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 अम्रिका आएका प्राय: सबै किन नेपाल फर्किदैनन्?

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Posted on 08-09-11 11:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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a +2 graduate comes to the States, finishes undergrad and gradschool (if any), then starts OPT, extends OPT, then starts working on H1B if possible, if not applies for asylum. this is the route a typical college student seems to follow based on my perception of the threads here on sajha. but why? why are people so much obssessed with america and fear having to return back to Nepal? you guys might call me "bado aayo deshbhakta", "nautanki" and so on but think carefully, the sole purpose of you coming to the States is to gain education and go back to Nepal. khali paisa ra sukha ko matra pachhi lagera bhayena. america chhirepachhi nepal farkina chahi marejo jasto garne, ani sajhama basera netaharule desh bigare, ghus khayera desh garib banaye, historical arms/ammunitions indialai beche, desh pani bechna ber chhaina, etc jasta kura garne? suhayena! 

yesto deshko barema chaso rakhne manchheharu ta nepal farkera kaam garnuparchha ni! sabai kura matra garne bhayera kehi kaam nabhayeko ho. tai raani, mai raani kasle bharchha kuwako paani bhaneko jasto bhayo ni yo ta! aafule nagare ni hunchha, aru chhan garne bhanne sochai liyera bhayena. yaha padhna aayeka/kaam garna aayeka manchheharu sadhai yahako dollar ra sukha-subidhama naharaai aafno padhai/kaam sakera nepal farkera tyahi aafno sip lagaye kaso hola?

la sajhaites ho, dhamadham comment hanna thale hunchha.
FYI: fohori sabda, jaat-paat, tarai-pahad, etc jasta kura chahi taadhai rakham hola.

jai nepal

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-11-11 1:31 AM     [Snapshot: 1859]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I want to know First when is dr kancho returning back, I think he iz Nephro guy we need back, we need Fellowship system bro
Posted on 08-11-11 2:12 AM     [Snapshot: 1860]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal jau, tara jeevan ko antim chan ma marna lai matra jao..
ki nepal ka kubbuddhi neta haru sab marey pachi jao..
ahiley gayera timi harulai kehi garna diney wala chainan tini haru ley..

Posted on 08-11-11 2:32 PM     [Snapshot: 2090]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is a saying, "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

For many Nepalese without a lot of power, money and connections, going back to Nepal seems akin to being part of the problem.

I think there are many Nepalese who have their heart in the right place. They WANT to sacrifice and do something for their country. But at the same time, they don't want to be turned into the 'sacrificial goats of Dakchhin Kali' because of their good intention.

Many Nepalese want to do something positive for Nepal. But many feel that going to Nepal to do that good by taking time away from a good career, stability and education for their kids is a huge and unnecessary risk that is prone for dissappointment. It takes a lot of power, money and connections in Nepal for good intention to translate into positive results. Most Nepalese don't have this kind of power, money and connections.

I think many Nepalese with a good life in America are simply being realistic about where they stand. They try to do what they can from the strong position that they have in America rather than sentimentally and voluntarrily exchanging it for a weaker position in Nepal....with the risk of having nothing to show for it in their old age.

I think that if there was a way to guarantee and show that...if Nepalese left their strong circumstance in America and went back to Nepal, the sacrifice that they would be making would be worth it, then more Nepalese would go back to Nepal. More Nepalese would give a lot more for Nepal than they are giving today. But who can make this kind of guarantee?

Last edited: 11-Aug-11 02:50 PM

Posted on 08-11-11 2:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2091]     Reply [Subscribe]
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डा साप: कुरो सबले ठुलै गर्छन् क्या!! तिमी अहिले के गर्दैछौ र कहिले फर्कौन्छौ ? फर्किने दिन मा एक तर्फी टिकट स्क्यान गरेर पोस्ट गर अनी पत्याउला तिम्रो कुरा | ल त्यही दिन तिमी सँगै म नि हिड्छु|

Posted on 08-11-11 3:05 PM     [Snapshot: 2137]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ससुरा बाको कुरा शाहरै घत लाग्यो तर छोरी खोइ कहिले तह ल्गाउने त, अफु चाँही पैसा कमएर छोरीको लागि भनेर अली अली बाचाएर नेपाल जौ भनेको छोरी चै अर्कैको कुकुने समतेर बस्द पनि केही नदेखेको जस्तो गर्ने ! बदो फसाद पो पर्‍यो बा! अब घर फर्किने भन्दा पनि हजुरको छोरी को झत्केलो सँग रस्स कस्स्सी पर्ने, न्फर्कौ भने ससुर बाले फर्क फर्क भन्ने, के गरौ ससुर बा???
Posted on 08-11-11 5:39 PM     [Snapshot: 2220]     Reply [Subscribe]
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all of you talking about politics and bad living conditions back home - that's just a lame excuse. you all grew up in the same environment, your relatives, family members are still living there. it's not because it's not possible to go back and do something, the fact is you don't want to leave the States because it's much better here - you earn more, living places are nicer, and so on. States has become an addiction, which you are not wiling to give up.

i have to thank Devi States for posting that link below. we see examples like this very few, let's make it more frequent.
and yes, you'll see a nicely scanned ticket to nepal when i'm done here.

