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 Who designed Nepalese Flag?

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Posted on 05-06-08 1:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is what i heard about the origin of Nepalese Flag:
King Prithvi Narayan Shah was away from Gorkha on a Major Mission to conquer one of the Baise-Chaubise Rajya. It was a big and a Bloody war. Prithvi Narayan Shah and his army slaughtered lots of opponent's army and people. It was a proud victory for Gorkhali Army. All his army was celebrating the victory on the way back to Gorkha.
Its obvious that after such a bloody war, Prithvi Narayan Shah was all covered with blood. Even his Daura-Surwal insde his armour had stains of blood. Before he entered the terrotory of Gorkha, he changed his Surwal which was totally soaked in blood. We all know the shape of nepalese Surwal. if you don't, its very loose and baggy in the upper( hip) part and tighter as you go down towards your foot. One of his boy in his army stucked Prithvi Narayan's Surwal on his sword and start swing in the air. His country man, who saw the victory march from a distance, thought that it was a new flag Prithvi Narayan Shah created. From the next day every house in the kingdom of Gorkha copied the army boy and stuck red two-trangled flag as a celebration of their King's Victory in war.
Some other king, later on, put a white sun and a moon on the flag....and another big headed person explained what they meant..
Nepalses Flag was actually orginated from a pair of Bloody Trousers of Prithvi Narayan Shah!!!!!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-06-08 5:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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before you say I suck, have you got any better logic or proof of nepali flag's origin...?
if not shut you mouth up.. at least i told you what i heard..

Posted on 05-06-08 5:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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crapmandu's story was nice.....could be true.
Posted on 05-06-08 6:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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huna ni sakcha na huna ni sakcha!!!j hos kalpana ta garyo ni................

Posted on 05-06-08 8:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"The Flag of Fathers" was designed with the following logic:

Nepal has many hills and high-peaked mountains. Keeping this in mind the two triangular shapes were designed.

The Red color symbolizes and as well honors the blood of the brave and fearless Nepali troops who displayed unique valor and unmatched gallentry, and received martydom during the Nepal-unification process. The Red color also indicates that, if at any time there is a threat to the sovereignty of Nepal, we will glow with courage and bravery, just like the fire-red color, and face the threat.

The Moon and Sun reflects the fact that as long as there are Moon and Sun in the sky, there will be Nepal.

The Blue color margin was added later and explains that we are a peace loving country.

And that is why it is said,"Rato Ra Chandra Surya, Jangi Nishan Hamro; Jeudo Ragat Sari, Baldo Yo Shaan Hamro"

And if it was not for the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah, we would have already been a part of India long time ago, and would not have our identities as Nepalis. No matter what the current situation, I think and srongly believe, that we should not forget the past and should reverve and honor the Great! Because, if we forget the past, we will also forget our real identity and who we are, and someday we will also forget humanity.

Last edited: 06-May-08 08:12 PM

Posted on 05-07-08 5:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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is there any reference about the originator of the our national flag?? how long has this flag been existing????

Posted on 05-07-08 6:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Nepal is the only national flag which is not rectangular, being based upon two separate pennants which belonged to rival branches of the Rana dynasty, which formerly ruled the country. The two pennants were first joined in the last century, but it was not adopted as the official flag until 1962, when a constitutional form of government was established.

The moon in the upper part represents the royal house. The sun in the lower part symbolizes a branch of the Rana family, members of which acted as prime ministers until 1961.

The charges are now said to represent the hope that Nepal itself will last as long as the sun and the moon. The style of these heavenly bodies was streamlined on December 16, 1962. The coat of arms still portrays these charges with facial features. Crimson is deemed the national color.

Motto on their coat of arms: "The mother and the Mother Earth are more important than the heavenly kingdom."

Why is the Nepali flag the only non-rectangular national flag?

Probably the answer is easier, if the question is asked the other way round: Why are all national flags (except for the Nepali one) rectangular?
The pretty uniform shape of the national flag can be probably explained by the fact that the national flag has its origin in a limited area (Europe and Mediterranean), as ship flags. Certainly there had been different shapes in the early times, but rectangular clothes of an approximate proportion of between 1.5:1 and 2:1 seemed the most practical ones, so the countries "standardized" this shape. Afterwards the ship flags had been adapted for terrestrial use. National flags of countries outside Europe only developed after European national flags had standardized their shape, so they were imitating the rectangular shape as well as some of the symbolic elements (vertical/horizontal stripes, for instance). Older national symbols were transformed to the "European" flag shape, for instance in Ethiopia, where the originally separated red, yellow and green pennants were transformed into a horizontal triband of rectangular shape. Nepal retained the original shape of its flag (basically two pennants one above the other). The first origin of this flag is probably elusive. However, other flags in the Indian area also showed non-rectangular, often pennant-like shape, see in-princ.html#alpha. The Nepali flag is probably the only one surviving, something like a "living fossil". Usually living fossils survive in rather secluded areas, such as Nepal (not having coastal access, and being mountainous) or Switzerland (the same), still sticking to the square shape of its flags.
Marcus E.V. Schmöger, 17 July 2004

