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dekchidriver: Hmm wondering what this is ... and no exclamation marks..OR QUESTION MARKS...GEEEZ
4077 days ago
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just chceking
4077 days ago
thanks San :)
4076 days ago
San dai add it in iphone.... even the name match isajha for iphone :D
4075 days ago
Just added more mobile friendly link @
4074 days ago
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San: Nepali girls dance at Boston Dashain Party
3976 days ago | Viewed 5669 times
very good dance.
3975 days ago
I felt good to be able to watch such good performance and Nepali gatherings. It shows the fact that how much we as Nepali love our culture and want to be around within our own community.
3949 days ago
I would like to thank for bringing such activities of togetherness within Nepali Community living abroad and at the same time showing love, passion and devotion of for our festivals, culture, and language.
3949 days ago
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