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 Serious Quoting F-1 and going to TPS decision- suggestions

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Posted on 05-10-23 1:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi guys,

I am a Ph.D. student. I have F-1 and TPS. I am considering to use TPS and forget about F-1. I understand it makes sense to have F-1 but it's been extremely difficult due to my health conditions. In order to maintain F-1, we have to follow certain rules, there are not much flexibilities available. I have just started my dissertation, and it will take me about one and a half year to complete my Ph.D.( knock on wood). I heard that it is not easy to get a green card through Ph.D.

Does anybody have idea how long does it take to get a green card through Ph.D. in IT? I have been having health issues for years, and now I really need that flexibility to provide myself more time to care of myself. I don't know it is the right decision to give up on my F-1 status, but it is been extremely difficult. Please provide any suggestions. I appreciate your time.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-11-23 11:59 AM     [Snapshot: 325]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I didn't want to say this but I should you are dumb. One person says one thing and everybody goes behind that. You don't know everything, so don't act like you do. "Expert" don't overact or be so close-mined. You are definitely not. Don't say anything if you have no knowledge, and on top of that can't use your own brain, thinks knows everything.

This is the problem with Sajha, there is always some smartypants, they act like they know everything. Mind your own business when you don't have anything good share. Focus on yourself.
Posted on 05-11-23 12:01 PM     [Snapshot: 321]     Reply [Subscribe]
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See suggestions,
Dear, I have no problem whatsoever with offering what I know or can, but if the person across me does not even sound genuine with his intentions, then yeah, you might get some jabs. taunts here and there.
I am not judging you but this is completely based on what you have manifested about yourself over here. First a PHD student, okay then Sajha may not be the right place to talk about the challenges you supposedly say you are facing. If that was the case, no idea why and how the school inducted you as a PHD candidate in first place. See people will start doubting your school itself, its credibility, okay.
Time and again, Sajha denigrates serious posts and questions, and I have been saying this all the time. What sells here, we all know, immoral, incest sex stories, one night stands experiences, frivolous encounters, name calling, conspiracy theories (tons of them) and yeah some immigration discourses. This is not the right place for people (if genuine) to come and ask oh, what should be my thesis topic be or dissertation topic be. There are a lot of other serious forums/ platforms for that and you should know that very well by now since you said there is one and half years to PHD completion.
Second, come on being a PHD student, you should be more worried about your impending dissertation or thesis rather than your immigration status in future. You lack that aura as a devoted PHD student. I agree most likely, just like everyone here, you also want to stay here and immigrate, that is okay, but look at your questions, "I am sick, what is the best way to get that coveted green card. I am having tough time staying in F1 visa now". This whole statement of yours is weighing you down, man!
You do not have to care what I said here, I am just recounting how you are coming across as to me or may be other people with "sane minds". I do not know everything about you or whole scenario like your sickness, where you are etc. but the my responses are based on the situations as presented by you, yourself.
Not spreading any negativity, but just take it as a nudge to do some inner reflections on how you have been manifesting your situations to us.

Posted on 05-11-23 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 345]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your writing lacked coherence.

You are a Phd student, so you should know what is 'coherence' .

Be well, and good luck with your adventure.

Posted on 05-11-23 12:31 PM     [Snapshot: 341]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You have too much free time to waste. Don't blame your incapability to understand things on others. If you can't accept, that you don't know everything then its on you. There is way to communicate, its def not by being close-minded. Again, if you can't have a meaningful conversation then don't pollute the thread. Try meditating. don't try to control things. if somebody is not saying things the way you want them to then don't say anything because you don't have good communication skills. Writing a long negative post is not the way.