The triangular shape reflects the historical shape of flags used by kingdoms on the Indian subcontinent. Even today the flags flown on the masts of temples in India are predominantly triangular.
Armano Grande, 19 March 2008

Posted on 05-07-08 6:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Akalkot - Indian Princely State

Last modified: 2007-02-14 by ian macdonald
Keywords: indian princely state | akalkot |
Links: FOTW homepage | search | disclaimer and copyright | write us | mirrors

[Akalkot] by Ed Haynes

See also:

Princely States of Bombay Presidency, Kolhapur-Dekkan Residency, Present-day Maharashtra
(no gun salute)
Area: 1, 290 sq.km
Acceded to the Union of India on March 8, 1948, Founded after 1725

Filcher (1984) doesn't describe the flags, but shows  picture of the state flag ("drapeau d'état") with the color indicator - red or orange.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 26 January 2003

Variants of the flag

[Akalkot] by Chrystian Kretowicz

Triangular flag from the fiscal stamp (Jiri Cerny's site)

[Akalkot] by Chrystian Kretowicz

State flag 1 - red

[Akalkot] by Chrystian Kretowicz

State flag 2 - orange (saffron)

[Akalkot] by Blas Delgado Ortiz

Posted on 05-07-08 6:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Source: http://flagspot.net/flags/np.html

Posted on 05-07-08 6:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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History of the Flag

Prior to the adoption of the present national flag on Dec16 1962, flags with faces were used in Nepal:

Image based on Flaggenbuch:
[Old Nepali Flag] image by Jaume Ollé, 27 June 2001

Image based on Flags of All Nations:
[Old Nepali Flag] image by Jaume Ollé, 27 June 2001
Nozomi Kariyasu, 27 June 2001

Information on a more ancient representation of the Nepali flag can be found in M. Lupant's book:

The first reproduction of the Nepali flag found by M. Lupant is shown in a book published by Perceval Laundon in 1928 (Nepal, vol. 1, pp. 233-236, Constable, London). The flag was crimson with a green border. It was made of two superposed isoceles triangles. The two points could have symbolized the royalty and the Rana family. The moon symbolized the King and the sun symbolized the Rana family. Moon and Sun expressed the hope that the Nation shall live as long as them. The faces are both shown with ears and a symbol in the middle of the forehead (probably one of the coloured spots used by Hinduists, whose name I forget), and the face in the upper triangle has a small neck putting it above the moon.
Ivan Sache, 27 June 2001

Posted on 05-07-08 6:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You can tell by how ignorant we are about our own history, of simple matter like the flag. Many lies and unnecessary patriotism is injected into our brain from school to our college. The real fact can be bitter and hence it is not heard on the street and in schools. Singing patriotic song about the flag does NOT mean you know any thing. See below to get the fact straight- it all started with blood sucking Ranas. The 2 your "so called mountains" are infact two separate pennants which belonged to rival branches of the Rana dynasty.
Still proud of your flag?

Posted on 05-07-08 6:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Flag of Nepal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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 Flag ratio: 5:4
Flag ratio: 5:4

The national flag of Nepal is one of only two non-rectangular official jurisdictional flags in the world (the other being the state flag of Ohio, USA). The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants from different branches of the previous rulers, the Rana dynasty.

The flag was adopted, with the formation of a new constitutional government, on December 16, 1962. The individual pennants had been used for the preceding two centuries and the double pennant since the 19th century. The flag borrows the basic design from the original Hindu design, which has been in use for more than 2,000 years.

[edit] Interpretation

The blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautama Buddha, who was born in Nepal. The crimson color is Nepal's national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism.[1] The red triangular flag has been a Hindu symbol of victory since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence, the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon. The moon symbolises that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, while the sun symbolises fierce resolve. The moon also symbolizes the shades and the cool weather of the Himalayas, whereas the sun symbolizes the heat and the high temperature at the lower part (Tarai) of Nepal. Another interpretation: The flag's shape symbolizes a Nepalese pagoda. Putting a mirror at the side of the flag closest to the flagpole will generate an image of a pagoda[citation needed].

Posted on 05-08-08 6:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 "The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants from different branches of the previous rulers, the Rana dynasty and the Shah dynasty."
Ranas are no longer a ruler and Shahs are gonna be thrown out very soon.. Its right time to clear out the remaining of autocratic rulers of Nepalese history..

Posted on 05-08-08 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have seen many temples in Kathmandu have Triangular Flags like national flag. If they were installed during construction of the temple, then there is a very old history behind this.

Posted on 03-16-17 2:56 PM     [Snapshot: 9978]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The current flag of Nepal is the most prominent symbol of the commingling of State (Nepal) and Religion (Hinduism) even after the nation has been declared a secular country. That's why some Nepalese people with an ability to think wanted to replace this flag to reflect this new reality.
Almost forgot, there is a new temple which was just formally inaugurated by the President of Nepal who is affiliated with the Communist party of Nepal. Communism and religion seem to go together sometime. Hard to find 'kosher' stuff these days.


