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 यदि पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले एकीकरण नगरेको भए ?

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Posted on 01-11-13 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यदि पृथ्वी नारायण शाहले एकीकरण नगरेको भए नेपाल सायद ब्रिटेन को अधिनमा हुन्थ्यो होला | पछि भारत वा चिनको भूभाग पनि हुन सक्थ्यो | अथवा सिक्किम र भुटान जस्तै छुट्टै राष्ट्र पनि हुन सक्थ्यो | आखिर हामीलाई नेपाल छोडेर विदेशमा आएर नागरिकता खोज्नु परिरहेको छ भने एकीकरणले हामीलाई केहि फरक पर्यो र ?

के नपाल एकीकरण जरुरि नै थियो ? तपाईलाई के लाग्छ ?

नोट: यो मेरो ब्यतिगत धारणा होइन | केवल प्रश्न मात्र..

Last edited: 11-Jan-13 01:28 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 01-11-13 1:47 PM     [Snapshot: 68]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सायद भारत कै भू-भाग भैदिएको भए अहिले भन्दा केहि बिकसित हुन्थ्यो कि ?  साथै बिदेशी प्रभुले देश बिगारे भन्न्दै हिड्नु पनि पर्दैन थियो कि ?

नोट: यो मेरो ब्यतिगत धारणा होइन | केवल प्रश्न मात्र..

Posted on 01-11-13 1:51 PM     [Snapshot: 54]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 बाघ दाइ , 
त्यो डलर हसुर्नेको नाम आजै देखि आङ्ग पाजी शेर्पा राख्दिम है . 

Posted on 01-11-13 1:58 PM     [Snapshot: 78]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आकाश जत्तिकै छर्लंग छ नि, भारत कै भूभाग हुन्थ्यो अनि १९४७ अथवा १९७१ मा जस्तै पाकिस्तान अनि बंगलादेश जस्तै छुट्टै देश को रुप मा परिणत हुन नि सक्थ्यो. अहिले को बर्तमान परिप्रेक्छ्य लाई मध्ये नजर गर्ने हो भने चिन को भूभाग हुने सम्भावना निकै न्युन देख्छु. भारत को भूभाग नभई त हामि bollywood लाई पूजा गर्छौ, दशैँ तिहार मनौछौ, हिन्दि गीत मा कम्मर मर्क्यै मर्क्यै नाच छौ होइन र?
Posted on 01-11-13 2:13 PM     [Snapshot: 126]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हुन्छ ठुल्दाइ..... मैले त त्यो आङ पाजी शेर्पालाई 'पाजी' भनेर सार्वजनिक रुपमै लेख्दिसके .... तर कसै कसैले के भन्या भनेर सोधिरा थिए  ... पगरीवाला पाजी भन्ने बुझेछन् कि क्या हो यो गधालाई ...
Posted on 01-11-13 2:52 PM     [Snapshot: 161]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That is a very good question to which most of us cannot be objective as seen by most of the responses.

Honestly we have been so brainwashed by the concept of unification that it seems like a grand action deserving our gratitude. Looking at unification objectively, it is nothing but expansion - an expansion of the kings land of rule. The British expanded their rule of land by assimilating greater Nepal into the Indian territory but it's not considered unification by Indians inspite of it being just that technically. The british unified India. They should have erected a statue of a Britisher in India holding a finger up saying 'hami ek hau' indicating their unification of India.

In any case, people living in different states did not appreciate PNS's expansion.

Now what if PNS had not expanded his country?

Most likely there would not have been a country called Nepal. Most likely there would not have been the royal Shah rule and the Rana rule in between which resulted in lot of corruption and abuse of general Nepali population. It took hundreds of years to end royal autocratic government, it took hundreds of thousands of lives on Nepalis in the Shah rule ie including expansion collateral damages and Rana regime and ensuing peoples insurgency. Hence people living in this area were very much worse off considering their standard of living and any convenience made available to them by the ruling class or government. People living in this area still consider themselves cursed by sati. Everyone still suffers besides the politicians and a few others handful of people.

Alternatively, everything would have been a part of India and right now would be appreciating a democratically ruled country with more opportunities than they currently have.

As they say, you don't miss what you don't have. Right now lot of Nepalis have a huge sense of Nepali Pride but that wouln't even exist if PNS had not assimilated the territories. We'll probably all be proud Indians and living conditions wise, far better off than we are currently.

