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  धोती र टोपीको बिचको लडाईं ले हामी सबै नेपाली एकदिन धोती न टोपीको हुन्छौ।

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Posted on 11-24-15 3:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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म एक समाजसेबी महिला जसले नेपाल मा महिला अधिकार, बाल अधिकार, महिला सशक्तिकरण, महिला-पुरुष बिच विद्यमान असमानता, व्यक्तिको स्वतन्त्रता र मौलिक अधिकार, समानता र सामाजिक विभेदमा न्यूनिकरण, महिलाको जीवनस्तर वृद्धि जस्ता सामाजिक कार्य रात दिन काम गर्दे आउदा पनि मलाई india जाऊ अनिता यादव भन्ने जमात ठूलो रहेछ । जानिजानि होस् वा अनजानमै होस् मैले नेपालको शिर कहिल्लै झुक्न दिइन । मलाई त एस्तो आरोप आउछ भने अरुलाई के होला । मस्तिष्कमा लगाएको यो घृणा रुपी घाउ निको हुन पुस्तौं पुस्ता लाग्न सक्छ ।

लौ भन्नुहोस म बिशुद्ध नेपाली हुन के गर्न पर्ने हो ? अरुलाई गाली गरेर राष्ट्रवादी भइँदैन । धोती र टोपीको बिचको लडाईं ले हामी सबै नेपाली एकदिन धोती न टोपीको हुन्छौ। दुख लाग्छ, यो देश मा टोपी लगाउने बिदेसी नेपाली भए तर म जस्तो महिला जसले देश र जनताका लागि दिलो ज्यान अर्पण गर्दे पुस्तौं पुस्ता देखि काम गर्दा पनि नेपाली बन्न सकिएन ।
म त एउटा पढे लेखेको महिला एथार्थ बुझ्न सक्छु तर यी तिखा सब्द र बोलीको शक्तिले समाजमा हजारौ शत्रुहरू जन्माउनेछन् । अन्धकार ले अन्धकार हटाउन सक्दैन ; केवल प्रकाश ले मात्र सक्छ त्यस्तै घृणा ले घृणा हटाउन सक्दैन; केवल प्रेम ले मात्र हटाउन सक्छ । आउनुहोस हात मा हात मिलाउ अझ पनि समय छ देश लाइ बचाउने ।

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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-24-15 7:43 PM     [Snapshot: 595]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In my opinion, hurray and thukka have a point. I've been using sajha for three months and I've seen many threads and posts dedicated to objectifying and demeaning women. It was very disappointing that you didn't disapprove them. And here we are, this thread is far more civil than some of those perpetual filthy threads, and you are expressing resentment. It is bound to make us wonder why.
Posted on 11-24-15 9:26 PM     [Snapshot: 675]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is quiet disappointing. I hope you are not serious. Like everybody said, Sajha has become a site for porn, discrimination, racism, casteism, sexism, religious freaks spreading lies to stir hate and fear with blatant attack on other people's faith. I can dig out a thread from the past with good number of response on human having sex with donkeys with a VIDEO. There is everything on sajha, you name it.

This thread should be the last of your concern. You have lot of thread worse than this if you want to clean your site. Sounds "favoritism" on this thread. 

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Posted on 11-24-15 9:40 PM     [Snapshot: 695]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys, when people use anonymous nicknames then they feel empowered to do all that you have pointed out. As you can imagine it is difficult to draw the line at freedom of speech. It is my hope that users will work their differences out.

But, I feel that, when someone is using their own identity, they should not be attacked because it is not fair to them. Please be assured that if you were using your own identity and someone attacked you using an anonymous nickname, I would speak in your favor too.
Posted on 11-24-15 9:42 PM     [Snapshot: 695]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anita yadav,

I heard your " haat ma haat milau"

Please be specific on whose hand needs to to shaken with whom and what are the conditions for that?

