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 Yes I was born in Nepal. I am a Nepali! But, I'm also half-Indian!

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Posted on 08-04-11 6:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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          I was born in Nepal...my dad was born in Nepal too..but probably my grandfather migrated from India..my mom is an 

Indian..though she has a Nepali citizenship now...some of my siblings were born in India too..but anyways, they all are 
Nepali too..my home is just a few miles away from India..if the roads were good we'll probably get there (India) in 
minutes...very large part of my family is Indian...we speak hindi to communicate..if we talk to relatives we speak in 
hindi...we can speak nepali too but we dont choose to..it just doesn't feel natural when we communicate in nepali..i speak 
maithili, nepali, hindi or english whatever is required..shreeman gambhir made me feel proud..but jana gana mana gives me 
goosebumps too..i don't create those goosebumps intentionally though..it comes naturally..here in the US, when someone asks 
me "what are you? an Indian?"..i do not hesitate to say yes..

          i went to Kathmandu after my SLC for +2..the first thing was to find a room to stay..me and my friends would walk all day 
looking for rooms..you know how hard it is..we saw there was no curtain on a window..we stepped inside that house..we saw the 
owner sitting in her balcony..we asked politely, "aunty kotha khali cha?"..she replied "cha tara madhesi lai na dine"...we 
were speechless...walked out with our hearts in our throats..but we kept looking..and one very nice aunty let us stay in her 
house..we knew not all of them are same so we weren't hopeless..i wish they would understand too that not all of us are 

          people have called me 'dhoti' several times..whats wrong with dhoti? you will wear it too if you had to farm in scorching sun 
of terai..anyways..i dont get bothered by their ignorance..i wonder if they are burnt in daura suruwal or the same dhoti in 
their funeral..there are a lot more stories about the 2nd degree treatment we get in Nepal..at the same time when we go to 
India..they can't even tell we are from Nepal..when we go to a hotel in India..and they say "kya haal hai bhaiya? 
baithiye..boliye kya lau khaane me?"...what can i say it feels like home and like we are their brothers..and remember there 
are thousands like me in Nepal who feel this very same way..even here when I meet any Indian they treat me like a family 
          I have a friend..his name is Ricardo (Ricky) Fernandes..he was born here..so he is an American..he has a lot of benefits of 
being a hispanic..so many scholarships and financial aids are just a few to name..his parents migrated here some 40 years 
ago..they can speak english but not so fluent..but its not a problem for them at all..because wherever they go there is 
someone to help them with a 'hablo espanol' badge on their t-shirt..when they have to call any customer service..this is what 
the hear "marque dos para el español"..our grandparents won't go to any office by themselves...because they won't understand 
Nepali and there will be no office to help them in Hindi..my friend also has a tat on his arms..it says 'viva mexico'...he is 
an American though...he was born here..the way they live is so mexican..when they communicate with family or relatives or 
friends they dont speak english..they speak spanish...but they are Americans...Ricky says he is a mexican...but he is an 
American..as a matter of fact one of my American friends once told me that she was 25% each of Ukranian, German, Lithuanian 
and American..Yes I was born in Nepal. I am a Nepali! But, I'm also half-indian!
          Hispanics are here in a very large number..they are important for America..so they are not ignored..America didn't even had 
to give them a separate state..but still they are happy here..and proud to be Americans of Hispanic ethinicity...we are also 
in a large number in Nepal..but we are ignored..by the government..by the people...roots are roots guys...stop making your 
own people feel like foreigners in their own land..Nepal is as much ours as it is yours..you can't change a person..I'd hate 
to see Nepal divided furthermore..but why can't we follow the path of 'Unity in Diversity' like the great nation of US..like the great

nation of India..
Jai Nepal! Jai Hind!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-04-11 8:45 PM     [Snapshot: 152]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 parr ek baat hai...sunlo achha likh bhi lo...you are a cent percent true Nepali if u start doubting yourself them everyone else will doubt you...so cheers jai nepal and my gorkhe salaam to you
Posted on 08-05-11 1:31 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all--SAY NO TO RACISM.
And secondly, very good expresssion, very good writing.

Posted on 08-05-11 6:14 AM     [Snapshot: 438]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They hate indians here in US as well. Now, What ????  In Nepal they are Known as "Dhoti" and/or "Khali sisi" only but, here Indians are notoriously popular for their "Bad smell" .Americans call them "Curry Munchers" and in some worst case they don't even consider them as "Asians".Some republican friends of mine go one step further and prefer to call them "Asian kaalezzz". It's fact and i feel that way that the Americans and many Europeans give much respect and sympathy towards Nepalizz than to the kale indianzz--- home of Buddha, Brave Gurkhas( fought many wars and is still fighting and aiding NATO and American troops in Iraq and Afganistan and many more-British Gurkha platoonz),World famouse mountaineers  are some of the reasons why..

