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 Royal Massacre by wearing Dipendra's facemask..Its possible
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Posted on 04-13-14 9:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-13-14 9:58 AM     [Snapshot: 46]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is just software manupulation. See what happens to the hair at 14 seconds.
Posted on 04-13-14 10:28 AM     [Snapshot: 112]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not Possible but Certainly it was done by a group of men wearing masks. Who were these men? CIA agents? RAW agents?
Posted on 04-13-14 12:00 PM     [Snapshot: 216]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anything is possible. Watch this who control the politicians, professors, militants, mafias, business tycoons. Each and every of these top people are surrounded by agents, double agents.


Posted on 04-13-14 12:15 PM     [Snapshot: 205]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Definitely, this is a planned action committed by the "other" countries not being treated fairly by His Majesty Late King Birendra(No matter what you are my beloved king) and the Superpower country who likes to reign out Monarchy aka USA. Ever wondered how quick was United States to take off Maoists from terrorist list as soon as they came into power. Wait Mao started from China. Duhhh! Prachande went to China first after becoming the prime minister not India, what a misery to Nepalese people. Their next move was assimilating the cadres into Royal Army, why? They were aware that what if the Army coup would be mobilised after they came into power. Oh! Girija, now Sushil, sucker Koiralas, they must had been fed up bowing down to the Late King! What a coordinated plan. When Ranabhat said rattatabhatta, I wanted to slap his face just like that(sorry about the anger). As a hindu nation, The King always loved diplomacy with India, which the Chinese were aware and not so fond of, plus the King's weapon imports from Germany was a pain in the ass for US. US is a sucker country who likes to infiltrate the terrorists into the other countries and fund them to make the job easy for terrorists. Notice this was a long term planning funded from United States. As a face of God Vishnu, we no more have a head of the state that we can pray for the mobility of the country into goodness. People have different opinions about the King, most of them say that King uses people's money with bodyguards and in the big ass royal palace, I would say, Of course, his great grandfathers bummed their ass to conquer the rest of the regions into one single Nepal, and plus why don't he have so many armies, because he needs protection. Anybody could walk into and assassin him if he live as a commoner. Now lets talk about Gyanendra, poor soul, what a trap he has been placed into by this bloodsuckers. He gave up his Crown within two years when 19 people were termed as "martyr". What about son of a bahun ko twak napugeko dum Prachande and Baburam, after killing so many innocent lives, Did they give up? Oh man, this conspiracy theory is just wild and awful. China has just taken the Tibet, ever wondered, they will be shy to take over Nepal?, Nope, they want easier route to have a good look over India, their long arch enemy, Of course, India is not a stupid ass, last week, maoists have been killing many Indians during their election. You can see what is really going on, instability within the regions. Would there be King, would he let these twake hatyara bahuns to play this sambidhan game? Didn't he give up absolute Monarch and let Prime Minister take over? Yes he did, Moro Girija wanted absolute power and money, his daughter wanted shit load of money, and these Maoists wanted power and money, and China wanted its dominance. Ever wondered why so much load shedding? Suckers can sell the inverters named tyangchung kangchung whatever, plus they can easily raise up the price of the electricity bills every year saying they have less amount of reserve of electricity to distribute. Well, another Kot parka inside Sambidhan Sabha would be awesome, but who would do that when, Ranas are playing Radas game with Maoists. Long Live King Birendra, Jaya Shree Narayana.
Posted on 04-13-14 8:27 PM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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very well defined hflyingeagle

Posted on 04-13-14 10:36 PM     [Snapshot: 574]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Total property of late king Birendra,late queen Aishwarya,late prince Dipendra,late prince Nirajan,late princess Shruti = 24 Billion dollar.

Total expenses to plan a massacre,hiring trained mercenaries,making face masks resembling ditto of royal family members,buying advanced weaponery,bribing late King's relatives and top officials,buying a chopper for killing and escaping unscathed,plane tickets,visa fees,hotel fees,taxi fares = 1 billion dollar.

The results =Net profit of whopping 23 Billion dollar in a single night!.

The mistakes =The late King hide all his money in Swiss Bank thinking the poor citizens of his country would point fingers onto him while the fact was every citizens adored and respect him Godly and wouldn't have touched his single penny.The late King act as a silent audience while the whole country was burning with insurgency.The late King feasts in his palace while his poor citizens in the village were struggling to eke out a single meal after a hard working day,the late King slept silently without giving much care to his country in his palace bed while the little orphans slept in jute sacks in cold nights just in front of his tall palace walls!.The late King went to Eton college but didn't initiate any developments plans and visions for his country which was screaming for a leader. The late King surrounds himselfs with venemous snakes appointing all his kith and keens in top military and high end jobs.The late King became victim. of his own gullibility....RIP
Posted on 04-14-14 9:32 AM     [Snapshot: 842]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I wonder where is that 23 billion dollar?, Did you read it or just heard it? Did Swiss Bank disclose the hidden amount? Now, where the hell is that money? If that's true I would have missed it. Ok, if he had that money, then now, 601 candidates plus their family members will have billion dollars in their amount which will be net worth of more than 600 billion dollars soon, while the rest of the country men will suffer. Better one ate that lol..Long live the King!
Posted on 04-14-14 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 869]     Reply [Subscribe]
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May be Late King Birendra was gentle and good human being but he WAS NOT A GREAT LEADER. Infact, he was a worse leader who could not take the nation towards any development during his 18 years of reign. Unlike in democracy, he didn't have to face any resistance from opposition parties or even from people. If he were a visionary leader, he could have done so much more for the betterment of the country and it's people. But, alas, he wasted his power to just make his own people rich.
Posted on 04-14-14 4:39 PM     [Snapshot: 1049]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All Kings are samanthi. Late King Birendra was no wonder a peace King. Which means he was not much worried about the country. He just wanted to be on Throne and enjoy all the privileges. No wonder he did not take any initiatives against the Maoist. He just loved his luxury. When people have too much money, they just enjoy.

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