Posted on 01-11-13 3:18 PM     [Snapshot: 181]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rethink, I second you. In fact, I had raised the same thought in the other thread related to PNS and so called unification. People are just glorifying something that does not deserve glorification, if you think rationally.
Posted on 01-11-13 3:33 PM     [Snapshot: 225]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal na hunthiyo na nepali nai bhanera garba garna sakthiyo

hami ahilay buddha ra sagarmatha bhanera garba garira chau, ahilay ak thari le sagarmatha ko desh bhanthiyo hola, aru le buddha ko desh.
Posted on 01-11-13 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 217]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ही ही .....हाम्रो बा र आमाको को बीहा नभाको भए पनि मा त जन्मी हाल्थे नि भन्ने जस्तो कुरा गर्छन केटा हरु |

तिमीहरुलाई के लाग्छ? अहिले इंडिया मा भाको भए आनन्द ले बस्ने थियेउ? तेही भएर होला इंडिया मा Seperate आन्द्र प्रदेश, बिहार, नागाल्याण्ड, महारास्त्र, पुन्जाब को नारा लागेको होला | अहिले नेपाल इंडिया मा गवेको भए येही इंडिया मा मिलेको भए हुन्थियो भन्ने गोर्खे हरे seperate नेपाल को नारा लाइ राको हुन्थे |

Don't fall for something that the haters are supporting. Identity is a great thing....regardless of how shitty your identity is. Talk to a Nepali from India, when he comes to Nepal even he feels like he is home. Visit Sikkim and Darjeling once and you will find out how much welcoming they are to you. These people have not been Nepali for quite few generations and they still have the pride deep in them.
Last edited: 11-Jan-13 03:41 PM

Posted on 01-11-13 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 225]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is nationality? We are Nepali that is our nationality. But what is Nepal? Nepal is Kathmandu Valley originally before PNS captured it. How someone from Jhapa and Makawanpur can be proud to be Nepali because he was not Nepali before. He was Jhapali and Makawanpure. PNS captured those land then they became Nepali. And now they proudly say they are Nepali. What if India had captured their land? Now they would have been proud to be an Indian. And what if China had captured their land they would have been proud to be Chinese.

Posted on 01-11-13 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 250]     Reply [Subscribe]
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15/20 yrs ago before dhotis advanced, no Nepali would even think of becoming part of India. Nepal was peaceful, cleaner, more respected in the world and had better living quality than Indians in average. Still today when i visit Delhi or the slumps of mumbai i thank god for my sweet country. btw, lots of people from darj and sikkim come to Nepal for employment and better life. indians are racist in overall and would Nepal consider Nepali people to their level. we would be their viatch.
Posted on 01-11-13 4:04 PM     [Snapshot: 266]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is a Nepali?

Well is the fact of Nepali not being an Indian or a Chinese just enough to get your deek hard? Should you ask more question? If you are asking that question then you are not a Nepali.

Posted on 01-11-13 4:29 PM     [Snapshot: 296]     Reply [Subscribe]
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भारत को भाभाये ग्रीन कार्ड लोत्तेरी (lottery) भर्ना पाउना थियो रे अंग काजी का भाकता हरु मम्पखा !!!!!!!!!!!!! खला?

तेसैई गरि eb2 , eb3 मा lag  period टन्न हुन्नथ्यो!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Asylum  हान्न गार्हो हुन्थो.....

prithivi narayan shah ki jaya

gyanenedra and paras and baburam and prachanda shld be hanged till death

Posted on 01-11-13 4:38 PM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 following is one of the comment by readr

Nepali Babu, Qatar wrote on 11 January, 2013, 8:46

मल्ल के सुन्दरको बिचारलाई मान्ने हो भने उनी र उनका श्रीमतीलाई उनका सन्तानले माता पिता नमाने हुन्छ। उनकै बिचार अनुसार यो कुरालाई पनि यसरी तर्क दिन सकिन्छ – उनी र उन्का श्रीमती जवान भयपछी आफ्नो शरीरिक आवश्यकता र भोक मेटाउनको लागि, आफ्नो मजाको लागि जुन कृया गर्‍यो त्यस्बाट सन्तानको उत्पती भयो। उन्ले अहिले उस्का भयका यही सन्तान जन्माउछु भनेर पक्का पनि सम्भोग कृया गरेको थियन।
जब आफुलाई जन्म दिनलाई नभै उनिहरु जवानीको प्यास मेटाउन गरेको कृयाबाट जन्मेकोको सन्तानले उनिहरुलाई किन बाबु आमा वा माता पिता भनेर सम्मन दिने। उसका सन्तान्ले सिधा तर्क दिन सकिन्छ – मलाई जन्म दिन भनेर तिमीहरुले बिहे गरी सम्भोग गरेको हैन, तिमीहरुकै आव्श्यक्ता र मजाको पारीनामले म जन्मेको हुन त्यसैले म तिमीहरुलाई बाबु आमा मान्न तयार छैन।

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 100 Thumb down 11

Posted on 01-11-13 4:56 PM     [Snapshot: 335]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I raised this question not to blame PNS for anything. My question is what we got from Unification? And what whould have happened if it was not united ?

Last edited: 11-Jan-13 05:19 PM

Posted on 01-11-13 6:24 PM     [Snapshot: 404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 But that is very generic question, Similar question can be asked to citizens of any country. Only approxmately 25% of worlds population lives in "nice" condition rest have many difficulties. So similar  question can be asked to a south Indian, he will have his version or can be asked to a kashmiries, they will have their version and an Indian from Nagaland he will have his version of answer. On the contrary if you ask same question to an indian from Delhi and Bombay, answer will be totally different.