Posted on 08-15-11 7:14 PM     [Snapshot: 2573]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 ए बाबु>>>> तिमी दिल राम्रो वको मान्छे जस्तो छुउ लौ मेरो छोरी त छैन तर k भो र म कुरा गरुला तिम्रो लागि  जि सि तन्ने गर्या छ कि छईन नि? लौ बिचार  गर है बा ।।।।देश को सिथी मा significant चेन्ज भएपची हामी कसरी फर्कन्छु यो डाक्टर मोरा ले सिकाइर्हनु पर्दैन मेरो कुरो कस्तो लाग्यो बाबु चिम्से तिमीलाई?

Posted on 08-15-11 7:21 PM     [Snapshot: 2575]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"देश को सिथी मा significant चेन्ज भएपची हामी कसरी फर्कन्छु यो डाक्टर मोरा ले सिकाइर्हनु पर्दैन"
timi-hami sabai padhai-kaam sakera pani amrikaa basne, ani ghantaa hunchha significant change?

Posted on 08-16-11 6:53 PM     [Snapshot: 2878]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-19-11 5:31 PM     [Snapshot: 3322]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I've seen people residing here forever and people returning back immediately after they graduate. I've seen people not wanting to go back, not even a single time and people who got stuck here forever. I've seen people always wondering about their family, friends out there in Nepal and working hard for them to live easy out there. I've seen people couldn't really survive here, failied and go back. I've seen people who did very well, lived a comfort and respected life and yet went back after a while.  People have their own reasons to stay or go back. I or you cannot just blame anybody and come up with own reasons. 
Posted on 08-19-11 11:21 PM     [Snapshot: 3420]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"timi-hami sabai padhai-kaam sakera pani amrikaa basne, ani ghantaa hunchha significant change?"
arko thread ma ta malayee khoob dialogue handaithees ta... so your question back at you, "ghanta" bhanna koslay sikayo talayee bau lay ki ama lay?

Posted on 08-19-11 11:28 PM     [Snapshot: 3424]     Reply [Subscribe]
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jethobatho: you're right, people have their own reasons. but what most of them are doing is not ethical. they don't have any obligations to stay in the states, and yet they do.

kalo: i acquired it from people like you, "kalo"!  and don't relate my parents to this issue.
i saw that you posted links to all those bad stuffs that happened/are happening in Nepal. but why can't you think that there are good things too. on the other hand, US has it's own downsides too. have you heard a gas station clerk getting killed in Nepal? this is just an example, there are many more.

Posted on 08-20-11 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 3551]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 kurai badhi.  Kaam paayinas buhaari......
Posted on 08-20-11 3:26 PM     [Snapshot: 3657]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अम्रिका आएका प्राय: सबै किन नेपाल फर्किदैनन्? sacchi bhandim?? la bhandim??

Posted on 08-20-11 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 3719]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 kancho: why a self proclamed future doc/sceintist like you learning bad words from me? it projects what a  hypocrite half- baked you are. dude you are just in undergraduate and you already thinking you have own the world. and i remember seeing in one thread you were all worried to make a green card .now here you are on a matter which should be based soley  on personal choice making a subject of mass decision. grow up kid... and what percent of total American ppl do yo u see gettign killed in gasstation vs. what percent of Nepali gettign killed/robbed or being victim of their corrupted leaders dr. saap? After killing 10 of thousands of people your maosists uncles are in power and running the country... again, it's your choice if you want to go back but if someone wants to stay it's not up to you to judge 
Posted on 08-20-11 8:38 PM     [Snapshot: 3730]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 kalopani: i don't care about greencard at all. i applied like two years ago, just to give company to my friend who was applying then. he said, let's do it. i said ok. and that was it. i never checked the results, neither did i apply again. bring me the thread where as you said i "were all worried to make a green card" i don't give a damn about greencard. if i said anywhere, that was just to poke fun at others (like you, of course!) who apply for GC each year and cry on sajha's wall for not getting approved. now it's possible that you already have GC, no need to brag about it here because i don't give a $hit! if you are an asylee, that's even more pathetic.
btw, learn some english when you have spare time at your workstation, sorry that was meant to be gas-station! i'll assume you were saying, "you already thinking you have owned the world". i don't think that way. the world is not mine, but i belong here. i might seem a little too proud to be who i am but its people's perception, not my problem. just an undergrad, huh? what are your qualifications, big guy? proficiency in gas station counter job? maybe you are in your 40s, and you are a post doc, manager of a firm or whatever, but don't you ever dare to ridicule me just because i'm an undergrad! 
next thing, don't relate any politicians to me. i'm not influenced by any political beliefs. and i don't give a $hit to any politicians. 
it might be true that crime rates in Nepal are higher than that in the States but States was once where Nepal is now. and things can be made better. but it's not going to happen on its own. i'm just saying that it's everyone's moral responsibility. and it's wrong to stay in the states after you are done with your pursuit of education or work or whatever you came for. 

