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 Assylum & opt!! help
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Posted on 07-25-11 10:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I am a international student with F-1 visa. I am in OPT right now. I am recently in the process of filing a political asylum. So my questions is can I file for asylum while I am in OPT? Any suggestions regarding this matter is appreciated.
Posted on 07-25-11 10:53 PM     [Snapshot: 73]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 grad school or Nepal jana chhodera asylum re, suhayena hai! 
btw, OPT ma hune le asylum file garna milchha kyare. jasle file gare ni hunchha kyara, hoina?
Last edited: 25-Jul-11 11:03 PM

Posted on 07-25-11 11:49 PM     [Snapshot: 138]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Yes you can apply assylum regardless of our status rock_princess....By the way i m also in OPT n filing assylum ....
Posted on 07-26-11 12:32 AM     [Snapshot: 172]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Bro haru, ma ni OPT ma ho asylum file garna k k criteria huna parcha hau? sikaunu na...ma nepal gayera aako tara 1 yrs badhi bhaisakyo....opt arko july2012 ma sakincha, texas tira ni garna milcha yo asylum file? dherai abhari hune thiye sahi direction dinubhayema :p
Posted on 07-26-11 1:08 AM     [Snapshot: 192]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Yes dharane dada ...we can apply from texas...there is assylum office in houston
Posted on 07-26-11 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 329]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is my concern too. OPT ma kaam gardai gareko le garda ke hunchha? Asylum file gare pachi kaam garna pahinchha ki pahinna OPT ma?
Deny bhayo bhane ke hunchha? Lau kasailai thaha chha bhane bataidinu hola.

Posted on 07-26-11 10:51 AM     [Snapshot: 330]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 approve bhayena bhane k huncha tyo pani thaha pauna ?
Posted on 07-26-11 11:28 AM     [Snapshot: 386]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Dhanyabaad houston bro, dallas ma ni uscis cha k re haina? apply reject bho bhane k hune raicha...www.uscis.org ma fursad ma bujnu paryo.... tara nepal gayera aako 1 yr badi bhaisakeko le affect gardaina ra bhanyaa? 
Posted on 07-26-11 11:36 AM     [Snapshot: 404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Refugees & Asylum


Humanitarian carrying waterRefugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion. 


Refugee status is a form of protection that may be granted to people who meet the definition of refugee and who are of special humanitarian concern to the United States. Refugees are generally people outside of their country who are unable or unwilling to return home because they fear serious harm. For a legal definition of refugee, see section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

You may seek a referral for refugee status only from outside of the United States. For more information about refugees, see the  “Refugees” section.


Asylum status is a form of protection available to people who:

  • Meet the definition of refugee
  • Are already in the United States
  • Are seeking admission at a port of entry

You may apply for asylum in the United States regardless of your country of origin or your current immigration status. For more information about asylum status, see the “Asylum” section. 



Last updated: 04/26/2011


Image of Villagers

La saathi ho, aafno area ko immigration lawyer sanga kura gara hou, aafai janne bhayera ni apply na gara...free counselling bhanne huncha re lawyer bata try gara...tara yeti info chai bhetiyo uscis ko site ma :P ani bro haru sanga naya kunai information cha wa kunai asylum related experience cha bhane share garam hau...kati khali porno hrera baschau hau goole haru yeso help gara ta janne manne sajhaites haru:P

Posted on 07-26-11 12:39 PM     [Snapshot: 438]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank u guys for replying my post......i hab a same concern jhapaliketo...... kasailai yesko baare ma thaha cha bhane plz bhanidinu hola

Posted on 07-26-11 1:19 PM     [Snapshot: 465]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 27-Jul-11 07:51 AM

Posted on 07-26-11 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 543]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @jhapaliketo and @rock_princess timi haru nepal bata farkeko kati bhayo...afu ta 1 yr badi bho na milla jasto cha hau
Posted on 07-26-11 5:25 PM     [Snapshot: 601]     Reply [Subscribe]
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six months bhayo mero ta...nepal bata aayeko

Posted on 07-26-11 9:22 PM     [Snapshot: 688]     Reply [Subscribe]
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11 months 8 days

Posted on 07-26-11 11:05 PM     [Snapshot: 734]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 like it what menmyself said....hawa tal ma chaahi apply nagarnu......abt opt my fren din't get back his status when he was denied .....said the case seems fishy and he was questioned lot regarding his status and why he applied during opt...after completion of his studies and blah blah like that....u might be the lucky one .....u could get it .......
Posted on 07-27-11 2:24 AM     [Snapshot: 803]     Reply [Subscribe]
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will you guys please start acting mature and responsible in the cyber world and respect the most generous protection  for the most needy and real  people? cow gal, watch out your case can be reopned anytime..

read this: http://mail.trackitt.com/usa-discussion-forums/i485-eb/721188479/how-to-stop-false-asylum

 We should have no dilemma between crossing through a loophole of the system and committing fraud in the matter of immigration. People have different perspectives. There surely is many loopholes in EB process, and people deliberately take advantage of it. No-one can stop it until the system is fixed. On the other hand, committing fraud is criminal act, but the system does not seem to be enough sensitive to detect the crime. 

Camar has interesting viewpoint. Reporting about the fraudulent document of my friend is no problem for me. As pdfeb11 said, with no proof, what is meaning of such reporting? I can not guarantee whether he lied me or he lied USCIS. I feel proud to be incapable of dishonesty. I am not jealous but I am somewhat puzzled to find out fraudulent documents are acceptable. After finding acuser of Strauss-kahn also involved in fraud asylum case, this issue is hitting the news media. 

It seems that there is a racket of asylum-filer running business in New York, Texas and California. They also seem to have discussion forum that help people how to prepare document, what to do etc. for asylum filing. I do not know if they are genuine case or not, I do not fully understand following discussion, if you understand, you may be able to tell more. 

"Sathi haru sujhab chahiyo... Student ho tx ma baschu nepal gayara aako 1 barsa huna 1 hapta baki cha asylum garne. Ichar ma chu sabai ready cha tara yo 1 week vanda pachi garyo vane ke farak parcha ??? Any suggation or informTion will work 
Rajesh " 

"I don't think so because lots of people had filed couple of years later and had got approved... Best of luck" 

"Im from houston ..... And whT happns if theey deny??" 

"Guys, I have been in the US for about 4 years. Can i go to mexico or canada, come back and file for asylum. Or, I have to go back to nepal?"

Posted on 07-27-11 3:32 AM     [Snapshot: 833]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@kalopani bro - Hmm...this trackitt forum sounds interesting huh? but some indian douchebag making a mess about a nepali guy being fraund...what about thousands of indians coming to the usa under h1b quotas with fake work experiences and documents? all these stuffs goes around everywhere. When you gotta do it you gotta do it, afno faida ko lagi manche le j pani garcha kasle ethics sochera bascha yaha...afterall we all live in this capitalistic society:) period

btw kalopani bro tyo forum ko barema thaha thiyena nikaikaam lagne cha jasto cha...any way thanx


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