure: Enjoy the trip brother, Hope you will have a great time in the motherland, also don't forget to eat sekuwa outside the TIA, mero naam ma ni ek dui plate khanu huus, pareko ma behorula :-)
@crazyNep: You don't have any plan for place like Dallas, Texas or Oklahoma. Do you? If you do than let me know, i can take you to some place but its not a most happening state in U.S comparing to other State.. 
Posted on 03-14-11 1:17 AM     [Snapshot: 890]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ThanQ boulevard Dream ..it would have been great if i cud..with the time constrains i guess it l b real hard this time..Really appreciate your offer so niece of you n laure kancha for this offer to totally stranger..highly appreciated..if ya guys eva come here holla @ me as well i l try my best to do wat i can..thankS again

i l update you as how it all went n what i felt about USA..once i visit there..m really excited 1mo months to go..

thankS all for your suggestion..all the suggestion where superb!

Posted on 03-14-11 10:43 AM     [Snapshot: 949]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since you gonna be in NYC, don't miss a chance to Visit DC(4 Hours drive or 5 hours by Chinatown bus), Philly (2 hrs drive), Boston, Long Island(NY, 2 hrs drive), Connecticut, Atlantic City and surrounding area!!

If needed I can brief you on DC, stayed there for 2 years!!

Posted on 03-14-11 6:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1017]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks laure Kancha,
I am planning to visit..DC, philadelphia boston ..atlantic city and if possible i will go upto niagra falls (toronto). now i am going to try long island as well. thanks for your suggestion..
mo info on DC will be good.
Posted on 03-15-11 2:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1076]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Give atleast 2 days (3 to enjoy everything)

Day 1 - WH--WWII Memorial--Vietnam War Memorial--Lincoln Memorial--Korean War Memorial-Jefferson Memorial-Natural History Museum-Washington Monument(do purchase ticket online, its FREE but you need to get there early morning to get same day ticket, online : www.nps.gov/archive/wamo/pphtml/fees.html)  (WALK WALK WALK)

Day 2- Aero Museum and other museum of your choice, Library of Congress, Capitol Hill, National Archive

Day 3 - Aero Museum at Dulles airport (this is HUGE MAN) + Zoo

+ all the attractions are FREE in DC!! + carry sandwiches or snacks+ water in your backpack (it's hard to get good restaurant around tat area)

Other attraction includes : Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima statue (i think they call it Marine Memorial) or goto University of Maryland, College Park (my alma mater hehe) [and go to Krazi Kabob and eat Traditional Gyro (Beef+ Lamb/Goat)and for dessert  Baklava]

Night time : Georgetown area (don't take car freaking expensive parking), DuPont Circle, Bethesda (Maryland), Old Town Virginia

--> all the places are easily connected by Metro (buy Day pass it would be chepaer)

While returning you can visit Baltimore Inner Harbor (if you are driving), if you travel by China town bus then it's not a big a deal!!


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