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 Nepal Airlines
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Posted on 10-01-15 9:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I knew Nepal is a country full of talks, one more talk in the pipeline. Nepal Airlines is thinking of buying 3 wide-body planes for flights including to the US. I wish this news did not even come out at this time. In a country where there is no know-how on towing a plane from the runway to the tarmac, it sounds fishy to me. When the Malaysian Airlines is barely recovering from MH17 and MH370 disasters, the news could not be more ill-timed.
I say first stack up cash for smaller planes for regional flights, build some heavy-lifting expertise, let the government build better airports. Wait for the government to clean up the rest rooms in the TIA. Earn some goodwill and experience in sizeable distance flights. Then start thinking about buying larger planes. Any disasters like the MH17 or MH370 will totally knock out Nepal Airlines out of existence. Well thinking aloud!
Posted on 10-01-15 10:23 AM     [Snapshot: 45]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are right : if we buy mid size plane and provide service regionally may be more profitable and manageable?
कही कमिलालाई मुतको पैरो हुने हैन ?
Posted on 10-01-15 7:42 PM     [Snapshot: 214]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha, I think they need to work on getting themselves out of the Black List before they can do anything. They can't fly to Europe or Americas without that. Its not an easy process to get out of the list. SO, I don't know what they are thinking.

I am speaking out aloud too.....
Posted on 10-01-15 8:25 PM     [Snapshot: 206]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think Nepal Airlines' future plan of flying to US should be taken positively and encouraged. If they really acquire three wide bodied aircrafts as planned ( which I know will not be an easy task) they will have a total of six aircrafts (or at least four if they sell their 757s as announced earlier) .A maximum of 3 aircrafts are more than sufficient to cover all the regional sectors. Remember it used to fly so many regional sectors with two 757s and one 727. It is a good idea to utilize one of their wide bodied aircraft to long haul sectors like US which I think should be profitable with all year round traffic. I would like to comment on some of theOP's views: 
"In a country where there is no know-how on towing a plane from the runway to the tarmac,..."
>>Here we are talking about Nepal Airlines. The responsibility of towing a plane from the runway to tarmac to clear the runway (I assume he/she is talking about the Turkish Airlines accident) lies to the Airport management authority (in our case Civil Aviation Department of Nepal), not the airlines. Nepal Airlines has all the equipment required to operate an airline. "When the Malaysian Airlines is barely recovering from MH17 and MH370 disasters, the news could not be more ill-timed." >> So how long they should have waited after the Malaysian Airlines' disasters to announce their plan so that it would have been right timed ? Moreover, what has those disasters to do with Nepal Airlines announcement of their future plan ? "Any disasters like the MH17 or MH370 will totally knock out Nepal Airlines out of existence." >> Again, I beg to ask the OP why he/she thinks incidents like those will 'knock out' RA ? Is that because RA will lose its credibility to such extent that it will be 'knocked out' or because of huge financial obligation arising from such disaster. Or because RA will have one less aircraft in its fleet? I understand there will be loss of credibility in case of such thing happening but hasn't Nepal Airlines achieved the reputation of accident free operations of its international flights for decades? And that surely will subside international doubt and criticism should that kind of ill incidents ever occur !. As for the financial loss is concerned, as far as I know nothing is born by an airlines after such incidents because they are covered by third party insurance.
I am not saying everything is perfect with Nepal Airlines but if they want to spread their wings to a viable destination proper feasibility study and analysis we should take it positively unless there are well founded reasons to oppose it.

Posted on 10-02-15 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 504]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You have to look at it in a wider picture. The fact is that the talk is still a talk at this point, probably the CEO of the NA wanted to gauge the reality. Of course all those involved in this scam are thinking about commissions first and foremost. Nepal Airlines is a state owned corporation. So is the airport owned by the government and the employees there and here are all pay-rolled by the government to my best knowledge. If the organs of the government cannot operate in tandem, general public see the general failure of the airplane industry, not just the one unit of it. NA cannot just say as an argument, if there is a failure in my watch, I'll ask for help from the government then.
I can claim that I can operate a wide-body airlines in Nepal if the government pay-rolls the company. If anything goes wrong, my idea is to resign and escape. That's what you are talking about. I want to operate because I'll get the commission directly for purchasing the planes, fu^ck the rest.
You also talked about track record of the NA. You ignored the posting of the other friend above. Nepal Airlines is black-listed. Are you trying to say Nepal Airlines is being prejudiced by the Europeans despite having faultless, accident-less records. Please explain. And NA does not fly so many flights now a days, but its records are not without accidents. Go back at least 15 years and I can recall there were a lot of accidents.
Regarding the Malaysian Airlines, एंड दो नोट उन्देरेस्तिमाते MA ओर मलेशिया अस अ चोउन्त्र्य चोम्परेड तो नेपाल, just a few months ago MA was considering a bankruptcy.
Now, does that not mean that MA was losing money because of the accidents? Insurance companies also follow guidelines, I'm sure, to determine whether to honor the claims or not. It can take years before the victims are compensated. Until then Airlines are on the hook.

Let me also raise the ethics seen in NA. When I was growing up, my neighbors used to work for NA (I was definitely jealous). Those fuckers used to go abroad (Thailand and Hongkong) on NA's tickets for free and bring electronics items, clothes and what not without paying any taxes. Those kind of people will definitely support any ideas for flights to the US without hesitation. I'm not sure you are not one of those and writing your comments in the best interest of the country.
I don't mind NA buying planes using foreign money without collateral from any public institution from Nepal. But as long as NA is thinking about buying them using Provident funds or private banks of Nepal, I'll never support such an aggressive endeavor.