So what you get from unification of Nepal depends upon your perception, your expectation, your understanding of "getting something"
But that is true almost about every  citizens of every country where life standard is not so appreciative.

Last edited: 11-Jan-13 08:08 PM

Posted on 01-11-13 7:07 PM     [Snapshot: 442]     Reply [Subscribe]
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desh ekikaran garney ko mahaaan tyaag  lai
ahiley ka bharaat ka tattu haru ley barbaad paari chaadyo..

Posted on 01-11-13 7:26 PM     [Snapshot: 445]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kehi kaam napayera centuries agaadi ko kura kotayera aile jo maanche le Nepal banayo, tei manche maathi aula uthauchau. Aile Nepal ko situation bigryo so Prithivi Narayan Shah galat thiye. If Nepal was well established country, then these morons would not have complained about it.

IMO, Prithivi Narayan Shah did what he had to do. It was centuries ago. I am not saying cutting bunch of people's nose is a good thing but it was at different time and situation. He was a ruler/king/war lord, and they are not supposed to be soft. Otherwise he would not have thought of invading other kingdoms in the first place.

Posted on 01-11-13 7:47 PM     [Snapshot: 472]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Two thoughts:

1. Together we stand: Even though they were individual tiny little kingdoms, they shared a very similar cultures in most of the times. Reasons for that include but do not limit to; outgrowth from the same kingdom, kingdoms of brothers, same (similar) language/religion etc. Therefore, there was enough reasons for a brave king to rally the brotherhood to save each other's ass. For that unification was the only way to defend themselves from the Angrejs.

2. What if British Ruled?: Some of you so deny the unification so much yet show such an extreme patriotism. Don't you see little bit of irony there? Why not to push the question little further and fully deny PNS and say 'What the ---- would have happened, if British colonized Nepal? Countries build, countries fall....some longer, other shorter in the grand scheme of history. So why they ---- do we actually needed Nepal? 

Posted on 01-11-13 9:03 PM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 आज नेपाल नभएको भय हामी Chinese  कि इन्डियन  हुन्थ्यौ  भंनेय्हरु सुन--- China ले लेको भए Tibetean  को चाक  हानीको जसरि नेपाली को चाक  हन्थ्यो 
. इंडिया ले लिएको भया , ऐले त इंडिया अलि अलि नेपालीलाई  चौकीदार  भाण्ठन्छ, नेपाल लिएको भय सबै नेपाली लै चौकीदार  भाण्ठन्य्थ्यो।अनि नेपाली हरु सबै चौकीदार हुन्थे।
अनि सोछौ  होला हामी त त्येहकै नागरिक हुन्थेयौ अनि हामीलाई कसरि भेदभाद  गर्न सक्छन र? हो हाम्रा भुटान बाट लाखेटेयेका  नेपाली हरु पनि पैला भुटानकै नागरिक थिय।
 ल  पृथिवी नारायण शाह लै गाली गर्ने हरु, अजै पनि देश टुक्राएर हामीलाई टिबेतेअन कि इन्डियन को चौकीदार बनाउन  ढिलो भएको छैन।आफ्नो स्वार्थको लागि देश टुक्रा टुक्रा पारो।

Posted on 01-11-13 9:30 PM     [Snapshot: 569]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are we interested in hypothetical questions? We do not know what would have happened had Columbus found east-India. We do not know what would have happened had East India Company (EIC) not established the Republic of India.  


Said so, one has all the rights to hypothesize. One can theorize what would have happened had PNS not expanded his kingdom. If she or he wants to speak against Nepal, the law to express will allow.

Troubling part is presentation of unreal pictures. Without knowing facts, they claim that we would have been in a better position in India.  

Misinformation is hard. Do they know India?

India’s growth is concentrated in the south. Cotton and computer belts of India, together with industrial activities, have grown. The story is not the same in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the northern states of India, however. One comment above has already made that clear. Even so, it is useful to present a few specifics relevant to misinformation.

With limited natural resources, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where population density is over 800 per sq. km, have per capita income lower than Himanchal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim, the other northern states of India adjoining China

Importantly, all the last three states of India match with the southern states in terms of income by focusing on horticulture, tourism, and hydro.

Sikkim, the second top in the region after Maldives in terms of per capita, with geography and natural resources identical to the latter three states of India, is working on to utilize the resources further to achieve a superior living standard.

The question is why Nepal, given it has a greater share (area) of the natural resources provided by the Himalayan geography, is failing to utilize those resources by conducting itself in the manner Bhutan and India’s Sikkim, Uttarakhanda, and Himanchal Pradesh do, and be in a superior position in terms of income and living standard.

Answer: ‘maobadi’. How can a country grow without a careful planning and programs? And how can our country move ahead when the government we see in today’s Nepal talks about thermal power. That was the biggest slap to us.




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