Those words up there may sound bitter and kind of absurd but, the point is that people call you name no matter what race or caste you are,for inatance --[Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed],[Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed],Tapari,Chyatare,Katto [Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed] u name it,  and whereever you are from.It's totally upto you how to perceive it,behave and use that educated mind to deal with those old fart and Idiotz. Also,Just because some individual or a small group of old fart call you name doesn't mean that whole nation and it's people fall into the same catagory.It's not fair to hate/criticize the whole nation where you grew up and it's people for the idiotic prejudice behaviour of some people.No matter where you go, you will find someone there to disparage and criticize you.Therefore,it seems to me that your real education,whatever grade you are in right now, is still not helping you.Now, do this.Work on " what if" theory using your intellectual mind to see things in a different way since you sounds like a educated fella( i wonder what goes into the un-educated peoplez mind-if so called educated is behaving like this :)) .Anyway! Change your perception,your lens, and try to see the things with that new lens. If you can't  view things with different perspectives,you will have problems even if you become or call yourself Indian from Nepali. some one will be there to find fault on your RAJNIKANT look !! lol

Posted on 08-05-11 6:27 AM     [Snapshot: 477]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ओके सो यु फिल होम्ली होवे्न अ धोती कल्स यु भैया याण्ड डिस्क्रीमनेटेड होवे्न योर फेलो नेपाली ब्रदर कल्स यु द सेम थीङ ?? डब्लु टि यफ म्यान !!!
Posted on 08-05-11 8:54 AM     [Snapshot: 560]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes and i understand we have ass holes like ratoragat ...the uncivilized bigot who still farts out discriminatory  slurs from behind a hidden username...poo sies like him give us all a bad name.....anyway the admin has been reported of this!

Posted on 08-05-11 9:30 AM     [Snapshot: 597]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Keep your head up man, not all Nepali are racists and bigoted, I think it will get better for everyone as the new generation flourishes!
Posted on 08-05-11 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 590]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Honestly, I'd rather be an Indian than be a Nepalese like ratoragat, what a nerve dude! If majority of Nepalese think his way, I'd start supporting the fact that Buddha was indeed born in India, or China, Burma, Cambodia, even Kenya for that matter but not in Nepal.

Growing up, I remember I had a friend whose last name was Gupta. Migrated to Kathmandu at the callow age of nine from Birgunj where he was born and raised, he did have a madhesi accent while speaking Nepalese, just like many of us have [Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed]i & Tibetan accent and accent of Brahmin and Chettris from rural Nepal. While my 'Nepalse' friends condoned all others, his terai twang was ridiculed by all. I recall, no one spoke to him in his fourth grade, and I take the blame as well, I did not want to alieneate  my Rana, Tamrakar, Poudel and Lama friends by befriending a 'dhoti' in him. Guys incessantly picked on him and girls snickered. His only fault was his last name, and a burgoeois personaility that strongly illustrated his Indian self.

Next year was better, I started speaking to him much to my 'original' friends' agony. I discovered he was a very humble person, and to my surprise, rooted for Manang Marsyangdi instead of Calcutta during soccer championship matches those days. I then learnt at an early age, that ethnicity and accents weren't as big of a deal as it did, to my Nepalese friends.

A year after that, he returned to Birgunj, his dad business did not flourish in Kathmandu and I never saw him again. I tried looking for him in facebook to no avail.

I miss my friend, if he is a dhoti, I am a bahadur. If he is a border encroaching roach I might as well be a pimp who trafficks women to India.

And if people like ratoragat claim their gurkha patriotism by chiding people with Indian origin. I rather choose to be an Indian than be a Nepalese.
Last edited: 05-Aug-11 10:15 AM

Posted on 08-05-11 9:52 AM     [Snapshot: 622]     Reply [Subscribe]
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  man.. honestly very good presentation of your feelings... i can imagine how damaging your experiences could have been for your feelings as a nepali.. but just coz some fools called you dhoti or bihari doesnt mean...you have to think nepal is not your home but india..... if you are born in nepal and you like your nationality and the country you have just as much right to be known as a nepali or be treated equally as any other nepali... but if you are expressing your views as a nepali in a nepali forum... "jai hind" is not a word people around here are a big fan of...... and on the other hand there are nepali people of indian origin  who live in nepal, work in nepal, the food they eat is grown in nepal but they are such kind of people that, if they could, they would annex nepal to india....(so you know where the hatred or those kind of behaviour people show comes from)
                       but like i said your a nepali if you love nepal......just of an indian origin.. nepal's your home not india..... JAI NEPAL....
Posted on 08-05-11 9:57 AM     [Snapshot: 639]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you admin for removing the post!! let's keep sajha free of rats like "ratoragat" who project their lowlife bigotry as a way to amuze their insignificant lives. jai Nepal
Posted on 08-05-11 10:11 AM     [Snapshot: 675]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My take:

During different stages of my life, I have made quite a few friends from southern part of nepal... generally known as "Madhesi". Munna Kumar Shah, migrated to kathmandu as joined the same school as I did. He is one of the most hard working person I have seen. Basant Kumar Mandal from Rauthat one of the most honest and helpful friend I have. Shiva Narayan Das such a down to earth person despite being only son of super rich person.

I was very close to Mandal, during my college days. Sometime I used to call him "velay". he hated that. One day another fren from our class called him "velay" he picked up a fight and beat that guy. I asked him why did he do so??? He answered, "tailay kun niyat le bhanchas ra teslay kun niyat le bhanchha tyo farak chha"....... That day I learned a lesson,.... it was a deragotary term but he always excused me coz I was agood friend of him.... After that day, I never used that word.... 

Munna Sa, Shiv Narayn Das and Basant Kumar Mandal all are as Nepali as my friends Sashi Shrestha, Nishan Phuyal or Surendra Gajurel.

I had a cursh on a Bipana Sa (another madhesi) as a school boy.... she is still my best fren.....
Posted on 08-05-11 3:56 PM     [Snapshot: 858]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 chaure m,achilknee ta chaure parlas mahcikneee khate tero bau hola rattt
Posted on 08-05-11 4:06 PM     [Snapshot: 862]     Reply [Subscribe]
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wisesoul, u may wanna check your gender to make sure either u'r full male, or female. since u'r father is a male, and u'r mother is a female, u may  be half male, and half female. however, there's a good news. u can [Disallowed String for - bad word] u'r self in the a$$ whenever u want.
Posted on 08-05-11 4:44 PM     [Snapshot: 917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here comes another one. Don't you have the same kind of father and mother? Or are your parents both male or both female? For that reason you can and everyone can ****  himself ???
Posted on 08-05-11 5:07 PM     [Snapshot: 935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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chappaljutta, i'm not the one with identity crisis. i'm 100% male, and 100% nepali. no doubt. and i'm pretty sure wiseowl can standup for himself  to elaborate my comment. u don't need to be all hyped up. unless u'r one of those "Special" ones.
Posted on 08-05-11 7:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1005]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would say NO TO RACISM

Who the
फक  are you to Judge..!!

Posted on 08-06-11 3:26 AM     [Snapshot: 1101]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 You cannot judge a book by its cover and you cannot jude a person by its color!!!!
We all nepali need to think wisely and take racsist feelings out of our mind...................Madhesi should also never think that they are all  opressed by pahadi guys and pahadi guys should also never think all the madhesi guys are thugs.............. there will always be rotten potato in the bag ....its all your choice that either you want to identify  that bad potato................cheers have fun in weekend guys!!! Dimag lai free banaunu paryo!!!!!
Posted on 08-07-11 1:22 AM     [Snapshot: 1233]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Could not agree more with behoove me..... Vuttro jasto bro  timi ta sarai vuttro jastai raichhau yaar..Now dont brag in sajha about you have been here 13 years and work for fortune 500 company...I dont give a rats ass about all those crap......Your mentality speaks volume about who you are. No need to justify here in sajha.....

.....n let me guess this rato ragat is that same stupid patriotic fool who comes out in the street and burns tire about some hypothetical comment rithik roshan made about nepal....but does not do shit when KP oli one of the main leaders of the major party is protecting some gundaa and smuggler from law. Where does ur patriotism go when you see people in daura suruwal and dhaka topi betray its own people and keep protecting those people who murder people and smuggle elephant husks in broad daylight.

Dont worry wise soul...not all people are jerks...there is a whole new generation of nepali guys out there who think outside the box.

