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 Amby Writes :- Kick Boxing in the Swimming Pool

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Posted on 06-14-16 7:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One thing I do not need motivation for,from anyone, is to swim. Summer means a lot of dip in the pool for me.I am a water baby (though in no close resemblance I look like a mermaid, I call myself a fish...rather a beautiful fat fish). Anyhoo, So finally in June I started by dip and stroke for this season I always fancied swimming in the national swimming complex at Satdobato. The size of the pool is of international standard so, every lap feels like an achievement (If you are a smoker or on the healthier side of weight, you know what I am talking about). The temperature and the humidity of K- town has been hitting the higher side due to no pre monsoon this year. So yesterday, I kept all my appointments aside and went for a nice swim.

I avoid weekends coz it is pretty crowed but to my agony, yesterday it was like, “oh Amby is coming for a swim, let the whole world join the revolution”. It was FULL of people, majority of them being male (No point for guessing, I never understood the dominance of male everywhere except paijama parties but heard guys are also doing that these days Sigh!). See I love to swim that means I dont give a flying f@#k who is swimming beside me or infront of me. It is me and the water OK! Even when I go with my friends and my family, I prefer to be left alone. I dont participate in stupid games or fooling around in the pool. I SWIM means I SWIM....PERIOD. But in years of plunging I have unwilling noticed that there are certain catagories of people who come to the swimming pool.

  1. The selfie queen – Even if I have mentioned a feminine noun there and with my above statement, I would like to draw your attention is, TO MY DISBELIEF, these are guys taking pictures. Like seriously!!! pouting lips, posing with a twisted waist, hugging, fancy faces, What the hell. They stay in the water only for prolly 10% of the total time. Rest of the time it is SHOW TIME. Not stereotyping that it is done just by women but men always always always complained about these things. What kind of breed is this? ( Dont say gay....then again you are being a sexist).

  2. The fish born – These are the rarest kind of species. Found at a percentage of 3-5 in a pool, these people genuinely like swimming, maybe for weight loss or just to get that sexy tan, these are the sincere people. They dont look right, they dont look left, they will do their own stuff and then leave. Most of them have pretty mighty body if you ask me ( what ??I was just appreciating beauty while I took my head out to breathe DUH!).

  3. The poser baby - Comes in a group of 4-6, these are young kids (age maybe from 21-26 at an average) are there to have fun. They do stunts, jump around, somershalt, back flip, coconut jump, underwater, games over games. They are there JUST to have fun. And I guess the clubs make money with this kinda crowd.

  4. The pervert pigs oink oink!- If you are a woman who goes alone for a dip, understand what I am talking about. A lot of girls/ women hesitate to go alone for a swim( specially in Nepal) is the kind of situations they get into coz of these pigs. Since women are in very less clothing ( the less the better for these guys) in the pool, these hogs try to molest them in a very subtle way. For example, while swimming, he pretends that he didnt see her coming from the other direction and goes straight bumping into her. “Oh Sorry!” is such an easy escape. She will definitely give him a benefit of doubt.

    But unfortunately, yesterday one of the hogs happen to ran out of luck. He came across a woman named Amby (Evil laughter MUHAHHAH). For the first time when he grabbed my thigh in the water and said sorry, like a typical stupid woman I said “its OK” and moved on. Second time when I saw him coming towards me, my instincts started working. I had the choice to change my direction, but I didnt. Oh hell no!. I let him come to my direction and the moment he tried to put his hands on me, I kicked my left leg so hard without any aim that it landed on his balls. Yeap OUCH! He didnt say a word and his expression PRICELESS.I gave him a look(Nah! It was not a flirtish look. I was just letting him know who is the boss).Did I say sorry? NOOO. Why would I?? Iwas not sorry at all. I knew I was going to kick him. It was in my plan. So next time when he tries to pick on a girl, he will remember how it feels to get a big blow on his groin. I didnt aim it but I just got lucky....lol! It was a very satisfying 2 hours after that. No one dared to cross my lane :).

P.S. I forgot to ask....which catagory do you fall into :)?
Last edited: 14-Jun-16 07:49 AM
Last edited: 14-Jun-16 07:52 AM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-15-16 9:59 AM     [Snapshot: 788]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ammoiii ni.....ma sanchai chhu...,maile na dekheko ho k...solly!