Posted on 08-22-11 11:53 AM     [Snapshot: 3986]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 तिमीहरू फर्कनु पर्दैन , र बुढो भए पछि पनि आउनु पर्दैन । भगौडाहरू ।

Posted on 08-22-11 12:00 PM     [Snapshot: 3988]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just read this and see if mind can make any sense out of it

Over 45,000 Nepalis left for foreign jobs within a month

The trend of migration from Nepal for foreign employment drastically surged in the first month (mid-July to mid-August) of the current fiscal year 2011/12.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, the number of Nepalis leaving the country for overseas jobs increased by 52.15 percent, to
45,165 from mid-July to mid-August compared to the figure of the same period last year. A total 29,685 Nepalis had gone abroad for jobs during that period last year.

Among last month's migrant workers, the number of male and female migrants was 43,163 and 2,002 respectively.

According to the department, Qatar remained top host for Nepali job seekers, accepting 15,702 workers compared to other countries Malaysia (9671), Saudi Arabia (8538), United Arab Emirate (6873) and Kuwait (2088).

Qatar has been hiring foreign workers for the construction of infrastructure focusing on the World Cup Football 2022 to be held there. nepalnews.com

Posted on 08-24-11 5:11 PM     [Snapshot: 4305]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अम्रिका आएका प्राय: सबै किन नेपाल फर्किदैनन्?
prasna naya haina... ra uttar pani naya chai hudaina. Farak yeti matra ho ki Amrika ma adkera basne Nepali haru khulera sacho jawaf dina sakdainan... aafu bhitra ko khati kuro aru samu khulera bhanna laaj lagchha.
Karan tei ho "irony" mukh le bhanda euta kura hunchha ani bebahar ma arko. Sacho artha ma bhanne ho bhane hami maddhe dherai swarthi chhau... aafno swartha ma yeti dubeka chhau ki hami bhitra raheko patriotism bhanne feelings lai pani hamro swarh le pureko chha.
ramri ko chahadaina? sabai lai ramro nai chahinchha... ramro aafno bhaag ma parekai ramro. tyo k bhanchhan ni, bale ko aago sabai le tapchhan. Desh ma yesto chha usto chha bhanera newsportal khojera samay kina nasta garnu hunchha? testo selayeko desh jaha hami marna ko lagi matra jana chahanchhau tes ko baare ma kina fokat ko chinta garnu hunchha? yaha nai chha zindagi bhane teah ko khabar kina update garnu hunchha?
Btw, negative news Nepal ma matra haina duniya bhari chhapinchha, Nepal ko news herna chhodera Amrika kai negative news hernus ani Sajha ma post garnus ta kata dherai kharab samachar chhapido rahechha? Dhanna mannus news chhapna Nepal ma ahile tanna media haru chhan.. kunai bela tei pani hudaina thiyo. Ehha ani arko hamro attitude hamro lekhai ma chharlanga hudo raichha k negative attitude rakhera basnu bhayo bhane negative kura matra dekhnu hunchha.... Nepali media ma positive news pani aauchha ni tyo chai padhnu hunna?
--jwaai satji le tanna statics nai post garnu bhaye chha, j hoss update bhaiyo.. tara tyo statis ko bhar na parnus hai -- dhoka khainchha. Tyo statics ma gulf jane foreign employment workers ko data dherai chha jaha tyo bhanda dherai illegal way bata janchhan India hudai jasko record govt sanga hudaina. Amrika ma pani tei ho legally baseka haru ko ta record hola tara tyo bhanda pani dherai illegally baseka haru ko chai record dubai govt -- Nepal and Amrika sanga chhina hola.

Posted on 08-25-11 6:45 AM     [Snapshot: 4451]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ए झार्फुके , देसको १९% आम्दानी रेमिट्यान्स बाट हुन्छ, ति नघुस्याका छोरा छोरी केही कमाउन पाईन्छकी भनी छिरेका हुन उनिहरु किन फर्कन्थे ? अनी जो घुस्याका छोरा छोरी हरु जस्लाई भोली को चिन्ता बाउ आमाले हताइदिएका छन उनीहरु किन फर्कदैनन त्यो कुराचाही चिन्ताको बिषय भएको हो जस्तो छ झार्फुके साब लाई .
नपढेका हरु पैसा नलीई फर्कन भएन , फर्किन लाई मनग्य पैसा कमिएको छैन । तेही कारण हो ।
Last edited: 25-Aug-11 06:46 AM


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