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 Stock Watchlist for week jan18-jan25
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Posted on 01-18-15 5:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello guys,
I will be watching following stocks for next two weeks. All stocks are listed for long plays and can be Day trade/Swing trade. This is my first watch list ever posted. Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated. I will be posting my weekly watch lists from here and now.
Bio Tech stocks has been hot for past couple of months. If you look at $IBB it’s been up since mid-October. So, most of my watch list is on bio tech sector. Also look for out for $USO for oil plays. Looks like oil has started to bounce back after months and months of down trend or at least has stopped down trending and started to base out. We had a decent gain on Friday on oil sector.


$CLDX had nice flag breakout on Friday with huge volume. This might run for couple more days. $21 is the key level.


Nice flat top break out on $SLCA on Friday with a decent volume. Break over $28 will be keeps this running. I will swing trade this one.


This one is very hot. Had a nice breakout on Friday with huge volume. Watch out for red to green move on this one.


$XON had a monster move last week. A new momentum has begun on this stock. I am still looking for more upside. It Might take couple more days to form up but still keeping eye on this one.


$LOCO finally basing out and had decent 13EMA bounce on daily chart. Break over $24 we can get decent gain on this one.


Another Bio tech stock that had a good gain for couple of days last week .Looks like it was resting on Thursday and again showed some gas on Friday. Volume started to come in as well. Still have lot more potential. Looking for red to green move on this one next week


Nice look on this one flat top breakout with volume. But the stock has tendency to pull back to 13 EMA after every breakout will see if it has one more up days.


$ALDX had huge move last week Friday for about 28% gains. Looking for pull back during the morning for a potential upside (Red to Green move).


$GPRO has been beaten down for long time now. Waiting for the squeeze to the upside. Close out with the green candle can be the sign for the reversal.

Look for continuous upside on these oil plays. As long as it’s holding 13 EMA on daily chart we are good.

$EMES is another oil stock in play. $56 level is the key. Also look out at ticker $USO to see how oils will be acting next week.

Posted on 01-18-15 5:28 PM     [Snapshot: 1]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-18-15 6:40 PM     [Snapshot: 88]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol who would take advice from you wolf of wall street? guy who lost 15k when the market gained 15%. No one wants to lose their shirt listening to your dumbass.

Take advice from someone who made abt 37% last yr, i.e me
Buy VA, Amzn, yhoo all at a discount now. These are for the long run. Day traders like sheep of wall street get slaughtered 80 percent of the time
Posted on 01-25-15 7:10 PM     [Snapshot: 355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hakim_saab thanks for taking your precious time to go through my previous post to find out how much I lost.

"Lol who would take advice from you wolf of wall street? guy who lost 15k when the market gained 15%." .

What an idiot you are .So basically you telling me that everyone will make money money when market is up. If you longer in the game which u claim to be u should know by now there are various other factors that come in play .When you don't have right strategy, risk management you will loose regardless which I mentioned in my previous post why did I loose.

At least I am being honest here about my loss. So you made 35% last year can you post your trade. Where did you enter/exit and why since you would like people to follow your advice. Also If you can verify your trade would be great. That way no one will question you whether you actually made those trades or not. If not its ok no worries !! :) lol .

So your advise is to buy $VA, $AMZN, $YHOO . Please elaborate your strategy on buying at "discounted price " How low you will consider it as a discounted price ?

Day traders get slaughtered 80% of the time .On what basis you telling me that ? Do you even trade ? Looking at your stock pick and your buy low strategy I assume you are an investor not a trader my friend. Watch list I posted above is for traders not for Investors like you.And by no means it's an advice to anybody out there. Please do your homework before bashing somebody on a public forum. DUMBASS !!!!

Posted on 01-26-15 1:17 PM     [Snapshot: 486]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@wolf of wall street
@ hakim saab

could you guys suggest me a windows software to view and save my stock so i can keep a watch on it. i have tried several but would like to hear from you. and what do u use?

Posted on 01-26-15 6:44 PM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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pirka tc2000 and finviz are my go to software.

Posted on 12-29-15 7:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1686]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do anyone have any suggestion for an immature stock buyer? I'm planning to buy few stocks. Which one do you think is better to buy?
Posted on 12-29-15 10:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1773]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Try robinhood, they don't charge anything. Its good for immature to play with stocks. Do your own research in markets for stocks. It's your money on line brother.

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