My thought is clear. Go small, NA has a lot of catchup to do regionally alone. Make some money, watch the country make progress in airport infrastrures, and if everything goes well, then talk about flights to the US and other EU countries. Just good luck from me.
Posted on 10-02-15 8:26 PM     [Snapshot: 586]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand your point but want to clarify something on your comment. First of all, Nepal Airlines is not payrolled by government. The Airlines has been able to pay its staff through its own means. So I don't think Nepal Airlines or any other domestic airlines should be held accountable for job not properly done by other agency. For example there is Immigration Office, Customs Office and many more who have their own field of responsibility. There has been instances of blaming RA for all the shortcomings of these agencies in the past like you did in your post. For example if there is a long queue in immigration counter it is RA's fault, if the custom is strict it is again RA's mismanagement and so on. Responsibility of smooth operation of airport runway lies to Civil Aviation Authority.
True, there are many instances of corruption during the purchase of aircraft in the past and I also agree that CEOs of RA were not probed or punished for their wrongdoings, but should we impose a full stop on its plan to buy more aircraft and fly to new sectors just because we fear same thing will happen again? I remember there was not so much fuss when RA purchased Airbus last year. And yes, this should set an example for future purchases too.
If you have read my posting properly I said "Nepal Airlines achieved the reputation of accident free operations of its international flights for decades? " I still stand by this point.
As for the banning by EU is concerned these are not permanent ban for Nepal Airlines and the points raised by EU Civil Aviation resulting in this ban can be worked out and solved as and when the airline is ready to fly to Europe again.
Finally, if someone enjoys the perks provided by their employer what is wrong with that ? Don't other corporations offer similar perks to their employees ? And if you are jealous about it then it is your problem.
Posted on 10-03-15 12:13 AM     [Snapshot: 661]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We talk about how develop is south Korea. In its developing stage, south Korea won bid to make ships even though they didn't have single engineer. They send people to get trained in other country after winning bid to bulit ships, now they have all kind of factories. Right now Nepal just need such kind of courage.
Posted on 10-05-15 9:01 AM     [Snapshot: 835]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Adhikari Bandhu,
The perks? Tax free hauling of goods through the custom is not perk, it's a crime. I understand the rules of jhitighumti, and necessary items and used items should not be taxed. But a truckload of goods should not be passed through the custom in the name of perks.
I know you say, this is not the business of NA. But I don't know how corrupt are authorities of the customs offices and the NA employees. They work in tandem, and many a times NA officials are the ones who haul gold etc in the international flights on NA flights and the custom officers clear the gold through the customs.
NA should not act alone on buying the planes. They should first do proper analysis of costs, expenses, infrastructure and risks and emergency matters. If everything is in place, yes certainly NA should go ahead and buy as many as the analysis allows. But I am pretty sure the runway in the TIA itself cannot handle widebody airbus planes; it is in dire need of upgrade and maintenace for a long time but nobody cares apparently. Another thing is, with 400 passengers in a plane, if there is an emergency at the airport, the nearest international airport to divert the plane is Delhi. Should we not focus on building a second international airport first, for example? Just remember, for a plane to be able to fly is optional. Once airborne, the plane must be able to land, it is mandatory.
Last edited: 05-Oct-15 09:13 AM

Posted on 10-05-15 10:18 AM     [Snapshot: 882]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah our Gorkhali did not try to learn different airplane than they were flying? We are the most courageous people in the world for being Gurkha and must corrupt!!!
Posted on 10-05-15 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 971]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your views are 'politically correct' but also a by-product of jealousy arising from your neighbors enjoying free ticket and hauling 'truckloads' of electronic merchandise thereby committing a 'crime'. You admitted you were jealous, right ? With such a jealous and prejudiced mind I would not be surprised even if you would say Nepal Airlines should sell all the 757s and Airbus and only operate domestic flights because it should wait till they are able to move a stuck airplane from runway. Also, why would you think RA will buy new aircrafts without proper analysis and evaluation? They aren't buying a sack of potato in Asan, are they !
And, I don't want to waste my time here arguing with someone whose opinions are biased because it is evident that your mind is still brewing the jealousy of your 'criminal' neighbors.

Posted on 10-06-15 8:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1104]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Adhikari Bandhu,
I don't have any emotional attachment to the events I described before. I just know it happened. Folks from RA who failed the SLC exams and had nothing to their asset back then are now literally millionaires and the only source of income they have is NA. What kind of perks in a country like Nepal make a person so rich... I'm sure even in America, people would have raised eyebrows.
I'm surprised you are vehemently stuck around my statement about my childhood jealousy like the Turkish airlines in the runway in TIA. I've personally moved far beyond jealousy, amassed far more wealth than my criminal neighbors by now, thanks of course to my childhood jealousy, and intention to do it the right way no matter what. For that I thank God.
But I know many folks in NA, not all, are corrupt up to the point that they steal even tires of the airlines (this was on the news) and sell them in the black market. You can imagine what those officials must have done without the public notice.
You are talking like the officials in the NA are the smartest executives in the world, be calm dude. They are one of those corrupt folks looking for commission. Otherwise, wasn't there a news saying the NA planes had rats as passengers? Those airborne rats defy all your claims about the capabilities of NA as it stands today.
You are free not to waste your time, nobody asked you to. You should use your time for your fruitful endeavor.
Take it easy and cheers!

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