Say no to racism

Posted on 08-07-11 2:23 AM     [Snapshot: 1265]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i don't think most people in Nepal not like the tarai bashies.. i love tarai and southern ppl from Nepal, i think most ppl are not comfortable with india interfering Nepal and running Nepal's politics and going around claiming Nepal as gurkhayas and kanchis. i think you had hard time finding a room in ktm because lots of time an indian from andrapradesh or bihar get a room and next thing you know is there are 10 people living in that room so it's a valid reason for house owners to be cautious. also let's not forget that Nepal is a Nepal a poor third world with lots of uneducated ppl and of course that is not a valid reson to discriminate but others but it takes time and understaing over the time to develope good realtion and trust. Indians are not liked in manyu africian countries, australia, uk, south asia , even in the usa they are considered stingy, curry munching , stealing jobs with bad accent. i look like an indian like lots of Nepalis and i do feel i am discriminated because of that lots of time. I think it's about time indians work on their attitude to be liked by others. 
    i don't think what you felt in ktm is 100% true. there are tons of indians and tarai bashisis working in kathmandu. most influuch ial and rich ppl in Nepal are indians or from indian origin like khetan, chaudharis etc etc. Nepal is pretty much run by indian and their ambessador runs Nepali politics so i think indians are not minorities but majority in Nepal. for eg , i n south  Africia white ppl were outnumbered by blacks like 20 years ago but they were still considered majority because of their social position. i think indian in Nepal are majority because of their influence and power in Nepali politics and money. so you love indian language, you feel comfortable while you're in india, and you love a foreign national anthem , now how is that supposed to mame a true Nepali think about you? it's your right to be a Nepali , and you are what you are don't make some ignorant fools doubt about your nationality.
btw, Nepali ppl make fun and hate other casts/races/color all the time. i am sure you have heard bad lebells for [Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed]s, chhetry, [Disallowed String for - castist references disallowed]s and mongolian ppl too. it's a matter of ignorance and illetracy more than just picking up  on you i would think. 

Posted on 08-07-11 3:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1300]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Junky funky 
u son of a bitch wat u wanna say that i am going racist..........fucccccker ya i am the one who protest against any one who says anything to my country,,,,i m not like u [Disallowed String for - bad word]er who just listen those things and hide behind women..............Do u want me to give u in detail about how indians are dominating nepal..............do u know what is happening in  terai border ............those ur indians come at nite time attack nepalese farmers......beat them, loot them and even more they are taking our land day by day...........i m not like u [Disallowed String for - bad word]er who just think u have patriosm and show nothing............u can all do is bark ............i think u like the way indians are doing...........these are the indians who are supportinf the maiost and dont want our country to develop................................they are the ones who were always agianst our nation............they show friendship but they stab from backside................check the history dude...............these all  nepalese political leader are corrupted and they are working for them not for our country.....................I dont want my country to be governed by india thats why i hate indians................and i will.........................u cant stop me just commenting agaisnt me...........i guess u [Disallowed String for - bad word]er is also indian fan who wants nepal to be ruled by them.......shame on u and i guess u r the one who is patriotic.........
Posted on 08-07-11 7:01 AM     [Snapshot: 1336]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Another reason why some( may be not all) Nepalese people dislike "Hindian rooted people" bacause they never embrace or fully tried to appreciate Nepali culture,language and belifs.It seems that this thread inventer gave pretty much candid deions.he said that he speak God-damn Hindi language even though he should be speaking "Maithili"( i suppose, which is very different than hindi and  is their mother tongue) and moreover,he probably never tried to speak Nepali language properly with his friends and families.Probably he hates "Nepali posakh and dhaka topi" but love to wear "Dhoti" and funny looking Indian white topi, a resemblance of Dhaka Topi.He may love "Dewali and other Indian festival"  rather than "Dashain and Tihar". Perhaps,he is fond of Indi T.V. channel and serials and  may never watched Nepali serial and/or News etc. He also mentioned about some Spanish people here in USA.They have the similar problem.They discourse in Freakin Spanish language instead of English.They don't even attempt to speak in english.discuss matters loudly in  an annoying manner with some kind of  funny accent. People like me, who are not native to this nation, are upset of this spanish drama;you can only imagine, how the english speaking americans feel about them.This is one reason that ; why majority of Americans show animosity towards spanish population both legal or illigal.They failed to embrace, respect and  mingle with the people,language and culture of this host nation. Because of this, English speaking population wildly assumes and behaves them as foreigners/illigals and discriminates in some cases even though, they are Legal American citizens.In nepal we have similar situation.They failed to embrace and mingle with the majority of population. Until recently because of education and other opportunities many migrated in cities,like kathmandu,pokhara,lalitpur and so on, and slowly intermingling. there will be some "culture clash" situation and we will get to read/listen many stories like the one posted in thread above.
Another thing that people call you "madhesiiiiz" ---because you guys are from Madesh pradesh,"Dhotiiiz"--because you wear them,and people didn't have other name to identify them  in the past so, they chose "Dhoti lagako manchhe" (i guess) and abbreviated as "Dhoti" later on---So there's no need to feel shame for those name. There are similar name for people from  every other castes..................... 

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