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 My perception of current dcnepal and sajha.com issue

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Posted on 02-10-09 4:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There has been quite a few discussions regarding DCNEPAL in sajha lately and vice versa.  Few well wishers of sajha have taken the pains to contact me personally to urge me to shed some light as to the perceived discontent towards sajha and sajha admin.

This discontent specifically deals with the misunderstanding of some general things that lot of us may take for granted but a little difficult for others to understand or may be just having a hard time understanding the way things work in the internet.

To put things into perspective, sajha is a discussion forum where people discuss about various things related to or regarding Nepal and Nepalese. As a personal website, I strive to keep personal matters separate from public matters here in sajha. That is why, personal details of private matters are not acceptable in sajha. I make it a point to delete/remove things which infringe upon an individuals right to privacy with the help of other sajha users who notify of these issues when they seem to be intrusive upon someone's privacy or for explicit content. The reason I started running this site is for the sole purpose of giving a cyberspace for Nepalis to express their opinions and to discuss things and ideas relating to Nepal in an as much fair grounds as possible. Here are a few things that are basic to the sajha foundations:
  • sajha does not have any political or personal agenda
  • sajha is not here to defraud you
  • sajha is not here to defame anyone
  • sajha is not here to compete with anyone**
  • sajha admin has respect towards everyone as a fellow Nepali and a fellow human being, without any reservations unless proven otherwise

** For me sajha is a personal hobby which I enjoy working on. I am not competing with anyone when I try to do my best on something I enjoy doing. I enjoy, like any other sajha user,  the end product of sajha which is a result of the contributions of thousands of posters who have decided to share interesting ideas or issues to the rest of the visitors.
  As I had briefly mentioned before, there is a distinction between private and public matters and whenever I am notified of any postings infringing upon privacy issues, I am more than happy to take it out quickly within 24-48 hours of notification.
  Having said all this, I want to get into the details.
  Before this incident, I had contact with dcnepal owner in 2006 regarding posting of a nepali girls video in compromised situations in xnepali. com . Some sajha users had blamed him for being the owner of xnepali .com site and he had initiated contact with me to deny that and to delete the thread. I had conveyed to him that when you are a public figure of sorts you can be discussed in public places/sites. That was it back then.
  Coming back to the current issue here is a general timeline:
  [date unknown] - DC Nepal posts video 'love in nepali park'  in which dcnepal's crew of cameraman and commentator (Samjhana Gaire) takes video of unsuspecting lovers engaged in lovey dovey activity with each other unaware of prying eyes of the dcnepal video cam upon them at their private moments zooming upon them with judgmental comments against their public activity.
  2/3/2009: one of the sajha users, sees that video and posts in sajha kurakani.
  - viewers of that thread who see the video comment negatively on the video. Terming it yellow journalism and questioning the video and the journalist involved ie. Samjhana Gaire whose voice was heard and dcnepal which was the producer of the video

  2/4/2009: DCNepal owner sends sajha admin email threatening to report to cyber crime division and to domain name registrar if the thread is not removed. After few hours of sending the email, DCNepal admin goes on to report sajha.com to domain name registrar - which sends email to sajha admin saying
  "We have received a complaint that your domain has false Whois information or is sending out SPAM emails or is being used in a fraudulent manner."

"Dear Sir or Madam,
  We see that you are hosting this domain www.sajha.com This web site is posting a thread against an innocent girl whos name is Samjhana Gaire a journalist and totally innocent, using vulger words and charecter assasination. Also copying our video contents from www.dcnepal .com illigally without our permission and posting on his web site. This must be stopped right a way. We sent him an email to delete the thread but he is not doing it. Now I am on the process of leagal action against this web site. Please Help us.
  This is the link for that thread
  (Name removed)
  DCnepal. com
  Chief Editor"

  The complaint doesn't make any sense as far as the issue at hand. In any event sajha admin replies back to the registrar explaining what is going on here and never hears back from them so assumes they are ok with it.

  2/6/2009: a sajha user posts a link to nepalipress.net which is another news site run by the owner of dcnepal. http://www.nepalipress.net/topic/topic_main.php?id=71
  In this link, there is a seemingly growing dissent towards sajha.com with comments blaming the sajha admin for everything in general citing examples of threads which may be construed as being of controversial nature. Sajha users are quick to note that lot of the emails used in the postings in dcnepal are fake hence it seems like one person's campaign against sajha. This was originated by the dcnepal site owner.

