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shokoishida: Cell phone signal jammer [ Oct 31, 2018 ]
The mobile phone is almost everywhere,but it brings us convenience at the same time, but also bring us many troubles. After all, not all mobile phone users know when to stop talking. At this time we need to use the cell phone jammer, to protect a quiet environment. For example, in churches, libraries and other places.

Imagine a noisy phone ringing next to you when you dine quietly. The phone rang when you were watching a great movie. At this time, maybe you need a cell phone signal jammer.
709 days ago | Viewed 0 times
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ne0: Finish ne0's to do [ Aug 01, 2009 ]
Also include a search option to quickly search a userfeed by type of entry, username and category... perhaps a date range
4001 days ago | Viewed 12 times
might be a good idea to add (relates to place) - get user location by default.. hmm contemplating on this one good to be able to write it down :)
4001 days ago
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