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 agent of change or agent of "RAW"
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Posted on 09-28-11 11:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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after hearing this interview of Baburam Bhattarai, it is not very difficult to understand he indeed is an Indian Agent.. hear for yourself


he could not even say that he won't let Indian Marsals in Nepal, and he has already made up his mind for the extradiction treaty that India has long awaited for.
Posted on 09-29-11 12:38 AM     [Snapshot: 40]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rabindra Mishra nailed it with his questions regarding RAW, regarding his WIFE HISILA BEING CORRUPT, him allowing INDIAN MILITARY in Nepal, and the final question about HOW HE FEELS ABOUT KILLING THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT NEPALIS..

Great title of the discussion..Agent of Change or Agent of Raw. The man is definitely an agent of Raw. It is a widely believed and accepted  truth. Lau Gorkhequatari aba Nepal aama lai kasle bajaucha kunni!!

Shree Pashupatinath le haami sabaii ko kalyan garun..aba sirf unkaii aash cha...Baburam ko bhoot, bartaman, ra bhavishey nai India bhaye pachi ra hamle teslai hamro bhabhisey banayesii k chai huna sakcha ra??

Sad day for Nepal to have such a person as a PM.

Posted on 09-29-11 1:14 AM     [Snapshot: 70]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Another co-incidence between Sikkim and Nepal. Indian army in TIA as 8th gorkha regiment in Gangtok via protectorate treaty in 1947. Now you need not be a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on in Nepal via these madhise and baburam- prachanda faction of maoist. 

Roadmap of India in Nepal: Abolition of monarchy-------Citizenship to 4 million indian immigrants---------------advocacy of ethnicity based federalism------------ Ek madhesh ek pradesh demand---------------Now Indian air marshal in Nepal---------- Synchronization of 10 K neo-madhesis in NA--------------- Sarat Singh Bhandari's speech.......WHAT NEXT ???? May god save my motherland!
Last edited: 29-Sep-11 01:41 AM

Posted on 09-29-11 1:54 PM     [Snapshot: 286]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Roadmap of India in Nepal: Abolition of monarchy-------Citizenship to 4 million indian immigrants---------------advocacy of ethnicity based federalism------------ Ek madhesh ek pradesh demand---------------Now Indian air marshal in Nepal---------- Synchronization of 10 K neo-madhesis in NA--------------- Sarat Singh Bhandari's speech.......WHAT NEXT ???? May god save my motherland!"








Aba ta sirf pashupatinath kai shakti le desh  bajcha natra haami pani Prashant Tamang jasto hune deen para chaina..God bless my country Nepal. !! Jai Durge, maha kalai, maha laxmi, maha sarawsoti, bhawani, rakshya gara Nepal ko.
Posted on 09-29-11 2:03 PM     [Snapshot: 291]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ha ha ha pashupati nath lai ta kasle bachaos aba Nepal lai pashupati nath le bachauchan hola.... nepal lai bachauna sakne eutai manche bhaneko yo Paulina didi matrai hun jasto cha...

Posted on 09-29-11 2:51 PM     [Snapshot: 332]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you GT ;)!

Posted on 09-29-11 4:15 PM     [Snapshot: 381]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have been telling you again and again...this terrorist maoist murderer  is a RAW agent. His Jawarlal Nehru University connection and deep ties with Delhi during the time he was attending the university and his policies which largely favors his Indian masters further strengthens the argument that he indeed is a wolf in a sheep cloak. 

Posted on 09-29-11 5:30 PM     [Snapshot: 460]     Reply [Subscribe]
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indian spy agents a.ka. RAW agents a.k.a nepal ama ko daalal saantan are in every political party and in every media house. there is not IF BUT or DOUBT about it. clearly baburam is a raw agent as the whole episode went down per RAW mastermind.

it sickens me to stomach to see what baburam is now doing gain cheap popularity from flying economy class to NYC to using nepal made vehicle. this is page to page strategy indian use with the then sikkim where an  extremely popular prime minister was used to later annex the state into part of india.

RAW and indian foreign policy on nepali since the nehru days has been try best to sikkimize if not bhutanization of nepal.

im guessing (hoping and more than anything PRAYING) nepal will not become the next sikkim but with RAW agents like baburam as the prime minister and all sorts of other RAW agents in every nepali political party and every nepal media, nepal is well on it's way to become the next bhutan.

not sure if there is a whole lot that can be done...i still do believe in our glorious history for never being ruled under a foreign flag but it's time to prepare for handing over foreign policy and national security matter formally to the government of india (which is what bhutan is contractually obligated to do). hey on the bright side we don't need to see this sick face keep attending UN conference as they will not have voting right (it will be whatever india decides) and the issue of inserting maoists combatants into nepal army will not be an issue anymore as nepal army as a whole will be dissolved as indian army will be deployed to guard nepali border on nepal police to maintain law and order within country.