Nas jyu lai ta chahera ni ignore garna sakinna k
Posted on 06-15-16 10:38 AM     [Snapshot: 853]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नासे ब्रो,
तपाई कि अम्बी त खतरा रैछिन है..फेरी ब्रो को भकुण्डो फुटाइ देलिन नि! :) किक त खतरा मार्ने रैछिन! :)
ब्रो को दुइ खुट्टा टेकेको लाइ देख्नै नहुने बानि छ! :)
Posted on 06-15-16 10:39 AM     [Snapshot: 853]     Reply [Subscribe]
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6-7 mahina nai gayeb bhayeko ho....kyaa notice garnu bhayeko hai....aaba regularly lekhchu ni hai??
mero swimming ko prasanga ra golden shower kaha milyo ta??
Posted on 06-15-16 10:40 AM     [Snapshot: 865]     Reply [Subscribe]
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dkhanal..... Nas jyu lai kunai halat ma ....mah kick handina :P
Posted on 06-15-16 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 891]     Reply [Subscribe]
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amby: "mero swimming ko prasanga ra golden shower kaha milyo ta?? "

अनि तेही प्रसंग नमिलेर त मैले delete गरे नि \

बरु नास ब्रो ले golden shower लाइ राम्रो संग मिलाएर , डोनाल्ड trump को पनि कुरा जोडेर लेखेछ, मैले पनि भन्न खोजेको त तेही हो नि - नास ब्रो एकदम स्मार्ट छ क्या आ.... गर्दा अलंकार बुज्ने भनेको तेही होला नि :)
Posted on 06-15-16 11:10 AM     [Snapshot: 924]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 06-15-16 11:32 AM     [Snapshot: 970]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice to read yoy again amby!!! Hopefully, u will be writing frequently again.

Posted on 06-15-16 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 990]     Reply [Subscribe]
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OMG....look who commented on my thread after years... Mr. President.....I am flattered.....
i send u a message no reply hai!!!
Posted on 06-15-16 1:39 PM     [Snapshot: 1623]     Reply [Subscribe]
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समाचार सोचनीय नै छ नासे ब्रो...कतै नाज जुजुमान माशिख्वा तो मुत्र थैली तपाई कि प्यारी एम्बी को प्रहार ले फुटेको त हैन?
Posted on 06-15-16 2:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बुधबार पौडी पोखरीमा मृत भेटिएको युवाको बारेमा नया तथ्य |

नागरिक न्युज ललितपुर बयूरो,

असार २, हिजो बुधबार ललितपुर पौडी पोखरीमा भेटिएको मृत भेटिएको युवाको बारेमा अरु नया तथ्य प्रहरीले फेला पारेको छ \ हिजो समाचारमा आए जस्तो मुत्रनली फुटेको नभई २ बाट अन्दकोश फुटेर चार भएको कुरा पाटन मानसिक अस्पतालका डाक्टर ले पुस्टि गरेका छन् \ अनि घटनालाइ रहस्यमय बनाउने गरि अरु तथ्य आएको कुरा प्रहरीले बताएको छ \ प्रतक्ष्यदरसीका अनुसार ति मृत युवा र तिनलाई पानी भित्रै किक हानेर ठहरै बनाउने युवती प्रेमी-प्रेमिका भएको बुझिएको छ \ CCT camera को क्लिपले पनी उक्त कुरा पुस्टि गरेको छ \ प्रहरीले प्राप्त गरेको फुटेज मा दुइ जना गफ गर्दै हात समातेर पौडी पोखरीको मुख्य गेट बाट भित्र छिरेको देखिन्छ | अनि हिजो समाचारमा आए जस्तो युवाले पौडी खेल्न नजान्ने कुरा पनि साचो नभएको कुरा ति युवाको साथीले पुस्टि गरेका छन् \ ति युवा संग सिक्किममा संगै पढेका साथीका अनुसार उनि खोलामा दहमा वा पोखरीमा जताततै पौडी खेल्न पोख्त थिए | त्यसैले प्रहरीको यस सम्बन्धमा अलि अर्कै हिसाबले अनुसन्धान थालेको छ | जस अनुसार युवा आफ्नी प्रेमिका संग जिस्किने क्रममा पानी भित्र बाट उनको हात समात्न पुगेको तर युवतीले अर्कै मान्छेले हात समात्न आयो भनेर लात्तीले प्रहार गरेको हुन सक्ने अनुमान गरेको छ | युवा पौडी खेल्न जान्ने भए पनि अन्द्कोश मा भएको प्रहारले पानी भित्रै रन्थनियेर सेल्टिमुर खाएको हुन सक्ने देखिएको छ |
Posted on 06-15-16 7:52 PM     [Snapshot: 2549]     Reply [Subscribe]
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chya!! Nas jyu le ekchin lai ta mero satto khannu bho.....sacchi mareko bhaye k hunthyo hola hai LOL
Posted on 06-16-16 3:31 AM     [Snapshot: 4721]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Harrey Nas jyu aaba yesto detail ma lekhnu bho... Kati jangar ho......ma dhanya bhaye.... Aaba arko thread lekhne thulo protsahan prapta bho :)
Kritagya chhu!!!!
Posted on 06-16-16 6:21 AM     [Snapshot: 5273]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ma line by line pardhchu hai Nas jyu...comments haru ani one by one sabai lai reply ni dinchu :)
Posted on 06-16-16 6:34 AM     [Snapshot: 5463]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Aaba reply matrai garnu ki arko ni lekhnu bhanera sochdaichu hai :P
Posted on 06-17-16 11:03 AM     [Snapshot: 9492]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas jyu ko protsan le maile arko thread ni chittai lekhchu kyara!
Posted on 06-22-16 12:01 AM     [Snapshot: 10435]     Reply [Subscribe]
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फ्लोरिडामा पौडी पोखरीमा नुहाएसँगै १६ जना किशोरीहरु गर्भवती भएका छन् ।