Some people like you force their opinions on others, how their life should have been or what they could have done. Remember its not your life. Acting petty and blaming others because they are not saying things the way you think is the right way is stupid. living in a bubble. There is so much more in life then you can imagine. Again, don't tell what could have been the truth because you were not there and you can't accept other people's life experiences.
Posted on 05-11-23 12:42 PM     [Snapshot: 356]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know the meaning of coherence, so what's next ? You are gonna judge... It doesn't matter. Don't tell or assume what people should know because they are a phd student. Logical person, doesn't try hard to be judgmental, they try to understand and don't impose their opinions on others. This is interesting that you decide what words a phd student must know. we are surrounded by bitterness and oversmartness .
Posted on 05-11-23 1:03 PM     [Snapshot: 359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not know everything about your case but I know something about something. I know that I am not a PHD holder or student either, but I do know about all those steps already that people like maxpayne or Ram Bhakta has mentioned above. This is a no-brainer. And you, being a capable PHD student who should know there is a thing called "Google".

Also, I know for a fact that you have a lot of immigrant PHD professors in your school, as we all know not every other PHD professor is born in US. You should have asked all these immigration related questions, timelines, steps to them and not here. You yourself are denying their existence and coming here to showcase, your I don't know if it is 'ignorance' or 'oversight' or what.
I am not close-mined at all. You kidding me? I appreciate it when people are genuine. There was a thread, when people here were talking for and against TPS continuation and all that. I forgot the name, but one writer that time wrote that he needs TPS not to stay back and immigrate but because during TPS he was able to work labor jobs here and send money back in Nepal and rebuild the house that was dismantled by earthquake. See that person may have been lying completely about why needs TPS, but there was some sense of truth, some urgency in the way he put his write up. For you I did not feel the same. I was in F1-visa too, I went through all the hassles, headaches, stress, rules and regulations yes, but I was not trying different ways to find a way to immigration at that time. It all started after coming to H1B I would say. As a student, I remained true to what was expected of me. But yes, every other case is different, I agree.

Like somebody said above, finish your PHD first, get some decent publications together and get help of a lawyer. I do not want to write another long "negative" post and yes it is not my life, agreed. You do whatever you wish to do.

Posted on 05-11-23 1:29 PM     [Snapshot: 375]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That will be a good decision not to waste other people's time. First thing- posting negative and close-minded comments.Then forcing your opinions and telling people what makes them right. Assuming what one should have done/said rather than having some decency and trying to understand situations first or ask with some manners.

After this experience, it makes me feel like you would be happy if somebody fails or didn't behave the way you wanted to. Everybody is different, if you don't know how to communicate, and respect other people's situations then it is a good idea to mind your own business. Nobody needs your negativity. People make different choices in life for different reasons because they go through different things. I wouldn't deal with a person like you who tells other people how one should have shared their experiences and so on. We all have our own perspectives, but not imposing your opinions and disregarding somebody's life situations because you think in a certain way is not right. You are doing nothing to help, so you should mind your own business. no ned to be bitter as well.
Posted on 05-11-23 1:47 PM     [Snapshot: 385]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@suggestions Ignore this moron. I am also on the same boat as you. I am leaving my F1 status in June because I didn’t get selected for H1B lottery. I have talked to my lawyer and there is NO issue with changing from TPS to GC if you entered the country legally and have maintained your status till date. You can go into and see how many people change their status from TPS to GC. Its a low number but that’s because not many people have the opportunity to choose this route. But the only drawback will be of course if TPS gets revoked. You will be taking a chance here so look into other alternatives as well.
Posted on 05-11-23 1:49 PM     [Snapshot: 386]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Would you have answered me if I ask you, "What is your health issue that is so obstructing you to stay in F1 status?"
I don't want to know, but since you said I need to understand the situations and ask with some manners. If your health scenario is debilitating your ability to carry your PHD research, then is your school so inhumane to not let you take a break from study? I am sure if your health is an underlying condition then you have papers well documented from your doctors right? But your question was like how to get green card directly. no wonder so many doubts will come into play here.
I want fellow Nepalese to succeed in lives and do a lot of memorable things in life, you know. I am not here trying to impose my outlooks on you, I am just like I said telling you how I felt reading your post. Not saying I have disregard for you or your health conditions. And when you come to some place like Sajha, grow a heart to listen out to every kind of opinions. You think people like Ram Bhakta is always nice with you, hell no! They can be the meanest of the meanest lot.
Apologies, Ram Bhaktaji.