Posted on 09-29-11 9:31 PM     [Snapshot: 554]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chaurey, Daddys_here, and Nas--> even today the Nehru doctrine is doing its work..trying to include Nepal as a PART of INDIA like sikkim.

This is all a horrible conspiracy India has with Nepal using one after another person of Nepal to make it a part of their country. But sadly Nepalis are not getting it or don't want to get it. India continues to use all of our so called "leaders" until they have all of Nepal to make us either in a form of Bhutan or Sikkim.

I dont think a PHD holder Baburam doesn't understand this. But yet for his own personal gains he has sold his country to India by agreeing to the most dangerous 4 bullet agreement with the madhesis. But then what can we expect from a murderer and a terrorist??

Aba k hola? Yo jyaan mara baburam le manche matra namarera desh nai bechna lagyo..aba ta yesle bhitralo corrupt sharAT singh bhandari bhanaudo pani Terai lai Nepal baata chutauni kura garcha!!

Does he NOt understand that India is TRYING TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER. 

Makes me sick to my stomach..that people think Jaha singo Nepal huncha Teha Baburam Huncha?? Jaha Baburam huncha, looks like teha Nepal bhanni desh nai aba hudaina..

God help Nepal.

Posted on 09-29-11 10:42 PM     [Snapshot: 607]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i hear you paulinadidi. 

even within maoist party it has been clear that baburam is taking order straight from RAW and working for india's best interest ONLY. he is different from prachada as although he didn't hesitate to take order from india but when he realized he was working against nepal, i do believe he stood up against it. thus, india used another RAW agent rukmangat katuwal to get rid of him from the premiership. mohan baidya clearly sees this as well and is actually speaking against baburam publicly....so i see the fall of baburam government very soon. 

another RAW agent is krishna sitaula from nepali congress. along with pretty much everyone from the madhesh based party. 
Last edited: 29-Sep-11 10:44 PM

Posted on 09-30-11 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 702]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Daddyz_here you are RIGHT. Yeap Mohan Baidya Kiran is speaking publicly against Baburam's anti-NATIONALIST agreements with India and the Madhesis and his fall is INEVITABLE.

Well, Baburam's fall is just as inevitable as prachanda's, king's , jhalanath's, madhav kumar nepal's and everybody else's..India just never wants to see Nepal stable, that for sure.

But, looks like now the Baburam government will only last days if a couple of months because his own party people like Mohan Baidya Kiran and Prachanda are just plain UNHAPPY.

I am sure India was mad at Prachanda for playing the china card when he was in power, hence, India prefers Baburam, the SD Muni protege brainwashed in Jwaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

If you ever get a chance to see and learn who SD MUNI is you will see he is anything but a fan of Nehru Doctrine and wants nothing but Nepal to be a part of India. When a man like Baburam has a mentor like SD Muni-- this is anything but expected..

I agree Sitaula is another agent of RAW, no doubt about it.

But Rukmangat Katwal too? I am suprised. But its possible.

RAW knows very well which card, which party, which person from which party to use when.

Posted on 09-30-11 10:44 AM     [Snapshot: 728]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 paulinadid - sad but true, katwal turned out be or later trued into RAW agent during the royal regime. he is india's backup plan just incase maoist turn their back against india and stop taking their orders. a very reliable source inside the palace revealed that during gyanendra's regime, katwal flat out told him that his army were not capable to hold the uprising at the time. he basically refused to any other option for the king at the time. so i put him in same category as baburam. both very well liked by the mass but if you dig deep down they have sold their soul for indian interest. 

since RAW agents are all over nepali media, these kind of news and analysis go unheard of by most living in nepal.

Posted on 10-01-11 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 804]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, I had heard that Katwal didn't  extend any support to the King and had betrayed the monarchy before. But I didn't know why he would do that!! But, i guess it's India, knows which card to play when..

Posted on 10-01-11 6:46 PM     [Snapshot: 857]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seems like Sajha's gone down the drain since I left it. 
Posted on 10-01-11 6:54 PM     [Snapshot: 868]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People talk here as if they're agents of RAW or another intelligence services. How do you know what the real truth is? Bhupi sherchan you were soooooo right "yo hallai halla ko desh ho"


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