I have seen too much of this generic " lets get together, lets get together, lets be nice to each other" but never once anyone has said what they are asking for and what the givers are not giving out.

What does madhes and madhesi want? please dont reply with a vague answer of...that they want "rights"

Are you in support of moving the states lines according to India's convenience? So that the rest of the country will be always held hostage with a blockade if the Indian puppets do not get what their owners want off of Nepal?
Posted on 11-24-15 10:36 PM     [Snapshot: 768]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where is Nas bro these days. Topi bhanne bitikaii Nas ko yad ayyo. No doubt no1 promoter of Sajha has been Nas, for all these years.

यो देश मा टोपी लगाउने बिदेसी नेपाली भए. Whats your point Anita ji, are you telling that all those who wear Nepali topi are bideshii ? kehi bidesii lekeko bhaya ramro hunthiyo and you already are Nepali by birth and heart.

Until and unless Madeshi medias stop making differences between pahad and terai (madesh) nothing is going to change. I agree with Mangales word , I am also saying Madhesh media is biased & anti pahad.
Posted on 11-24-15 10:59 PM     [Snapshot: 792]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Please be assured that if you were using your own identity and someone attacked you using an anonymous nickname, I would speak in your favor too."


How about this? It is just one example. I know you might not be able to defend each and every one but that does not mean you support the privileged ones who are only seeking attention and are nothing but wannabes.
Posted on 11-24-15 11:06 PM     [Snapshot: 801]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Miss yadav Anu, whatever you are trying to do is good and we appreciate it. I suggest you continue with your good deeds. Action talks louder than words. Hamro Saroj khanal sir le nepal janu aghi dekha ko patriotism jasto nahos, sachhikai desh ko maya ra attention seeking maya chhuttauna garho pardaina.
Posted on 11-25-15 12:42 AM     [Snapshot: 870]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You're at SAJHA for a reason. If you think you're not I would just say that perhaps you forgot the real reason social media exist? May be our Male dominated society is not happy about a women coming in front with real identity. its time now, come out with your real identity for greater good. Lets not play fictional character.  Guys the most alluring thing a woman can have is her confidence, which I have. Let's have fruitful discussion for our Society and country which is beneficial to all of us. Let's not fight over who is right let’s fight over what is right.

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Posted on 11-25-15 1:46 AM     [Snapshot: 911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sidster did bring up a very good point. Yes we are tired of "let's all be happy and keep everybody happy." Be specific and get real.
Where were all these people when madeshis chased out pahades living in terai few years back under "pahade bhagau aviyan"? No one spoke in support of the pahades. No one was calling for a social unity and harmony at that time.
Posted on 11-25-15 3:11 AM     [Snapshot: 932]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My two cents:
Your awareness program or whatever it is, should be more emphasized at Terai region rather than in here. Must be asking why? Because of misleading of few leaders and I believe ( with influence and involvement of Modi govt), Madhesi people are going behind them thinking they are being put behind in the constitution esp. who are uneducated and low class working people. Culprit like Reshsm Chaudhari has been able to take advantage of it since long time, still fckin missing after Kailali incident. As you are in really good position, kinda celebrity among people , you can bring out your that strong voice among Madhesh by catching up with some journalist and powerful people and spread all over it.( giving try on that will help more than in sajha) As we all know how India has controlled over media around the world and after months and months still people around globe have not understandyet "really" India is involved in blockade or not??? People of sajha can really help you out in suggesting great things, trust me there are really educated, talented gurus. But all you gotta do is place your voice in right place among right people in a right way.