The hindu-fundamentalist group blessed by the BJP in India also has a similar flag like that of Nepal.

Posted on 03-17-17 5:16 PM     [Snapshot: 10320]     Reply [Subscribe]
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History is here to stay. You cannot change it. You can learn from it, use it as a reference from time to time, but it is there. And then there is tradition. Nepal is a majority hindu state. Dashain is our biggest festival. So even if the county become's secular, the tradition stays.
France is probably the most secular country in the world with hardly any religious people. But they celebrate proudly all their religious festivals, because it is their tradition.
You can not call your self Christian, but still get married in a Church. But that is the tradition.

All these left wingers, influenced by leftists bourgeois class of Nepal with links with other countries want to destroy Nepal. The little identity we have left as nepalese, the very many things that helped us to become a proud Nepal today have become subjects of debate today. These people want Nepal to go back to medieval times of baisay-chaubisay rajyas so that India can easily gobble them one by one. People who call them progressistes have been so blind to see this play devised by external forces. Wake up people and unite.

Posted on 03-17-17 5:56 PM     [Snapshot: 10332]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Someone told me History is always written by winner. Here is my shower thought, if Prithivi Narayan shah was defeated by kathmandu valley people back in the days then we would be grown by by reading/comparing him with Hitler or how cruel he was instead of founding father of Nepal. Do you really think he sole intention was to unite the Nepal? That's just some Bull$hit story.
Posted on 03-17-17 7:27 PM     [Snapshot: 10369]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Prithivi Narayan Shah was all bloody after the war. He went home and as he was very hungry and food was not readily available, he started snacking on Doritos. Since his hands were bloody all the blood got on the dorito. When cleaning crewing came for cleaning they saw two piece of Doritos lying side by side covered with blood. Hence the flag of Nepal was discovered.
Posted on 03-18-17 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 10595]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is a quick brief History on the development of Current Nepal Flag,

If you need to know how Nepal flag has been developed, you need to go back to 5000 years ago, during the time of Mahabharat and kirat king Yalember,

Also This flag is based on Hindusim, In Hindusim, most of the symbol are encoded/ painted in traingle. IF you see "OM" sign, Hindusim used to consider "OM" sign in traingle base as holy.

Now lets go back to Mahabharat and king Yalember period. You can easily see Kirati flag in two traingle with bow and arrow. Also in Hindusim, political power were divided into two group which is "Surya bansi" and "Chandra bansi".

Pandavas were Surya bansi, and For your information. Ram was Chandra bansi, that is why Ram was called as ramchandra. They believe Surya and Chandra as a power.

If you see the flag of Arjun , just refer to GITA, you easily see the flag of Arjun, Its two traingle with "OM" sign.
And See the flag of Kirati period, its a two traingle with bow and arrow.

see link for GITA and Arjun with Flag.

See link for Kirati Flag:

History tells that King Yalember and Mahabharat was in same time frame,

Kirati rules over 2100 years, after that area was ruled by licchavi , thakuris, mallas then Shah dynasty,

There is no exact evidence i found what was the flag during Licchavi, thakuris but in mallas period, you see two traingle flag with surya on the top and chandra on the lower traingle in all 3 malla durbar of kathmandu, lalitpur and bhaktapur.
see the link below for the image of main gate at bhaktapur durbar square.

The reason behind Surya on the upper triangle and chandra at the lower triangle during mallas period is, Malla rules were Surya bansi.

Now you can imagine why current flag has chandra on the upper triangle and surya at the lower triangle.

Yes, King Prithivi Narayan Shah belogs to Chandra bansi. So after he unified the 22 and 24 rajya along with the kathmandu valley, he was the one who modified the Current flag of Nepal with blue broader, red background with chandra on the upper triangle and surya in lower triangle, That represent, Chandra bansi claimed victory over Surya bansi, as shah dynasty own over malla dynasty,

If you are Nepali do not just bull shit. The flag represent the history for over 1000 years ago.

Jay Nepal.

Posted on 03-20-17 2:45 AM     [Snapshot: 10736]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ yekku, are you the notorious youtube troll who posts on eac and every video related to nepal with your fake names like buddhamahadev and limbudilip? the kirat flag was made by some jatibadi political activist 40 yrs or so back. there is no historical evidence whatsoever of a kirat flag with 2 pennants .
now, regarding the present nepal flag, the 2 pennants style was used widely in soouth asia with the hindu ruling dynasties and even the mallas used it. but it was added with sun and moon faces denoting the fake lineages of the shah(suryabansi) and rana(chandrabansi) families. YES THE THAKURI FAMILY OF GORKHA AND KHAS KUNWAR FAMILY MADE FAKE BANSAWALIS AFTER THE CONQUERING OF KATHMANDU (AFTER JUNGE'S RISE INTO PREMIERSHIP FOR RANAS).
Posted on 03-20-17 9:29 AM     [Snapshot: 10806]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How do people dig up threads from 9 years ago....

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