  My view on this issue:
  If a news site like CNN publishes controversial and morally/ethically dubious articles, then who is questioned? Obviously the writer is questioned and the credibility of CNN is questioned. There are hundreds of website where consumers post their dissatisfaction towards news anchors, news companies and even the president of the US. In the issue we are dealing here, DCNepal published the controversial video  as a newsworthy item. Samjhana Gaire was the commentator in the video, hence naturally general people who consume the news questioned Ms. Gaire's journalistic abilities and dcnepal's credibility for posting a such video news. The general public used sajha to express their dissatisfaction towards dcnepal's news.
  I don't think the news reporter should take it personally if there is general criticism and neither should the news company take it personally if the news consumers seem to have criticism about them. If I was the owner of the news website that happened to publish such content and my viewers had negative criticism about my site, I wouldn't be abusing my news site to try to attack the people who didn't like my content, let alone attacking the site they used to express their discontent at.
  It's really a no brainer to ignore an issue like this. But thanks to sajha well wishers for prompting me to hopefully clear this up.

As it stands, I do not harbor anything against DCnepal owner or Ms. Samjhana Gaire. One has to learn to be able to take criticisms in if one decides on a public profession such as journalism. Sajha is far from journalism and nothing but a venue for Nepalese to share personal opinions or criticisms regarding public things that are worthy of discussion. Personally, I would learn from criticism or contest the criticism with my opinions and explanations, and not indulge in a propaganda of hate because noone benefits from it.

I would like to request sajha visitors to refrain from making abusive personal comments against Ms. Gaire and DCnepal owner. Comments towards the video has already been made and I certainly hope it's taken in good strides. But, any ontoward personal attack or abusive comments should not be continued.

Last edited: 11-Feb-09 12:13 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-10-09 4:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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on the money san dai!!

Posted on 02-10-09 5:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 02-10-09 5:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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DC Nepal ko kura chahi jo chor usaiko thulo swar jasto lagyo.. jathabhawi vdo rakhcha ultai karaucha

Posted on 02-10-09 6:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A few issues regarding this:

1. If the video is merely linked on Sajha and not hosted, nothing can be made of that threat. Like you said, this is a public discussion board, they need to take that up with the host that is actually carrying the video.

2. Character assassination? lol, okay please. If you consider yourself a journalist and make a video showcasing whatever it is that you're trying to put out there, people WILL talk about you as well as your work. Journalists need to be able to take all the criticisms. There is absolutely no character assassination on criticizing someone's work.

Now on to the content of the video:

I think it is absolutely deplorable what people are trying to pass as "journalism." Going around public places and preying on unsuspecting people is not journalism. And trying to stir the emotions of old prude Nepalis on sites like Nepalipress through the content of this video is one of the most f'ed up thing I've come across.

In fact, if you are a victim of this video, that is you were videotaped on it w/o your knowledge, I implore you to talk to a lawyer and take actions against not just the owner of DCNepal but Samjhana Gaire as well. There are laws in place that disallow people to do just that. You'd have a great case, IMO.

And lastly, what exactly was the point of this video that these pseudo-journalists were trying to get across? People who are dating and together, and being publicly affectionate is wrong? How about you people grow up and realize that is perfectly normal. People aren't going to live their lives the way you want them to - especially in the United States where such things are the standard. It doesn't some how mean that they've lost culture, so there is absolutely no reason to hold your noses high over these lovebirds. Let 'em be, and you're certainly not 'exposing' anything by making despicable videos such as those.
Posted on 02-10-09 6:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'd also like to add that DCNepal is a terribly designed website. I don't say this 'coz I find what that site did terrible, but because its the truth. Perhaps if they spent a little more time organizing the site and fixing its contents, they'd get more visitors. But having to navigate through that site is worse than crapping glass shards.
Last edited: 10-Feb-09 06:16 PM

Posted on 02-10-09 8:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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कुकुर को पूछर बार बर्ष दुङ्रोमा राखे पनि बाङको बाङै भने जस्तो छ। बेला बेला मा यसले पोर्न साईट बेछ क्यारे, १ बर्ष अगाडि मात्र मुना श्रेष्ठ को पोर्न बेचेको को कुर ले ब्यजती कमाएको चोट निको नहुँदै फेरी साझा मा जिस्किन अयको छ बा।        
Last edited: 10-Feb-09 08:14 PM

Posted on 02-10-09 8:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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खोइ यो लाहुरे बिध्वान को आँखा कहिले खुल्ने हो? कहिले कस्लाई अनी कहिले को सँग लाप्पा खेलिरको हुन्छ।
मलाई त के लाग्छ भने आफ्नो वेबसाईट लाई प्रख्यात बनाउन साझा डट कमको सहारा लिएको हो ....
गु लाई छोए गन्ध भनेजस्तो .. के लेखी राख्नु .. आफ्नै समय को सत्यानाश् । तैपनी आँखा खुल्छ कि फेरी माफि माग्छ कि ..


Posted on 02-10-09 11:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How lame can people be?

That Kumarir was claiming that sajha.com can be sued or the poster of the video can be sued for this?

DCnepal and Samjhana Gaire can be sued and fined big time for taking video of those jodi and making it public.

Kumarir you can make thousand copies of the video posted here, but can not get anything out of it. If you are a well wisher of DCnepal and Samjhana ask them to use common sense.

