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 Oh Lordie!

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Posted on 12-17-09 11:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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2009 is finally coming to an end. Lots of things happened this year. Oprah almost revealed her sexuality and Tiger Wood got caught playing nineteen holes. Sujata's spending spree was no less than that of any celebrity which has created more heat than ever produced by global warming. Talking about global warming, Nepalese leaders also set a world record by organizing parliamentary session in frozen arse tundra as if they have nothingelse to worry about. Anyway, the heaven of the heroes stood out in front of the world atleast this time. Bravo guys!!! And, Obama finally got Nobel peace prize, a long overdue mail in rebate after winning the presidency last year. But for the rest of the world, it was nothing more than a celebration for exodus of Bush era. I did not know this is how much world had hatred against Mr. Bush.

 Maoshits are busy declaring 'Ganarajyas' as if they are running out of time for this hastily designed community farming. So, what? I do not see any problem with it. It is about time to disintegrate again...the notion of this great movement has finally struck my stupid zero gravity brain. Do not worry folks! maoshits are providing an opportunity for us to go back to our roots where we originally came from. The number of smaller states is however predicted twice as big as of those Baissai/chawubisai in the past. No worry, the cycle must continue and there may come a new Prithivi Narayan to integrate these bayalissawu/chawalissawu again. But unlike its old great grand daddy, thou shall raise its middle finger down-south. We already changed national anthem, threw monarchy and are in the process of changing national flag. Let us change the name too and invite all the tourists. Yes, we can. Blue diamond society is already lobbying for gay tourism anyway. Yeah baby! bring it on. The use of Arseholes to entice tourism would be a perfect example to show the whole world how a newly designed country can sustain itself by utilizing its own natural resources rather than declaring foreign dependency. Not to mention, some seventy delegates from the country are already in Copenhagen for its feasibility study in the name of climate change conference. Plan has it. My little advice to members of Copenhagen battalion who are coming back, please make sure you grab all the freebies on your way home and to those who are giving a second thought of making a new home, good luck in your asylum filing. "We heard everybody is presenting fake data here so why not us?", argued this wanna be European from this government funded luxury hotel room in Copenhagen who seemed busy cuting the real newspaper clippings from the fake Himali Times. I think the case would stand out itself if they can prove the generation is in great danger due to continuous melting of ice in the Himalayan region. Lucky battalion, this frozen arse tundra is finally benefiting its inhabitants for the first time.

Jokes aside, I am tired of these bunch of thugs running this world. The only hope is upcoming apocalypse. Some had already cashed in by making a big screen movie. I did too with the cheapest early morning weekdays show. Believe me, it is worth watching. Participation without risk is always fun, isn't it? If I may recall correctly, Krisna ji once said,  'जब जब संसारमा धर्मंको नाश हुनेछ, तब  तब  म जगतको उद्धार गर्न आम्ला'

Oh Lordie! I do not have patience for two more years; you should consider coming back sooner than that. Let me remind you, I am one of those 2012 hopeful.

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Last edited: 18-Dec-09 09:54 PM

Posted on 03-11-10 12:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"The use of Arseholes to entice tourism would be a perfect example to show the whole world how a newly designed country can sustain itself by utilizing its own natural resources rather than declaring foreign dependency."

jaha panah aap great ho, bhanna mann lagyo Jeera dai. bharkharai blue diamond society nepal le world wide appeal gareko news aaeko thiyo, gay tourism ko promotion ko laagi ... ha ha.


Posted on 03-11-10 12:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very good ordain but inapposite divine kura garnu....hajur- pani  ramro le Krishna Bhagavan ko altar strongly not a jokes or fun to be , and uncomparable with others...; :"dai, let's hope that krishna bhagawan will come this christmas in santa's outfit with some chinese gifts and indian blessings".... ...

The Supreme Deities Shree Krishna as Lord of the Universe and Principle Lord of Kali Yuga comes ( not a postman/santa/courier messenger`s etc....)  Himself once decorated with flowers and dresses Veshas in diffrentiates ornament in diffrents times.....ranges from gold sari, pattern with gold written lines from Jayadev`s poem GEETA GOVINDA, pure silk patas,golden crown with precious gems and diamonds....

Christian devotees became martyrs for a loving God and services mean suffering, Shree Krishna is RASO VAI SAH -sweetness itself;where service to God is greater happiness then liberation itself. Krishna was worship before Christianity existed. Vatican popes rules his church in a pontiff over the worshippers, Lord Krishna devotees serve the Lord of universe through day and night throughout different temple rituals.....

Clever Sexy in Sari has taught us vignettesly in repremind between here and eternity....

mind you Jira ji,...

Jai Krishna, Jai Jaganath!

Posted on 03-12-10 4:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बडा अच्छा लेख लेखी लिनुभो जीरा दाइले. मज्जा आयो पढ्न. फेरी फेरी पानी लेख्दै गरौ है त जीरा दाई.

Posted on 03-31-10 9:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Natyavaruval ji

Definitely, I am not pietistical as you are but I am not an agnostic too. I respect your extensive knowledge about religion, my understanding is rather simple. God does not have any religion. He/she is beyond it. I don't know how he looks, what he wears, what is the most appropriate way to worship him. My mother taught me, I can imagine him as a friend, child, lover, or parent whoever I like in whatever outfit and I do the same. I imagine my god as my friend, closest one. He doesn't mind wearing Santa's outfit in Christmas and participate in good humor. For me, the most important thing is being honest with him.

Posted on 08-27-10 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 2379]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am one of those 2012 hopeful too. Manparyo, Sarai!
Thanks to my Virtual Friend for recommendin
g this read.:)

Posted on 08-08-13 4:15 PM     [Snapshot: 5244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 लौन पुरानो खाँदेको अचार भनेको खाँदेकै हो  जत्ति खायो तेत्ति मुख रसाउने.......पुरानो ट्वाक्क परेको एउटा लेख हाम्रो जिरा दाइ को पढ़िम हाम्ले सारै घच्चीको लाग्यो..... फेरी कैले पढ्न पाम्छम जिरा-दाइ ?
- थाहा छैन (थाने)


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