Posted on 05-11-23 2:02 PM     [Snapshot: 396]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not obligated to tell you exactly what health issues. As a stranger, if you know that somebody is sick I think that's enough. It is not relevant or necessary in this context.

When it comes to manners and understanding situation is coming from how people like you are trying to force their opinions on what one needs to know or share or do. There is no connection of you knowing exactly what health issues. Moreover, manners and understanding is also about respecting other people's opinions especially when it is somebody else's experiences/situations. If you don't like it then don't comment on the post. Don't come here with a big mouth, talking about big stuff. Have you ever considered respecting other people's opinions or it only implies to others and you can have double standards? I guess that's why I am being mean to you because you earned it. This line is also dedicated to you "ou think people like Ram Bhakta is always nice with you, hell no! They can be the meanest of the meanest lot." Thank you for the line Ram Bhaktaji.

And here is one of the examples of your manners "a recently enrolled undergrad student who cannot decide his or her major and just studying some useless general education courses"  You don't know the whole story, and again you don't know everything, why don't you use that google and search how to learn basic decency and have some manners. Hope you also remember people are not alway nice to you. You don't know how to respect other people's situations, and zero communication skills with big talk. Your posts since the beginning look like someone has issues with being superior and oversmart. No need to be mannerless. 

Last edited: 11-May-23 02:24 PM

Posted on 05-11-23 2:16 PM     [Snapshot: 405]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for sharing. I did talk to a lawyer, he suggested me to maintain both if possible. However, given my situation, it's been very difficult to maintain F-1. I had to take a little gap from school and work because I was not feeling well, I am still trying to figure things out. I have maintained my status so far. I am just worried that if anything happens to TPS and it took me longer than excepted then .... you know what... And finding a better job to get sponsorship seems difficult these days.

Posted on 05-11-23 2:18 PM     [Snapshot: 408]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not perturbed at all by you being mean to me. If I earned it, so be it. I don't even know you for so long like Ram Bhakta or Underwear here.
Let me reiterate, I do not want to know your health conditions. Period! If you say you have them, ok I will buy them. I am not saying I do not like your post. Just trying to point out that the only missing thing here is 'credibility', that's it. Still I cannot imagine what kind of school you are going to who is not letting you take a break when there are so many F1 students all over US, they keep taking health emergency break either for genuine / 'non-genuine' reasons. You must be very gullible person then to not understand the ways people work around here.
I respect the opinions of other people only if they make sense, if they do not yes, I open my big mouth. And besides there are lot of "con artists" in Sajha, who know how to troll fellow users and have fun at their expense. Me being apprehensive to your mission statements emerges from the fact that you do not sound and talk like PHD students that I have come across n my life.
You lack that touch, sorry!

Posted on 05-11-23 2:38 PM     [Snapshot: 424]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You think I lack that touch because you believe so after talking mannerlessly, then I genuinely think that you have no manners and you think you are always right but you are only close-minded. I don't have to live with you, you do. So sorry for that. I am just here to hear what some genuine people with some decency have to say. Some of you guys wasted so much time to talk sh@t rather than using 10% of that energy to try to understand someone's situation with some decent languages, big talk doesn't make somebody a big person. You posts show. Rather than lecturing other people what one should have shared or said, learn yourself first. I understand it is hard for some people. Especially bitter ones. Too many excuses for bad behaviors. Nobody needs to put up with people like you who can't mind their own business and bring their filthy mouth everywhere to misbehave, and only care about what makes sense to them and that must be correct.
Posted on 05-11-23 2:47 PM     [Snapshot: 435]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No clue what manners he keeps referring to? We can make our valid points with good logic right?
Some travesties that keep repeating through out:
# Mind your own business
# Learn your manners
# Close-minded
# Close-minded
# Close-minded
# I talk mannerlessly
# understand others situations bla bla
# big talks
# big mouth
# filthy mouth
I can very well imagine your dissertation content.
When I said, the recently enrolled undergrad students are undecided about major and end up studying useless gen-aid courses, what is the backstory there that is really to be understood????
We know they are just out of high school, they don't know what to study and what careers to pick. It is understandable for these people.
Look at you, you are friggin' grown ass man and doing PHD and there is one and half year to complete and you have not chosen the topic of your interest yet and are asking in some trivial place like Sajha and is more worried about your immigration status than your studies. It is not understandable in your case!! That was the irony I was trying to show, man!! What kind of manners I need to learn now to make that statement?
I communicated well my point but you could not grasp the point then whose problem is it? Is it zero communication skill or zero understanding skill of yours that is evident?