Posted on 02-11-09 4:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My two cents:
1) If DCnepal had not liked the video to be embedded into any other websites, there is always a button called disable embed when they upload it.
2) They did showed now, they have totally unprofessional ethics either that be with the journalism or either to deal with their fellow netizens.
3)For me they seem to be bunch of lunatics with no sense of responsibility to whatever they do. The forum there is closed, and I posted a comment which was of course never approved. I think they are not in mood for any criticisms or maybe they just have to be as open as sajha yet.
4)Charecter assassination is a serious crime, but only if anybody has a character to start with. And if they have started deforming the fact about some private moments of couples who were just trying to have some moments with their loved ones, then it is them who are assassinating the characters. Here they were just getting some criticisms for the yellow journalism they did (Although some of them were pretty crude, but you get what you sow)

That said, people should not resort to personal attack to anyone. San dai, You did reacted to them in professional manner. But seeing the things now, I am not sure when they will start acting responsible. I hope soon before anyone sues them or list them as possible spamming site with million and one pop ups.

P.S.- I used to think sajha has possible maximum numbers of side,top, down, bottom banners until I saw DCnepal.
Posted on 02-11-09 4:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i really didnt realise that the matter would reach this level......i did receive few e mails rom dc nepal requesting me to take down the video or face law suite i chose second one(face law suite) in fact i am now filing a complaint under cyber threat act 1997 (uk) for intimedating and threatning a freeedom of expression against dc nepal. they had contacted youtube as well regarding the video but you tube simply showed them a middlefinger ..i guess...however i deeply regret the pain and wastage of time of san who eventually had to come abroad to clarify such an issue. i will however think twice before posting in sajha so that i will not upset viewers......but in you tube i will not even think.....thank you.
Posted on 02-11-09 5:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Character assasination? Are they serious?, do they even have any idea that DC Nepal invaded people´s privacy and commented on their behaviour?, They are the ones who demoralized the teens´ character. It really makes me sick to my stomach that they even stoop to that level to film people without their consent. yo ta jo chor uskai thulo swor bhayo. Instead of being professional and taking criticism , they like to blame sajha admin for everything but what can you  really expect from DC Nepal. Next time they try to get into people´s space, they should get some insight about wat journalism ethics represents. Really disgusting acts.
Posted on 02-11-09 6:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's why we must continually recall to mind, an easily forgotten fact that with great Freedom comes great responsibility. Freedom of expression has its limits. Freedom of action also has injunctions. Equally so, the Freedom to browse cyberspace has international restrictions. This incident is a timely reminder that we should think before we act. Let us not win the battle, only to lose the war.


Thanks for your timely intervention, San bro.


Posted on 02-11-09 8:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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San, Better late than never ..kidding

Well done!!

Posted on 02-11-09 8:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 11-Feb-09 08:30 AM

Posted on 02-11-09 11:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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San bro,

good explanation. even though you did not have to....this dc nepal crap seems to be getting some free publicity, which probably is their intention behind all this uproar they are creating (this is redundant, I know). Unfortunately for them, it has only created a stronger sense of belonging and loyalty to Sajha for individuals like me, and I am sure I am not alone.

Dhiraj Ojha, I have been a fan since day one..and I completely understand the limitations of how far you can go here in Sajha...but please dont stop doing what you do. You have added a completely new element to Sajha, something that is compelling me to visit Sajha more frequently just to see what you've come up with next.  You are my national enquirer, star and mayapuri all rolled into one. Cheers!


Posted on 02-11-09 1:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's indeed a good and unbiased explanation as to why and how the word war between Sajha and dcnepal initiated and the ground reality pertaining to such war.

I truly appreciate the time and amount of thought you took to explain the root cause of the problem clearing the public from a layman's perspective as to how things work in internet. It's undoubtedly genuine fact that Sajha has been number 1 forum for Nepalese abroad and home to share their opinions, experiences and knowledge. Though you've mentioned that its your personal hobby running this site, practically your personal hobby becomes a public platform;, it becomes your responsibility to create limits for the use and access of the site. There might be situations as is evident from this particular case that you have to intervene to making sure site is in right track and the use of the site especially its forum has been stimulating, yielding and entertaining.

Thanks once again for brining in the issue and shedding lights. All the best for Sajha . May it walk that extra mile for uniting nepalese worldwide.
Posted on 02-12-09 5:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yestai ho Kam napaye pachi manche haru le je pani garchan bahneko.
Posted on 02-12-09 5:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said San Dai!

Posted on 02-12-09 5:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Really Speaking, I didn't know about dcnepal before this issue. sajha rocks......dcnepal go to hell
Posted on 02-12-09 5:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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fair, reality and positive statement. no competition, no jelousy, no malice and no cutting-others-coat.

....red carpet on your way.

thank you.


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