यी किशोरीहरु १३ देखि १७ वर्षसम्मका थिए । उनीहरु कुनै पुरुषसँग शारीरिक सम्बन्ध राखेर गर्भवती भएका होइनन् र अहिलेसम्म उनीहरुले कुनैपनि पुरुषसँग यौन सम्पर्क गरेका पनि छैनन् । यस्ता १६ जना भर्जिन किशोरीहरु सहवास विनै एकसाथ गर्भवती बनेसँगै त्यहाँ हंगामा नै मच्चियो।

मिडिया रिपोर्ट अनुसार यी सबै किशोरीहरु आफ्नो साथीको पूल पार्टीमा सहभागि भएका थिए । जहाँ उनीहरु जमेर पार्टी गरे र नाचगान पश्चात स्विमिंग पूलमा नुहाउन गए । मज्जाले नुहाए पनि । तर त्यसको केही समयपछि उक्त पोखरीमा नुहाए सबै १६ जना किशोरीहरु गर्भवती भएको पत्ता लाग्यो ।

यसरी पौडी पोखरीमा एकैदिन नुहाउन गएका युवतीहरु एकसाथ गर्भवती बनेको घटनाको छानविन गर्ने क्रममा उक्त पोखरीको पानीमा सुक्ष्म जाँच गरियो । त्यस क्रममा किशोरीहरुले नुहाउने बेलामा पानीमा पुरुषका जिवित शुक्रकिटहरु रहेको तथ्य पत्ता लाग्यो । तिनै शुक्रकिटहरु युवतीको यौनांगबाट भित्र प्रवेश गरी उनीहरुलाई गर्भवती बनाएको निष्कर्ष निकालियो ।

यसरी स्विमिंग पूलको पानीले महिला गर्भवती बनेको घटना यो पहिलो भने होइन । यसअघि सन् २००९ मा पोल्याण्डमा एक होटलको स्विमिंग पूलमा पौडी खेल्ने तथा नुहाउने गरेकी एक किशोरीको पनि गर्भ रहेको घटना सार्वजनिक भएको थियो ।

la hai! ambrosia ji bichar puraunu hola. :D
Posted on 06-22-16 8:26 AM     [Snapshot: 10533]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाहाहा हसायो है ..... टाइट !! तेस्तो नी हुन्छ लोल !!!
Posted on 06-22-16 8:58 AM     [Snapshot: 10557]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ambrosia, make sure to have pills before you go to swimming pool next time :)
Posted on 06-22-16 9:08 AM     [Snapshot: 10569]     Reply [Subscribe]
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gone12....lol not you plz lol
Posted on 06-22-16 7:50 PM     [Snapshot: 10749]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हैट! नास दाजु swimming pool ma बिर्य पतन गर्न पनि त भयेन नि नत्र फेरि त्यहा पौडिन आउनी सब जल चरीहरुको पनि तेस्तै भो भने त, ६-७ बर्स पछि तेइ पौडी पोखरी अनि गल्ली गल्लीमा तपाईंको अनुहार भयेका बिना बाउका कुमारि युबतिका सन्तानहरु micro & Mini Nas हरु खेल्दै हुन्छ्न फेरि।
पिलिच नास दाजु ती सम्भाबित कुमारी आमाहरु अनि Micro n Mini णस को खतिर पनि swimming पूल लै प्रदुसित नपारिदिनुस मेरो १००० बिन्ती!!

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