Posted on 05-11-23 3:03 PM     [Snapshot: 445]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Go and read your post first, make bullet points. You will not because you are a hypocrite with double standards. You don't comment on somebody's post mean and ignorant languages since the beginning when the person is just trying to get some opinions and experiences, respectfully.

Remember the line you highlighted about people are not always going to be nice and take in opinions, is that only for others? Look the way you write/talk and you are doing the exact same thing again and again, contradicting yourself. If you don't know how to talk then don't comment, if you comment I can talk too like you said you can. Now you pretend like a you are a bigger person and you don't even have a decency to accept your bad posts, and you expect people to be nice to you after you talk sh@t. Maybe your puberty has not hit, that's why you immaturely reacted to somebody else's post with your filthy mouth. If you are that intelligent then firstly you would not talk to somebody like that or be judgmental, and secondly you wouldn't try this hard to defend yourself when you have contributed nothing to help but to pollute this thread, what a grown up, egoistic man that can't let it go. Read the first post this is not about you and your closed minded assumptions. You can't even respect other people's situations period!
Posted on 05-11-23 3:18 PM     [Snapshot: 462]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I stand by what I wrote based on your manifestations, okay. I am not being a hypocrite like you may want to think. If my writings were mean and ignorant then it means you have an issue of bearing a soft-hearted soul, probably a 'mama's boy type'. Nothing wrong in being one!
I never pretend I am a bigger person, it is your insecurities that are talking here. I was not able to let it go, because your post right from its onset sounds like a work of some bored con-artist. Read that "H1B fraud" thread of H1Bseeker on your way outside to understand what I meant. For the last time for record, I am not "closed minded", whatever you are hinting there. I respect your life situations too, but sadly they are looking as shadier as it can get. You can keep defending them till your grave though.

Peace, sending good vibes, bro.

Posted on 05-11-23 3:35 PM     [Snapshot: 469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's funny how wrong you are. Nobody thinks they are wrong even though they are. Nobody can change my life experiences even though they have different experiences and perspectives. You were unable differentiate if this post was legit or not. It is easy to give other people lectures but follow them for yourself, is not that easy. People need to look at themselves in the mirror. Stop telling others how they should experienced/shared their stories. If you don't want to share then ignore. You have a mouth and reasons, so do other people. All these unnecessary disrespectful behavior, and others have to put up with it. Some people on sajha have good intensions, that's why I share here once a while.

Too opinionated people who can't give you good/genuine advice when one is going through some stuff but ready to be deameaning. I guess when there is good, there is bad as well.
Last edited: 11-May-23 03:36 PM

Posted on 05-11-23 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 504]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Suggestion dont argue with this guy named bennedict . He thinks he is the only perosn in sajha who is right . He will never admit that he is wrong .
Posted on 05-12-23 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 664]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear @Suggestion:

I wanted to reach out and express my sincere sympathy for the health challenges you are currently facing, particularly considering the additional complexities of managing your immigration status as an F1/TPS student.
I understand dealing with health issues while pursuing your Ph.D. and navigating your immigration status can create a unique set of difficulties.

I deeply regret any misunderstanding caused by my previous statement and sincerely apology for any confusion
it may have caused.

I hope that by engaging with SAJHA platform, you will find the assistance and support you need to navigate the complexities of your situation.

With heartfelt sympathy and apologies.

Your D
Sexy In Sari

Posted on 05-13-23 1:05 AM     [Snapshot: 839]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stop it Benne bro!

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