The message of " हात मा हात राखी अगाडी बढौं " , the same old fckin language used by all those stupid and crook leaders ain't gonna work now. Pardon me but its a truth.
Posted on 11-25-15 3:37 AM     [Snapshot: 977]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know what to say. No comment. Again, no comment!
Posted on 11-25-15 5:17 AM     [Snapshot: 1018]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The lady doesn't involve in fruitful discussions. Nor she respond to our queries then why the hell are you here in sajha forum. I know ...Just to get more Facebook and other social media fan base. Well we don't need another brat celebrity here. I know you have accumulated enough wealth via Mr President and you want to get stardom using those money in the name of social work, yoga & blah blah. And don't get me wrong that I am saying this because you are Madheshi but because you are "santati" of one of the worst leaders in modern history of the world & they are bloody Nepali political leaders who are in verge of destroying our country Nepal. Jay Nepal. I will just ignore your post from now on unless you respond to our queries.
Posted on 11-25-15 5:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1032]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@San and @yadavanu,

Yes, we are all on sajha for a reason. We just want to interact with fellow Nepalis, sometimes about serious issues and sometimes about trivial issues. Most of us don't care about using our real names because we are not here for self-promotion. We might not be using our real names, but we are using our true identity which is Nepali (we don't care for further identification). As far as I've understood, anonymity is the essence of sajha. Don't know why even @San is claiming he appreciates people using their real names. There already is a website for people with real names FACEBOOK.COM

Posted on 11-25-15 6:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1056]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MlnNpl - I never said I appreciate people using their real names - but if they do - they don't deserve someone using 'f' word at them. Which is exactly why I wrote here. I am not concerned about other comments but using 'f' word at a person using real identity is not very nice. Thank you for understanding!
Posted on 11-25-15 7:05 AM     [Snapshot: 1051]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मिस अनु साझा फेसबुक जस्तो सोसल नेटओर्क होइन के ! अर्को , इन्टरनेट सोसल नेटओर्कको लागि मात्र बन्या होइन, जुकरबर्ग लक्की भया मात्र हुन अनि नेपालीहरु लै के चाइयो कानो आँखा ? तपाइले पनि गजबको पिक्चर डाटा दिनु भो ! त्यो सबै साझा भिजितिङ नँबर नास भन्ने एउटा लाउरे बोका छ साझामा तेसलाइ हेर्न आएका हुन के! हाहा । ल ठिकै छ साझा मै नेपाल बारे कुरा गर्ने ढिँपि गर्नुभो तर यो साइत कसरी चल्छ भने, प्रश्न उत्तर तरीकाले नकि पाहिला भाषण अनि प्रतिक्रिया को वेट गर्ने (जस्तो फेसबुकमा) । होप एम टिचिंंङ हाउ टु युज साझा
Posted on 11-25-15 12:05 PM     [Snapshot: 1209]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My apologies if I have used f word, however I have not used those words directly on her rather it is used on third parties as slang only. I hope you will not banned me on this cause.
Posted on 11-25-15 3:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1315]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal bigarne nai dhoti ra topi hun. Hamilai dhoti ra topi binako Nepal chahinchh
Posted on 11-25-15 4:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am trying to figure out what she has done so good thing in past, or in present. Or I'm out of news with it since I'm working 7 days a week lol. 🤔🤔🤔

कसैले तपाईं भने छैन मपाईं को कुरो भो यहाँ त । फेरि दिन रात नै कार्य मा ब्यस्त रे , ईन्दिया धपाउने निन्दनीय काम भो उनी माथि, कठै .....
Posted on 11-25-15 6:12 PM     [Snapshot: 1455]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 25-Nov-15 06:58 PM

Posted on 11-25-15 8:41 PM     [Snapshot: 1534]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A true Nepali will never support Cruelty against the people of Nepal.

Some Madhesis killed Nepal police, stopped food, medicine, petrol and essential supply to Nepal

May be most of them are Indians with fake Nepali citizenship (because of the open border) or
may be they were very poor and were paid money to act against the feelings of Nepali people.

If you have not done any of above, you are fine.
If you want to prove to be a true Nepali, support the Nepalipan

Speak against Indian Cruelty,
Speak against Madhesis who are torturing Nepali & supporting Indians

Then people will know that you are with us.


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